The Alpha’s Widower by #SusiHawke


The Alpha’s Widower

Publication Date: April 19, 2018
What’s a guy to do when his straight best friend proposes a fake marriage? Just say — Yes!

Laurie Adams looked like he had it all, but his marriage was a sham, a Mr. Wrong chosen for all the wrong reasons. When his husband dies, Laurie has no time to mourn the cheating bastard—his in-laws have decided that Laurie isn’t fit to raise his children and they’ll do anything to take them from him. He’s lost his husband and lost his faith in people, but he won’t lose his children too. So he runs back home to the small farm town he’d left behind a decade ago.

Dean MacIntosh should be the perfect alpha for anyone, but all around town he’s known as Mr. Not-Quite-Right, the last man a woman dates before she finds her real Prince Charming. It should bother him, but it doesn’t. So when his childhood best friend comes running home for protection, Dean has no problem stepping in.

Except when Dean offered to fake-marry Laurie, he never expected the wedding kiss to feel so sweet, and he begins to question the sexuality he once took for granted. From an awkward wedding night to an even more awkward honeymoon, Dean and Laurie find their affection runs deeper than either of them ever guessed. And maybe now is Dean’s chance to be somebody’s Mr. Right.

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Fighting For You: (Fighting For Love Book 1) by #JPOliver


Fighting For You: (Fighting For Love Book 1)

Publication Date: March 23, 2018
Not all lawyers are heartless…

Luke’s life couldn’t really get any worse. His parents have died, his family bar is failing, he’s had to drop out of college, and he’s now engaged in a custody battle with his grandparents over his younger brother.

Adam is a drop-dead gorgeous lawyer, representing the grandparents in the custody battle. He isn’t pleased to be representing such snobby clients, and he’s definitely miffed to be shipped out to the Midwest for this case. But all that changes when he meets Luke. He’s handsome, charming… he gets Adam’s sense of humor, and definitely deserves to win the case.

They’re not supposed to even be talking to one another, much less dating, but both Adam and Luke feel a connection they can’t ignore. Can they figure out a way to make it work? Or will the case – and the things they have to do to win it – tear them apart?

If you love tense, sensual, heartwarming gay romance, dive in to Fighting For You tonight.

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Skins by #LauraRossi



°*💞*°▓S▓K▓I▓N▓S▓ °*💞*°
Available now on
Kindle Unlimited

“He’s going to kill us if he finds out” she told me.
“I am going to hell anyway” I whispered in her ear, before moving down to kiss her again.
“I am coming with you” she murmured against my mouth.
My name is Sebastian, but they call me the Killer. I have never lost a fight, never let anyone touch me without regretting it. I am a fighter, that’s how I survive in the gutter that is The Market, a neighbourhood in the outskirts of Rome.
Rome, the city of eternal beauty. But also the city of lost souls.
When gangster Alejandro de la Crux wanted to have a word with me, I had no idea what was coming. He wanted me- the Killer- to protect his ex-wife, his son while he went into hiding for a while, running away from gagsters who wanted him dead.
I had no idea it was Andrea, the woman I had met years before, the woman I had lost my head for. It was her.
She needed help. And I wasn’t going to let anyone touch her, not even her ex-husband Alejandro de la Crux.

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Roadie by #JerryCole



Publication Date: April 10, 2018
#KU #GAY #ShortStories

When roadie Wyatt Damon meets superstar DJ Vicio, he thinks this is just another stuck up club kid who made it too big too soon. This spoiled brat is demanding, insensitive, and completely and utterly clueless. Not that Wyatt minds. He’s used to all this, and he just gets the stage set up ready for the big night.

After a successful event, Vicente “Vicio” Almodovar invites all the most helpful staff to a VIP after party with him, as a little show of gratitude for their hard work. Despite a little friction between himself and the roadie, he invites Wyatt to also apologize for his own pushiness. This guy knew what he was doing after all. Depressed about the restrictions placed on him by his agent, Vicio gets drunk out of his mind and all his “friends” abandon him at the club.

Wyatt is the only person who makes an effort to take care of Vicio that night, and Vicio swears he will make it up to Wyatt. But Wyatt doesn’t care for the finer things in life; all he wants is to be Vicio’s full time roadie.

As Vicio attempts to repay his debt to Wyatt and Wyatt learns more about the real person behind the artist’s name, the two grow closer than they have ever been to anyone. But can a love between an extravagant internationally famous DJ and a humble, blue-collar worker succeed against the odds? Or is it doomed to fail?


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Alpha Dragon: Sako (Treasured Ink Book 4) by #KellanLarkin & #KazCrowley


Alpha Dragon: Sako (Treasured Ink Book 4)


As the youngest dragon at Treasured Ink, Sako’s got years to find his fated mate—or so he thinks. When one of the top officials involved in a recent kidnapping ends up in the hospital, the dragons decide to interrogate him. Sako has no idea what he’s in for.

Carlo doesn’t remember a damn thing. Last thing he knew, he was a petty thief running with a minor gang. When he wakes up at the hospital with tough, tattooed dragons glaring at him, he knows something’s not right.

As Carlo struggles to remember his recent past, the dragons realize he might not be a bad guy after all. Memories trickle in and help the team uncover more about the evil organization aiming to take down mythical shifters. But will it be enough?

