Omega Deer

Omega, Deer (Vale Valley Season 3 Book 9)

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BLURB:Sometimes what you think will break you is the one thing you need most. Anthony Buck needed a break from life. The pressure to become the perfect omega, docile and constantly breeding, was too much. He wasn’t sure he’d ever be that man, no matter how hard he tried. So, he did what every responsible deer does. He ran away. Dr. Peter Loomis moved to Vale Valley after his omega and their daughter were killed in a car accident. For the past five years, he’s buried himself in his work, eager to help others as a distraction from the emptiness in his life. When their paths crossed after Anthony was struck by a car, both men realized the fear and pain they’d been running from could also bring them the most happiness. If only it were that easy..#MMRomance #KindleUnlimited


Mink Omega in Hiding(Shifter Towers Book 2)

Mink Omega in Hiding(Shifter Towers Book 2)

BLURB:Roan is looking for a way out…
As a mink shifter omega, I never thought I’d escape the soul-crushing, gang-ruled world I lived in. But, one night on my way home from working at the strip club, the opportunity arose. I needed to find a place to hide, somewhere I could go where no one from this life would ever find me. Someplace I could start over. With my parents deceased, I only had one person from my past I could ask for help. But would he want to see me again?

Hansol has everything in his life, except his mate…
After two years of running a successful fitness center with celebrities as my personal clients and friends, one would think I had everything I’ve ever wanted. But I don’t. The one thing I still desire is to have my mate by my side. Something my sun bear keeps reminding me of every day. Sure, I’ve had plenty of omegas and other alphas in my bed, but no one I want to wake up with each morning. That person left my life years ago with no explanation and no goodbye.

Will they find their way back to each other?
Then Roan shows up on my doorstep, soaking wet, and with no belongings. Of course, I take him in. But I don’t know how long I have until he leaves again. Can I trust him this time? Can I finally claim him as my mate? Or am I holding onto false hope? Because I know there is something he is keeping from me.#MMRomance#KindleUnlimited



Pink #JasonCollins

BLURB:JESSE: He wants to explore my feminine side, and I’m going to guide his hands. I need a man’s man in my life, and not just because they’re hot. I run a soap business, but my line of men’s products is a flop. Now I need an official Straight Guy Consultant to teach me what men want to buy. Enter the hot foreman from across the street. When Austin walks in with a dirty problem only I can solve, I want to scrub every inch of him clean. He’s over six feet of muscle and Southern charm. He’s also as straight as can be—or so I think. When we end up getting dirty in the soap shop, I discover Austin isn’t the kind of guy who scoffs at the finer things. And for a straight guy, he doesn’t have any trouble staying on top of me. He’s as masc as I am fem, and we’re getting as dirty as we are clean. AUSTIN: He’s all pink, and I’m turning all red. When Jesse brings me on as his consultant, I don’t know what I’m getting myself into. He’s a firecracker that just won’t burn out, and I’ve got to admit, he’s charming. I’ve been straight all my life, but what Jesse’s offering is too good to pass up. Soon I’m looking at him in a not-so-straight way, and no cold shower will keep us from lathering ourselves up and rubbing each other down. Jesse loves himself and knows what he wants—my hands all over him. I don’t care if my coworkers turn their noses up at all the frilly self-care products he likes. They should take a few lessons from him, but only after he’s given me a private session. Jesse’s cleaning me up, and he’s not afraid to get dirty doing it.#MMRomance #KindleUnlimited


To Touch the Sky (Leap of Faith Book 2) #MAChurch

To Touch the Sky (Leap of Faith Book 2) #MAChurch

BLURB:He can run, but he can’t hide…

Centuries ago, Hawk made a terrible mistake which has haunted him since. Fear of responsibility and feelings of unworthiness leads him to denying the mate Wha-tay showed him in a vision. So now Hawk runs his bar, has casual sex, and never, ever dates men with blond hair and brown eyes. But then Simon walks into his bar, and the future he’s feared is about to end up in a brawl if Hawk doesn’t do something—fast.

Simon Carter has a smart mouth and a bulldog temperament. So when Hawk runs, Simon pursues the sexy man, only to be rejected. Just as Simon decides to give up, someone—or something—visits him to change his mind… and scares him to death. Now Simon is backpedaling, and Hawk is in pursuit.

