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Paladin’s Hell: Satan’s Devils MC (Colorado Chapter) #1 by Manda Mellett

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Series – Satan’s Devils MC (Colorado Chapter)
Genre – Romantic Suspense
Page Count – 358 Pages

Cover Designer – Lia Rees (http://Freeyourwords.com )

Publisher – Trish Haill Associates

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/42758518-paladin-s-hell

I was nineteen when I became Jayden’s knight in shining armour, her Paladin. At only fourteen,
she developed a teenage crush on me, the man who rescued her. I gave her time to grow, waiting
for her feelings to mature. As years, when I was forbidden to touch her, passed, I never doubted
she was mine. I just wasn’t allowed to show it. Circumstances send us to Colorado, away from
the restrictions and over-protective brothers. At last we have a chance to be together. What could
be better? What could be worse? A new club. A new life. Out of my depth, I don’t fit in. A
different president and his old lady who’ve been married thirty-six years. That their marriage is
on shaky ground spills over into how they treat us. For some reason, Hellfire and Moira want to
force Jayden and I apart. Jay and I are just beginning. Or, is it the end? After all this time, will

we make it work? Or have the years I’ve spent waiting been wasted?


After commuting for too many years to London working in various senior management roles,
Manda left the rat race and now fulfills her dream and writes fulltime. She draws on her
background in psychology, the experience of working indifferent disciplines and personal life
experiences in her books. Manda lives in the beautiful countryside of North Essex with her
husband and two slightly nutty Irish Setters. Walking her dogs gives her the thinking time to
come up with plots for her novels, and she often dictates ideas onto her phone on the move,
while looking over her shoulder hoping no one is around to listen to her. Manda’s other main
hobby is reading, and she devours as many books as she can. Her biggest fan is her gay son
(every mother should have one!). Her favourite pastime when he is home are the late night
chatting sessions they enjoy, where no topic is taboo, and usually accompanied by a bottle of

wine or two.

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Do the Dead Dream?

 photo unnamed_zpskblrvhxy.jpg
Speculative Fiction
An Anthology of the Weird and the Peculiar
Published: October 2017

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Do the dead dream?

Dive a wreck that was never there, in the waters off Bimini . . .

Meet a young girl who debates with rooftop monsters . . .

Dine at a tiny café teetering on the edge of oblivion . . .

Take refuge from a downpour in a gas station from nowhere . . .

Discover the real reason behind migraines . . .

Encounter a love gone bad before it ever existed . . .

Explore the emotional remains of a woman’s not-quite-dead past . . .

Follow a WWII airman plummeting through flak-filled German skies . . .



Not quite right.

These are but a few of the surreal, the weird, and the peculiar you will encounter in a realm few willingly tread…with or without the lights on.

Early Reviews

“F. P. Dorchak writes like a hot-rodder heading toward a brick wall. Edge of your seat entertainment! I pondered over each of these stories long after I’d finished reading them. That’s what great writing is all about!” – Dean Wyant, Co-Founder, Hex Publishers

“A collection that folds upon itself like a Möbius strip. A twisted landscape of the humane, the weird, and the fantastic.” – Mario Acevedo, Author, University of Doom

“Stylistically edgy and willing to muck around in the darker corners of life, the stories in Do The Dead Dream? are both bold and gritty. Readers looking to be soothed and reassured about the human condition, seek elsewhere.” – Mark Stevens, The Allison Coil Mystery Series

“F. P. Dorchak’s anthology—a collection of forty-five short stories—spans decades and showcases the author’s wide-ranging talent. With tales that are at turns engaging, suspenseful, twisty and often slyly humorous, Dorchak focuses his penetrating gaze on those things we too often take for granted—and makes us laugh or shiver in the doing. Reading Do the Dead Dream? takes you across a threshold into a Kafkaesque world where anything can happen; if Rod Serling were still on Planet Earth, he would be the first to offer his voice for the audio version.” – Barbara Nickless, The Sydney Parnell Mystery Series

“So reminiscent of the Twilight Zone! Imagine a story between light and shadow, between science fiction and superstition, between what you know about horror, and what horrors one can only imagine. Gritty and beautifully crafted, Do the Dead Dream? is the sort of collection readers will enjoy story after story.” – J.A. Kazimer, Author of CURSES!

