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WoE Is Us by D.K. Doulos

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WoE Is Us
By D.K. Doulos
Christian Dystopian, YA, Sci-Fi
Paperback & ebook, 267 Pages
March 30, 2021 by Ambassador International

Lyrian Wallace was only ten years old when the Malevolence struck on October 10, 2056. She thought the next decade had numbed her to the grief, the death, the bots, and the daily struggle for survival. She lost her parents when they became Sleepers, but like everyone else, she had pieced together a new family. Lyrian was almost content when the Alliance began taking them . . .

The world always took things away from her. She could only live for today and never dared to hope for any heaven. But when her circumstances change, Lyrian must choose how she might live for both this life and the next.

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About the Author

D.K. Doulos has written stories most of his life and is thankful he can use his talent in service to God. When he’s not writing, he enjoys going camping, impersonating a grill master, and watching college football. Between epic cross-country family road trips, he lives in Texas with his wife and four children. Find out more about D.K. on his website (

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One winner will receive (US only):
– A leather satchel (sized to carry a tablet, iPad, or Kindle) that’s similar to the one carried by the book’s main character
– Bluebonnet scratch-made soap, inspired by the book’s Texas setting
– Fredericksburg Juicy Peach scented wax melts, inspired by the book’s Texas setting
– A $25 Amazon gift card
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Maverick by LeAnn Ashers

Maverick by LeAnn Ashers releases April 19th!

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I grew up in a cult, one that kept me completely sheltered from the real life. They even forced me to marry at the age of fourteen.

I was trapped, and life was utter hell until I was offered a way out. I spent months healing and finally being happy for the first time ever.

Then he came into my life.

Maverick rooted himself deep inside my heart from the second I met him. From his cocky grin to his alpha male attitude, I was in love with him.

More importantly, he kept me safe when I needed him most.

The second I laid eyes on her, I knew she was the one I had waited for my whole life. All I saw was her.

But everything came to a head when her past resurfaced.

The second I saw the fear in her eyes, something inside me snapped. It became my life’s mission to find every single person who hurt her.

After all, I am a Grim Sinner for a reason.

It’s time to Reap.

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I guess if I truly want this, then I just need to be completely honest. If I get serious with someone, they are going to have to see me naked someday.

Unbuttoning my pants, my hands shaking as I do so, I watch Maverick’s face for his reaction. But right now he has none, he is just watching my every move.

My nose burns as I try not to cry. This is such a big thing for me; I am beyond putting myself out there.

I push down my pants, leaving me in my black underwear. I grip the bottom of my shirt, throwing it onto the side by side.

My back to Maverick as I can’t look at him right now. I look out into the trees where I see a deer staring back at us.

Hands touch my forearms from behind, “Darlin.” His voice is deeper than I have ever heard it.

I gather every single nerve that I have, turning around to face him. His eyes are filled with anger but his face is soft, his hands tender on mine.

“Darlin, it’s killing me seeing that fear in your eyes.” He cups my face, “One thing you should never have with me is fear. You are perfect. Every piece of you.”

I close my eyes, holding back the tears. He pulls me to him, lifting me off of the ground and walks with me in his arms into the water.


LeAnn Ashers is a blogger-turned-author who spends her days reading and writing. She released her debut novel early 2016, and can’t wait to see where this adventure continues to take her. LeAnn enjoys writing about strong-minded females and swoon-worthy, protective alpha males who love their women unconditionally.


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Not Pretending Anymore by Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland

Title: Not Pretending Anymore
Authors: Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 12, 2021

Excited about Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland’s upcoming release, Not Pretending Anymore?

Check out this SNEAK PEEK of CHAPTER 1!



