Happily Ever Alpha

Title: Happily Ever Alpha

Author: Catherine Vale

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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Arya has lost everything… her clothes, her jewels, her home, and even her beloved parents – all gone in the blink of an eye. To go from the fancy tearooms of London, to an old farm in the country was hard enough, but then she finds herself caught between two men who are intent on destroying each other.

The handsome Lucas sweeps in at her weakest moment, showing her incredible kindness and compassion. He’s strong, hardworking, and gentle; everything she ever wanted in a man.

That is, until she meets the sinfully sexy Kellan.

Arya begins to feel a mysterious pull toward the darkness of the forest, despite her family warning her to stay far away. Still, as much as she tries to resist, the call is too powerful to ignore, and she finds herself caught in a mysterious maze that leads her to the most unexpected of places, and to a man unlike any other.

Kellan. He is a natural born fighter, a man of mystery, with the promise of forever on his lips. A man who claims to be her one true mate, her destiny.

Determined not to let some silly idea of fate decide her future, Arya makes it clear that she is in control of her own life. She will be the one to decide which path to take, even at the cost of war.

NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author Catherine Vale writes urban fantasy stories of magic and mayhem and paranormal romance.

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Doctor Next Door by Olivia Rush

Title: Doctor Next Door
Author: Olivia Rush
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 17, 2018

She’s Louisiana’s
finest, and she just moved in next door.
Right when I was
getting ready to leave this shit hole.
I could mop her up
like a buttermilk biscuit.
Love was the last
thing on my mind.
But just what this
doctor needed.
She’s on a mission
to fix up her old family house.
And I know just how
to use a hammer.
Must’ve been fate
that she’d fall off a ladder and land right on top of me.
We were in lust the
moment we touched.
But Becca doesn’t
want “long-term.”
She’s hiding scars
and carrying baggage a mile long.
And when her past
shows up to haunt her, I’ll prescribe just the right antidote.
The woman I never
wanted. A neighbor I could love forever.
And the mother I
knew she could be.
Well, maybe I’ll
hang around for a bit.

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Author Bio
Olivia writes romantic suspense with healthy dose of steam.
She loves writing about beautiful characters in adventurous tales. She lives
with a pain in the ass teen, her awesome hubby, and the world’s coolest cat.
Netflix is watched daily in the Rush household and coffee is run through an IV

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The Rancher Takes a Family by Paula Altenburg

Title: The Rancher Takes a Family
Author: Paula Altenburg
Publisher: Tule Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Western Romance
Release Date: October 11, 2018


Rugged rancher Jake
McGregor wrangles cattle better than kids, but when he’s suddenly saddled with
three grieving children, he’s determined to step up. His sister’s kids
shouldn’t pay for her error in judgment in naming him guardian. Problem is, he
doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. And the woman who attempts to help with
his every fumble is the one woman he wants to steer clear of…
Lacey Anderson loves
a challenge, but Jake’s already broken her heart once. When his tall shadow
darkens the doorway of her classroom, she’s ready to shut him out – until she
meets her new students, and sees the desperation in Jake’s eyes. Emotional
intelligence is so not his forte. But she’s done banging her head against that
Jake, however, is
finally ready to learn how to love and Lacey’s the teacher he wants. Is she
willing to risk her own heart again to teach him?
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Author Bio
Paula Altenburg lives in rural Nova Scotia, Canada, with her
husband and two sons. Once a manager in the aerospace industry, she now enjoys
working from home and writing full time. Paula writes fantasy and paranormal
romance, as well as short contemporary romance.
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Piper Lawson’s GOOD GIRL

Meet the Author:

I love reading and writing stories where the girls aren’t doormats, the guys aren’t asshats, and secondary characters aren’t second-class citizens. A card-carrying millennial, I have two business degrees and zero hope of starting a fashion label (unlike my Travesty characters!). I crave quirk the way some people crave kink, and believe life is too short not to do what—and who—you love.

My home base near Toronto, Canada is shared with my wonderful sig other. He’s the perfect man for me because not only is he tall dark & handsome, he will beta read for me under duress. And really, that’s what love is. Beta reading under duress.

Connect: Site | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

About the Book:

I’m a good girl. Jax Jamieson is a legend.

The day I wrote my first computer program… he launched his third platinum album.

The night I drank my first beer… he spent in jail.

The day he tried to get me fired… I ended up on his tour.

