Bound By Honor: Men of Honor Book 1: Men of Honor series #SEJakes

Bound By Honor: Men of Honor Book 1: Men of Honor series #SEJakes

BLURB:A promise forces two men to bare themselves…completely. One year ago on a mission gone wrong, Tanner James failed to save the life of Jesse, his Army Ranger teammate. Before dying in that South American jungle, Jesse extracted a promise that won’t let Tanner rest until it’s fulfilled—no matter what it costs him. Damon Price loved Jesse, but problems in their relationship had come to a head right before Jesse left on his final mission. Now a reluctant Dom and a man still in mourning, he’s not happy when Tanner appears at his BDSM club. And even less happy with Jesse’s last request—that Tanner sub for him for one night. After a rough start, Damon realizes that the tough soldier, despite his protests, aches for someone to take control. And Tanner senses a hesitance, an insecurity in Damon that makes him wonder if he’s simply a placeholder for Jesse, or if their tentative connection could grow into something more. For Jesse’s sake, they agree to try one weekend together. Then duty calls, and a series of attacks that have been happening near the club hits too close to home, making both men wonder if giving their hearts is a maneuver fraught with too much risk…#MMRomance #KindleUnlimited

Stand In Place

Stand In Place

#MaryCalmesAmazon📚 summer won’t be enough….

Kaenon Geary was done fighting the small minds in his sleepy Texas town when he made his escape and never looked back. But now, for the first time in more than a decade, he’s returned to Braxton to spend the summer with his beloved grandmother—her final summer—and no longer recognizes the home he’d left behind all those years ago.

Everything has changed.

Everything but the man he’s never stopped wanting.

Brody Scott was the local football hero who became a gridiron champ, but he retired from the fast lane to forge a new life as the Chief Constable of Braxton. He longs to put down roots in the community he is now sworn to protect. Though he’s not at all sure he can protect his heart from the quiet, earnest boy he once knew. The boy who has come back a man.
Starting something would be a mistake. Kaenon plans to fly away at summer’s end, but his love is something Brody desperately wants to have…and to keep. Their days together are numbered. Unless some simple hometown magic can make all the right things bloom and show them the true definition of love.#MMRomance#KindleUnlimited

Alpha’s Surprise Baby (Burns Brothers Book 1)

Alpha’s Surprise Baby

(Burns Brothers Book 1)

#SkylerSnow Amazonđź“š burns is content with his life, well as content as you can be when you turn thirty-five and have no alpha or pups on the horizon.He’s managed to get everything else in his life under control… everything bu his heats.Colten’s always had a crush on his dad’s older omega friend. There was just something about the man that called to him, and it was only getting worse. His scent was driving Colt’s wolf crazy.Fated mated are a thing of the past, at least so he’s been told, but his wolf knows what he wants, and that’s Declan.What happens when these two are thrown together and Declan’s heat makes it hard for them to resist each other?Can they figure out their bond before it’s too late, or will outside forces and their own stubbornness keep them from the most precious gift the fates could give?
#MMRomance #KindleUnlimited

The Sweet Life

The Sweet Life

BLURB:Levi Croft was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. All he’s ever known is the life of luxury. That is until his parents came back from a trip overseas and decided it was time for Levi to earn his keep. At twenty-two years old, Levi has never worked a day in his life. He has no idea how to make it in the working world. Luckily or unluckily for him, his parents have a friend whose son is looking for help at his bakery. Levi is not on board with this plan. He wants to do something fun like, modeling or being an internet personality. The problem is, few people are huge fans of Levi. Unable to dodge the task his parents have put on him, Levi accepts the job. When Levi Croft walks into Tasty Treats, Jaxon Karr thinks it has to be a joke. When his parents told him they were sending him a part timer, he expected some high school kid who needed summer work. What he isn’t expecting is the spoiled and entitled Levi Croft. Neither man expects the arrangement to work. However, after working side by side, they begin to realize there is more to them than they expect and just how sweet life could be.
#MMRomance #KindleUnlimited

Saved by the Manny

Saved by the Manny (Manny’s Mannies Book 4)

#LoreleiMHart Amazonđź“š Lesson: Groupies are not the best choice of a mate. Alpha Edwin loves music. Unfortunately, he can’t carry a tune in a bucket. He can, however, run a sound system like a boss and soon finds himself touring the world with some of the biggest bands. He is living the dream: great music, a good living, and wonderful twin boys. His mate is…less wonderful, leaving him with his twins when she figures out Edwin is not the staircase to her own freedom. Life Lesson: Not everything you hear about concert tours is true—just the good parts. Pregnant Omega Judson needs a job and now. When he is offered a job teaching and tutoring two kids whose father tours with the biggest band on the billboard charts, his gut reaction is to decline. They are alcohol-and-drug-filled month-long parties, or so the rumor goes, and the one thing Judson doesn’t need is to be around a bunch of drunks. He had enough of that in his past career as an exotic dancer. Life Lesson: Always get it in print. Traveling across the world and teaching two of the most creative children turns out to be one of the more challenging things Judson has ever done. The most challenging part is keeping his hands, lips, teeth, and other parts away from his sexy boss, Edwin. It would be far easier if his boss didn’t flirt back. Iliana, the kids’ mother, comes around making noise about wanting the kids, and all semblance of normal—normal for a concert tour anyway—flies out the window. Threats are made, lawsuits are filed, and things get ugly quickly. Judson refuses to leave Edwin’s side, determined to help him keep his family and possibly make one of his own.#MMRomance #KindleUnlimited