“So, what do you do for a living?”
The woman drummed her fingers on her thigh. “I’m a musician.”
I glanced down at the renter’s application in my hand. Lyric Chords was the name listed at the top.
I bit my tongue and tried to keep an open mind. This was the twelfth woman I’d interviewed as a prospective roommate. Just because she had a few safety pins in her eyebrow and what looked like a dog collar around her neck didn’t mean I should rule her out.
“Oh. That’s nice. Are you a singer?”
Lyric shook her head. “Drummer. Do you know the dimensions of the bedroom I’ll be sleeping in? I have two sets of drums I need to fit.”
“Umm… I think it’s fourteen by fourteen. But you don’t practice at home, right? I wrote in my ad that I’m looking for a quiet roommate because I work nights.”
“I do. But no worries. I’ll practice in my room.”
My bedroom and my potential roommate’s bedroom shared a wall, so that was the end of interview number twelve. I sighed and forced a smile. “Thank you for coming. I have a few other people left to meet with before I decide. I’ll let you know.”
“Great.” The woman stood. “Also, I know your ad said two months’ rent up front, but I’m running a little short right now. Would one be okay?”
I smiled. “Sure, no problem.” Since you’re not going to be living here.
After Drummergirl, I interviewed two more candidates. One wanted her boyfriend to move into the room with her, even though my ad had specified I was only looking for a single. And the other arrived twenty minutes late, reeked of alcohol, and slurred her words…at three thirty in the afternoon.
Why in the hell was it so difficult to find a roommate in a city of almost three-million people? I needed my last interview of the day to be a miracle, or I was going to have to shell out money for another ad and start the entire process all over. And I definitely didn’t have the time or the funds for that. Rent was due in two weeks. If I got stuck paying the full amount on this place myself again, I’d be eating cat food for a month.
When my last appointment knocked right on time, I took a deep breath, looked up at the ceiling, and asked the big guy in the sky for a little assistance.
Opening the door, I blinked a few times.
Uhhh. I think you answered the wrong prayer, God.
A man stood in my hallway—and not just any man, an absolutely gorgeous one with a perfect, straight nose, cheekbones to die for, a masculine, square jaw, full lips, tanned skin, and the sexiest chocolate brown, almond-shaped eyes I’d ever seen in my life.
“Uh. Can I help you?”
He flashed a killer smile, one that I immediately suspected had made countless women remove their panties.
“Hi. I have a four-thirty appointment with Molly Corrigan.”
“You do?” I had the last application in my hand and looked down at the name on the top. “I don’t think so. My appointment is with a D. Tate?”
He extended a hand. “That’s me. Declan Tate.”
“But…you’re…not a woman.”
He smiled again. “You’re correct. Very observant. I am most definitely not a woman. But my last roommate told me I should’ve been because I use moisturizer at night and cried at the end of Marley and Me. And if I’m being honest, I also got a little watery at the end of Toy Story, so maybe I’m a bit of a wuss. Either way, I think you should consider those my positive feminine qualities.”
I was thoroughly confused. “Umm… I’m sorry. You must’ve missed that my ad said female only.”
“Actually, I didn’t. But if you’ll give me just five minutes, I think I can convince you I would be a better roommate than a woman.”
I chuckled. “Let me get this straight… You hid your first name—what did you say it was again?”
“Right. Declan. Anyway, you applied to an ad for a female roommate, intentionally deceiving the person who is going to decide if you get the room by leaving your first name off. And your strategy is to convince me I don’t really know what I want in less than five minutes? Do I have that right?”
He flashed that boyish charm again. “You sure do.”
I debated how to handle the situation. On one hand, he was going to waste my time, and I had done enough of that today. But on the other, my curiosity was definitely piqued. Something about his grin told me this could be amusing. Screw it. I had nothing better to do anyway.
I opened the door wider and stepped aside, holding my hand out for him to enter. “I’m setting the timer on my phone, and I’m getting a glass of wine before you start. I like a drink while I’m being entertained.”
Declan smirked and strolled into my apartment.
I motioned to the couch. “Have a seat. I’ll just be a minute.”
When I got to the kitchen, he called after me, “Hey, Mollz?”
I turned back. “Yes?”
“How about you make that two glasses of wine?”
I chuckled. “Sure. Why not, Decs.”
I poured a couple of glasses of pinot grigio and returned to the living room.
“Here you go. Hope you like white.”
“You see? We’re perfect together already. I prefer white over red.”
I brought my wine to my lips. “Yes, perfect. A match made in heaven. I think we might even be soul mates.”
Declan showed me his pearly whites once again. He really did have a great smile, nice teeth, too. Too bad he also had a penis. I knocked back half the contents of my glass and placed it on the coffee table. Picking up my cell, I swiped to the timer app and set it for five minutes.
I showed him the screen. “You ready?”
“I’m always ready.”
I pressed start, placed the phone face up on the coffee table between us, and folded my hands. “Go.”
“Okay. Well…what’s your favorite color?”
“My favorite color?”
Declan pointed to the timer. “Time’s a ticking, Molly. I’m going to need you to not repeat questions.”
I laughed. “Fine. My favorite color is pink.”
Declan reached into one of his pant pockets and pulled out a set of keys. The keychain had a bunch of pink beads with white letters between each one. The letters spelled out his name. “Mine too.”
I arched a brow. “Did you make that yourself?”
“No. My niece, Arianna, made it for me.”
“So how do I know that isn’t just Arianna’s favorite color?”
“Good point. Let’s move on. Your ad said you work nights.”
“That’s right. I’m a nurse. I work the night shift on the maternity ward.”
“So you sleep during the day, then?”
“I get off at seven, and I try to get to sleep as soon as I get home.”
He held his hand to his chest. “I work days. I leave for the gym by six and usually don’t get home until after seven at night. So the apartment will be quiet when you need it to be.”
