Wedding Bells: A Contemporary Gay Romance (Finding Shore Book 3) by #PeterStyles


Wedding Bells: A Contemporary Gay Romance (Finding Shore Book 3)

Publication Date: February 21, 2018
There’s nothing quite as hot as sex between enemies.

Matt Collins never thought he would see his tormentor Sebastian again after high school. But when a childhood best friend announces his wedding, Matt comes rolling back into town after nearly a decade gone.

Little Matty Collins is no longer so little. He’s all grown up and sexy as hell… and Deputy Sebastian Anders wants him bad – despite having spent all of high school bullying the boy.

Can their undeniable sexual chemistry overcome so much long-held bitterness? Or is there too much resentment for love to blossom?


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6 Days To Valentine: A Nick & FatBoy Romance by #LEFranks


6 Days To Valentine: A Nick & FatBoy Romance

Publication Date: February 14, 2018
#Gay #KU

WiIl 6 Days, 2 Men, and 1 bet be enough to change Nick’s heart?

Any dreams bartender Nick Valentine had of ‘Happily Ever Afters’ were shredded long ago. In a perfect world, February 14th would be struck from the calendar—the last thing Nick and his customers need is a bunch of happy loving couples rubbing it in their faces.

Bouncer Davis ‘FatBoy’ Newman thinks he knows Nick’s heart better than that. He’s willing to wager it all he’ll change Nick’s mind about romance—before the holiday strikes.

Too bad Nick’s not going down without a fight.


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Coder: Book Five (Princes of Prophecy 5) by #LAnnMarie


Coder: Book Five (Princes of Prophecy 5)

#KU #Romance

★✯ ¸.•*•⊰✿´⊰❥Princes of Prophecy
★✯ ¸.•*•⊰✿´⊰Book 5 Coder
✿ ❥¸.•´*¨`*•✿❥L Ann Marie
✿ ❥¸.•´*¨`*•✿ Coder Book 5:
✿ ❥¸.•´*¨`*•✿❥Princes of Prophecy✿ ❥¸.•´*¨`*•✿ ❥
Brantley Blackhawk grew up in the MC knowing how important Brotherhood and being ‘all in’ is to everyone he loves. When a relationship goes south, he finds himself a father to a little boy. Thanks to the Brotherhood, the old ladies and even the ‘rents, he is learning how to be a good father. As head of Prince’s IT he runs HS Ops almost without thinking. Time and again, his skills keep the kids and old ladies safe from the threats that the Princes face constantly.
Holly came to the Princes because she wanted to help the community. She’s a writer whose royalties go to help make life better for others. When a vicious attack against her has her staying at Brantley’s to heal, a very special little boy shows him that she’s the one.
Despite being brilliant at the keyboard, Brantley has some trouble seeing what his son, brothers and grandmother see so clearly.
Will Brantley realize that ‘Always and Forever’ includes Holly?
#62 L Ann Marie


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Demons Don’t Duel (Demonic Tales Book 3) by #HannahWalker


Demons Don’t Duel (Demonic Tales Book 3)

Publication Date: February 20, 2018
Dea’s life is all about his role as a commander of a battlecruiser. At the height of his career, he can take command of any ship he wants, he’s well respected, and surrounded by friends and family. Yet, something has been missing for a long time. Part of his soul was left behind at the academy, with someone he walked away from all those years ago.
Uri loves control. It’s in every part of his life, his work as commander, his friendships, and even the bedroom, but there is one person he can’t control, and that is the one person who turns his life upside down.
A deadly attack forces Dea and Uri to work together, putting their troubled past behind them for the survival of all those under their command. Yet, working together could be the toughest challenge either of them has ever faced as memories bombard them, stirring up feelings that were never dealt with. They struggle to resist the pull they have on each other, falling back into old habits, no matter how hard they try to resist them.
With shadowy forces trying to seize power, enemies old and new come out of hiding, and the battles begin to rage. The future of not just the demons, but other worlds hang precariously on the edge of a blade. Life and death decisions need to be made, and Uri and Dea find themselves leaning on each other as they lead their crews through treacherous space.
With conspiracies and plots all around them, they soon realize they are all in greater danger than anyone believed possible, and the plans to change the Alliance go far deeper than they first thought.




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Perfect (Soulmates Book 4) by #FeliceStevens


Perfect (Soulmates Book 4)

Publication Date: February 23, 2018

Despite multiple degrees and business success, in his heart Jeremy Strauss feels he’s never measured up. While he hasn’t lacked for men or women to share his bed, Jeremy has yet to find someone who sees beyond his muscles and perfect smile. Taking it slow with a lover isn’t how he operates, but something about the shy accountant he rescues in a snowstorm makes him want this time to be different. So what if Blake drops little comments here and there about Jeremy’s pretty face? Their relationship is perfect.