I’m a college junior with my whole future ahead of me.

And he’s the vice I’d give it all up for.

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Persuading Him

Title: Persuading Him

Author: Michelle Dare

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Kasi Markson has been in the public eye since she was a small child. Her father is the founder of Markson Aviation, a top name in the private jet industry. When her parents go through a public divorce battle, she is shoved into the spotlight. Now in her late twenties, she lives a comfortable life, but likes to keep the media at a distance.

Radek Cole is a retired Air Force officer who agrees to a last minute job. He flies the rich and famous around the country in their private aircraft. Kasi needs a pilot for her upcoming trip and Mr. Cole comes highly recommended. Little does she know that one encounter would change everything.

Kasi has an immediate and intense attraction to her new pilot and is used to getting what she wants. Initially, he turns down her advances, but her

skills of persuasion are no match for him. Unfortunately, the media won’t leave them alone. What Kasi doesn’t know is that she isn’t the only one who has a public past.

Find out what happens when the heiress meets the pilot.

Michelle Dare is a romance author. Her stories range from sweet to sinful and from new adult to fantasy. There aren’t enough hours in the day for her to write all of the story ideas in her head. When not writing or reading, she’s a wife and mom living in eastern Pennsylvania. One day she hopes to be writing from a beach where she will never have to see snow or be cold again.

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Adoring Her (The Heiress, #3)

Donna Hatch





Donna Hatch is the author of the best-selling “Rogue Hearts Series,” and a winner of writing awards such as The Golden Quill and the International Digital Award. A hopeless romantic and adventurer at heart, she discovered her writing passion at the tender age of 8 and has been listening to those voices ever since. She has become a sought-after workshop presenter, and also juggles freelance editing, multiple volunteer positions, and most of all, her six children (seven, counting her husband). A native of Arizona who recently transplanted to the Pacific Northwest, she and her husband of over twenty years are living proof

that there really is a happily ever after.

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Horrors! Emma’s favorite Gothic novel seems to have come true…but reality is not as fun as fiction. The only man she’s ever loved is home from war, but he has changed in a terrifying way. Unless Emma’s wild imagination is wrong, the love of her life is a vampire! Now she must decide if she can love a creature of darkness, or reveal his secret and lose him forever.

This tongue-in-check novella plays with themes of paranormal fiction, but stays in the realm of clean and wholesome historical romance while exploring the power of trust and love.

Dance with a duke, outwit pirates, save a kingdom, and fall in love. Believe in happily ever after.




Praise for Donna Hatch:

“Donna Hatch is one of the masters of clean romance with electric tension and smokin’ hot kisses.” ~ Reading is My Super Power Reviews


“Written with heart and depth, Donna Hatch’s books are absolute must-reads for any fan of swoon-worthy historical romance.”  ~ Sarah M. Eden, USA Today best-selling historical romance author








He took a seat next to her on the settee and looked at her as if she were the only person in the room. “How is your ankle?”

Bennett’s nearness emptied her mind of all coherent thought. “My ankle?” she repeated.

He gestured to her feet resting on a footstool. “The one you twisted last night?”

“Oh, that ankle.” She let out a weak laugh. “Still sore, I’m afraid.”

He nodded. “I’d planned to invite you to go riding with me, but it looks as though we’ll need to wait until your ankle heals.”


In the daytime? How much sunlight could he take? Even with his darkened glasses, surely not much. Just how powerful was he? Or perhaps the belief that sunlight burned a vampire’s skin was false.

His dark gaze penetrated her eyes straight into her soul. “You wouldn’t mind being seen with me, would you?”

“Seen with you?”

He smiled. “Any particular reason why you’re repeating everything I ask you?”

“Ah…” No, no particular reason, except she was so confused. She loved and trusted the old Bennett. And she loved this new dark Bennett. But could she give him her trust?

She drew a breath and took herself in hand. “Forgive me. My injured ankle appears to have had some effect on my wit. No, of course I don’t mind being seen with you. I would love to go riding with you when I’m able.” Perhaps if she went riding with him, she could decide what must be done.

Bennett listened, watching her intently, as if he would rather do nothing else. She’d always loved that about him.

“We could ride by carriage instead of horseback,” he said. “I have a new team I’d like to show you. I assume you’re still horse-mad?”

She smiled and tossed her head saucily. “I am, and my father still refuses to take me to Tattersalls.”