I nodded. “Okay. I’ll give you that that would make you a good roommate. But most people work days, so it’s not really something that makes you too special.”
“Do you cook?” he said.
“Does macaroni and cheese count?”
“I grew up in a multigenerational Italian home. My nonna taught me how to make sauce from scratch.”
“So you’re going to cook for me?”
“If that’s what it takes to get this apartment, yes.”
“As tempting as that might be, there’s an Italian restaurant around the corner that makes great food. Funny enough, it’s called Nonna’s Place, and an actual nonna makes most of my meals. Not a knockoff.”
Declan took an exaggerated breath and blew it out. He glanced at the cell on the table. “Three minutes and thirty-eight seconds. I can see you’re not going to make this easy. How about you tell me why you can’t have a male roommate so I can address that head-on. Is it because of the toilet-seat thing? Because I have four older sisters, so I’m appropriately trained. When I was eight, I made the mistake of leaving it up once, and my sister sat down where I’d accidentally left a little pee. She dunked my head in the toilet bowl before she flushed. That was the last time I left the seat up.” He held up three fingers. “Scout’s honor. It won’t be an issue.”
I smiled. “It’s not because of the toilet thing.”
“Alright. So why don’t you want a male roommate, then?”
I’d actually never given much thought to why my roommate had to be female. It just seemed natural to have another woman sharing the apartment. “Well…I don’t really have a specific reason. I would just be more comfortable living with another woman. For example, I sleep in a T-shirt and underwear. When I get up to start the coffee, I don’t get dressed. It would be weird to do that in front of a man.”
“Why would it be weird to walk around with my ass cheeks on display in front of a man and not a woman?”
I shrugged. “I don’t know. It just would. I guess because the women I’ve lived with aren’t attracted to other women, so it doesn’t feel sexual in any way.”
“Ah. Now we’re getting to the crux of your issue. So you’re afraid of some sexual tension going on between you and me? Is it because I’m so handsome?”
“What? No! And aren’t you full of yourself, assuming I think you’re handsome, and I’m worried I won’t be able to control myself.”
“Just keeping it real, Mollz. You’re only giving me five minutes, so I’m trying to get to the heart of the reason.”
“I guess I just don’t want to feel like I have to cover up to come out of my bedroom. When I dry my hair, I wear a towel or a bra and underwear—that type of thing.”
“Would you feel you had to cover up if I told you I was gay?”
That question gave me pause. Would I? I wasn’t sure. “Are you?”
“Fuck, no. I was just trying to pinpoint your issue. Is it the fact that I’m a man, or the fact that I might admire your ass if it were on display? Sounds like it’s the latter. So let me put your mind at ease: I won’t.”
I felt oddly offended. “What’s wrong with my ass?”
He chuckled. “I wouldn’t know. I haven’t looked. You know why?”
“Because I’m in love with someone else.”
As insane as it was, I felt a pang of jealousy. “Oh. Well, why aren’t you moving in with her?”
“Because she doesn’t return the feelings…yet. So basically, if your concern about having a guy for a roommate is that he’s going to be checking you out, you have nothing to worry about with me. I’m a one-woman man. If you want, I can give you the numbers of some of my exes for references. I’m no cheater.”
Hmmm… “I don’t know…”
Declan looked down at the clock. Thirty-one seconds were left. “We’re running out of time, so we need to speed things up. How about if I just give you the facts you need to know?”
“That would be good.”
“I’m twenty-eight years old. I make six figures. My credit score is eight hundred and ten, and I have references from previous landlords. I’m neat and clean up after myself. I’m not home a lot, but when I am, I’m pretty quiet. I’m also damn good with a hammer.” He glanced around my apartment and pointed at a hole I’d accidentally made in the wall when I flung the closet door open too hard. “I can spackle that and put on a door stopper so it won’t happen again.” He pointed to the kitchen. “And those cabinets are pretty tall. I’m six foot one. No more having to stand on a chair to reach something on the top shelf. And—”
The timer on the stopwatch buzzed.
“Can I just say one last thing?”
“Sure. Why not?”
“I’ll share my Hulu and Netflix passwords. I have the premium Hulu account.”
I laughed. “Well, those are some pretty enticing qualities for a roommate.”
He smiled. “So I’m in?”
I sighed. “I’m sorry. While I appreciate your tenacity, unfortunately, you’re not. Though I interviewed fourteen other people today, and I have to say, you do seem like you’ll make some other lucky person a fantastic roomie.”
Declan frowned, but nodded. “I figured it was worth a shot. This is a great building, and I work right around the corner. It’s hard to find an apartment where it’s only a six-month commitment.”
“My lease is up then, and I haven’t decided if I’m going to extend or not.”
“See? That’s another reason I’d be perfect. I’m only in town for six more months.”
“I’m sorry. This is definitely a case of it’s me and not you.”
He picked up his wine and guzzled it down before standing and extending his hand. “I appreciate you giving me your time. And thanks for the pinot.”
We shook. “It was nice to meet you, Declan.”
After I walked him out, I shut the door and leaned back against it. What a shame; he really seemed like a nice guy and the best candidate I’d met by a mile. I was just about to go wallow in another glass of alcohol when there was a knock at my door. Checking the peephole before opening, I found Declan standing there.
“I forgot something important,” he said.
“Oh? What’s that?”
He took out his wallet and produced a photo of a nun. “This is my sister Catherine, and it’s not a costume from Halloween. She’s a legit nun. How bad can a person be if his sister is a nun?”
I laughed. “Is this the sister who dunked your head in the toilet?”
He grinned. “It is, actually.”
“Well, I’m not sure there’s a direct correlation between your sister deciding to dedicate her life to the church and you being a good person. Though, even if I take your word for it, it still doesn’t change my answer.”
Declan’s shoulders drooped. “Had to try. She tells me her being a nun won’t get me into heaven. Thought maybe it was good for something.”
“Goodbye, Declan.”
“Later, Mollz.”


