Holiday of the Heart

Holiday of the Heart by Angel Wolfe Genre: Contemporary Romance Author Morgan Paige has had more than her share of ups and downs; but can a long-term affair turn into something more, or will the flame smolder only to be fanned by a new love? After a horrendous Valentine’s Day nightmare, and a hot and steamy reunion, Morgan and Ricky part ways only to have Ricky show up several months later asking her to wait for him. The problem is, Morgan has already been waiting for years. How much is too much? Will their romance survive yet another separation or … Continue reading Holiday of the Heart

Kal Medi Series

The Beauty Killers Kal Medi Series Book 3 by Ann Girdharry Genre: Crime Thriller Kirsten believed her dreams were coming true. Until she wound up under lock and key in a dirty cell. To stay alive, she must obey every twisted command of her captor. And there are two other women with Kirsten – one has been incarcerated so long her hair is falling out in handfuls, the other is going mad. When an undercover policewoman disappears, a secret from Detective Spinks’ past links him to the killer. Kal and Marty go undercover to track a predator who captures women. … Continue reading Kal Medi Series

Fateful Justice

Reflections Fateful Justice Book 1 by Sara Vinduska Genre: Romantic Suspense It wasn’t the first time Lash Brogan had aimed a gun at another man and pulled the trigger. It wasn’t the first time he’d watched a man fall to the ground bleeding. As an actor, he’d done just that countless times. But this time it was not a scene from one of his movies. This time it was for real. When Lash Brogan, an Irish immigrant and one of America’s most popular movie stars, is kidnapped and held hostage in the mountains of Colorado, it will take all of … Continue reading Fateful Justice

When the Night Comes Out

When the Night Comes Out by Bryan Alaspa Genre: Horror, Short Stories What happens when the night comes out? When the darkness comes in from the sides and closes in all around, what lurks within? BONUS: Foreward by Patrick C. Greene, author of Progeny and The Crimson Calling An elevator in a high-rise building becomes a gateway for terror and madness A German U-Boat during World War I becomes a haunted nightmare A radio signal in the middle of the night reveals the horrors lurking beneath a simple, small, peaceful town. A little girl with a best friend you would … Continue reading When the Night Comes Out

The Viscount’s Promise

The Viscount’s Promise The Twice Shy Series Book 2 by Christina Britton Genre: Historical Romance Pub Date: 10/30/18 Lady Emily Masters has harbored a secret infatuation for the dashing Malcolm Arborn, Viscount Morley since a childhood accident claimed the life of her twin brother and left her own face scarred. But when fate brings them together again for her brother’s wedding, she is dismayed to find instead of the brave gentleman who sheltered her after the tragedy, a surly rogue quick to quip and slow to trust. To the cosmopolitan and haughty Malcolm, few engagements could possibly be more punishing … Continue reading The Viscount’s Promise

On A Silent Night by S.L. Sterling

Title: On a Silent Night Author: S.L. Sterling Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: November 6, 2018 Brody: Five years ago, I lost my best friend.  A year later, I fell in love with his wife.  That Christmas, I ran, afraid of what my feelings held. Three years later, I still can’t get her out of my mind. So this Christmas, I’ve decided I am going to return to her. I just hope she’ll take me back.  Cass: Five years ago, I lost my husband. A year later, I fell in love with his best friend. That Christmas, he left with no … Continue reading On A Silent Night by S.L. Sterling

Queen of Zazzau

Historical Fantasy/Mythical Realism Date Published: November 20, 2018 Publisher: Afrocentric Books | Mugwump Press Amina is heir apparent to the throne of Zazzau and must prove she is worthy of the crown. As foreign invaders close in on them, she is all that stands between her people and destruction. Caught in a web of prophecies, she must defend Zazzau, but cannot do so if she wants to prevent the future that was foretold. She did not seek war yet it finds her. Unwilling to be the plaything of gods or men and determined to take control of her own destiny, … Continue reading Queen of Zazzau