Or is it?

Lonely most of his life, Blake Myers is as careful with his heart as he is with a balance sheet. The last thing he expects is for a man like Jeremy to fall for him, and he can’t help but wait for the bubble to burst on their relationship. When the stress of a professional crisis turns personal, Blake sees the perfect relationship he and Jeremy have built start to crumble. Caught in an ever-tightening web of lies, rather than wait for Jeremy to leave him, Blake breaks it off and vanishes.

Perfection is an illusion.

Jeremy doesn’t know which way to turn and for the first time in his life, he’s lost and uncertain. Believing he’s no longer the man Jeremy needs, Blake sinks deeper into despair. Both men struggle with secrets, lies, and hurtful memories until they are forced to look inside their hearts and learn the truth—that love is perfectly imperfect.



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Cabin Commotion by #BrinaBrady


Cabin Commotion

Publication Date: February 19, 2018

Cabin Commotion by Brina Brady is available on Amazon.
Free on KU

High-paid escort Marcus graduates college and he’s ready to leave The Manor. Working for pimp Kalepo for four years, Marcus believes there’s no way out without paying a fatal price. When Kalepo ends Marcus’s apartment lease and moves him into his home as his full time escort without his permission, Marcus leaves California on a train to New York City and a bus to a rented Vermont cabin for one month to hide from Kalepo and to think about his future.

Playboy Blaze is the son of Sal Bossio, a New York City Italian mobster. His father orders him to his Vermont cabin for one month while he settles mob business. Blaze hires a rent boy for one month, but unexpected events occur and he finds himself alone in Vermont. When he reaches his cabin, he finds a stranger sleeping in his bed. The gorgeous gingered-haired man could be a hitman sent by his father’s enemies.

Two lonely men solve the cabin commotion by sharing the only bed in the cabin during their sex fest saving hidden pasts and tough decisions until the month ends.



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Blame It on the Shame by #AshleyJade


Blame It on the Shame

Read the book that started everyone’s love affair with Ricardo DeLuca!
Book one is available for #FREE with KU! Also now available on audible (The rest of the series is complete)
‘Blame It on the Shame’ (part 1)


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Kept: A story of survival – Based on a true story by #ErinLee


Kept: A story of survival – Based on a true story

Publication Date: February 22, 2018

Brand new release!!!!
Releasing Feb 22! A story of survival based on a true story!

Kept: A story of survival – Based on a true story
by Erin Lee

GR TBR LINK: Kept by Erin Lee https\:// via @goodreads

Inspired by a true story of survival

Bree’s destiny had always been kept.
Like a dirty secret, it was nearly impossible to escape a certain dark fate. A victim of circumstance determined to survive, she only wanted someone to trust. But it wouldn’t come easy.
First, it was the family life that forced her to run away from home at age fifteen.
Next, it was her son’s father, Le, who pulled her from friends, locking her into a toxic web of abuse and drugs.
Then came the addiction, which chained her to methadone clinics and seclusion.
In spite of it all, Bree refused to allow anyone to put out her fire, which burned brightest in the love of her son, Noah.
Just when she was beginning to turn things around and had repaired her relationships, came the final blow.
Locked in isolation and desperate for someone to put her trust in, Bree began talking to a mysterious man over the Internet. Placing her trust in him was the biggest mistake of her life.
Now, caught in his evil web, she must decide—once and for all—how to take control of her life.
It starts with a can of gasoline and a simple spark. From there, comes the fire.
In the end, she determines, it won’t be Bree who is kept by anyone ever again.


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The Full Experience by #DawnDoyle


The Full Experience

The Full Experience.

From International Best-Selling Author comes a story of a woman struggling with what she secretly wants, and a man that craves nothing more than to give it to her.

Raven Valiente was glad to be in her senior year at Gable College. It meant the last year she would have to put up getting frustrated by the dirty-minded, foul-mouthed ‘man-tramp’and his list.

Beck Traynor, upon first sight, looked like a walking wet dream.
His dark hair, silver-gray eyes, model good looks, and muscular build, were what made the girls go crazy.
Not Raven, though.
It didn’t matter that he had her weak at the knees, had her heart fluttering in her chest, or even that just his presence gave her goosebumps. He wasn’t going to get in her pants and claim her as a statistic on the ever growing chart on his bed post.
But, even the toughest shells can break, and when Beck’s begins to crack, Raven sees there’s more to him than he lets people see.

One drunken night leads her to his door, demanding he show her what The Full Experience is all about.
What she didn’t count on, was the way his touch made her burn, made her ache… A passion she had never felt before. Beck had made her feel like she was the only woman in the world.

But, when feelings grow and relationships are formed, jealousy rears its ugly head which leaves Raven alone.

Can Raven forgive the one person that broke her heart, or will Beck just be the last thing checked off her list?


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