“So…how’s the roommate search going?” Emma poured a cup of coffee and sat down at the small table in our break room.
I sighed. “Why is it so hard to find a normal person these days? I’ve interviewed more than a dozen people, and not one suitable candidate.”
“Did you post an ad on the employee bulletin board, like I suggested?”
I shook my head. “I don’t want another nurse or tech. It makes it weird at work if things don’t work out.”
“Maybe Dr. Dandy will apply.” She wiggled her eyebrows. “I heard he’s sleeping on Dr. Cohen’s couch until he finds a place.”
That information certainly perked me up. “Really? Will and whatshername broke up?”
“Yup. Lisa in X-ray told me Dr. Cohen told her he’s staying with him. Apparently he and the wannabe actress are finito.”
Emma smiled. “Yup. And fair warning, my friend… I’m allowing a ten-day grace period for him to grieve the end of a year-long relationship. But after that, I’m going to be up your butt making sure you let the man know you’re interested. He’s not going to be on the market for long, and you missed your opportunity last time he was single. You can’t keep pining for the guy.”
Of course she was right. And while I felt elated that Will was back on the market, the thought of coming clean to him about my feelings made me want to throw up. Will Daniels—or as Emma called him, Dr. Dandy, because of his last name and uncanny resemblance to a male model named David Gandy—and I had been good friends for four years now. We’d started on the very same day at the hospital and had gone through orientation together. I’d had a boyfriend back then, and he’d been seeing a girl from med school at the time, so even though I’d always thought he was insanely handsome, things didn’t bloom until two years ago. And most of the time since then, he’d been seeing one woman or another. Emma was right that the man never seemed to stay single for long.
“He’s going to be at happy hour this Friday night,” I said. “A few of the crew from CCU are meeting up over at McBride’s. I’m curious to hear what he says about the breakup.”
“Does he know you’re looking for a roommate?”
“I don’t think so.”
“Well, he needs a place to sleep, and you need a roomie.” Emma shrugged. “Timing is everything. Maybe it’s fate and he’ll move in and take care of two of your needs.”
“I think your imagination might be getting ahead of itself. Why don’t we start by seeing if things are really over with him and whatshername? They’ve split up a few times, but he always winds up going back.”
“Okay. But I have a good feeling about you two.”
“Could you possibly have a good feeling about me finding a roommate instead? I just had to pay for another damn ad.”
Emma shook her head. “I can’t believe you didn’t find one decent candidate.”
Remembering my last interview, I said, “Actually there was one who would’ve been perfect—great credit score, neat, cooks, leaves early in the morning, and works long days.”
“So why didn’t you take her?”
“Because she was a he.”


