Absolution by LK Shaw

Will Gina and Leo finally get their chance at love? Find out when the next book in LK Shaw’s Doms of Club Eden series, Absolution, comes your way on November 7!! And you can read an EXCERPT below!! ADD TO YOUR TBR: http://bit.ly/2kPhxzr SIGN UP FOR A NEW RELEASE ALERT: http://eepurl.com/gG9tGX BLURB: “Please, don’t leave me here.” Those were the last, tearful words Gina Castillo spoke to me thirteen years ago. It killed me to go, but I was getting sucked further and further into a criminal lifestyle. I wanted more for myself. For her. So I left for the … Continue reading Absolution by LK Shaw

Deranged by Bella J

DERANGED by Bella J. is releasing October 23rd!!! Pre-Order available now: http://mybook.to/DerangedKings Add it to your TBR: http://bit.ly/DerangedTBR BLURB: Temptation. It’s a powerful thing. It possesses you. Corrupts you. Turns a pure soul into a reckless beast. Once it has you in its clutches, you can’t escape it. It won’t let go, not until it perverts everything innocent. The day she walked into my life, I should have known I’d never be the same again. Her secrets lured me in, enticed me with truths that would be my ultimate ruin. I had a war to win. Battles to fight. But … Continue reading Deranged by Bella J

Alien Tribute by Lee Savino & Golden Angel

NSFW EXCERPT ALERT! Keep reading for a H-O-T sneak peek at Alien Tribute by Lee Savino & Golden Angel! IT RELEASES OCTOBER 20TH: US → https://amzn.to/2YdKSBj UK → https://amzn.to/2y9Iwc2 CA → https://amzn.to/30T80qs AU → https://amzn.to/2YkM2uY BLURB: <Swipe right for abduction> Who knew that reading sexy alien romances could lead to abduction? Or that aliens could cure my cancer? Not me. But here I am, the bride-to-be for an alien warrior, just like the heroine in the book I was reading in my hospital bed on Earth. Except the surly warrior who’s supposed to claim me doesn’t want a mate. Disclaimer: … Continue reading Alien Tribute by Lee Savino & Golden Angel

Book’em Piper by Danielle Norman

Title: Book’em Piper Series: Iron Badges #3, Iron Orchids #10 Author: Danielle Norman Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: October 8, 2019 Blurb I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, an area that even the cops avoided. The only light in my dark, was the boy next door. He was my hero. And I was his Sunshine, at least that is what he called me. Liam Kane wasn’t just my neighbor, he was my first and only crush.  He looked after me when I couldn’t look after myself.  When he disappeared my life returned to an endless grey.  … Continue reading Book’em Piper by Danielle Norman

Sugar Mila Hart

You’d think that working at a cafe I’d understand the definition of the word sweet, as it turned out, I did not.  At least, not until I got a taste of the man sweeter than the sugar mixed in your afternoon tea. All it took was a wad of cash, a fancy dress, and thirty minutes of passion. I, Peyton Sanders, am not—and never will be—a whore. I was stupid to agree to date some random dude from the Sugar Daddy app, even with the promise of ludicrous amounts of money. But that dating app changed my life. After meeting … Continue reading Sugar Mila Hart

Scarred: Trey & Autumn by Tess Thompson

Keep reading for a sweet sneak peek at Scarred: Trey & Autumn by Tess Thompson! It releases September 16th!!! PREORDER TODAY: Amazon → https://amzn.to/2Yyo7NB Apple → https://apple.co/33gL4DD Barnes & Noble → http://bit.ly/2M6M6gb Kobo → http://bit.ly/2yNZzk5 #cliffsidebay #treyandautumn #scarred AUTUMN “Hey, there, little mermaid.” His eyes burned through her as he knelt by the edge of the pool. “Does it feel as good as you hoped?” What was the message in his gaze? Did he find her beautiful? Did he see her the way she used to see herself? She’d caught him many times over the last few months, watching her … Continue reading Scarred: Trey & Autumn by Tess Thompson

Dark Water by Lia Davis & L.A. Boruff

Keep reading for an exclusive excerpt from Dark Water by Lia Davis & L.A. Boruff… It releases September 13th!!! RESERVE YOUR COPY NOW: US → https://amzn.to/2Z4Mg9y UK → https://amzn.to/2Z9cN60 CA → https://amzn.to/2H33yhi AU → https://amzn.to/31DCrkG BLURB: As firstborn, my sister, Meda, will be High Alpha to all the lycans and vampires in the world—The Collective. She’s just found her mates and one of the three is heir to a huge witch Circle, which will one day unite the three major paranormal races. I dodged a major bullet there. Thank Lucifer. I’m not a leader. I’m not someone to look up … Continue reading Dark Water by Lia Davis & L.A. Boruff