Gardenia Duty

Women’s Fiction, Military Published: June 2019 Publisher: Gatekeeper Press In 1957 jobs are scarce in rural Ashland, Alabama. Bobby Higgins is facing life decisions; his family’s farm struggles and threat of the draft hangs over 18-year-old males as the Cold War rumbles in the distance. Bobby heads off to boot camp, vowing to provide forContinue reading “Gardenia Duty”

Lord Santa’s

Spiritual Fantasy Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers Ash is a Light Warrior who reports to Santa’s Grotto after a three year absence to undertake her review. Expecting to be in disgrace, instead she finds herself totally unprepared for the reception. Her review brings surprises and Ash learns about her own levels of power and connection higherContinue reading “Lord Santa’s”

The Unruly Curse

Alyssa McCarthy’s Magical Missions, Book 2 Middle-Grade Fantasy Date Published: July 2019 History, like magic, has a habit of repeating itself… It’s been six months since thirteen-year-old Alyssa McCarthy left magic behind for good. Or so she thought… Then the enchanted objects that protected her disappear. Now a skeleton named Errol has cursed her withContinue reading “The Unruly Curse”

Rise of Serpents

Book #3 in the Primeval Origins Epic Saga YA Sci-Fi Fantasy Publisher: Celestial Fury Publishing Primeval Origins: Rise of Serpents – Book #3 in this epic story revealing mankind’s undiscovered history and ancient origins bringing rise the legendary Four Horsemen. Join Nikki, a paleo-archeological graduate student suffering life altering happenings turning her life upside-down andContinue reading “Rise of Serpents”

The Augmented Man

Sci-fi Military Thriller Date Published: July 2019 Publisher: Black Rose Writing What do you do with a deadly weapon when it’s no longer needed? Nicholas Trailer is the last of The Augmented Men, beings created first by society and completed by a political group the public can’t even imagine exists. Captain James Donaldson takes severelyContinue reading “The Augmented Man”

Coinage of Commitment

One-of-a-Kind Romance Publisher: Author This is a different kind of love story. It features characters determined to find romance that’s better than the relationships they see all around them. Something richer, something higher, something longer lasting—something worth holding out for. Wayne and Nancy meet in the late 1960s and recognize these special qualities in eachContinue reading “Coinage of Commitment”


Outcasts, Book 6 Sci-fi Romance Published: September 2019 Publisher: Anything-but-Ordinary Books Determined to bring meaningful change to her people, Lady Eza of the Sarronti seeks out the leader of the Outcasts and proposes a daring alliance. She expects to negotiate with a barbarian. Instead, Overlord Kage Razel awakens longings that have nothing to do withContinue reading “Overlord”

Soul Matters

Modern Science Confirming Ancient Wisdom – Healing at the Interface of Spirit and Matter Spirituality, New Age Date Published: February 2019 Publisher: Balboa Press Soul Matters presents Dr. Jeanne-Rachel Salomon’s research into the millennia-old shamanic healing modality of Soul Retrieval. During actual shamanic healing sessions, Dr. Salomon utilized QEEG Brain Mapping and DFM blood workContinue reading “Soul Matters”

The Assignments

Thriller, Financial Thriller Published: June 2019 Publisher: Booklocker Jonathan Black, the notorious Wall Street equity trader, runs his desk with an iron fist. Without warning, unpredictable events turn his world upside down. Following a “friendly” corporate merger, Blackie learns the desk he used to run is gone forever. The job he cherishes has yielded toContinue reading “The Assignments”