Girls of Yellow

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Mystery, Thriller
Elise De Jong/Sami Ali Book 1
Publisher: Penwood
Published: May 2018

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Imagine a world where modern governments failed their citizens and long-simmering conflicts escalated into global war. Imagine if its survivors migrated toward those who share the same faith. Imagine the continents are ruled by religions.

When the mysterious death of a teenage girl triggers memories of a similar childhood event, police Detective Sami Ali becomes consumed with solving her murder. Persecuted by the shame of his past, Ali will stop at nothing to find the killer, even if his investigation puts his wife and daughter at risk.

As he follows the clues, Ali collides with another lost soul – a foreign spy. Elise De Jong’s official mission in Eurabia involves the acquisition of a priceless item that could shift the balance of power among the theocracies. But she also has a personal objective – to find her last living relative, the little sister whom she hasn’t seen since her birth.

To succeed in their missions, Elise and Ali must find common ground despite their religious differences, for they can depend only on each other.

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Major Sami Ali knew he’d been assigned the dhimmi’s murder because he was the worst detective on the Budapest police force. And he understood exactly what his boss expected him to do – use minimal departmental resources to conduct a basic investigation, find no evidence of religious cleansing, and bury the case.

Ali knew such a weak effort rendered him a fraud and he didn’t care. Pride didn’t pay his daughter’s tuition. His job was to follow orders and provide for his family. Also, his father had made him take an oath as a child to hate Christians and Jews for the rest of his life. He didn’t give a damn about the dhimmis.

The body had been found at the Matthias Catholic Church, one of only three remaining Christian churches in the section of the city known as Dhimmi Town. Gothic  spires decorated with gargoyles towered above a diamond-patterned roof, green and brown ceramic tiles glittering in the sun. Ismael, the crime scene technician, was kneeling beside the corpse near the altar when Ali arrived inside. His friend reminded Ali of a mongoose – unassuming at first glance, but pity the snake who dared to test his mettle.

“First comes Saturday,” Ismael said.

“Then comes Sunday,” Ali said.

The salutation had originated in the Middle East during the early twentieth century, long before the third world war, the collapse of governments and economies, and the migration of survivors toward people who shared the same faith.

First we’ll take care of the Jews, who pray on Saturday, and then we’ll take care of the Christians, who pray on Sunday.

The old prophecy had been fulfilled in Arabia. Then, after Muslims flooded Europe, Sharia law had been enacted throughout the continent. Only the dhimmis prevented the prophecy from being true in what was now known as Eurabia, too.

And now there were one fewer dhimmis.

Ali couldn’t see the corpse. Ismael was hovering over it, blocking his view.

“What are we celebrating?” Ali said.

“Death by strangulation,” Ismael said.

“What? No machete?”

“No blood. He strangled her with his hands.”

“No blood. You’ve got to be kidding … Wait. Did you say her?”

“Bruising on both sides of the neck but no actual prints. He must have worn gloves.”

“Signs of struggle?” Ali said.

“None that I can see.”

Ismael stepped back to reveal a girl’s corpse, a lithe figure with hair the color of sun-drenched wheat. “Look, A. She can’t be more than fourteen or fifteen.”

“Ish,” Ali said. The first syllable of his friend’s name was the only sound he could muster because the sight of the girl had taken him to the place he hoped to never revisit.

“What a waste,” Ismael said.

Ali’s childhood memories were secured in an impenetrable vault protected by imaginary barbed wire, steel walls, and padlocks. Whenever something or someone prodded the vault, its protective devices tightened. This time, however, its defenses disintegrated and the locks sprang open. Out streamed the vision he loathed so much it made him long for sudden death.

It was all in the past, Ali tried to tell himself, but no one could detect a lie more easily than a cop, even a lousy one. A similar-looking girl was lying before him. And she, too, was dead.

“The eyes,” Ismael said. He reached over and lifted the dead girl’s eyelids.  “You see the eyes?”

They looked like aquamarine jewels.

Of course Ali had noticed the eyes, as surely as he’d noticed the girl’s oval face, alabaster skin, and golden locks. It wasn’t their beauty that shocked Ali and Ismael, but rather their presence in their sockets, because the typical religious cleansing involved their removal. Lower your head – submit to Islam – lest your eyes be snatched.

