Blue Storm

Blue Storm

BLURB:Every being has a true name, a name that must be held close with magic. To be born without magic means to lose one’s name, and a person without a name can’t survive: their soul splinters apart, piece by piece, until they die. The only salvation is servitude, hoping that a kind person will bestow a name and keep the Nameless soul in one piece—at the cost of freedom. How many names has he had now? Far too many to remember. His new saviors are his only hope. They give him a name and a home, but navigating a household where he needs to please two people instead of one is far more complicated than he expected. He knows how to look pretty and how to be enticing—but he doesn’t know how to follow their contradictory orders and keep them both appeased. He doesn’t know how to keep the jealousy from eating at him as he watches these two men who are so in love. All he can do is mold himself to fit their ideals for the smallest scraps of affection. If he doesn’t figure it out fast, he’ll die the same agonizing death that befalls any Nameless who is cast free for too long.
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King’s Loves Omega

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King’s Loved Omega

Book #5 in the Cherry Hollow Series

Widowed omega Quinn Collins loves his son, H.J., more than life, so it kills him that some days H.J. is barely hanging on due to an inherited illness. Quinn devotes most of his time to keeping H.J healthy, and any leftover energy goes to his art. As far as Quinn is concerned, this is his life now—lonely and stressful, but safe.

Rookie fireman “King” Kingston is an alpha working at the Cherry Hollow firehouse. Freshly trained and ready for action, he throws himself into helping at the station. While assisting with a blood drive, he catches sight—and smell—of Quinn, but quickly learns that the omega is not on the market.

Quinn is terrified of passing on the same illness H.J. struggles with, so he makes the decision to never be with another alpha. Yet somehow, Quinn keeps running into King around town. Quinn can’t fight the allure of King’s innocent interest, not to mention his devastating smile, so Quinn throws down a challenge sure to drive off any alpha. He tells King he won’t spend his heats with him. In the end, King surprises Quinn, in more ways than one.

This 64,000-word story is the fifth book in the Cherry Hollow series.

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Nothing Gained: The Chosen One Book Four

Nothing Gained: The Chosen One Book Four

BLURB:Sawyer Smith’s life is a hot mess.Hot, because he’s found six of his eight mates. To say things are heating up between them is putting it mildly. A mess, because he’s the Chosen One, the son of a goddess with no powers of his own, tasked with fixing the broken magic in his world… and he has no clue how to do it. With every new layer of mystery that’s revealed, Sawyer’s doubts about his abilities get stronger. To complicate matters, Sawyer is growing weaker by the day. Meanwhile, his newest guardian, the one he’s calling Yellow Eyes, refuses to reveal himself. With time running out, Sawyer’s desperate enough to make a daring move — one that’s potentially deadly for him and his mates. Because at the end of the day, if there’s nothing ventured… there’s Nothing Gained.
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Fortune’s Soldier: Shadow Ops Alpha

Fortune’s Soldier: Shadow Ops Alpha

BLURB:Fortune is a fickle bastard for a soldier, Luke Sinclair knows that more than most. As a Special Forces Operative he finished his career with an elite British black ops department in Military Intelligence. As tough as it had been, Luke loved his job and his partner, Sam Locke. Sam had once been a US Navy SEAL. Being a mercenary gives Luke freedom of movement even if he cannot escape his memories. When their world fell apart, Luke thought he would never see Sam again, until they are recalled to London and sent to Syria. They must transport the one person able to finish tearing them apart. A terrorist who destroyed their lives. Luke and Sam fight to save the world from imminent destruction and fight just as hard for each other. From the deserts of Syria the men chase a nuclear bomb and weaponised virus through Armenia and into Russia, finding so much more than revenge on the way.#MMRomance #KindleUnlimited

Claimed By My Protector (Blackwater Pack Book 2)

Claimed By My Protector (Blackwater Pack Book 2)

BLURB:Sometimes dreams really do come true. Everyone has that special someone – their first love. The memory of that person who brings butterflies to your stomach and a smile to your lips. My first love was Owen Moore. He was my best friend’s older brother, a broad, strapping alpha who never failed to make me feel safe. I spent most of my childhood at the Moore’s house, their open warmth a welcome relief from the cold reception my own parents gave me. Owen never looked twice at me then. Now I’m back in Blackwater, teaching at the local school. Owen’s in Blackwater, too, protecting and serving as part of the police force. I still love him – but this time, I’m not a kid anymore. It’s time for me to show him just how grown up I really am. Game. On.
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Omega Kidnapped (Bad Guys and Babies Book 1)

Omega Kidnapped (Bad Guys and Babies Book 1)