Excited? We are too!



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Penelope Ward is a New York Times, USA Today and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of contemporary romance. 

She grew up in Boston with five older brothers and spent most of her twenties as a television news anchor. Penelope resides in Rhode Island with her husband, son, and beautiful daughter with autism. 

With over two million books sold, she is a 21-time New York Times bestseller and the author of over twenty novels. Her books have been translated into over a dozen languages and can be found in bookstores around the world.


Vi Keeland is a #1 New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author. With millions of books sold, her titles have appeared in over a hundred Bestseller lists and are currently translated in twenty-five languages. She resides in New York with her husband and their three children where she is living out her own happily ever after with the boy she met at age six.

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From Past To Present by KL Myers

From Past To Present by KL Myers is LIVE!

One-Click Today!
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Start the Vicci Crime Family Series with book 1, From Son To Soldier –

The Vicci Crime Family Series is made up of Interconnected Standalones. While each book follows a different couple, books need to be read in order. Book 1, which is Jefferson & Giovanna’s story, kicks off the general storyline that continues in Gabriel’s book.

My hands have been covered in blood since I was old enough to drive. I’ve been a soldier for the Vicci Crime Family alongside my best friend, Angelo Rizzuto. Nothing has ever distracted me from my duties as a soldier and underboss.

Until now.

Angelo’s first order of business as head of the family is to end the lives of the firstborn children to capos in the Mancini Crime Family. A task I accept without hesitation. After all, taking a life isn’t anything new to me. One, two—quick, easy kills. But number three stops me dead in my tracks and has me questioning if I can go through with it.

For the first time ever, it looks as if I will fail the family…

This kill should be just as easy as the others, but nothing is ever simple when it comes to Victoria Devecchio, the one girl I’ve given my heart to as a kid. Even though I moved on and married another woman, who blessed me with a daughter, nothing in the world could’ve prepared me for this.

One thing is certain…

When your past crashes headfirst into your present, nothing is off the table.

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I was disoriented as I woke up. Nothing in the room was familiar to me. The room’s only light came from the ensuite, which gave the room a soft glow. My head pounded with pain, and my stomach contracted as nausea consumed me. Raising my hand to my mouth, I jetted towards the bathroom with the need to hurl. I retched twice and then vomited into the toilet uncontrollably. When a hand grabbed the back of my hair, pulling it away from my face, I screamed. When I turned to confront the person behind me, I hadn’t expected to see Gabriel.

“Where am I, and what are you doing here?” I couldn’t remember anything from the time I closed the door on the Rizzuto woman until now. Everything was blank. Gabriel squatted and attempted to lift me from the floor, but I pushed his hands away. “Don’t. I don’t think it’s over.” As if on cue, once again, I emptied the contents of my stomach into the commode.

I heard the water running in the sink, and then Gabriel placed a cool washcloth against my forehead. “Where am I?”

His voice was more profound than it was when we were teenagers. Yet, even though there was a gruffness to it, I also heard the underlying compassion.

“You are at Bethany Eastwick’s home.”

Gabriel spoke the words as if Bethany and I were best buds. “You mean Rizzuto,” I touted back. When I saw the blank look on his face, I elaborated further. “Yes, I know that Bethany is a Rizzuto. She explained everything to me when she tried to convince me I was in danger.”

“Yet you chose to ignore her, which is why she drugged you and brought you here herself,” he contended, as if it was justification for her actions.

“She drugged me, took me against my will, and for some reason, you don’t seem to care,” I questioned with narrow eyes.


K.L. Myers was born in West Berlin, Germany, the daughter of a military father. She then spent her childhood moving from continent to continent, finally landing permanently in Colorado when her father retired.Eventually, she moved to “hell,” aka Arizona, where she resides with her husband & their fur babies. She has two daughters & four grandchildren, and she believes in living every day to the fullest.

K.L. has a passion for reading and writing hot romance when she is not juggling family & a full-time job. Her novels show a pension for a bad boy with a heart of gold and strong, independent women who don’t need rescuing, and just a taste of naughty redemption! Her characters will pull you in & leave you satiated, yet panting for more, More, MORE!

Her motto will always be – “If my books can give readers a brief reprieve from their everyday life for even just a moment, I have achieved my dreams and lived a full life.”




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The Match


All I wanted was a baby. No daddy? No problem. 

That’s what anonymous donors are for … 

But when the fertility clinic accidentally sends me a letter addressed to a man whose ID matches my paperwork, I discover my child’s father is none other than world-renowned tennis champion Fabian Catalano—famous for his gorgeous face, chiseled abs, and broody, wildcard reputation. 

Only everything changes when the clinic calls us in for damage control—and Fabian drops the bombshell of the century. Turns out the intense Adonis wants to get to know his daughter. 

