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Teaser Blast: Lavender Moon

Lavender Moon by Natalie Parker is releasing December 4, 2023!

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Goodreads: https://bit.ly/3ROrABR


I was always the bad boy.
The kid from the broken home and the wrong side of the tracks.
But in her eyes, I hung the moon.
The girl from my summers who I thought I’d never see again.
Finding her now right before I’m due to deploy is like a gift, one I’m not going to waste.
She was always meant to be mine and I’m going to make it official.
My silly girl is now my spirited wife, giving me someone to come home to.
Little do I know I won’t be coming home – at least not as the same man.

I never thought of myself as a good girl… but he does.
The boy I used to see every summer has grown into a brave soldier that I now get to call my husband.
Getting married so quickly was supposed to be a way to protect us both and keep us together for good.
But we both take on demons while he’s away, and when he comes home, it’s his that try to tear us apart.
Someone has to fight for us while he’s weary and wounded.
And now it’s my turn to go into battle.

From the author of the Turn it Up Series, comes an all new standalone about young love, and two people’s harrowing journey to save it -as well as each other.

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