He frowned. “Certainly not. No place for a lady.”

“He allows me to go with him from time to time when he attends auctions in Ireland.”

 “I suppose that can be overlooked, even by a sophisticated gentleman as I.” A self-deprecating smile touched his mouth.

“How fortunate for me,” she said dryly.

They shared a smile, and for a moment, all thoughts of his being a vampire evaporated in his sheer masculine presence. Her heart thudded erratically, and she couldn’t drag her gaze off his mouth. They had never kissed—not even when she’d pledged herself to him. What would it be like to kiss Bennett? Would he be smooth as silk? Forceful, even rough? Or would he be infinitely gentle?







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Double Trouble



Title: Double Trouble

Author: Catherine Vale

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR




Just when Sadie is ready to settle down as Dane and Jackson’s mate, she winds up the victim of a terrifying kidnapping scheme. The maniac is intent on using Sadie, and her best friend Peyton as a ticket out of shifter life. What he didn’t count on was the curvy beauty having two devoted lovers who will stop at nothing to protect the only woman they’ve ever loved.

Note To Readers: Double Trouble (Her Two Bears: Book #2) is a follow up to the popular Her Two Bears novel and picks up where Book #1 left off. Each book is a stand-alone story and may be read without having read other books in this new series.

NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author Catherine Vale writes urban fantasy stories of magic and mayhem and paranormal romance.

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When Time Stands Still



Title: When Time Stands Still
Author: Sara Furlong Burr
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 15, 2018


It’s been nearly a
decade since Elle Sloan last saw Luke Hutchins. Close to ten years since she
broke up with him over a single phone call, providing him with little
explanation. Since the end of their relationship, Elle has done everything she
could do to move on, marrying, proceeding forward with her life, almost
allowing herself to completely forget about Luke.

Out of nowhere, Elle receives a phone call from Luke’s mother. Luke has been in
a horrific car accident and, a month later, has just awoken from a coma.
However, instead of celebrating, his family is stunned to learn that Luke is
suffering from amnesia and only remembers his life as it was before his breakup
with Elle. Not wanting to tell Luke that he and Elle aren’t together anymore
for fear it may compromise his recovery, Elle is asked by Luke’s family to come
to the hospital to see him. Their hope is that she will slowly be able to jog
his memory and cushion the blow.

Guilt-ridden over how their relationship ended, Elle readily agrees, finding
herself transported back in time with Luke to the life they once shared and the
future they could have had together.