Unreal: A McLain’s Last Chance Book #RachelKane

Unreal: A McLain’s Last Chance Book #RachelKane

BLURB:Devin Samuel McLain is the most vain, self-absorbed man I’ve ever met. That’s saying something, because I’m an actor. From the minute we meet at the movie set, he’s under my skin. It’s not just his body I’m attracted to. I know there’s something under that perfect exterior. But there’s no time to find it out. We’re temporary, we’ve both agreed. This is a one-time thing. I’m leaving town for my next role soon. It can’t last. No matter what I feel, it can’t. Samuel Someday life is going to be as perfect as in my pictures. Late afternoon on a tropical island, forever. For now I’m stuck in a small town with small men doing small things. Until superstar Devin walks into my life. Suddenly I can dream again, even though I know he’s not really mine. All I have to do is hide my past and let him think I’m perfect. Hide who I really am. But when I’m around him I don’t want to hide. When I’m around him I want to be real.
#MMRomance #KindleUnlimited

Aftercare (Ever After Book 1) by #TanyaChris

Aftercare (Ever After Book 1) by #TanyaChrisAmazonđź“š
BLURB:Aayan Denir knows Garrett Hillier was once a high-powered defense attorney, and—thanks to a leaked photograph—he knows Garrett is sexually submissive, which makes him ideally qualified to defend Aayan’s brother from the charge of murdering his sub. Aayan would do anything to protect Syed, even if he doesn’t understand how Syed could hurt someone he loves. He could never hurt Garrett. He only wants to take care of him—love him, serve him, cherish him. And maybe torture him. Just a little. Garrett probably shouldn’t be dating his client’s brother. Right? And what’s the use in a confirmed sub dating a guy who doesn’t want to be a Dom anyway? The important thing is to get Syed cleared of the discriminatory murder charge he’s facing. Aayan is a distraction. But for the first time in the three lonely years since Garrett’s husband died, he’s feeling hope, ambition, and desire. Can he give up the pain he craves to find the love he needs? As Syed’s trial date looms, Aayan and Garrett explore what a BDSM relationship means for them, and what they mean to each other. #MMRomance #KindleUnlimited

Afflicted to the Core: Wielder World Book 3 by #NatKennedy

Afflicted to the Core: Wielder World Book 3 by #NatKennedy

Amazon📚 BLURB:Reggie Wolfe religiously visits Kyle Landon—his student in Nerve detangling—at the Harpford Disentanglement Center, where the younger man has been incarcerated on trumped up charges. During one of Reggie’s visits, Kyle’s able to warn his teacher of an imminent unauthorized transfer by an unknown shadow agency. Reggie demands help from his sister at the Bureau of Wielder Services but is pressed to take the matter into his own hands when bureaucratic red-tape stymies her actions. Breaking into a secret medical installation, Reggie and August Whalen find Kyle and six other men hooked to IVs, unknown chemicals pumping into their systems. The three are caught up in a quest to find an antidote for the drugs and discover who is behind the powerful anti-male Wielder organization. On this dangerous road, will they forever remain friends or give in to their growing attraction? Afflicted to the Core is the steamy third novel of the Wielder World series #MMRomance #KindleUnlimited
Edge of Desperation: Wielder World Book 1 of Deception: Wielder World Book 2

Out for Sugar (Sugar Mansion Book 2) by #RCayden

Out for Sugar (Sugar Mansion Book 2) by #RCayden

Amazon📚 BLURB:Troy Hart is the hottest leading man on daytime television… and he hates it. There’s a reason it’s called straight acting, after all. But don’t be fooled by the macho swagger and bearskin rugs. The heartthrob’s heart just isn’t in it. For how good I am at strutting around and flexing my muscles, you’d think I enjoyed it. But the only worse fate I can think of is living through another tabloid scandal by coming out. And that’s exactly what I see when I look at Elliot and Vincent. One massive tabloid scandal. Famous gay sugar babies? Social media darlings? No way. Those guys are drop-dead beautiful, and they run around Los Angeles with the hottest executives and billionaire daddies in town. I mean, seriously, those twinks have their own hashtags! Me, getting with them? It would be the biggest scandal Hollywood has seen in years. I absolutely cannot fall for them. I cannot fall for their pouty lips, and their delicious laughs, and their beautiful, wild, unforgettable love… Out for Sugar is the second book in the Sugar Mansion series. It can be read alone or as the sequel to Sugar for Two.
#MMRomance #KindleUnlimited
Sugar for Two (Sugar Mansion Book 1) by #RCayden