#BRVLBlogTour #AuthorSpotight for Saturday 11/24 Hosting #AngelloAdrien & #ClaireCastle

This November Blog Tour is being hosted on Book Review Virginia Lee Blog #BRVLBlogTour #AuthorSpotight SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM Angello Adrien Thank you so much for always taking a chance on me, and dive into the wonderful universe i created.  Spellbound : An Erotic Odyssey by Angello Adrien BLURB Ending a bad relationship is awful. Having to see their face everyday following that is worse. What better way to recharge the heart than a grand vacation to a mysterious Greek island? In a place where myths and legends are alive and well, David Angellus finds himself thrown through a gauntlet of … Continue reading #BRVLBlogTour #AuthorSpotight for Saturday 11/24 Hosting #AngelloAdrien & #ClaireCastle

#BRVLBlogTour #AuthorSpotight for Friday 11/23 Hosting #CharityB & #SACollins

This November Blog Tour is being hosted on Book Review Virginia Lee Blog #BRVLBlogTour #AuthorSpotight SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM Charity B. Thank you so much for taking the time to support your favorite authors. It truly means so much to know you love the stories we love to write!! Anointed by Charity B.   BLURB Zebadiah The last time her, she was marked with blood. Excommunicated, Now she’s returned, along with my temptation. Our touch is blasphemous, Perverse. They say she’s tainted, but they will not speak against me. His holy blood is in my veins and my word is truth. … Continue reading #BRVLBlogTour #AuthorSpotight for Friday 11/23 Hosting #CharityB & #SACollins

#BRVLBlogTour #AuthorSpotight for Thursday 11/22 Hosting #DenaCarson & #KimBreyon

This November Blog Tour is being hosted on Book Review Virginia Lee Blog #BRVLBlogTour #AuthorSpotight SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM Dena Garson To London, With Love by Dena Garson  BLURB After her brother is nearly killed while bringing sensitive information to his superiors, Margaret “Maggie” Ingleton takes it upon herself to complete his mission. All she has to do is deliver a letter to London. How hard can it be? Little does she realize that she’ll be risking not only her life, but that of the only man she’s ever loved. When Colin Stanbury makes a routine delivery to his home city … Continue reading #BRVLBlogTour #AuthorSpotight for Thursday 11/22 Hosting #DenaCarson & #KimBreyon

#BRVLBlogTour #AuthorSpotight for Wednesday 11/21 Hosting #JessiePinkham & #PierceSmith

This November Blog Tour is being hosted on Book Review Virginia Lee Blog #BRVLBlogTour #AuthorSpotight SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM Jessie Pinkham Pursuing Happiness is very close to my heart, and I hope you enjoy. Pursuing Happiness by Jessie Pinkham BLURB A repressive childhood casts long shadows. Growing up in a reactionary religious household left Matt Aldridge socially inept and woefully underprepared for life in the wider world. He’s still trying to figure himself out when he meets his hunky new neighbor, Collin Moravec. Matt likes him at first sight, and miraculously, Collin feels the same. When his cousin Levi shows up … Continue reading #BRVLBlogTour #AuthorSpotight for Wednesday 11/21 Hosting #JessiePinkham & #PierceSmith

#BRVLBlogTour #AuthorSpotight for Tuesday 11/20 Hosting #JRGray & JMWolf

This November Blog Tour is being hosted on Book Review Virginia Lee Blog  #BRVLBlogTour #AuthorSpotight SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM J.M Wolf Book 2, Diablo, is currently in the works. Frostbite (The Gifted Ones Book 1) by JM Wolf BLURB Cyrus Winters, an omega wolf and an ice mage is dangerous to others. After running away from his birth pack at an early age, Cyrus traveled from place to place in hopes of finding a pack that would accept him. But once they realized that he was no ordinary omega wolf, they quickly turned their backs on him. Alone and shunned as a … Continue reading #BRVLBlogTour #AuthorSpotight for Tuesday 11/20 Hosting #JRGray & JMWolf

#BRVLNovemberBlogTour #AuthorSpotight – – Monday 11/19 Hosting #GianniHolmes & #JRGray

This Blog Tour is being hosted on Show some love for M/M Books Blog #BRVLBlogTour #AuthorSpotight SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM Gianni Holmes Looking forward to having you joining my Gems. Easy Does It Twice (Till There Was You Book 1) by Gianni Holmes BLURB A migrant male French teacher and a single father of homophobic teens. What can go wrong? “I found this book emotional and personal being able to identify with several situations within the story. I cried and laughed and even had to put the book down and take a walk.” Amazon Customer Erasing his sexual identity eighteen years … Continue reading #BRVLNovemberBlogTour #AuthorSpotight – – Monday 11/19 Hosting #GianniHolmes & #JRGray

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#BRVLSUNDAYGIVEAWAYS BEGINS!!!. To make sure yousee every Sunday giveaway,  Follow us on our Blog https://bookreviewvirginialee.com/ TO ENTER: 1. enter on giveaway form 2. Comment on this post https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeU2TsylzWYJD84NerocHY9J6t-deNHRm8yow9jJkzG0Be_uw/viewform 1. giveaway from JD Chambers  that will be sent directly to your kindle Depth of Focus (Coming out on 11/20)BLURB:Growing up, Travis hated his small town, Slat Creek, and everyone in it. His only goal was to escape for good, and at the age of twenty-one, he thought he had finally achieved it. But when his sister struggles with the death of their mother, he has to return home to care for … Continue reading #BRVLSunday Giveaway