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“He’s been
staring at you since we sat down. He’s trying not to be obvious about it, but I
see him. I’ve got his number,” Mena spoke softly from across our table. Her
eyes had been just as glued to the screen of her laptop, as mine had been to my
own. It was beyond me how in the world she could have noticed anything outside
of the Word document on the screen in front of her.
“Are you
sure it’s me he’s looking at? You haven’t turned your head once since we’ve
been here, not even when giving the waiter your order … which was kind of rude,
I may add.”
“I have a
paper due tomorrow and no time for pleasantries, and I don’t have to turn my
head to see anything; my screen may as well double as a mirror with the way
it’s reflecting everything in this horrendous lighting.”
“It beats
sitting in our dorm room, listening to Bruce Springsteen on your iPod all
evening,” I muttered. Curious, I tried to see over Mena’s chestnut brown hair,
casually craning my head upward and then quickly looking back down again for
fear of being caught.
“Keep that
up and he’ll think you’re having a seizure,” she quipped. “Give me a second and
I’ll bend down and act like I’m tying my shoe. You’ll get an unobstructed view
of him, then.”
“Mena, for
god’s sake, you’re wearing boots.”
“He doesn’t
know that.”
“How do you
know he’s looking at me? It could be you he fancies.”
“Fancy? I
thought we were in some dive coffee shop on the east side, not in a quaint café
in some storybook English parish.”
“Blow me.”
more like it.”
finger made a final swipe across the touch pad on her keyboard, as she saved
the paper she’d been feverishly working on for the better part of the last
three days. Paper safely tucked away on her hard drive, her big, brown eyes
glanced up at me for the first time since we’d been seated. “I know it’s you
he’s interested in because, as you’ll recall, I was walking behind you when we
came in. Elle, when he saw you, it was like one of those scenes out of every
corny ass romantic comedy I’ve ever seen … you know, the one where time stands
still the moment the love interest walks into the room in slow motion to the
tune of some even cheesier eighties song playing in the background. That’s how
he was looking at you, not me. As far as I’m concerned, he’s probably
cursing my mother for my conception right now, since I’m the only thing
standing in his way of getting an unobstructed view of you.” She took a sip of
her frappuccino, pursing her lips and narrowing her eyes in disgust as she set
the cup back down. “The next time you want to drag me out of our dorm, I’m
choosing the venue.”
“At least
I’ll have until when hell freezes over before I have to worry about that.”
Mena rolled
her eyes, backing her stool away from the table. “Show time,” she said as she
bent down to inspect her lace-less boot.
I waited a
few seconds before I allowed myself to look, trying not to appear overeager or
make what we were really doing all too obvious to whomever it was I was trying
to see. Truth be told, I hadn’t noticed much when we walked in, instead keeping
my eyes focused on the small table in the corner of the shop where we were now
sitting; the perfect spot to be alone, yet among the Roanoke social scene at
the same time. After the passing of a respectable amount of time, and finding
myself unable to hold back any longer, I allowed my eyes to wander to the table
situated twenty feet behind Mena.
“Well?” she
like a half dozen guys, all staring at either textbooks or laptops sitting at
that table. Which one am I supposed to be noticing ogling me?”
“The blond
one, third one from the end, closest to the door. Hurry up, I’m starting to get
a neck cramp.”
I glanced
back up at the table full of our college-aged peers again, a little more
obvious about it this time than before. If I’d had any doubts about the
identity of the blond Mena had wanted me to find, they were quickly erased
when, the second I found him, he found me, too. Everything told me to divert my
attention elsewhere, not to make it obvious that I was staring back at him, but
once my eyes caught a glimpse of his face, there was no turning away, despite
my better judgment.
His blond
hair was thick, bordering on shaggy, even though it was obvious from the way he
was dressed and seemed to carry himself that he probably had painstakingly
attempted to groom it before going out. It reminded me of my own unruly locks
before I cut them to their length just above my shoulders, making them easier
to maintain. Even more striking, though, were his eyes. Set in a round,
cherubic, face were two azure orbs that stood out so vividly they couldn’t help
but take your breath away. Eyes that commanded your attention, that begged you
not to look at anything else. I didn’t look away, and neither did he. His blue
eyes met my hazel eyes and they remained locked in a shameless tryst that
wouldn’t—perhaps, couldn’t—be broken by either of us.



Author Bio

Sara “Furlong” Burr was born and raised in
Michigan and currently still lives there with her husband, two daughters, a
high-strung Lab, and three judgmental cats. When she’s not writing, Sara enjoys
reading, camping, spending time with her family, and attempting to paint while
consuming more amaretto sours than she cares to admit. She’s also an advocate
for melanoma awareness, having been diagnosed with stage 1b melanoma in 2017.



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The Selkie Prince & His Omega Guard


Book Title: The Selkie Prince & His Omega Guard: An MM Mpreg Shifter Romance

Series: The Royal Alphas, Book 2

Author: J.J. Masters

Publisher: Self-Published

Cover Artist: Megan Parker of EmCat Designs

Release Date: October 6, 2018

Genre/s: Contemporary Romance (PNR/Gay/mpreg)

Length: 56427 words /236 pages

It is a standalone story but within a series

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An alpha prince ready to find his fated mate. A Selkie who wishes he wasn’t omega-born…

Unlike his brothers, Prince Adrian, the dutiful second-born son to the King of the North, looks forward to finding his true mate and producing an heir. Until he stumbles across a beta guard with an enticing scent.

Del never wanted to be an omega. All his life, he’s only wanted one thing: to serve as a Royal Guard. Though forbidden, he found a concoction to mask his omega scent and was successful until his dwindling supply caused the alpha prince to discover his deception.

Rian not only breaks every cherished royal tradition, but ends up hiding Del until he can figure out the reason for the attraction between them. However, one selfish mistake puts them in a precarious position they can’t escape. Their reckless actions have them worried they’ll be banished from the Selkie community. Rian needs a plan to convince his father to accept his mate before he has to risk everything he’s ever known and loved for their future. Because, no matter what the king says, Rian will not give up Del.


Note: A 60k-plus word m/m shifter mpreg story, this is the second book in the Royal Alpha series. Due to the “knotty” times in this book, it is recommended for mature readers only. It can be read as a standalone and, of course, has an HEA.