“From the surreal to the all too real, F. P. Dorchak’s stories delve into the realms of the mind, otherworldly beings, loves lost, and the fickle nature of death. With a little bit of everything, this collection of stories will haunt readers long after they’ve closed the book.” – Shannon Lawrence, Short Story Author, Blogger, The Warrior Muse

“Do The Dead Dream? is a masterpiece. F. P. Dorchak effortlessly weaves the real and surreal into twisting, epically personal stories. “Etched In Stone” and “Tail Gunner” challenge what we know as real and yet are completely human tales of love, loss, and camaraderie with incredible resonance. This is a collection of the highest order from a supremely talented author.” – Kevin Ikenberry, The Protocol War Series

“F. P. Dorchak’s short stories take a look at the world in an inside-out, rarely visited way. These are neither happily-ever-after tales nor ghost stories solely meant to creep you out. They are worlds that can be deliciously understated like dreams of dreams, as enigmatic as time warps, and as unexpected as falling in all directions at once. We meet werewolves and undead and people whose past lives bleed through. These tales are nostalgia-meets-a-future with nighttime borders that hint something is not quite right, each one putting the reader in a graying state between sleep and wakefulness.” – Karen Albright Lin, WritersLaunchPad

“F. P. Dorchak blurs the lines between reality and the paranormal with his vast collection of unnerving tales that are sure to keep you up past midnight.” – Joshua Viola, Denver Post bestselling author

“From a dangerously precocious little girl who befriends gargoyles to a conventional guy who discovers (first hand) an invasion of mind-blowing creatures, F. P. Dorchak offers up a collection of horrifying short stories in Do The Dead Dream?, which he delivers with an inimitable, unique voice. The reader accompanies Dorchak’s characters’ bizarre experiences that manifest as rapid-fire flashes of thought-pandemonium . . . as would naturally occur under such unnatural circumstances. Just when you think the path is headed in an obvious direction, Dorchak jerks the road out from under your beliefs to find yourself suddenly drawn along a most unexpected thoroughfare.” – Jan C. J. Jones, Executive Producer/Writer, FOREST ROSE PRODUCTIONS, LLC, A Journey with Strange Bedfellows

“You may think you’ve read it all, but F. P Dorchak’s “Do the Dead Dream?” will test the limits of your imagination. Picture Stephen King as a mad scientist, mixing bits of Night Gallery with a generous helping of Black Mirror, a dash of Altered States, a pinch of metaphysics, and a healthy dose of surrealism. Dorchak takes you forward and backward in time, puts you in the cockpit of a plane, plunges you into the ocean, and ushers you into other realms you never expected. Buckle up for a unique and unforgettable ride.” – Paul Gallagher, Writer/Editor, Blogger, Shadow & Substance

 photo unnamed 1_zpsmszqjnom.jpg



There comes a time in everyone’s life when you must face the music.

To think back to your childhood . . . when you were basically not held accountable for much. Those were the fun times, happy times! Happy and carefree. Life was your amusement park!

You had no real responsibilities, aside from school and a few chores. If you had a bike, you were mobile and that meant freedom! The world was literally at your feet! And the challenges! Nothing went unchallenged! Everything was suspect, from your home to your school. You’d try to get away with as much as possible, testing the system. You’d steal that candy bar just to see if you could get away with it . . . stay out later and later on dates.

It was all part of being a kid.

The excitement of being a kid!

But then things begin to change about mid-way through high school.

Slowly but surely more responsibility was layered into your life. No longer did things remain just mere “unaccountable challenges” . . . and if you later became one of the few to go to war, you witnessed the atrocities of mankind. Things that seared your soul with an intense anger and hatred.


It was anger at the cruelties and callousness of conflict. At how the Human Condition could inflict torture—mental or physical—upon another. You wondered how could such things be? How could—can—people be driven to perform such atrocities—horrible, unspeakable acts upon each other.

How God could allow such things.

But it was and is real . . . and won’t ever go away.

The worst part is that it isn’t just confined to wars: it breeds . . . finding other ways to manifest . . . unleash itself. War (you find) just becomes a convenient excuse.

And while you’re in the middle of it all, you may find yourself thinking back to a particular girl you knew . . . before you left and everything went crazy. You think back to when you and her were an item.


In love.

You think back with a sadness that bites deep. You think back to when you told her not to worry . . . you’d be back.

She says, well what about all the others who’ve said the same? You look her in the eyes and tell her—with all seriousness—that you’re different.

Yes, you think back to that time . . . and how you began to doubt your own words. She was the one you really cared about.

