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Knowing His Madness

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Knowing His Madness (Secrets of Windy Springs Book 4) Valarie Savage Kinney
Life hasn’t gone the way Dashiel Winston once thought it would. His ability has destroyed his marriage, wreaked havoc on his mind, and left him weighted by the burdens of his past decisions. At fifty-seven, he lives alone with little company beyond the voices vying for attention in his head. For too many years, he’s buried himself in the fantasy life he’s created; everyone who knows him sees him as the flamboyant, addled pirate, Captain Dash. He’s loving, he’s jovial… and his heart is about to break from the terrible pain it carries. When his deepest secrets are forced out in the open and his most treasured relationship threatened, he’s left with a choice: come clean about the decades of lies he’s built his life upon, or risk losing both his family and his sanity.

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Getting Schooled

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Getting Schooled by K. L. Ramsey- Author, Dakota Star, Chevoque, Allysia Myers, Kenadee Bryant, Rita Delude, Bella J, HL Nighbor, and Poppy Dubois is LIVE! One-Click Today!
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📚 BLURB 📚 There’s something wickedly tempting about a person who exudes passion, intelligence, and strict discipline. Then there’s the chase. The challenge. The test to see if you can persuade that one person bound by rules…to break them. Whether it’s the student who wants to teach his professor a lesson outside the classroom, or the girl who fantasizes about a private lecture from her English Lit professor—this anthology is all about breaking rules and getting a taste of forbidden fruit. When it comes to wanting something you can’t have, morals can easily get overruled… This class is now in session. Are you ready to get schooled?
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His Reluctant Cowboy by #ADEllis

His Reluctant Cowboy by #ADEllis #KindleUnlimited
Out-and-proud volunteer dance instructor, Reid Alexander, is a California boy accustomed to living in flashy luxury. He is less than thrilled upon inheriting his late grandfather’s South Dakota horse ranch. Yet he must endure three months of cowboy hell before he can even consider selling the property.As the ranch foreman, Walker Corrigan’s entire life is Pine Ridge. When Reid arrives with cold-hearted plans to sell, Walker endeavors to endear the place to the younger man.Reid is unprepared for the sudden attachment to Walker, the land, and – unbelievably enough – the horses.Walker’s long-suffering heart takes an unexpected gallop straight toward Reid. Both men are on-board with exploring their relationship, and Reid discovers ranch ownership is more gratifying than he’d once imagined.But Reid is forced to reconsider his place on the ranch when threats put the property and employees in danger.Menacing events call Reid’s integrity into question, and he considers saving everyone the hassle and throwing in the reins. But how can he leave when his heart now feels at home on Pine Ridge Ranch and in Walker’s arms?

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This is the highly anticipated conclusion to the Monroe Family series by Nicole Dykes!
Title: Unacceptable
Series: The Monroe Family #10
Author: Nicole Dykes
Release: December 13th 2018
I’m a Monroe.
My last name has defined me for as long as I can remember.
How I loved. How I lived. Who I am.
As proud as I am to be a Monroe and as much as I love my family, I need to break free from their sometimes-stifling protection.
It’s time to find out who I am, apart from being the youngest of this strong, tight-knit family. 
I’m a broken man.
But I didn’t get here completely on my own.
I was pushed into this hell I live in. Now, I’m determined to make my greatest enemy and former friend, Michael Monroe, pay.
And I know exactly how to do it. I will break him. And I’ll go through her to do it, even if it kills me.
***This is technically the final book in the Monroe Family series. Although it can be read as a standalone, I strongly urge you to read Unbreakable and Unbroken (at least) to better connect with this story
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Unacceptable (The Monroe Family #10)
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Jingle Balls

Winter had no idea how Jingle accomplished it, but he found his face mashed up against the cabin wall, his arm wrenched up his back. Jingle pressed against him; his breath hot against his ear.

“Was I going too slow for you? Is this what you wanted?” Jingle yanked his arm higher; the pain made Winter gasp, but at least his chest had stopped stinging.

“You think you can manipulate me, Junior? You don’t fool me. You’re playing with someone who knows what you’re thinking, and it’s got nothing to do with us looking alike. I know what you crave, even if you don’t. You want someone to need you so damn bad they forget about nice, they forget about everything but possessing you, mind, body, and soul. You want them to need to experience every gasp, every breath; to push you to heights you can’t reach on your own. Stop fighting yourself, stop fighting me. And when you’re ready, I’ll do something about it.”

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Beta-Earth Chronicles by Wesley Britton.