So I invite him to stay with us—temporarily. 

Ground rules and all. 

And our arrangement is simple … until it isn’t. 

Between 2 AM feedings and stolen kisses, my sweet little simple life has taken a very complicated left turn. 

But oh, baby … what happens next—is a game changer. 


Two Years Ago


“Hey, what about this one?” My sister, Carina, slides a piece of paper across my dining room table. “Donor A77462J. Trilingual Sailor.”

I cringe. “When I think of a sailor, I think of a hot guy screwing beautiful women all over the world, and then that makes me think of STDs.”

“The agency isn’t going to give you a sperm donor with STDs.” She rolls her eyes.

“I know. I’m just telling you those are my connotations.”

“Ooh.” She plucks another from the pile. “Eager Engineer.”

I wince. “Makes me think of a socially awkward genius.”

“Smart is good though. You want smart. The father of your child should be a freaking prodigy.”

“Yeah, but what if he’s one of those guys who are so freakishly intelligent they lack common sense and street smarts? Like your last boyfriend?” I wink. Reminding her about the time the poor guy got mugged in New York City and thought he could use intelligent conversation to convince his attacker to drop his knife and run away isn’t necessary.

My sister crumples the page before hurling it across the room. “Moving on. Okay, what about this guy … Donor K87338L … This donor puts God above all else and is always willing to help those in need. In his free time, he volunteers at local nursing homes and youth clubs, as well as fosters homeless elderly cats—”

“—stop.” I lift a palm. “He clearly has a saint complex. And he sounds too good to be true. Pass.”

My sister chuckles, retrieving the next page from the stack. “Pile’s getting thin here …”

“Who’s next?”

“Donor W44321G … Ambitious Athlete … Tall with chiseled cheekbones, dimples, and a sun-kissed bronze complexion, this donor is not afraid to stand out in the crowd. Naturally athletic, physically fit, intellectually gifted, and driven, there’s nothing he can’t do once his mind is set. He would describe himself as adventurous and well-traveled, with a focus on collecting experiences, not things. Heritage: Italian and French.”

“Let me see that.” I feast my eyes on Donor W44321G’s profile. “Athleticism is good because we definitely don’t have that on our side of the family … and ambition is never a bad thing. Dimples are a bonus.” I purse my lips, studying the rest of the limited details. “He’s six two. Black hair. Brown eyes. It says his closest celebrity lookalikes are Eddie Cibrian, Eric Bana, and Benjamin Bratt.”

“So basically he’s hot as sin.”

A strange flutter tickles my chest, but I remind myself that I’ll never see his face, that he’ll be nothing more than the other half of my future child’s DNA. And then I quiet the palpitations and get back to business.

“You know, Dad was full-blooded Italian and Mom’s mom emigrated from Normandy,” she says, sharing things I already know. “Maybe it’s a sign?”

I lift a brow. She isn’t wrong. But she’s also been combing through these with me for the past six weekends. I’m sure a part of her is ready to be done with this exhaustive search. I know I am. But this isn’t the kind of thing I can take lightly. This is the biological father of my future child we’re talking about. I can’t pick someone who’s good enough.

He has to be perfect.

“There’s no such thing as the perfect match.” My sister waves Ambitious Athlete’s profile like a white flag in front of my face. “But this is pretty damn close.”

I examine his paper, reading through the sparse information as if I could possibly glean something extra, something subtle, something hiding in plain sight. Closing my eyes, I picture his face, a mish-mash of handsome actors with the kind of fist-biting, knee-weakening physique you only see on giant billboards in New York, Paris, and Milan.

“You said Dr. Wickham matched you genetically to these donors?” Carina asks.

“He has some kind of state-of-the-art algorithm that pairs us genetically,” I say. I read all about it in the brochure months ago when I first embarked on this single motherhood journey. A week after I met with the doctor’s team and signed the contract, they mailed me a mountain of questionnaires focused on genetic history, psychological tendencies, and personality traits, and once I’d finished, they brought me in for bloodwork. After months of analysis, they sent me a semi-thick manila envelope of prospects.

And now here we are.

“Well, my vote is for Ambitious Athlete.” She leans back in her chair, finished. “Don’t think it gets better than that.”

I read his description once more.

“You’re smiling.” My sister points at my face. “Did you make your decision?”

Laughing, I clutch the page against my chest. “Yeah. I think so. He’s the one.”