Ismael nodded for Ali to come closer, then glanced in both directions to make sure the other two technicians taking pictures of the church interior couldn’t hear him.

“She wasn’t killed here,” Ismael said. “She was brought here after the fact.”

“How can you be sure?”

Ismail lowered his voice further. “Because there was a witness.”

Ali lost his breath. “A witness?” There were never any witnesses in Dhimmi Town, at least none brave or stupid enough to come forward.

“The caretaker who called it in. He was here when the killer brought in the body. Point of entry, front door. Point of exit, front door.

“He saw the killer?”

“He was taken to headquarters to give his statement and for his own protection. But I don’t think it’s his protection your boss will be worried about. Especially not with the world leaders in town for that conference. Think about it. The heads of all four kingdoms – the Buddhists, Hindus, Christians and us – all in the same place. Can’t have religious cleansing when the religions are trying to find a way to get along, can you?”

Ali heard the question and understood Ismael’s point. His boss wanted the case buried quickly. But that mattered less to Ali than Ismael’s previous implication, that the higher-ups would do everything necessary to make sure the witness was silenced. To Ali’s own amazement, something compelled him right there and then to do everything in his power to make sure the witness was heard.

But was he too late?

Ali told Ismael he’d be in touch and rushed out of the church.  As he ran toward his car, the call to prayer sounded. It was the second such call of the day which meant it was just past noon. The sound of the Muezzin’s mellifluous voice always slowed Ali’s pulse, drained him of angst and sorrow, and lifted his spirits. The thought of not stopping whatever he was doing to contemplate the substance of his Islamic beliefs five times a day was unthinkable.

Yet that’s exactly what he considered doing the moment the initial call sounded. The image of the dead girl from his youth gripped him so tightly that he wanted – no, he needed  – to begin a thorough investigation of this girl’s murder immediately. One death bore no relation to the other. More than twenty-five years had past since the first girl had died. The victims merely resembled each other.

Ali realized this but it made no difference to him. To say that he’d failed the first girl was a gross understatement. He couldn’t contemplate repeating the mistake. Did he even have the skills to solve a murder? Ali wasn’t sure himself. The other cops called him the Dhimmi Lover precisely because he had no love for them. It was a joke well-known throughout the force. What would they say if the worst detective in Eurabia started acting like a real police? The Dhimmi Lover actually trying to solve the murder of a dhimmi? They’d all get a laugh out of that one.

When the second call came for prayer to begin, Ali didn’t stop to face Mecca. Instead, he climbed in his car, hammered the gas pedal and raced toward the station. Never before had he thought of the streets of Dhimmi Town as his own. Who in his right mind would want them?

But they were his, he realized, whether he liked them or not, just as surely as he was among the few Muslims not prostrating themselves before Allah in the capital city of the central region of the Eurabian Caliphate.

Ali hoped like hell no one recognized him behind the wheel.


About the Author

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Orest Stelmach is a mystery and thriller writer and the author of the Nadia Tesla series. His novels have been Kindle #1 bestsellers, optioned for film development, and translated into numerous foreign languages. Prior to becoming a full-time writer, Orest was an institutional investment portfolio manager for twenty-five years. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

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The Optical Lasso

 photo 51lvtAp5xEL_zpsq4uhbe30.jpg
Sci-fi Fantasy Thriller
Publisher: Page Publishing
Published: February 2019

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A creature lying dormant beneath the Earth’s crust for over 35,000 years, waits patiently to transform a dying young boy into one of mankind’s greatest leaders in a time of dire need.

In the year 2140 CE, Planet 9, more commonly known as Vixus, has resurfaced on the edge of the Milky Way… the only known planet that periodically reverses its rotation. Last seen in the middle of the Kuiper Belt in 2066 CE, it mysteriously disappeared after being discovered by a Galactic Corps scout ship. The unknown energy source enabling Vixus to spin in opposite directions represented great power which could help turn the tide in a war Earth was losing.

