Tune My heart


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Author: K.R. Reese
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Her life was a nightmare until she escaped.
Haven is the responsible good girl. Her mission has been to be the exact opposite of her mother, living the life she only ever dreamed of having while she was growing up. She gets her first real break when her boss gives her the job of a lifetime.
Follow the tour of CHAOS while they make their comeback.
The world used to chant his name. Then it all fell apart.
Lukus needs to repair his bad boy image. But he needs to keep a straight head. CHAOS is back together and their breaking out on their first tour in two years.
An obnoxious Rockstar fresh out rehab. A sassy journalist going out into the real world.
Once the tours in full swing, Haven’s learned that there’s more to the bassist than his childlike behavior and panty melting smile. Their attraction is becoming impossible to ignore, but is she willing to risk the career she’s worked so hard for just to lose her heart?
Lukus is determined to keep the smart mouthed reporter around after the tour. It’s not just her attitude he’s attracted to, and it scares the hell out of him. When things heat up, can he settle down with one woman and still maintain the image he’s worked so hard to get back?
One night. One mistake. One major decision.

Midnight Blue


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World tour. Four Continents. Three months. Two lovers. One, broken soul.
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Coming for Christmas


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Krystyna Allyn
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Copyright © 2017 by Krystyna Allyn.
All rights reserved.
Cover Design: Bibliophile Productions
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Always Him


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Always him
by Ann Grech
Forgetting them was near impossible, but choosing one was harder.
Declan had kept his secret for so long; its revelation could destroy his family. Being gay wasn’t it. The truth was far worse—he’d fallen for his stepbrother, Ollie.
Returning home for the holidays wasn’t something he did very often, but his mom insisted on it that year. His trip home didn’t turn out as he expected; Declan’s world was flipped on its head by a sexy stranger. Now he was torn, unable to get Batman out of his head and Ollie out of his heart.
Note: this story was originally published in the Tempting Scrooge anthology, but has been substantially revised, reedited and additional content added.

Like a Fox On The Run


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J Morgan Woodall
Like a Fox On The Run
Excerpt :
Tiger and Lulah
He looked into her eyes. “Look, Lulah, I’ve always loved you. I still love you. I’ll love you ‘til the day I die. That’s the one thing in this fucked up life of mine I am certain of. I’m sorry about being such a disappointment.” He sighed in resignation and capitulation.

Only Me


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ONLY ME by Derek Masters and Vivian Ward
Our past destroyed us once, but I refuse to lose her again.
It only takes one mistake to ruin everything you’ve got, and I’ve made several. We spent so much time together: loving each other, hating each other, and, eventually, trying to get over each other, but I could never forget her. Every smile, laugh, and curve of her beautiful body was etched into my heart and soul.
I thought our love story was over, but fate brought us back together when I was least suspecting it.
When I lay eyes on her again six years later, I know things aren’t over—at least not for me. The moment I see her, a thousand unspoken words pass between us and all the feelings I’d lost come flooding back. But I have to ask myself, did I ever really heal or are the ghosts of our past too much to overcome?
Find out in Only Me, a complete standalone dark romance.
Available on Amazon for $0.99 for a limited time or Free on K.U.
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My Commander


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Author Alanea Alder

My Commander – Aiden McKenzie (Bear Shifter)
Book one in the Bewitched and Bewildered series

“Do you know what I thought about all of that?” Aiden asked softly. She shook her head, afraid to answer.
“I thought, ‘This woman is completely unhinged. I don’t know what the hell she’s going to say or do next.’ “He paused. Meryn let the tears fall. She knew that there was no way he would want her! She twisted her face trying to escape his hand, but he refused to let go. Seconds later his lips were on hers. He nipped her lower lip until she opened her mouth. Then he began his assault. His tongue was relentless, twining and dominating hers. When he pulled away, she whimpered at the loss.
“I also thought, ‘This woman is the most beautiful, brilliant and captivating person I have ever met. She will keep me on my toes for the rest of our lives. And I will love her until the day I die.’“ Aiden’s lips returned, this time to kiss her gently. Copyright Alanea Alder. All rights reserved

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Momo: My Everything by Posy Roberts


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Momo: My Everything
by Posy Roberts
William Harris is a reserved man, private and guarded. He has no one to go home to. He’s never found a man worth sticking around for. He’s never been in love. And he’s convinced he’s happy with his lone-wolf life.
Nate Kelly is William’s opposite, social and easy going. He comes into William’s life as the elegant geisha Momo. When William realizes Momo is a man in drag, he’s captivated.
From their first date, William’s world changes. Nate is nothing like his usual type. And William soon finds out being with this carefree man means always being on display and attracting attention, which makes him want to retreat. He tries to keep Nate at arm’s length, but it’s no use. Nate’s transformed his life in a matter of months and keeps drawing him back in.
If they stand a chance, William has to be comfortable standing next to someone so at home in the limelight. Their future together and William’s happiness depend on it. Is Nate the man finally worth giving up William’s solitary existence? Is he worth sticking around for?
*Extensively reworked from the short story, The Measure of a Man.

Dirty Beginning by Ella Miles


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Dirty Beginning
by Ella Miles
For a limited time includes a bonus book — Maybe Yes!
Arlo Carini saved my life, only to destroy it.
When I first met him, he was the wealthy, powerful, sexy stranger giving me and a dozen other art history students a tour of his mansion. But he soon became my everything.
My savior.
My lover.
My obsession.
He tried to warn me. Every chance he could, he tried to get me to run far, far away. But it only made my obsession grow stronger. Until I made the worst mistake I could. And ended up trapped forever.
WARNING: Dirty Beginning is a prequel novella and ends on a cliffhanger. This is a DARK and DIRTY romance series. Dirty Obsession, the full-length novel that follows, releases January 2018.
Series Order:
Dirty Beginning: A Prequel Novella
Dirty Obsession (Full-Length Novel)–Coming January 2018

‿➹⁀ ☆ ❄️ Fallen For Shame ❄️☆ by Anna Edwards

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‿➹⁀ ☆ ❄️ Fallen For Shame ❄️
by Anna Edwards
Release date: 23rd January 2018
Book Three Glacial Blood Series
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Teagan Holland left her old pack under a cloud of prejudice. Her breed, an Asiatic wild dog, considered nothing but vermin. But as the Glacial Blood Pack are about to find out she is one the kindest people they will ever meet. The accident prone dog also has a strength within her that will be needed to help stave off the now homeless Nuka Lincoln’s attempts at revenge. Will she regret taking this job?
Tyler Quinn has been a fighter for the pack since he was eighteen. He is mysterious, and nobody knows that much about why he joined them. All they do know is that he is a fantastic cook and a bit of a computer geek. Behind the man he portrays is a secret that threatens to send him on a path that he thought he had left behind. Will the white powder be his downfall?
Fallen for Shame is the third book in the highly recommended Glacial Blood Series by the author Anna Edwards. It is set in a paranormal world full of drama, suspense and great love affairs. Plus it features a secret that must never be told for fear of the consequences.
A family isn’t always blood; it’s the people that accept you for who you are.