Wall Street Journal and #1 Amazon bestselling author Winter Renshaw is a bona fide daydream believer. She lives somewhere in the middle of the USA and can rarely be seen without her trusty Mead notebook and ultra portable laptop. When she’s not writing, she’s living the American dream with her husband, three kids, and the laziest puggle this side of the Mississippi. 

And if you’d like to be the first to know when a new book is coming out, please sign up for her private mailing list here —>



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Hunting Season by Kate Rudolph


Keep reading for an exclusive sneak peek from Hunting Season by Kate Rudolph! It releases on April 5th!


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Werewolf. Bodyguard. Mate.
Owen has one job: keep Stasia from being abducted. Easier said than done when his fiercely independent client tries to fire him the moment they meet. His werewolf senses howl to life and he’s certain of one thing: Stasia is his.

She’s sick of overbearing men.
When her wealthy father hires a bodyguard, Stasia says no. Not exactly a smart move after someone tried to nab her off the street. But she doesn’t need a babysitter. Especially not someone who makes her heart pound and her fantasies run wild.

When Stasia is yanked out of her glittering world and into Owen’s she’ll need to grapple with an impossible new reality: werewolves exist. And her bodyguard says he’s her mate.

“Do you need to be taken off of this detail?”

His wolf flared to life inside of him at the thought. Give up Stasia? Never. “No,” he snarled.

“Myers,” Gibson warned, a bit of his own wolf’s rumble coming through.

It was enough to make Owen take a breath. “I’m okay. I promise.” He’d never snarled at Gibson—or anyone—before, especially not in human form. That had to be bad. What was so special about Stasia? Why couldn’t he control himself?

Gibson took him at his word. “Contact me if anything changes. We need to keep track of what our wolves are doing. We’re the only werewolves in the universe. There isn’t a rulebook for this.”

That was true. Teen Wolf hadn’t done much to teach Owen about what it meant to be wolfy.


Kate Rudolph is an ex-derby girl who lives in Indiana. She loves writing about kick butt heroines and the steamy heroes who love them. She’s been devouring romance novels since she was too young to be reading them and had to hide her books so no one would take them away. She couldn’t imagine a better job in this world than writing romances and sharing them with her fellow readers.

Reader Group:

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All In by J.L. Drake

All In by J.L. Drake is releasing on March 25th!

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J.L. Drake’s All In, is an emotionally raw, romantic suspense, written in the K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes Worlds project.

Physical and emotional wounds that stem from a ten-year marriage are hard to get over. It takes something out of a movie to snap Arizona back to reality. It’s time to start over.
With the help of a Christmas tree, a cast, and some dark sarcasm, she comes butt to face with an amused neighbor—a very attractive neighbor.
Unfortunately, as much as she wants to close the dark chapter in her life and move on, there are a few more secrets that must cross her path first.

Lieutenant Carter with the New York Fire Department runs a smooth ship over at Firehouse Fifty-Nine. He is well respected and loved by all.
With the Fireman’s Curse deeply rooted in his subconscious, living alone is something he’s made peace with. But when he hears a struggle outside his apartment and finds a woman trying to move a tree nearly twice her size, he finds himself entertained at her predicament and witty comebacks. More so, he finds himself very intrigued and unable to walk away.

Massive fires suddenly start to consume nightclubs and bars, sending the community into a frenzy. With too many close calls and the police on edge, Firehouse Fifty-Nine is now running on fumes.

As evidence piles up and the truth starts to surface, links are made. With everything unfolding around Arizona and Carter, one thing is certain—hearts could end up broken once more.


I opted to walk home instead of a cab, needing to think. It felt great to be outside. My head certainly felt a lot clearer. When I was almost home, I spotted a lot across the street that was being set up for their annual Christmas tree sale. It was December, after all, so I could get a tree. I could use something bright and cheery in my otherwise white apartment. I waited for a break in traffic and hurried over to the lot.

“How much for this one?” I pointed to a bushy Douglas fir and admired its long, whimsical branches.

“Forty-five.” The kid eyed my cast. “You need some help getting it on the roof of your car?”

“No, I’ll be fine, thanks.” I handed him the money and waited for ten minutes for it to be wrapped in twine. I awkwardly stood at the traffic light then dragged it across the street, ignoring my now throbbing arm.

The doorman, Otis, must have been wondering what the hell I was doing in heels, leather pants, a cast on my wrist, and a tree at midnight. But, as he had done the last few times I saw him, he simply nodded politely and opened the door for me. I really liked this building. They were professional and knew everyone by name.

“If you want, Ms. Lexington, I can put that out back and have someone bring it up to you in the morning.”