You remember that when that night was over so was your relationship. No one said anything, but you both felt it. And it wasn’t that you would necessarily never come back . . . no that wasn’t it. It was the waiting . . . and what you might become . . . .

She never wrote to you and you never wrote her—well, maybe once. You did write her that one time just to let her know you were okay. But that was it. When there was no response, you knew why.

There was no animosity. It was just something that had to be.

But you did come back . . . all limbs and mentality intact. At least you think so. Maybe you are a little rougher around the edges—there was no part of your being that was not bruised from your “experiences,” “they” call them—but you were still you.

That boy who’d gone off to war.

So you found your way to her place, that lone porch light still on the way you remember it. You knock at the door . . . her father opens it. Looks outside. He looks right through you as you stand before him . . . then he solemnly turns around without saying a word and reenters the house, head slumped miserably forward.

You, however, straighten yours up more.

You’re prepared.

Couldn’t be more prepared.

You turn back to the street . . . your thousand-yard stare catches you off-guard . . . recall the firefights . . . the carnage . . . the smell of death and destruction . . . but also the life you had before the war . . . before . . . before you’d changed . . . .

It seems you stand there for an eternity.

Then a hand reaches out for you.

You turn.

She stands before the door, face to face with you.

You’re knees buckle.

Something inside you unhinges.

Tears . . . pain . . . in both sets of eyes.

You weren’t the only one who’d changed.

You thought you’d forever lost her . . . and she you. Sure, she had her “experiences” (“they” call them) while you were gone . . . but she’d always held you closest . . . never really wanted to let you go. You see it in her eyes. Feel it in the electricity between the both of you.

You were back . . . and so was she.

Back for you.

Gently you take her hand. Together you both turn . . . and hand-in-hand step off the porch . . . and vaporize as your feet hit the path leading away from one life . . .

Into another.

About the Author

 photo unnamed 2_zpsyqun1ntx.jpg
F. P. Dorchak writes gritty speculative fiction. Frank is published in the U.S., Canada, and the Czech Republic. His novels are Voice, Psychic, ERO, The Uninvited, and Sleepwalkers, and his first anthology, Do The Dead Dream? won the 2017 Best Books Award for Fiction: Short Stories. His short stories have appeared in the off-the-grid The Black Sheep; You Belong 2016, Words and Images from Longmont Area Residents regional anthology for 2016; The You Belong Collection, Writings and Illustrations by Longmont Area Residents regional anthology for 2012; Apollo’s Lyre. Frank can occasionally be reached in séances, and his website is www.fpdorchak.com.

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Shrill Dusk

 photo unnamed_zpsgw2uyxhh.jpg
Urban Fantasy
City of Magic, Book 1
Release Date: January 4, 2018

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Charley is a cleaner by day and a professional gambler by night. She might be haunted by her tragic past but she’s never thought of herself as anything or anyone special. Until, that is, things start to go terribly wrong all across the city of Manchester. Between plagues of rats, firestorms and the gleaming blue eyes of a sexy Scottish werewolf, she might just have landed herself in the middle of a magical apocalypse. She might also be the only person who has the ability to bring order to an utterly chaotic new world.

This is the first book in The City Of Magic series.

 photo unnamed 1_zpsmjthecs2.jpg

About the Author

 photo unnamed 2_zpsvhbypx06.jpg
After teaching English literature in the UK, Japan, and Malaysia, Helen Harper left behind the world of education following the worldwide success of her Blood Destiny series of books. She is a professional member of the Alliance of Independent Authors and writes full time, thanking her lucky stars every day that’s she lucky enough to do so!

Helen has always been a book lover, devouring science fiction and fantasy tales when she was a child growing up in Scotland.

She currently lives in Devon in the UK with far too many cats – not to mention the dragons, fairies, demons, wizards, and vampires that seem to keep appearing from nowhere.

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The Crazy Yates by Kimberly Packard

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The Crazy Yates by Kimberly Packard
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Genre – Holiday Fiction, Short Stories, Women’s Fiction, Family Saga

Page count – 40 pages
Cover Designer – Jay Aheer
Publishing Company – Y&R Publishing

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/33126082-the-crazy-yates

Callie Yates grew up the day her mother left. It was never easy caring for her agoraphobic father

and trying to give her three teenage siblings the childhood she never had.

But when she learns the store where she works is closing after the holidays, Callie is forced to

make a decision.

Will she be honest with her family, or give them one final Merry Christmas?


