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cover reveal for She Was Mine First

🍁𝐒𝐡𝐞 𝐖𝐚𝐬 𝐌𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐅𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭 𝐂𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐑𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐬


He’s a determined billionaire used to getting what he wants, and she’s prepared to marry the wrong man to prove to them she’s moved on. But neither of them is ready to let go of the past…

A small-town, friends to lovers, second chance romance from Wall Street Journal & USA Bestselling Author M.Robinson

Being the man of honor in my best friend Rosie’s wedding wouldn’t be such a big deal…

If I wasn’t in love with her.

But I won’t turn her down. No matter how much it’ll tear my heart out to watch her walk down the aisle toward another man.

It should have been us—from friends to lovers and back again. But after college, I was so busy
building my empire that I let her slip through my fingers. She was my first. And once she
realizes he’s the wrong one for her…

I’ll be her last.


As for the preorder for She Was Mine First, it will be going live on her website FIRST on Oct 23!! If you preorder on her site you will receive the E-book ONE WEEK before it will be available on all other platforms on Oct 30th.

The preorder is at $3.99 and will be changed to full price at $4.99 on release day. Make sure to preorder at the discounted prices from your desired platform.

Cover Reveal

Cover : My Darling Christmas by S.L Sterling

Title: My Darling Christmas
Series: Willow Valley Series
Release Date: October 19, 2023
Author: S.L. Sterling
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tropes: Small Town Romance, Second Chance at Love, Brothers best friend, Widower
Cover Design: Thunderstruck Cover Design

Darling Ranch. It was a family name in this town, a family business and a family way of life.

Over the past year, the place hadn’t felt like family, or home, and I was barely staying in business.

My wife had died from an aneurysm while pregnant with our first child. It happened one morning while I was out in the field tending to the animals. The doctors told me it wouldn’t have mattered had I been by her side, the outcome would have been the same. Still, I beat myself up. My best friend and neighbor, Gabe Bentley knew this. He let me mourn my own way, but now he’s pushing me harder than ever.

“What’s the rush?” I asked him one morning.

“I’m being deployed. I need to know my sister and the farm are taken care of….by the only man I trust in this town…you.”

I’d known the army was recruiting again but I didn’t know he’d been called upon. I also didn’t know Cadence was back in town. I really didn’t know if I could be the man, the friend, the rancher that he needed me to be.

What I did know?

No matter how much it pained me, I’d try to do whatever it took to make sure that I didn’t let Gabe down.

Then I saw Cadence and for the first time since my wife died I actually thought I could heal. She made me feel alive, made the pain go away. So why did I feel so guilty? One minute I was longing to hold her, the next I was pushing her away, until I finally pushed too hard and sent her running.

I didn’t want to fail my best friend, and I didn’t want to fail Cadence. We all needed our Christmas wish and I decided to do whatever it took to make sure we got it.

Book 1: Memories of the Past
Book 2: The Holiday Dilemma
Book 3: Letters from the Heart

*Please note all books can be read as standalone, but recommended you read all the books in the series.*

S.L. Sterling was born and raised in southern Ontario. She now lives in Northern Ontario Canada and is married to her best friend and soul mate and their two dogs. 
An avid reader all her life, S.L. Sterling dreamt of becoming an author. She decided to give writing a try after one of her favorite authors launched a course on how to write your novel. This course gave her the push she needed to put pen to paper and her debut novel “It Was Always You” was born. 

When S.L. Sterling isn’t writing or plotting her next novel she can be found curled up with a cup of coffee, blanket and the newest romance novel from one of her favorite authors on her e-reader. Her favorite authors include Kendall Ryan, Vi Keeland, Penelope Ward, Lauren Blakely, Alessandra Torre and Willow Winters. 

In her spare time, she enjoys camping, hiking, sunny destinations, spending quality time with family and friends and of course reading.

Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal – Homecoming Chaos

Can Jamie survive the chaos and protect her family’s business, deal with her family, and handle the dance with the hot detective without managing to get herself killed?

Homecoming Chaos

A Model MD Novel

by D.W. Brooks

Genre: Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Fiction

Jamison Jones Scott has been out of the country and out of contact with most of her family for four years. Distraught, she had left the states previously to join a physicians’ relief organization after canceling her wedding and turning down a cushy job offer.

Now Jamie is back. It’s a homecoming where she is unsure of her family’s reception—especially her mother’s—and she walks into a murder mystery at her family’s business and a big birthday soiree. While trying to navigate her return and learning more about this case, she runs into a tall, handsome detective who is working to solve the mystery and who finds her a sexy challenge even when she interferes.

Can Jamie survive the chaos and protect her family’s business, deal with her family, and handle the dance with the hot detective without managing to get herself killed?