Desperate to reassure Simon and keep him safe, Hawk is forced to reveal his secrets before he’s ready. Can Simon learn to accept things aren’t always as they seem? Is the connection between them strong enough to help Hawk overcome centuries of pain? The only way the two men will move beyond Hawk’s past is for both of them to take a leap of faith.#MMRomance#KindleUnlimited


With a Friend’s Strength (Badge and Bullets Book 2)

With a Friend’s Strength (Badge and Bullets Book 2)

BLURB:After surviving two brutal attacks that nearly killed him, Bradley Danforth was determined to put them behind him and move on with his life. He moved into a new house on the other side of town and made a new resolve to live his life to the fullest. Only, Bradley can’t seem to get the one person out of his mind who let him down the most, Max Donohue. When he starts receiving threatening messages, Max is the first person Bradley turns to for help. Max is a homicide detective who quickly learned that the job is about more than catching the bad guy and being a hero. When he’s assigned a cold case he’d rather leave alone. Max knows he must face a past he buried a long time ago so he can close it once and for all. Max is soon immersed in more than just a murder as he discovers evidence of corruption and a massive cover up. The combination of working the cold case and battling his demons is enough to send Max into a downward spiral, but when Bradley comes to him for help, Max finds the strength to do whatever he can to keep him safe. Will Max step up to the challenge he failed to overcome before, or will someone succeed in ending Bradley’s life once and for all? With a Friend’s Strength is the second installment of the Badge and Bullets series featuring the same two characters. It is a suspenseful murder mystery that depicts detailed crimes, strong language, and adult situations. While this series will include a romance, it’s a slow burn that develops throughout the series.#MMRomance #KindleUnlimited


Anticipating Temptation

Anticipating Temptation (Anticipation Book 3)

BLURB:Marty doesn’t want to need a Daddy, but he’s still anticipating temptation… Marty’s new boss pushes all his buttons. He’s confident, capable, and he expects to get his way. But Marty’s past experience has made him wary of dominant men and determined to establish his independence. Even if deep down he knows Rob will treat him right, he can’t put his new job at risk. Everyone knows sleeping with your boss is a terrible idea. Rob is the CEO of a company he built himself. He’s wealthy and successful, but he’s also lonely. While he’d never admit it, he longs for a place to call home and a man to love. Before he met Marty, Rob never felt such a protective urge toward anyone. When he hires Marty to be the housekeeper for his new ranch, Rob doesn’t just want Marty to work for him. He wants to be Marty’s Daddy. Rob is a man who always goes after what he wants, even if he has to break some rules or risk his heart.#MMRomance #KindleUnlimited


Blue Storm

Blue Storm

BLURB:Every being has a true name, a name that must be held close with magic. To be born without magic means to lose one’s name, and a person without a name can’t survive: their soul splinters apart, piece by piece, until they die. The only salvation is servitude, hoping that a kind person will bestow a name and keep the Nameless soul in one piece—at the cost of freedom. How many names has he had now? Far too many to remember. His new saviors are his only hope. They give him a name and a home, but navigating a household where he needs to please two people instead of one is far more complicated than he expected. He knows how to look pretty and how to be enticing—but he doesn’t know how to follow their contradictory orders and keep them both appeased. He doesn’t know how to keep the jealousy from eating at him as he watches these two men who are so in love. All he can do is mold himself to fit their ideals for the smallest scraps of affection. If he doesn’t figure it out fast, he’ll die the same agonizing death that befalls any Nameless who is cast free for too long.
#MMRomance #KindleUnlimited


King’s Loves Omega

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King’s Loved Omega

Book #5 in the Cherry Hollow Series

Widowed omega Quinn Collins loves his son, H.J., more than life, so it kills him that some days H.J. is barely hanging on due to an inherited illness. Quinn devotes most of his time to keeping H.J healthy, and any leftover energy goes to his art. As far as Quinn is concerned, this is his life now—lonely and stressful, but safe.

Rookie fireman “King” Kingston is an alpha working at the Cherry Hollow firehouse. Freshly trained and ready for action, he throws himself into helping at the station. While assisting with a blood drive, he catches sight—and smell—of Quinn, but quickly learns that the omega is not on the market.

Quinn is terrified of passing on the same illness H.J. struggles with, so he makes the decision to never be with another alpha. Yet somehow, Quinn keeps running into King around town. Quinn can’t fight the allure of King’s innocent interest, not to mention his devastating smile, so Quinn throws down a challenge sure to drive off any alpha. He tells King he won’t spend his heats with him. In the end, King surprises Quinn, in more ways than one.

This 64,000-word story is the fifth book in the Cherry Hollow series.

King’s Loved Omega:

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Nothing Gained: The Chosen One Book Four

Nothing Gained: The Chosen One Book Four

BLURB:Sawyer Smith’s life is a hot mess.Hot, because he’s found six of his eight mates. To say things are heating up between them is putting it mildly. A mess, because he’s the Chosen One, the son of a goddess with no powers of his own, tasked with fixing the broken magic in his world… and he has no clue how to do it. With every new layer of mystery that’s revealed, Sawyer’s doubts about his abilities get stronger. To complicate matters, Sawyer is growing weaker by the day. Meanwhile, his newest guardian, the one he’s calling Yellow Eyes, refuses to reveal himself. With time running out, Sawyer’s desperate enough to make a daring move — one that’s potentially deadly for him and his mates. Because at the end of the day, if there’s nothing ventured… there’s Nothing Gained.
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