Kimberly Packard is an award-winning author of edgy women’s fiction. She began visiting her
spot on the shelves at libraries and bookstores at a young age, gazing between the Os and the Qs.
When she isn’t writing, she can be found running, doing a poor imitation of yoga or curled up
with a book. She resides in Texas with her husband Colby, a clever cat named Oliver and a

yellow lab named Charlie.

Her debut novel, Phoenix, was awarded as Best General Fiction of 2013 by the Texas
Association of Authors. She is also the author of a Christmas novella, The Crazy Yates, and the
sequels to Phoenix, Pardon Falls and Prospera Pass. Her latest novel, Vortex, will be released in

early 2019.


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 photo unnamed 2_zpsdeareodx.jpg
Crime Thriller/Mystery
Date Published: 16th October 2018
Publisher: Crooked Cat

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Are You One Of The Elect?

Dr. Helen Hope is a lecturer in eschatology – the study of death, judgment, and the destiny of humankind. She is also a Calvinist nun, her life devoted to atoning for a secret crime.

When a body is found crucified on a Liverpool beach, she forms an unlikely alliance with suspect Mikko Kristensen, lead guitarist in death metal band Total Depravity. Together, they go on the trail of a rogue geneticist who they believe holds the key – not just to the murder, but to something much darker.

Also on the trail is cynical Scouse detective Darren Swift. In his first murder case, he must confront his own lack of faith as a series of horrific crimes drag the city of two cathedrals to the gates of hell.

Science meets religious belief in this gripping murder mystery.


In this scene Deaconess Margaret Mills, a figurehead of the Sisters of Grace, subjects the congregation of St Michael’s Church to one of her threatening sermons. Sister Helen’s feelings about the Deaconess are beginning to change, and at the end of the service, she tells her first lie.

‘All of us are sinners. All people are conceived in sin and are born children of wrath, unfit for any saving good. Inclined to evil! Dead in their sins! Slaves to sin! Without the grace of the regenerating Holy Spirit, they are neither willing nor able to return to God, to reform their distorted nature, or even to dispose themselves to such reform. I say again, All of Us Are Sinners!’

This last sentence was said with such venom and volume that several members of the congregation who were sitting in the front pews visibly recoiled. Deaconess Margaret Mills always began her Wednesday evening sermons from the pulpit, in a gentle voice tinged with a hint of menace. She would build gradually, moving from the pulpit to the floor, a crescendo of portentous threats as her whole body would come into play. She was a natural performer, with eyes widening and narrowing at just the right moments, catching individuals so that they wanted to look away in shame but couldn’t. Her voice would range from ominous low to shrieking high, the gentle Northern accent sounding impossibly grand in this part of the world. There was no comfort to be had from her sermons, only the fear of God struck into one’s heart, and this was the appeal. For the residents, for the visitors, for Helen. Most of the congregation loved the firebrand thrill of the performance, the horror-film quality of the fear. But for Helen, the fear was real, visceral. She craved this punishment, this constant, caustic reminder of her sin. After some more fire and brimstone, the Deaconness softened and brought kindness, a sweet manipulation for her audience.

‘Yes, all of us are sinners. And nothing brings the beauty of Jesus Christ to sinful people, believers, and unbelievers alike, as powerfully as God’s own Scriptures. The Scriptures are the basis of our teaching, of our Gospel, for the word of God is the only word. And we do not question the word of God. From this comes our happiness’.

She smiled for a moment then suddenly, spectacularly, turned up the anger again.

‘And to those who complain about this grace of an undeserved election and about the severity of just reprobation, we reply with the words of the apostle ‘Who are you, O man, to talk back to God?’

Her eyes were wild now and ranged from one person to the next in fury. St. Michael’s Church was small, more of a chapel than a church, having been built originally to serve only the Argarmeols family and their employees. There was no division between the nave and chancery, and no room for aisles flanking the nave at its edges. Therefore there was no escaping the Deaconess’s wrath as she stalked the pews, allowing herself to be an eager vessel for the bitter rage of the Calvinist God. The majesty of this church interior lay in its absurd height; in typical Victorian Gothic style, it had been built to aspire to the sky, drawing the eye upwards and reminding the worshipper how very far above him his God was to be found.

‘God’s plan cannot be changed; God’s promise cannot fail; the calling according to God’s purpose cannot be revoked!’

She sighed with theatrical exhaustion, closing her eyes and raising her hands in supplication, before wringing them and returning to the pulpit. She was disappointed with her flock, this rabble of hopeless candidates for heaven. She looked from one face to the next, expectant. The Deaconness taught religious education part-time in a local private school, and Helen, sitting in her usual position on the front pew, sometimes amused herself at the thought of the terror she must instill in those teenagers.