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Prince Adrian, the second born alpha son to the King of the North, frowned. As he stood near the throne where his father sat with his four brothers flanking him, his gaze bounced off the six omegas that had their foreheads pinned to the stone floor and their naked asses presented in the air.

He sighed quietly in disappointment. Not one of these omegas was his fated mate. The Selkie Seekers had gathered these males from good families all over the world, but none of the half dozen presented today belonged to him.

Rian—as his brothers liked to call him—glanced over at Luca who stood with his pup, Dylan, at the back of the Great Hall, bouncing the baby in his arms to keep him from fussing. He reminded himself that it had taken his oldest brother, Kai, several presentation ceremonies until he found his fated mate.

This was only Rian’s first. But still…

Unlike Kai, Rian had always preferred the Selkie traditions and he looked forward to finding his true mate and producing an heir. He was tired of rutting with the betas they had at their disposal. And to even think about rutting with a human…

He wrinkled his nose. His brothers may very well enjoy the sexual release the human males brought, but Rian refused to join them. He was a Selkie prince. He would rut only with another Selkie.

He found humans to be boring and figured none of them would be able to take his size anyway. As his brothers liked to point out time and time again, Rian was big. Most alphas were, but his was… extraordinary. As his younger brother Zale liked to call it… a dinosaur bone.

Not even all the betas could accommodate him. He knew which ones could and tended to use them for relief when needed.

He wrinkled his nose again, but this time it was for another reason. A sweet scent pulled at him. And it wasn’t coming from any of the omegas kneeling on the ground before him.

His eyes flicked back to Luca. Then he twisted his head and glanced over his shoulder at Kai. “Is Luca due to come into oestrus soon?”

Kai’s blue eyes narrowed as his gaze shot to his omega mate then back to Rian. “No.”

Rian inhaled deeply trying to pinpoint what the smell was and where it was coming from. “Do you smell that?”

Before any of his brothers could answer him, this father, the king, loudly pounded the end of his scepter onto the floor at his feet.

“Douglass! If Prince Adrian cannot identify any of these omegas as his fated mate, then let’s get this wrapped up.”

His father’s asshole assistant fluttered down the steps from where he’d been standing behind the king, and approached Rian.

Rian frowned at the weasel-faced beta servant. “What?”

“Has none of them caught your fancy, Your Highness?”

Rian let his gaze wander over the six naked males all bent over in a line. “None of these are my omega, Douglass. You may dismiss them all.” He tried to keep the disappointment out of his voice, but it was a struggle.

With a nod of his head and what curiously looked like a satisfied expression, Douglass clapped his hands, had the omegas rise to their feet, and herded them out of the Great Hall.

Rian couldn’t help but take one last look at the naked males. All were from acceptable families, all very handsome and some were even hung very

well for an omega, but even if he was sexually interested in any of them, he was forbidden to rut with them.

Doing so could throw an omega into heat and with heat came pregnancy and then Rian would be stuck with an omega who was not his intended fated mate.

All for a quick dalliance.

Rutting for pleasure with an omega would also ruin the omega’s reputation. Omegas didn’t have to come to their mate with their corona membrane intact, but no matter what, they couldn’t rut with an alpha unless it was their mate. To do so was illegal and could mean imprisonment. Or worse, banishment.


About the Author

J.J. Masters is the alter-ego of a USA Today bestselling author who writes hot, gay romance filled with heart, humor and heat. J.J. became fascinated with mpreg romance as soon as she figured out what mpreg stood for. She loves to write about “knotty” men!

You can join JJ’s FB Group or subscribe to her newsletter to keep up with exclusive content and news.



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Broken Moon



Title: Broken Moon

Author: Catherine Vale

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR



*A BBW Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance*

When Harley awakens to find himself locked in a cell, he wonders what his captors could possibly want with him. After all, he is hardly the kind of man to give up secrets, especially ones about the Order of Protection, the agency he has been loyal to for most of his shifter life.

Things are about to go from bad, to worse.

When a new prisoner is thrown into the cell next to him, Harley knows what he has to do: find a way out of this hell hole, and make sure she is returned home safely. Harley might be the most wanted soldier in the shifter community, but the beautiful curvy woman in the cell next to him is the General’s daughter. It’s up to Harley to figure a way out, before it’s too late.

NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author Catherine Vale writes urban fantasy stories of magic and mayhem and paranormal romance.

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