**Get an autographed copy and bonus fiction books tracker spreadsheet HERE!**

The author lives in Texas with her husband and children. She enjoys trying to stay in shape, sporadically cooking, reading (still), writing, and working on her blog. She is eternally grateful to the woman who donated a kidney to her over 5 years ago and continues to advocate for organ donation as much as she can.

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram

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Cover Reveal

My Life in Stitches Reveal



A Heart Transplant Survivor Story


Date Published: December 12, 2023

Publisher: Acorn Publishing

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Darla Calvet is a thirty-nine-year-old working mom whose life turns upside down when she is diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Suddenly, fear threatens her dreams for the future as doctors’ appointments replace her daily routines and she realizes she may not live to see her daughters grow up. After dying twice while waiting for a new heart, Darla begins to understand her own resiliency—her heart may be weak, but her mind refuses to give up.

My Life in Stitches: A Heart Transplant Survivor Story is a candid, witty account of one woman’s determination to transform a devastating prognosis into an inspiring fight for survival. Darla’s story offers insight into the complex world of medicine with a dose of humor about her challenges and victories as a heart transplant patient. In this sensitive, thorough, and informative debut, Calvet brings compassion and gentle wisdom to a difficult subject in hopes of demystifying the uncertainties that inevitably accompany long-term, life-threatening medical decisions.

About the Author

A heart transplant survivor, Dr. Darla Calvet won a gold medal for ballroom dance in the 2022 Transplant Games of America. Currently, she serves as the vice president of the board of directors for the Southern California Transplant Games of America team. She is also the CEO of Blue Tiger, Inc., a strategic planning consultancy. A doctor of education, Calvet holds degrees from Claremont Graduate University, San Diego State University, and the University of California, Berkeley. She lives in San Diego, California, with her husband Pat and their French bulldog Quinn, and she is the proud mom of two adult daughters, Claire and Annie.


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Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal – The Wrong Girl by Sasha Pierce

Sasha Pierce has revealed the covers for The Wrong Girl!

Releasing October 26, 2023

He’s a single dad, fresh out of the military and planning to stay focused on his career and kids. She’s a fun-loving heiress planning to take over her family business and run things her way. But when they have to work together, fate may have its own plans…

When Jake Wright’s family imploded, he had no choice but to leave the only career he’d ever known and move his kids to the gorgeous mountain town of Aspen Ridge. With his experience training new military leaders, helping a billionaire ski mogul turn his daughter into a CEO is too good an opportunity to pass up. If it works out, he can secure a comfortable position and then get to work picking up the pieces of his life. Jake is used to hard work and sacrifice, so he’s certainly up for the challenge. The one thing he wasn’t counting on was Isabelle Tremont.

Ellie enjoys her freedom almost as much as she enjoys her family business. Fortunately, since she was practically raised to run it. She has her own ideas about how to improve the booming ski resort of Aspen Ridge, and she’s counting the days until her dad retires and hands over the keys to the kingdom. She didn’t think twice about hooking up with a hot stranger at a party—life’s short! That is, until her father introduces Jake as her new ‘coach’, and reality comes crashing down in the form of one extremely hot but annoying new shadow.

Ellie is determined to show Jake that she’s more than capable of managing her business, and Jake is determined to keep his focus where it belongs: completing his mission and securing a new home for himself and his kids. Unfortunately for Jake, he finds himself falling for Ellie’s sunny charm more and more every day, and his growing attraction to Ellie wars with his own aversion to dating the boss’s daughter.

Meet Sasha Pierce

Sasha Pierce has always been inspired by the heart-warming relationships in small town romances. She loves to dive into the intricate worlds the characters inhabit and the towns that are as much a character as the people themselves.
If not writing, Sasha is either on an adventure or curled up with an old-fashioned and a good book… sometimes both.

Connect with Sasha

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Cover Reveal

COVER REVEAL: Pine River by Tijan

Tijan has revealed the cover for Pine River!

Releasing: October 24, 2023

Photographer: Wander Aguiar

​​Pine River was supposed to be a new start for me.

And it was, especially attending school with my three overprotective cousins, who were the triplets at the top of the social hierarchy.
Except they weren’t alone there, and the first day when I came to school, I saw him.

Scout Raiden.
Tall. Lean. Tattooed. Mesmerizing.
He was a golden god with dark and piercing eyes—looking like he wanted to eat me up.

The feeling was mutual, and that was a problem.
It was lust-want-must have-loathing-hate all at once. I was affected.
And I couldn’t have that. No way.
Not after what I’d just left in Cedra Valley.

I didn’t care how much money his uncle had.
I didn’t care that it seemed every girl wanted him.
I didn’t care about his reputation as an up-and-coming fighter.
Or the promise of how those hands would make me feel.

What I did care about was staying as far away from Scout as possible.
Because the promise of his presence, the heat that was going to turn the light back on in my world wasn’t a promise at all.
It was a threat.

I wasn’t going to survive Scout Raiden.