The Fighting Fury, the Corps’ finest platoon, has been called in to conduct a search and rescue operation for several missing landing parties. Following a fierce battle on the planet surface, Lieutenant Janet “Cat” Miles, leader of this elite group of combat women, was captured. She soon found herself imprisoned with the Corps’ most fabled leader, Commander Jason Cody. His name would forever be linked to the infamous wormhole hidden on Neptune’s dark side; an area of space now cautiously avoided by all due to the menace which lurks within.

Paranoia raced through both leaders’ minds. Could he trust a woman who seemingly had no imperfections? Could she trust a man who had vanished from sight years ago? Earth’s future laid in the balance as they struggled to overcome their mutual distrust and acknowledge what those before them understood: “If you live long enough, the wisdom will come.”

About the Author

 photo The-Optical-Lasso-Author-1-300x298_zps7mwfe8kt.jpg

Marc Corwin is a retired entrepreneur and chief financial officer whose imagination has been broadened by a childhood immersed in comic books. His first publication has merited the following commentary: “The story’s quick cuts and ever-complicating plotline will keep readers entertained” – Kirkus Reviews

Half the royalties earned from the sale of “The Optical Lasso” will be donated to the Grace Science Foundation to aid in the development of cost-effective cures for the over 7000 known rare diseases currently afflicting an estimated 350 million people worldwide.

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The Scopas Factor

 photo The Scopas Factor_zpsrmjmbduh.jpg
Mystery, Thriller
Published: December 2018
Publisher: BookBaby

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An Hmong “story cloth,” the Gadsden flag, forged Picassos and a Russian drug dealer.

How these disparate elements are linked, is Mike Hegan’s latest challenge in The Scopas Factor.

Now on sabbatical from the Chicago Police Department, Hegan will travel from Chicago to California – where he’ll “meet” his girlfriend’s parents – before being drawn to the South of France.

Gradually, each component of his quest will fall into place.

As if facing down a gang who have committed atrocious crimes in Southeast Asia and a drug dealing oligarch is a walk in the park – there are the women.

Three – the traditional one, the aggressive one and the love of his life.

What about Scopas?  It’s all Greek to Hegan.

 photo The Scopas Factor print and on tablet_zps3ltkjio4.jpg

 photo The Scopas Factor Author Vincent Panettiere_zpstx6bqin6.jpg

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Woozie Wisdom

 photo Woozie Wisdom 2_zpshauyxcyh.jpg
Woozie Wisdom, Volume 2
Self-Help / Relationships
Date Published: March 2019
Publisher: iUniverse

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This is an easy to read book that has everyday situations described about life, sex, and love. It is an accumulation of my blogs where thousands of people have avoided or improved their lives as a result of my over thirty years experience as a licensed therapist and sex educator. It is meant to be shared and enjoyed while learning.

Other Books in the Woozie Wisdom Series

 photo Woozie Wisdom 1_zps7v0m43kp.jpg

Woozie Wisdom
Publisher: iUniverse

This is a lively, fun, down to earth book with helpful ways to look at life, sex, and love. It offers practical applications to make life fulfilled and joyful. While there is no all-knowing guru, my over forty years of experience as a relationship counselor and sex educator provides some answers for problems as well as how to avoid them.

Woozie Wisdom won a national first runner up award from Eric Hoffer.

Praise for Woozie Wisdom:

“Author Lynn Hubschman has constructed a book that gives grandmotherly advice to those that might have missed out on important life tips. In earlier chapters she talks about common sense tips as they relate to living a happy healthy and vibrant life.” —Pacific Book Review

“Read this book and then empower yourself to make any necessary changes. Hubschman advises but she says it more indirectly and comically when she says, ‘So listen to what you say and how you say it. Listen to what the people around you talk about. If you want to throw up…. move on.’ The breadth of the book’s content is unparalleled.” —The US Review of Books

 photo Woozie Wisdom print and ipad_zpsapbtfkcf.jpg

About the Author

 photo Woozie Wisdom 2 Author Lynn Hubschman_zpsd57au11g.jpg

Lynn Hubschman is a graduate of the Universityn of Pennsylvania and also its’ School of Social Work.She has been a marriage counselor and family therapist over thirty years. Has been Director of Family Life Education for Jewish Family Service and then Director of Social Work at America’s oldest hospital; Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia. Has always ahd a private practice and appeared on major TV talk shows. She has written three other books including ‘Transsexuals. Life From Both Sides.’