‘May God’s son Jesus Christ, who sits at the right hand of God and gives gifts to humanity, sanctify us in the truth, lead to the truth those who err, silence the mouths of those who lay false accusations against sound teaching, and equip faithful ministers of God’s Word with a spirit of wisdom and discretion, that all they say may be to the glory of God and the building up of their hearers. Amen’.

At the end of the service, Helen waited as the small congregation filed out in a silent purge, wrapping their coats against the cold autumn evening, Helen approached Margaret who was collecting her papers together at the altar.


Margaret spun around. ‘Yes, tell me.’

‘Would it be ok if I took the car overnight tonight?’

Margaret’s eyes and body language betrayed a momentary flicker of disappointment – she had been hoping Helen might ask something else.

‘I thought I might go and see my mother.’

‘Are you sure that’s a good idea, Helen? You’ve tried very hard, but it only seems to upset you every time. Has something happened?’

‘No, no, I… just think it’s important to keep showing I’m there for her, you know.’

‘Of course.’ There were those hands on Helen’s shoulders again. ‘Drive safely and come and see me tomorrow when you return, let me know how it went.’

‘I will Margaret, thank you. And may I take some money from the kitty? I think we need petrol.’

About the Author

 photo unnamed 1_zps4z1fjsf8.jpg
Catherine Fearns is a writer from Liverpool. Her first novel, crime thriller Reprobation, was published by Crooked Cat on October 16th, 2018. Her second, Consuming Fire, will be out in February 2019. As a music journalist, Catherine has written for Pure Grain Audio, Broken Amp and Noisey. Her short fiction and non-fiction have appeared in Toasted Cheese, Succubus, Here Comes Everyone, Offshoots, and Metal Music Studies. She lives in Geneva with her husband and four children.


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The Mother-in-Law by Judy Moore

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The Mother-in-Law by Judy Moore
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TheMotherinLaw #JudyMoore #RomanticSuspense #mustread

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Genre: Romantic Suspense
Page Count – 370 pages

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/…/show/36200100-the-mother-in-law…

After a whirlwind romance, a young woman from California makes a rash decision and marries a

handsome Floridian after knowing him for only one month.

She gives up everything she knows to move cross country to live with her new husband, a

widower, and his five-year-old son.

Everything seems idyllic until they arrive at her husband’s oceanfront home, and she meets her
mother-in-law. There’s something strange about the woman and the mother/son relationship.


Judy Moore writes mystery novels and thrillers, as well as lighter family fiction. She is a
longtime news writer, editor, and magazine feature writer, and has a master’s degree in
journalism. Her fiction and nonfiction work has been published in numerous national
publications, and her novels are published by BTGN publishers. Her most recent thriller, The
Mother-in-Law, is a favorite with Amazon readers. A lifelong Florida resident, she is a former

tennis pro and sports writer, so her stories sometimes have a sports backdrop. Her novel “Murder

at the Country Club” is a golf mystery,





Santa’s Little Helper by Shaan Ranae- Author

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Santa’s Little Helper by Shaan Ranae- Author
BUY NOW – https://amzn.to/2Plg50W


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Genre – Romance
Page Count – 83 Pages

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/…/s…/42400037-santa-s-litle-helper

When Jake takes over the family business, his only focus was building Laurel’s department store
into a chain to help his parents retire in style. What’s better Christmas gift than a mound of
money at your feet? Although, when Jake meets the fiery and opinionated Sam while forced to
live out his worst nightmare, he gets a must needed distraction and learns a little more about the

true meaning of Christmas.


CA ~

Shaan Ranae resides in Ohio with her husband and two children who fill her life with love and
laughter. Her gritty tales of love will take you on an emotional journey to find the extraordinary

in the ordinary.

~ Author Interview with Shaan Ranae by Itsy

Bitsy Book Bits ~



Awakening Of A Soul Keeper: Prequel To The Soul Keeper Series by Brienne Dubh

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Awakening Of A Soul Keeper: Prequel To The Soul Keeper Series by Brienne Dubh

BUY NOW – https://amzn.to/2UvqYBb

BrienneDubh #TheSoulKeeperSeries #AwakeningOfASoulKeeper

Hosted by Itsy Bitsy Book Bits
Genre—Urban Fantasy
Page count – 142 pages

Cover Artwork – Yocla Book Cover Designs http://yocladesigns.com
Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/…/42768580-awakening-of-a-soul-ke…

What happens when you meet the man of your dreams, then meet your soul mate and find out he

is a thing of nightmares?