“That’s all right.” I yanked it through the door, sending needles everywhere. “I can manage.” I wanted to thank him for calling me Ms. Lexington and not Mrs. Young, but when I went to say it, he was already helping someone else. It could wait.

How I got it in the elevator was beyond me, but I did, and I felt very proud of myself. That was, until I somehow managed to get it stuck in the hallway just before I reached my door. I kicked, pulled, and pushed, but the freakin’ thing wouldn’t move.

“Come on, you stupid piece of—” I stopped mid- curse with my head covered in branches when I heard a little chuckle. I peeked through the needles to see a pair of legs standing in an open doorway across the hall from me.

“Planning on keeping that there?” a husky voice laced with undisguised humor asked.

I puffed a piece of hair out my face as I tugged again at the base of the tree, not caring that my behind was stuck in the air. “Well, you know,” I huffed sarcastically, “I thought I would decorate it out here, bring a little life to this drab-looking hallway.”

“It’s a bit of a fire hazard, don’t you think?”

I rolled my eyes, yanking harder. “Are you planning on calling the fire department?” I heard him laugh again, which further pissed me off that he did not offer to help. “Good, so don’t burn the place down and we won’t have a problem.” I lost my balance and fell backward, tossing my hands back with a yelp at the pain from my wrist as I tried to stop myself.

“Oh, shit.” The guy knelt, and I got my first view of him and almost died. It was as if someone plucked this man off the cover of a Men’s Health Magazine. Tanned skin, brown hair, green eyes, and a smokin’ body. His arms flexed as he reached for my wrist to check out the cast. “Are you all right?”

“Yes,” I answered too quickly, and he shook his head with a smile that had my stomach instantly doing flip flops.

“Do I even ask?” He nodded toward the tree. “You know, it’s after midnight.”

I moved to stand, but he did first and hauled me up with him. “Thanks.” I winced and held my throbbing arm to my stomach. “Ever just need something to make you feel better?” He nodded. “Well,” I point to the wedged tree, “that’s my upper.”

“I see.” He watched me for a moment then smiled. “Okay, then, open the door and we’ll make this happen.”

“Oh, no,” I held my hand up, “please. I’m sorry I woke you. I can get this.”
He gripped the midsection, kicked the base, and released the tree from its hold. “It’s no trouble, and I was still awake.”

“Traitor,” I hissed at the tree and quickly opened my door to let him pass.

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J. L. Drake was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, later moving to Southern California where she now lives with her husband and two children.

When she is not writing she loves to spend time with her family, travelling or just enjoying a night at home. One thing you might notice in her books is her love of the four seasons. Growing up on the east coast of Canada the change in the seasons is in her blood and is often mentioned in her writing.

An avid reader of James Patterson, J.L. Drake has often found herself inspired by his many stories of mystery and intrigue. She hopes you will enjoy her books as much as she has enjoyed writing them.



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Dangerous King by Sienna Snow


★  ★  ★ COMING SOON!  ★  ★  ★

Dangerous King, an all new dark and sexy standalone romance from USA Today bestselling author Sienna Snow is coming in two weeks and we have your first look!

Fall into Nikhil and Danila’s world March 31st!


I’d watched the gorgeous brunette socializing with New York City’s elite as if she were born into it for the better part of the evening.

But I knew the truth.

She was a very good actress, a chameleon, a woman who’d learned the hard way to navigate this new path and use it to her advantage. She played the game better than those born into it. All the while hiding the cunning intelligence underneath. A genius that had come to her naturally, something that wasn’t cultivated in her new life but cast in the poverty-stricken neighborhood where we’d met.

She’d shed the taint of the dark streets and created a new life, whereas I used it to my advantage and wore it like a well-worn-in suit.

The one thing that had never changed in all the years was the way she looked at me.

It wouldn’t matter if I was wearing a tux or a beat-up hoodie, heat would fill her hazel eyes for a few seconds before she schooled it away. It was a pattern we repeated over and over for too many years to count.

There was no doubt Shah had warned her away from anything and everything associated with the old neighborhood, especially me.

Want More? Check out the exclusive sneak peek here→

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I’m the one she should have stayed away from.

The thief, the hustler, the boy without a past or a future. A kid forged by the rules of the streets.

She sees into my darkest depths and doesn’t blink an eye. She’s my dream, my peace from a place I can never escape.

Then one day, she’s gone, whisked into a world I refuse to taint with my touch.

Fifteen years later, she’s back in my life, needing a favor only I can provide.

I’m no longer the street rat she once knew.  Now I’m king of an empire, where my favors come at a price.

A price, she says she is more than willing to pay, but the cost is all of her…body, mind, and soul.