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A New World Fantasy Novel Trilogy

 photo A New World Fantasy Novel Trilogy_zpssqmnovb0.jpg
Date Published: March 31, 2019

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A crystal ball assures existence, but when separated from its divine setting many years ago, its waning vigor generates panic; various worlds will cease to subsist if not found in time.

The search intensifies as witches and mortals together strive to elude the obstructions of specters, including a demon, in their expeditious intent to exclude the probability of perpetual darkness.


       Rena faced the doors of Whilom Elementary once again. She stared at the crevices she had never taken notice of all those years walking toward them. There was no reason to turn back; it was only an urge. Just as she was about to turn away, she gazed downwards, slowly; one door was ajar.

‘She probably didn’t leave yet,’ she thought because the door was slightly open.

Although Ms. Biddock’s reaction frightened Rena, she understood the reason for her terrifying behavior: it must have been humiliating for her watching her colleagues walk away without offering to help her off the floor.

“Hmm,” she murmured, scratching her chin, contemplating about whether to shut the door. “Maybe Ms. Biddock has cooled down and will offer her apologizes to me.”

She was eager to give Ms. Biddock the opportunity to do so. With each passing minute, which had only been about three, since the time of the “closing of the door,” she decided to take that chance.

“Hello? Hello?” She peeked, bug-eyed, tentatively pushing the doors ajar. “Can anyone hear me?”

Sunlight had shone through the old classroom windows; its rays beamed vibrantly through the unclosed entries, and into the deserted hallways.

She walked inside and stopped at the corner of the hallway that led to Ms. Biddock’s office. The entrance was welcoming; the light was on, an indication that she was still there. Rena proceeded, soundlessly, until a distant voice was perceived, mumbling; she believed it to be that of the principal … Ms. Biddock.

“Maybe the teachers came back,” Rena whispered under her breath. “She can’t be talking to herself.”

“I’ve used many words to describe what I seek! I’ve searched for passages until blood showed on my feet!”

Rena stopped; her eyes grew larger; she looked to her left and then to her right.

“Or—maybe I was wrong.” She remained still, and then the bellowing chant had startled her yet again.

“I have asked repeatedly, help with my finding, the place where these memories and I were residing!”

Darkness rapidly supplanted the sun’s warm rays right before a storm produced instantaneously. Ear-piercing thunder resonated within the school building, consolidated with twisting winds that had abruptly slammed all the doors shut. Rena’s trembling hands capped her ears, and her eyes squinted as she flinched with pain. It was in that moment when she had decided—it was time to leave; however, a similar overwhelming urge enticed her just as it had on the school’s front steps: whether Ms. Biddock would apologize.

With eyes half-closed, Rena moved through the vigorous winds, and victoriously achieved the course that would conduct to her desired direction by way of the light glaring through the frosted glass atop the office entryway. She extended her arms outward and expressed perseverance, striving for Ms. Biddock’s door, and seized hold of the doorknob.

She triumphed in achieving her arduous grasp.

With tremoring hands and all her weight—all ninety pounds, Rena pushed upon the door, until there was an opportunity; little by little it opened; she persisted her fight against the storm, but she wasn’t strong enough; the winds on the other side were as vigorous, prompting her strength to weaken. The slight access she had obtained—closed; nonetheless, she refused to give up, and shoved again upon that office door, hard, and then even harder. It was surely opening, slightly, and more, and then more; she hurriedly stuck her foot inside, wiggling within the snug opening; then instantly, she was intrigued by the ceiling turned open sky of stupendous swirling clouds, the roaring of deep rumbles of thunder, and bursts of flashes of lightning!

She dominated the rattling door with one hand while the other kept back her ‘tangled hair in the wind’ away from her face. Then, staring at her was a woman with piercing, glowing green eyes, which Rena had imagined, derived from the flashes of lightning.

“Ms. … Biddock?” she questioned aloud over twisting winds.

