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Teaser Blast: Forever Together

Forever Together by Jennifer J Williams is releasing October 13, 2023!

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Goodreads: https://tinyurl.com/5ctkfct6



What kind of romance writer has to ask her best friend to teach her about relations between a man and a woman?

Me, that’s who.

Because not only am I probably the most inexperienced author in the world, but my social circle is more of a line, and it goes straight to my best friend Chase.

I’m awkward. And quirky. But Chase has always accepted me for me, so who better than him to teach me the ins and outs — if you catch my drift — of intimacy? 

He knows me better than anyone. The only thing he doesn’t know about is my hidden life as an author. 

Or my unrequited feelings for him.


I’ve managed to compartmentalize Addie for the entirety of our friendship, until one too many conversations begin to revolve around playing hide the sausage — if you catch my drift. 

Suddenly, I’m waking up with visions of a different kind of relationship. And then she throws the curveball of the century and asks me to be her first … well, everything.

Agreeing to teach her makes me second-guess my thoughts about Addie. 

She’s the meat to my potatoes. The yin to my yang. But Addie doesn’t know how I spend my spare time.

Or about my unrequited feelings for her.

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