Pre-order your copy today!

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Audible: Coming Soon!

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Meet Tijan

Tijan is a New York Times Bestselling author that writes suspenseful and unpredictable novels. Her characters are strong, intense, and gut-wrenchingly real with a little bit of sass on the side. Tijan began writing after college and once she started, she was hooked. She’s written multi-bestsellers including the Fallen Crest series, Ryan’s Bed, Enemies and others.
​She is currently writing many new books and series with an English Cocker she adores.

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Cover Reveal

COVER REVEAL: Where Wild Things Grow by J Rose

J Rose has revealed the gorgeous cover for Where Wild Things Grow!

Releasing: October 20, 2023

We were lost until Briar Valley offered us a home. Love. Safety. Protection. But it came at a cost.

I ran to protect my family. 

Now, it’s time to return.

When tragedy strikes, I’m forced to retrace my steps, back into the arms of the men whose hearts I broke.

I’ve spent my entire life running. No more. The past is finally catching up to me and my secrets won’t stay buried as trouble looms on the horizon.

I must face the monster who spent a decade torturing me. For myself. My daughter. The countless other victims that he silenced with his brutality.

This town gave me everything. I have to protect it, or I’ll lose the ones I love forever.

We’ll fight to survive as a family.


Pre-order your copy today!


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Meet J Rose

J Rose is an independent dark romance author from the United Kingdom. She writes challenging, plot-driven stories packed full of angst, heartbreak and broken characters fighting for their happily ever afters.
She’s an introverted bookworm at heart, with a caffeine addiction, penchant for cursing, and an unhealthy attachment to fictional characters.

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Cover Reveal

COVER RE-REVEAL – Breeze of Life by Kirsty Dallas

Title: Breeze of Life
Author: Kirsty Dallas
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Tropes: Friends to Lovers/Sports Romance
Cover Design: Kirsty Dallas
Release Date: March 17, 2014


Bree ‘Breeze’ Delany never imagined her life could sink so deep, that such intense sorrow could steal her away from everything she knew and loved. She was now a shell of the woman she once was, and all it had taken was one little word, cancer.

It took just one person to pull Breeze out of the darkness. Harper and Bree had been best friends since childhood, and what began as a teenage crush, quickly became something much deeper. Determined to show Breeze the beauty in life, no matter how long or short it might be, Harper takes Breeze on the road trip of a lifetime.

Screw happily ever afters, perhaps life was meant to be lived with happily ever nows.



*If you already have Breeze of Life on your ereader you DO NOT need to purchase again. Simply sync your device and download the new version.


Just a girl who likes to write and stuff.

Kirsty Dallas is an internationally acclaimed, bestselling author residing in the picturesque Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia.

Known for her unflinching honesty and masterful character development, Kirsty Dallas weaves stories that delve deep into unsettling themes, skillfully infusing heart-stopping action and a whirlwind of emotions into the pages of her books.

Kirsty’s talent extends beyond the written word. She collaborated with renowned Australian director and screenwriter, Chris Sun, serving as a script editor and advisor on the horror feature film, “Boar,” a chilling cinematic experience that was signed to Universal Pictures Australia and released to critical acclaim in 2018. Her commitment to the art of storytelling led her to further script editing roles, including Brendan Byrne’s haunting thriller, “Our Social Playground,” and co-writing “The Possessed,” a globally-released sensation in 2022. Kirsty’s latest cinematic endeavor, “Dark Moon,” sees her once again contributing as a script editor and advisor, as it gears up for pre-production.

Kirsty continues to captivate readers and filmmakers alike with her passion for storytelling, promising more thrilling tales and cinematic adventures on the horizon.

Cover Reveal

COVER REVEAL : Her Master by Quinn Marlowe

🔥 MAFIA ROMANCE COVER ALERT 🚨Whatever you do, don’t miss this thrilling mafia romance cover.Her Master by Quinn Marlowe releases October 10th!


The stunning conclusion to the Ross family series arrives October 10.

Full synopsis coming soon…

Her Master is the final book in the Dante and Dax duo of the New York Rogues: Rossi series. It cannot be read as a standalone and readers are encouraged to enjoy Her Rebellion prior to reading Her Master.

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About Quinn:

Quinn Marlowe is the bestselling author of the Rossi and Southern Heroes series and a certified California girl. After studying English and film at UCLA, she decided to pursue storytelling full time. She loves red wine, cheesecake, perfect hash browns, really good punk rock, fast cars, autumn, and cooking, but she is most likely to be found spending time with her horses, snuggling her dogs, or taking orders from her small army of cats. She is a professional eye roller with a penchant for swearing like a sailor, and some of her favorite people (her nephews) are convinced she is a spy. She makes her home in San Diego with her loving husband and her prized collections of books and lipstick, neither of which ever fail to lift her spirits when she’s feeling down. 

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