Alien Vision presents a collection of short stories and sketches from the Beta-Earth Chronicles by Wesley Britton.

Alpha Tales 2044, opens on Beta-Earth when two genetically-enhanced mutants are forced to recover a stolen secret, the cure to the ancient Plague-With-No-Name that defined a planet for millennia. Then we jump across the multi-verse to our earth, Alpha-Earth, where police Captain Mary Carpenter infiltrates a gang of White Supremacists who want to purify Texas after decades of climate change and weaponized plagues. Still on Alpha, we leap ahead in time to 40 years in the future where Mary Carpenter joins up with four aliens, two from Beta-Earth, two from Serapin-Earth. All four share the same father, The Blind Alien from Alpha-Earth. They’ve traveled across the multi-verse to tell us about their worlds. But Alphans, scarred by the devastations to our world, are unhappy about learning about very different cultures from anything we’ve ever known and especially hearing about multiple deities. So the alien band are forced to go on the run and take sanctuary in a First Nation domed city in British Columbia. But their sanctuary doesn’t last long. Forced to travel further into the Canadian wilderness, the family encounters a pair of Sasquatch who change everything for them. They learn about the many definitions of what it means to be human. Alpha Tales 2044, is a collection of stories that are part sci-fi, part murder mysteries, part horror, and part social commentary. But completely full of the unexpected, surprises, and tales, unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Official Released 8/12 price $0.99 iBook, Nook and Kobo: Where to buy Amazon:

About the Author

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary universe revealed by the most original storytelling you’ll ever experience. “Science fiction yes, but so much more.” Besides his 33 years in the classroom, Dr. Wesley Britton considers his Beta-Earth Chronicles the most important work he’s ever done. “I suppose an author profile is intended to be a good little biography,” Britton says, “but the best way to know who I am is to read my novels.” Still, a few things you might like to know about Wes include the fact he’s the author of four non-fiction books on espionage in the media, most notably The Encyclopedia of TV Spies (2009). Beginning in 1983, he was a widely published poet, article writer for a number of encyclopedias, and was a noted scholar of American literature. Since those days, for sites like and, Britton wrote over 500 music, book, and movie reviews. For seven years, he was co-host of online radio’s Dave White Presents for which he contributed celebrity interviews with musicians, authors, actors, and entertainment insiders.

Starting in fall 2015, his science fiction series, The Beta-Earth Chronicles, debuted with The Blind Alien. Throughout 2016, four sequels followed including The Blood of Balnakin, When War Returns, A Throne for an Alien, and The Third Earth. Return to Alpha was the sixth volume of this multi-planetary epic. Britton earned his doctorate in American Literature at the University of North Texas in 1990. He taught English at Harrisburg Area Community College until his retirement in 2016. He serves on the Board of Directors for Vision Resources of Central Pennsylvania.

Where to find Wesley online. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Amazon: Goodreads: Mailing list sign up:

EXCERPT: From Last Night Of The Colective

I vividly remember the afternoon when Jrin Rol, the second-in-command of our security unit, and I stepped onto the ground floor of the Hotel Domino in the new city called Monte Carlo. The hotel was an entertainment center named after yet another Alpha game Malcolm Renbourn had brought to our planet. It should have been named Hotel Backgammon for all the pointed spikes of alternating colors on the floors and walls.

On this day, I was listening to Jrin’s wistful hopes for an extended leave from service so she could deepen her studies in linguistic morphologies, geographic spatial patterns, and other analytical investigative techniques that would make her far more than a skilled expert in stealth and counter-espionage operations. I was becoming more and more impressed with what I heard as we walked into the dining hall.

Then, my blood chilled. In one moment, I felt as if I’d drank a bath shell-sized cocktail of adrenaline and dread. Sitting alone at a table in the corner was First Helprim Kiem Holenris from ital, the supreme head of the Munchen Collective. The last I’d seen of this seeming old crone had been in my offices in Bercumel. On that day, Holendris had let me know my life was on the line if I continued my then-pointless, personal war with my bond-family. For, like her, my genetically-enhanced mutations had come at a cost. The little pills the Collective now provided me slowed the metabolic rushing of time that aged such as us much faster than our years. If I wanted to live a healthy and beautiful life and for a good long time, I needed the pills only the Collective could provide me.

Holendris looked like a woman who’d seen four generations of descendants from her womb. But she was merely the age of my own mother. Like me, her appearance concealed a body of extraordinary gifts. Unlike me, she had started her pill regimen much later in her life than I had, hence her aged face and deceptively marked skin. On this day, while her lips were twisted in an almost skullish smile, her eyes sent a clear message to me across the wide hall of tables and happy noises.