Sako and Carlo must learn to trust each other—which is a big ask, considering Carlo’s history. But lust swirls between the tension, and the two reluctantly realize they might just be what the other needs.


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Omega’s Mate (Frisky Pines Book 3) by #AliceShaw


Omega’s Mate (Frisky Pines Book 3)

Publication Date: March 1, 2018
Everything is possible. Nothing is what it seems…

Ryan: Fate led me to Tristan Whitaker, the infamous alpha hero from Frisky Pines. When a hunter aimed his rifle my way, I thought my life was over. Tristan swooped in and saved my life. As soon as I saw him, I knew I was in over my head.

I wasn’t looking for a mate, but he swept me off my feet, literally. When I woke in his arms, I knew my life was going to change forever. Together, we decided to have a baby. I was the happiest omega in the world. What I didn’t realize was that the fate of the world then depended on us…

Tristan: I searched the whole woods for my big bear omega. His enchanting scent was unmistakable, and he had been unwittingly calling me for months. Ryan Hudson was the sexiest guy I had ever laid eyes on. Saving his life was a total fluke, but I wasn’t going to reveal that to him. It was love at first sight.

Just when I thought our love was safe, we were sent on a quest to save the world. I thought my adventures in the outer realm were over. It turns out, I was wrong. Now, I have to make sure my pregnant mate is safe so that we can start a family back home.

Together, we discovered something unimaginable. Deep within the forest, a portal of darkness opened, spreading far across the lands. With the Fae’s guiding light, we must help each other find our way through the cold and bitter canyons. At the end of the road is an incredible warmth: Love. Family. Our legacy. Our bond.

The Brotherhood is back in the romance of the century!

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Dom by # JasonCollins



Publication Date: April 21, 2018

For the past four years, I’ve kept a tightly guarded secret. I want a man to take control.

There are three reasons why I decide to go to Dom Prescott’s hotel room that night. First is the dominant way he glares at me in the bar. Second is the room number scribbled on his cocktail napkin with the word “come”. Last, but perhaps most important, is the assumption that my scandalous night with the sexy stranger will remain confidential and private.

After tonight, I will move to New York to work for my father’s marketing firm, and I can’t add the stress of dealing with a relationship, but it’s been so long since I felt a man inside me. So, I make a promise to myself. I’ll indulge my most submissive desires for one night only. When I get to New York, my focus will be on the job.

Imagine my surprise when I show up for my first day of work and realize that the stranger who absolutely owned me in bed is my new boss.


Cute. Inexperienced. His big eyes beg me to take charge.

I can handle that. What I can’t handle are the feelings that come afterward. On the cusp of my big promotion to partner, there can’t be any distractions.

And boy is this guy a distraction.

One night of indulging my darkest desires with the gorgeous Sean, but it has to end when he walks out the hotel door. Returning to New York means returning my focus to the job.

So, what am I supposed to do when my boss tells me to show his son the ropes?

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The Dragon’s Second Chance Omega (Darkvale Dragons Book 2) by #ConnorCrowe


The Dragon’s Second Chance Omega (Darkvale Dragons Book 2)

#KU #GAY # Fantasy
Publication Date: March 14, 2018
An Omega With A Secret…

Nikolas Lastir remembers. A night of passion with his lover turned into an inferno of fire and death. In the chaos he was separated from his partner and imprisoned by the enemy. What neither of them expected was for their midnight tryst to leave Nik with a secret baby. Raising a child alone is hard. Reuniting with his lost lover who doesn’t know he’s the father? That might be even harder.

A Battle-hardened Alpha…

Peter Marlowe has been through hell and back. He lives on blood and battle to numb out his past, but the past has a way of catching up. Returning home after five long years, he comes face-to-face with the life–and the mate–he left behind. But the war isn’t over yet. As a mysterious new threat looms, can they find their way back to one another?

Can love bloom a second time?

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Magic and Mayhem (Corent City Tales Book 2) by #HannahWalker


Magic and Mayhem (Corent City Tales Book 2)

Publication Date: April 10, 2018
Life in Corent is exciting and challenging. As one of the main paranormal communities you never know what might be around the corner.
Matt’s life has always been peaceful. He splits his time between helping at his mama’s shop, and spending time with family, friends, and his coven. Yet, when his magic becomes increasingly unstable, he finds himself shunned and cast away as people fear what is happening to him.
Feeling lost and alone, and his magic becoming ever more erratic, Matt’s thoughts turn inward as he tries to work out just who he is and what being a mage means to him.
Matt draws strength from his best friend Charlie, and the powerful tiger shifter family, the Vaughn’s.
Frequent visits from Tyler, and messages from a mystery man, provide the only break from the melancholy he feels like he’s drowning in. Yet, even that complicates his life further, as he struggles with growing emotions toward both of them.
When unexpected events bring radical changes to Matt’s life, the news shocks him and those closest to him. Yet, as scary as everything is, it helps him see who is truly a friend and who is a foe, and that it isn’t always blood that means family.
No one knows what these changes mean, leaving Matt to weave his way through the knowledge and find what his true path is meant to be. Finding the strength to stand for himself, but also allowing those around him to support him, he comes to find that there is so much more to him than he thought possible, and that love can come from unexpected places.
Just when he didn’t think life could get any darker, light comes, showing him that his future holds more than he ever imagined.

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