Theodora is thrust into a world of powerful beings and surrounded by treachery, lies and
violence, when she accidentally discovers not only is her husband’s boss a vampire, but she is

also his soul keeper and fated mate.

As the leader of all vampires the last thing Lyzander needs or wants is his soul. With so much on
the line he can’t afford to be anything but vengeful and Theodora’s presence jeopardizes

everything he is.

Forced to stick close to her unwanted mate, Theodora struggles to keep hold of her sanity and her

marriage as she discovers who and what she really is.


Brienne Dubh comes from a performing background with over 10 years acting experience.
Studying performing arts and theater at college she then went on to university where she studied
creative arts. Brienne has worked as a producer working on various film projects before going on

to set up her own production company.

In 2010 Brienne took a step back from producing realizing that her passion for writing was
taking over. With experience of both production and post production processes, she is a trained
video editor and has also written and produced several short film scripts, one of which premiered
at the Corona Cork film festival. Originally from England, after a few years of travelling the
world Brienne moved to Ireland where she currently lives on a homestead with her husband, 2
young daughters, 10 chickens, and a cat named Tilly. Brienne now spend her days coming up
with imaginative stories where you can escape everyday life. Whether you are looking for dark
and twisted, humorous or romantic and sexy, with Brienne’s books there is something for

everyone to lose themselves in.


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The Center Cannot Hold

 photo unnamed_zps2pevgdhg.jpg
The Center Cannot Hold
Date Published: October 2018
Publisher: Writers & Editors

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In the depths of winter, Cedar County is on occasion literally frozen in place. Roads are impassable; the area schools are closed for days at a time. And the bad guys and gals, they’re hunkered down like everyone else until the weather breaks. But this winter isn’t the usual. There are arson and murder. The iniquities of some particularly unsavory ancestors are being visited upon the current generation.

 photo unnamed 1_zpsqbtdsm9x.jpg

 photo unnamed 2_zpshshydcyb.jpg

About the Author

 photo unnamed 3_zpsdx3e673q.jpg
Aaron Stander spent most of his adult years in the Detroit area, where he taught English and trained writing teachers. In 2000 he and his wife left college teaching positions and moved permanently to their cottage near Traverse City. Aaron is the author ten mysteries set in northwest lower Michigan. He is also the author of numerous articles, stories, poems, and reviews, and the host of Michigan Writers on the Air on Interlochen Public Radio. When not writing or thinking about writing, Aaron spends a lot of time kayaking along the shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior.

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Rising Star by Susannah Nix

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Rising Star by Susannah Nix
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SusannahNix #RisingStar #Starstruck #MustRead

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Genre – Contemporary Movie Star Romance

Page count – 329 pages

Cover Designer: Sarah Hansen of Okay Creations https://www.okaycreations.com/
Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/41137958-rising-star

Alice Carlisle has problems.

Her sociology Ph.D. dissertation is going nowhere, she’s about to lose the TV extra job that’s
been paying her bills, and her roommate is kicking her out. She needs to find a new place to live

ASAP, so she can focus on finally finishing her doctorate.

Enter Griffin, one of Hollywood’s rising stars, who offers to let her move into his guest room if
she’ll dog sit for him. Four months rent free in a nice house with an adorable dog is an offer
Alice can’t turn down—even if she has major qualms about her movie star roommate.

Griffin Beach has it all.

He’s gorgeous, newly jacked, and poised to make the leap from TV show regular to box office
superstar. Until his dog sitter bails, leaving him desperate to find someone he trusts to look after

his precious fur baby.

Someone like Alice, the extra who’s never seemed to like him but loves his dog. Griffin has his
doubts about the arrangement, but living with Alice opens his eyes to how empty his workaholic
lifestyle has become. The more time they spend together, the more he realizes she might be

exactly what he needs in his life.

Can Alice let her guard down and learn to trust again? Can Griffin stop trying to please everyone
else long enough to show her how he feels? Will they get their Hollywood happy ending? Or will

their love story bomb at the box office?


Susannah Nix lives in Texas with her husband, two ornery cats, and a flatulent pit bull. When
she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, cooking, knitting, watching stupid amounts of television,
and getting distracted by Tumblr. She is also a powerlifter who can deadlift as much as Captain

America weighs.


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