“Child,” they wordlessly told me, “bring your sun-drenched bronze skin and bright, blonde hair over here to me. You must come to me now. A matter of dire importance awaits you. Awaits us.”

I looked to Jrin, who understood my own silent signal. We slowly made our way to the Helprim’s round, polished white table where Kiem studied our movements with practiced eyes. She nodded as we came close and indicated two chairs.

“Sit, little kitty,” she cooed. “Sit, Jrin Rol of the Mask-Painters.”

Wordlessly, we took our places as serving hands quickly brought us trays of beverages. Kiem waited until the hands departed and took a sip of her own red pravine, then said softly, “Thank you for your quick compliance, as what I am here to discuss requires some delicacy.”

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Take My Heart


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★”Another slam dunk for me by Lisa Suzanne.” – Sweet Sexy Escape
★”Lisa has mastered the Rock Star romance genre and keeps me begging for more!” – Bookworm Between the Sheets


When my manager pushes me into starring on Take My Heart, a new celebrity dating show, I think she’s crazy. Then she shows me the bottom line. Between the money and the exposure for my band, I can’t turn it down… even though the last thing I want to find is love.

I promised the guys nothing would change, yet everything has, including the feelings I have for the one girl who is off-limits.

How can I give my heart when it’s already taken?

★”This hilarious romance read was a train wreck I couldn’t look away from!” -Rotella Reads
★”I couldn’t put this book down.” -Bangor Besties Book Blog
★”Such a fun read!” -Angela’s Book Addiction

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A Vampire’s Thirst: A Deadly Masquerade

A Vampire’s Thirst: A Deadly Masquerade
by A K Michaels

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A Masquerade Ball…A secret gathering of Bloodmates…And an ancient Vampire who wants them dead!

Victor Strong has organized a top-secret Ball to be held in Scotland and invited some unusual guests; the newly-found
Bloodmated couples. The Directive helps in his plans and all looks perfect…until it doesn’t. 

Attacks on guests alert him and his friends, Quinn and Flint, that their location has been leaked and danger is around every corner…Vampires and Shifters are on a quest to hunt their enemies and their end game is obvious: death to all.

Can they survive the evil that has invaded Quinn’s castle? Or will they succumb to the horde clamoring at their doorstep with murder in their hearts?

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#NewRelease: Lines is LIVE and #FREE with Kindle Unlimited! 
Hot New Release in Teen & YA Contemporary Romance Category! 
“The story is fast paced and an emotional whirlwind. There’s a passion that burns just beneath their skin. A mere kiss sets it free. The drama of youth and the doubts that plague their minds make for a fun and entertaining read.” – Up All Night With Books
Lines is a phenomenal book with an awesome story and fantastic characters.” – Vera Is Reading
Available now and FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

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╔✫˜🎄˜🦌°•.✫🎀✫.•°🦌˜🎄˜✫╗ .★. Controlling Expectations .★. .★. By Anna Edwards .★. ╚✫˜🎄˜🦌°•.✫🎀✫.•°🦌˜🎄˜✫╝

.★. Controlling Expectations .★.
       .★.  By Anna Edwards  .★.
   .N░E░W.   .R░E░L░E░A░S░E.
      A Control Series Christmas
       ☃️°•.Themed Novella.•°☃️

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Available in Kindle Unlimited for Christmas
Cover Designer: Charity Hendry

°•.✫🎀✫.•° Blurb:
Alexia Davies maybe a Domme but she isn’t one by preference. She’s yet to find a lover who can satisfy her in the way she desires and until she does she’ll keep all the control. Will her kidnapper be the perfect present from Old Saint Nick?

Hot bloodied Mafia member, Marco Russo’s father would have you believe his son is evil to the core. Reputation is everything in their way of life but does Marco want something different. Can a frozen Las Vegas adventure with a feisty captive show him a future that lays elsewhere?

Expectation can leave you drowning but fight against it, because to be yourself is the greatest gift of all.
This story can be read as a standalone.

°•.✫🎀✫.•° About Anna

Anna hails from the rural countryside near London.  She previously worked as an accountant, and while she still does a bit of accountancy on occasion, the majority of her time is now spent writing and looking after her family.

An avid reader herself, Anna turned to writing to combat depression and anxiety after her diagnosis in 2015. She loves travel, hunky heroes with dirty mouths, demure but spunky heroines, and dramatic suspense. You will find all four woven into each of her magical stories.

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