Coolly, Ms. Biddock turned away. She held out her arms under the blustery sky, aiming her gold, etched wand, as lightning strikes soared out of its wooden tip.

Rena distinguished one of the letters carved into the wand—the letter M; afterward, she was drawn to an outlandish desk, covered by an old, green leather-bound book, with bright lights beaming out of its oversized pages.

Ms. Biddock lowered her arms; her black layered gown waved simultaneously with her loose hair blowing wildly.

“Didn’t I tell you to leave!” she yelled.

About the Author

 photo I.V. Phillips Author Photo_zpssgqytmyq.jpg
Born and raised in New Jersey, she currently resides in Florida.

In her spare time, she writes poems, novels, and savors in the opportunity to read an enthralling story.

Her novel, A New World Fantasy Novel Trilogy, was written to capture the minds of fantasy novel readers with unique characters fitted in a montage of events as they set on an enigmatic adventure.

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Famous Inspirational Quotes

 photo KindleFamousQuotesBS_zpsrtr6yyt1.jpg
Non Fiction, Self Help, Motivational
Publisher: Elite Online Publishing
Date Published: March 10, 2019

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Famous Inspirational Quotes: Ideal for prepping speeches, letters or just for empowering you to live life. The Perfect Graduation, Birthday Gift, Mothers day gift, or Father’s day gift.

       Over 100 Of The Greatest Quotes By Great Leaders Like:

       Athletes: Venus Williams, Emmitt Smith, Babe Ruth

       Authors: Dr. Seuss, C.S. Lewis, Charles Dickens

      Business: Leaders: Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Ted Turner

      Civil Rights: Activist: Nelson Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King

      Motivational Speakers: Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy

      Musicians, Artist, Philosophers, Politicians, and More…

        These quotes have stood the test of time and each can be used to motivate, bring happiness, success, a positive mindset, encouragement and sheer awesomeness.

 photo 3dBSipadQuotes_zpsuagmnvjv.jpg

About the Authors

12-Times Bestselling Authors, Melanie Johnson & Jenn Foster, owners of Elite Online Publishing, an independent boutique publishing company. Elite has published over 75 #1 BESTSELLING books for authors on Amazon. Both Single Moms, Melanie and Jenn started their business hosting a book writing retreat in the Dominican Republic to help authors write their book while relaxing on the beach! They host a weekly podcast titled Elite Expert Insider featured on iTunes, Google Podcasts and TuneIn. They are dedicated to educate, inspire and motivate entrepreneurs, innovators and growth seekers. Jenn & Melanie have been honored speakers for numerous conferences around the country, including Tedx Sugarland, Texas. They have been Featured guests at Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl party for 3 years in a row. Together they have produced over 2500 books under their own imprint. Elite books include planners, journals, guest books, activity books, story starters, and coloring books. They are enthusiastic about helping authors to create, publish and market books, to build businesses and brands. Learn More about Jenn & Melanie online.

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Dracones Guardian (Dracones Book 6) by Sheri-Lynn Marean

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-60506" src=" content/uploads/2019/05/Dracones-Guardian_-Dark-Dragon-Archangel-Paranormal_Fantasy-Romance- by-Sheri-Lynn-Marean.png" alt="" width="851" height="315" />
Dracones Guardian (Dracones Book 6) by Sheri-Lynn Marean
#Dracones #Dark #steamy #Paranormal #Fantasy
Genre – Dark, steamy, paranormal/fantasy Romance
Page Count – 450 pages
An archangel born without emotion is sent to patrol the fallen …
…and finds love.
But when his happiness is destroyed, Zander vows to protect those he has left—his children.
For fourteen years that’s his only goal. Until he meets his sexy neighbor.
Zander resists the attraction. Chloe’s human and his world is dangerous—a new enemy has arisen. As he prepares to battle this latest threat, it becomes clear that Chloe may be more than he first believed.
Yet if he accepts what is between them, he could lose her. If he doesn’t, he could lose everything he holds dear.
Dare he take the leap?
Join Zander and his quirky family in this dark, magical romance because it’s full of twists that will leave you craving more.
Get it now.
*Can be read as a standalone.
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