Hero: The Mathesons Book 3 by #DeclanRhodes

Hero: The Mathesons Book 3 by #DeclanRhodes
BLURB: Benji didn’t prepare himself for spending the semester seeing an off-limits gorgeous straight guy every morning.
For shy graduate school student Benji Matheson, moving in with Jax Carmichael, a swim camp buddy of his twin, Jamie, sounded like a great idea to boost his social life. It worked for that, but the magnetic and unexpectedly gorgeous Jax soon became a distraction, too.
A brilliant academic career meant a move to Boston for Benji to attend graduate school. Unfortunately, that meant abandoning his large, supportive family. Faced with the pressures of higher education and isolation, he suffered from a tendency to become a recluse.
Jax desperately needs a new hero in his life. Family problems, his father’s conviction and his mother’s depression, threaten to derail his academic career. He’s never fallen for a man before, but there is something about Benji and the sensual magnetism between them.
After stray sparks light a fire and slowly kindle it into a burning flame, Benji and Jax find a growing love that neither anticipated. Unfortunately, life circumstances threaten to break their fragile shared dream of a future in each other’s arms.
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The Omega’s Alpha Manny (Manny’s Mannies Book 1)by #LoreleiMHart

The Omega’s Alpha Manny (Manny’s Mannies Book 1)by #LoreleiMHart
BLURB: Manny’s Mannies: Where parents finds more than just childcare—they find everything.
Omega Ronnie thought he had everything until cancer stole his happily ever after. Left alone with his beautiful daughter, he soon discovered he was pregnant with baby number two, a child with a rare birth defect. He’s an amazing father to his two little girls, but he knows he needs help—so he turns to Manny’s Mannies.
But when Ronnie opens the door to see his college crush, Zave, he realizes he might be getting more than he bargained for.
Alpha Zave has never quite found his place in the working world. But even though he’s had bad luck at his jobs, he’s certain the perfect career is out there. He just doesn’t know where to look. When his current company has a temporary shutdown, he goes to work for Manny as a stopgap.He never imagined his temporary position might lead to love.
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Strike a Chord (Replay Book 4) by #KMNeuho

Strike a Chord (Replay Book 4)
by #KMNeuhold


“You want to fake date me?”

Music is my life, my band is my heart and soul, and it’s all falling apart before my eyes.

A plan hatched from desperation as we both watch our careers burn down around us. Dating my best friend’s twin brother, Paris, who just so happens to be a gay icon at the moment seems like the perfect plan. And if we have a little fun along the way, where’s the harm in that? The band is spiraling, his football career is going up in flames, and the more the world falls down around us, the easier it is to get lost in each other.

But are stolen moments during our own busy schedules and hurried kisses hidden behind social media posts the basis for a real relationship, or is this just another thing that’s going to turn to dust in our hands?

**Strike a Chord is the fourth and final book in the Replay series. This series can be read in any order.

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Want Me by #NeveWilder

Want Me by #NeveWilder
BLURB: Two roommates. One calculus exam. A whole lot of extracurricular activity.
Nate:Living with four other guys, it’s bound to happen.Every guy’s been caught taking care of business at least once, right? It shouldn’t be a big deal.
But I don’t know Eric as well as my other roommates, and things are a little awkward now.He’s a loner. A mystery. Quietly confident. Smart.Sexy as hell.
I’ve been happily subsisting on the typical frat guy diet of booze and sorority girls.But the way Eric looked at me that night?There was something there.Something that’s got me curious.Something that’s stirring up feelings I thought I’d left behind for good.
Something that’s making me think I’m not as straight as I thought I was.
I can’t get him off of my mind.I don’t think I want to.
So when he offers to help me study for a midterm, I take him up on it.
It’s innocent.Probably. Maybe.
There’s no way I could’ve known what it’d start…
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Vampire’s Forbidden Omega (Tenebrae Brothers Book 3) by #HawkeOakley

Vampire’s Forbidden Omega (Tenebrae Brothers Book 3) by #HawkeOakley Amazon📚http://ow.ly/6M8V50unDFU
BLURB: An impossible crush.
Romance was always off the table for Maxwell—especially not with any vampires.
After being abducted by a vampire matriarch to be the Tenebrae coven’s private doctor, Maxwell settles into a new normal where vampires exist, and aren’t the evil monsters he always imagined. He even forges a special connection with the youngest vampire of the family, an alpha named Theo. The unusual pair have a deep friendship that lasts even after Maxwell is released to live freely among humans.
Despite returning to his doctor’s duties and living a normal life again, Maxwell can’t stop thinking about his friend in not-so-innocent ways. He’s never been interested in love before. What’s so different about Theo?
Banned from being in love.
After Theo saves Maxwell from a dangerous encounter by unleashing his vampire strength, the rest of the Tenebrae family decides Theo isn’t stable enough to be around humans—including Maxwell. The idea of a relationship between the two friends is effectively banned.
But when the two are forced into close proximity, ignoring their feelings becomes impossible. Can Maxwell and Theo find true love in each other when the whole world wants to keep them apart?
Vampire’s Forbidden Omega It can be read as a standalone, but is best enjoyed in series order. It is the third book in the Tenebrae Brothers series.
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Jami: Darkness to Light Book 2 (Boys with Toys) by #SkyMcCoy

Jami: Darkness to Light Book 2 (Boys with Toys)
by #SkyMcCoy


“It’s hard being a gay man when you think you’re straight.”

Straight men were never Jami Caulfield’s style and especially one with a wife who uses her babies by another man like a pawn in a chess game.
Maxwell Gold never thought he would fall in love with a gay man, and especially one who is Trans with two ex-lovers who hold the secret to why they can’t let Jami go.
Will Maxwell Gold discover Jami’s secret of why he’s so desirable? Or will he think that Jami is too over the top, and will never accept him or his babies?
Will Jami make Maxwell his, and overlook the children, or will Jami return to his ex-lover and leave Maxwell wondering WTF just happened to his life?

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Riley’s Forbidden Omega (Cherry Hollow Series Book 3) by #KiBrightly & #MegBawden

Riley’s Forbidden Omega (Cherry Hollow Series Book 3) by #KiBrightly & #MegBawden
BLURB: Riley Sheridan has it all—loving family, college football career, and good looks. The only thing he’s missing is a relationship with the one person he can never have. As a teenager, Riley met Ambrose Whitlock precisely once and knew, without a doubt, that he wanted to be with him. The next time Riley saw Ambrose was at his alpha uncle’s wedding—as an omega groom.
Ambrose Whitlock-Harlow tried to love the husband his father arranged for him to marry, but Jacob was demanding, borderline cruel, and more focused on his political career than his young husband. Jacob leaves when, after several years, Ambrose doesn’t become pregnant.
One stormy night Ambrose’s life is turned upside down by Riley returning to town with an abandoned dog he found on the highway. Riley doesn’t know where to take the mutt, and Ambrose is well-known for his work at the local animal shelter. It doesn’t take Riley and Ambrose long to pick up the fragile relationship they started years ago.
The more time Riley and Ambrose spend together, the faster they fall in love. Not everyone approves, especially when Ambrose becomes pregnant with Riley’s child. The divorce isn’t official yet, and Jacob threatens to take away everything Riley and Ambrose built together.
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