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MM BOOK SPOTLIGHT PREORDER – The Librarian: Books 5-7 by H.M Wolfe

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Coming December 7th


“The Librarian: The Protector” takes readers on a heart-pounding journey as Ottavio, a dangerous figure from the Old-World Mafia, sets his sights on revenge against Brian and Luca. With the new Council finally in control and Ottavio banned for life, it seems like the worst might be over. However, their respite is short-lived as a promise to a deceased friend thrusts Brian and his allies into a dangerous situation.

Baldassare, a trusted ally, warns Brian about Ottavio’s relentless pursuit of vengeance. Together, they must tap into the supernatural powers of the Other Side to protect the innocent and thwart Ottavio’s wicked plans. But when the targets become Brian and Luca themselves, the stakes escalate dramatically.

In a high-stakes showdown, “The Librarian: The Protector” asks the ultimate question: who will fall and who will still stand? Will Brian and Luca prevail against this relentless foe, or will their efforts to safeguard others lead to their own downfall? This gripping tale of loyalty, courage, and sacrifice will keep readers guessing until the very end.


In “The Librarian: Building Bridges”, Brian and Luca are still haunted by the terrifying events they experienced months ago. To find solace and healing, they delve into a BDSM relationship at the suggestion of Luca’s lawyer and with their husbands’ approval.

Meanwhile, Ottavio, the disturbed mastermind, finds new partners in Sicily and resumes his vile trade of kidnapping and selling boys from wealthy families into sex slavery. Determined to put an end to Ottavio’s evil deeds once again, Brian and Luca journey to the island. In a heroic effort, they manage to save the innocent victims and gain the respect of Nuzzo Nardi, who turns out to be Brian’s long-lost cousin.

As Martino and Bart join them in Sicily, it seems like the perfect opportunity for Brian and Luca to deepen their relationships with their husbands. However, their lives soon unravel when they discover compromising photos of Martino mysteriously placed in their bedroom.

Just when everything appears to be falling apart, Ottavio makes a shocking offer to restore stability to the Old-World Mafia. But the price he demands is unspeakable. Now, Brian and his loved ones must make an impossible choice: sacrifice one of their own to maintain their freedom or stand united and fight against Ottavio to the bitter end.



“The Librarian: The Feather and the Sword” takes readers on a thrilling rollercoaster ride as Brian, the intrepid librarian, finally manages to put his nemesis, Ottavio, behind bars. However, just as Brian begins to relish in his victory, a new enemy emerges – one who is even more dangerous and conniving.

As the new opponent sets his sights on Brian, he not only threatens the safety of Brian’s children and heirs but also reveals the existence of a mysterious family member, whose existence Brian was unaware of. Curiosity gets the better of Brian, and against his better judgment, he agrees to visit Ottavio in prison. What he learns during the meeting shakes him to the core, leaving him questioning everything he thought he knew about his former adversary.

But before Brian can unravel the truth, tragedy strikes. Ottavio is brutally attacked and killed in prison, leaving Brian to wonder who orchestrated the deadly assault. With the shadow of his new enemy looming large, Brian must rely on his trusty companions, Bart, Luca, and Martino, for support and comfort. Yet, as the attacks escalate and the danger grows, Brian is left wondering who will be the next target in this deadly game.


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