BLURB:I’ve been taken. The alpha, Jack, who’s holding me captive seems to hate me, even as he sends me lusty glances. My dad will pay the ransom. There’s no question of that. I’ll be fine. I should be fine. It’s been days and Jack keeps promising me I’ll be going home soon. But now another alpha just showed up because something has gone wrong. This other alpha wants me dead. Strangely enough, Jack is arguing with him. Jack is trying to protect me. But I barely know Jack, and he’s not going to die for me. I have one chance of survival, and that’s to run. I sneak out the bathroom window, and I bolt for the trees as if my life depends on it. Because it does.#MMRomance #KindleUnlimited

Crushing On My Father’s Best Friend (Second Chance Lovers Book 1)

Crushing On My Father’s Best Friend (Second Chance Lovers Book 1)

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BLURB:I can’t love him. It’s not allowed. Twenty years ago, I made a promise. If anything ever happened to Marc – my best friend – I’d step up and take care of his wife and baby son. I never thought I’d have to honor it. Never even dreamed that something would happen to him. He was an unyielding presence in my life. Always solid. Always there. And now he’s dead. Murdered in cold blood. His wife, Lindy, is holding in there. But his son, Mason, isn’t coping very well at all. It’s gotten so bad that he may have to postpone his final semester of university. All I want to do is look out for him, and having me around seems to help. But I have a secret. It’s more than grief. Mason wants me – the way an omega wants their alpha. And heaven help me, but I want him, too. I’m so sorry, Marc. I love your son. And now I don’t know what to do.#MMRomance #KindleUnlimited

Quench: Omega Assassins Club Book Two

Quench: Omega Assassins Club Book Two

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BLURB:Van is an omega assassin used to taking care of himself. Hudson is an older alpha who sees through Van’s rough exterior to the mate within. When Van’s latest mission forces him into hiding, he’s certain all the free time will drive him insane. Working as an assassin for the OAC is his life. He takes on the worst of the worst—alphas who don’t see value in an omega’s life. And he doesn’t want to ever stop. To be an effective agent, Van has had to turn away from his nature. The meek, mild disposition of most omegas has no place on a mission. He isn’t coddled or doted on. No one worries if he comes home with a scratch or bruise. Not until Hudson. Van is skittish and untrusting, but Hudson can be patient, especially when the reward is so sweet. When Van stops by to say goodbye, but won’t say who he’s hiding from or why, Hudson knows he can’t let him out of his sight. He offers Van an alternative hideout on his farm hours away from the city. He knows how dangerous this world is for omegas, he lost his brother over twelve years ago and gained four sons in the process, all teenagers by now. And while Van isn’t very forthcoming, Hudson knows he’s worth the wait and effort. He’ll earn Van’s trust, even if he has to do it the hard way. What started as an experiment for Van to see how the other half lives turns into so much more. Van never expected to love a life of early morning chores and school lunches. He thought he’d be bored stiff way out in the country, but every day, Hudson shows him something else to appreciate, something else to miss when his real life comes calling. If the OAC taught Van how to stand strong, then his time with Hudson has taught him how to also rely on the strength of others. But, when an old threat comes knocking on his door, the pristine life Van has made in the country comes to a shuddering halt. Can Hudson love the man Van is? Will Van have to choose between his life helping people in the OAC and his mate? Quench is the second book the Omega Assassins Club series.#MMRomance #KindleUnlimited

Rules to Follow

Rules to Follow (Davey’s Rules Book 1)

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BLURB:Davey’s Rule #86: A good Daddy will never lie to his boy… even by omission. Travis Miller has a pretty solid life in the small California beach town he calls home. He’s working his way up in the district attorney’s office, he owns a home with an ocean view, and he has close ties with his family. Life is good. If only he could find a sweet boy to call his own, life would be… perfect. Adam Nichols’ life has never been easy. Growing up in foster care taught him to be strong, so finding himself in a violent relationship was a shock. Now that he’s finally free of it, he faces new problems. He’s jobless, homeless, and terrified of starting from scratch. With a little help from an old friend, Adam discovers a whole new world. He goes from rock bottom to renting a room from a hot assistant DA and working at Daddy’s Lap, a kink club that opens his vanilla eyes to things he’d never imagined. His new roommate is a balm to Adam’s damaged soul. The tender way Travis cares for him is almost like the Daddy kink community he’s seen at the club. But Travis isn’t a Daddy… right? If he were, surely he’d have said so. What happens when a lie by omission threatens to bring their budding relationship tumbling down around them? Will Travis ever be able to earn Adam’s trust again?#MMRomance #KindleUnlimited