The Best Man

Title: The Best Man: A Novel
Author: Kat Tammen
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 9, 2018
Emelia Sullivan and Andy Dalton have been friends since they were five years old—the day his family moved in to the house next door. Connected by bedroom windows that faced each other and a treehouse they shared in the backyard, the two became lifelong best friends. Emelia loved Andy with all her heart.

But not like she loved his older brother, Samuel.

Tall, handsome, and the absolute best at everything he ever did, Samuel Dalton captured Emelia’s heart without even trying. He was her first, and longest-lasting, crush. 

Children grow up and move away from home. With effort, some ties are strengthened by time. Some are frayed, on the verge of breaking.

For Emelia, coming home to see Andy over summer break is easy. Finding out Samuel is home for the summer too, however, provides a challenge she is determined to overcome. Will a friendly competition for the title of “Best Man” help Samuel see Emelia is not the same little girl he left behind years ago?

No matter how long she’s been away, home is the place Emelia can count on, where everything always stays the same.
Until it all changes. 

Kat Tammen lives with her husband and son in a small town in Illinois, just across the river from St. Louis, Missouri. A true blue Cancerian, she enjoys writing stories which take readers on an emotional roller-coaster ride. From laughing to crying, and everything in between, she writes authentic and relatable characters readers care about.
A firm believer that life is too short to not have fun, she tries not to take herself too seriously. She’s been known to break into song mid-sentence, and frequently recites random movie quotes. She wishes sarcasm had its own font and thinks wine should be considered its own food group. She’s also very proud of the fact that she can solve a Rubik’s Cube. Most of all- she truly believes all you need is love.




Determined to Master


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“What an amazing series… These stories are intense with plenty of passion and sizzling hot sex scenes.” – Redrabbitt’s Books & Reviews


Six wealthy bachelors, content playing the field and indulging their BDSM kinks.

Five women who enter their lives unexpectedly, bringing issues most men would steer clear of.

They aren’t most men.  They’re dominant.  Protective.  And ruthless when someone they care about is threatened.

Contains all five books in the Virginia Bluebloods series, hot alpha males, strong but vulnerable women, and HEA’s.



Often by Danielle Norman is now available on Audible!


Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations….

He wore suits, and I wore biker boots.
He went to university, and I went to trade school.
He lived in a big home, and I lived in a tiny apartment.

When my world was turned upside down, he took me in his arms and promised to help me find a new direction.

Now I’ve lost my job, I’ve been separated from my friends, and any day, an eviction notice was bound to show up.
Unfortunately, my journey was tougher than he had imagined.

When nothing goes right, look who’s left.

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Whiskey Girl


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“The writing was beautiful and captivating, the characters were perfectly imperfect, and the story… well, it was flawless.” – AR Myles, Amazon Bestselling Author

“A slow-burning, heart-pullin’ second chance story I couldn’t put down.” – Goodreads reviewer


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She was the one thing holding him together. Until she was gone.
And then there was whiskey.

Fallon Gentry has spent the last decade reliving one dark night in his head. The moment he lost the woman he loved when a single blink cascaded into a series of events that stole both of their lives. Now his nights are spent playing music in southern honky-tonks and nursing the memory of her the only way he knows how–at the bottom of a whiskey bottle.

A brief stint in Nashville, a hit song, and a brush with Hollywood couldn’t bring him closer to God, but when the ghost of Augusta Belle Branson appears in his corner of another lonely dive bar late after dark, he’s forced to confront everything he thought he knew about that fateful night, and a few things he didn’t.

He’s her contradiction, she’s his salvation.

A firestorm of emotion consumes them when they come together after ten lost years, every moment more revealing, more unpredictable, more intoxicating than the next until the only reckoning left for Fallon is the one he must make with himself. But this time, fate may have left an after-burn too bitter to swallow. This time, he may lose his whiskey girl for good.

An unforgettable, epic love story about two lost souls who, against all odds, find themselves through their passion and music. Filled with raw emotion, this lyrical, all-the-feels masterpiece may catapult Adriane Leigh into the league of Colleen Hoover, Brittainy Cherry, and L.J. Shen. — Nelle L’Amour, New York Times Bestselling author of THAT MAN

Edge of Retribution by #JacobChance


Edge of Retribution

Publication Date: May 8, 2018
#KU #Suspense

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“Edge of Retribution is brilliant… it is suspense at its absolute damn finest.” – Goodreads reviewer

“If you like thrill mixed with some steamy romance, this is the book for you and one that you will not forget!” – Goodreads reviewer


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Landing my dream job has me eagerly looking toward the future. But when I see Nash Garrison after six long years, my world is thrown completely off its axis.

He was my only friend and confidant during the worst days of my life, and I fell hopelessly in love with him. No eighteen year old girl could resist his protective nature and charming grin. I was no exception.

Now, together, we’re about to bring down the man responsible for my parents’ deaths. Revenge has been the driving force fueling every decision I’ve ever made – except for Nash.

What is it about him that sends the most rational parts of my brain into a tailspin? And how do I balance on the edge of retribution without tumbling into heartbreak once more?

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The Ruthless Gentleman by #LouiseBay


The Ruthless Gentleman

Publication Date: May 5, 2018

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“This slow burn, delicious, sexy read left me wanting more… I simply can’t get enough of her writing” – LJ Shen, Washington Post and USA Today bestselling author

“I couldn’t put this one down until THE END! Read. The. Book! You will adore the angst, steam, and the HEA.” – A.M.Hargrove, USA Today Bestselling Author


As a chief stewardess on luxury superyachts, I massage egos, pamper the spoiled and cater to the most outlandish desires of the rich and famous.

I’ve never had a guest want something I can’t give them. Until British businessman Hayden Wolf comes aboard—all sexy swagger and mysterious requests.

He wants me.

And Hayden Wolf’s a man who’s used to getting exactly what he demands.

Despite being serious and focused. Demanding and ruthless. He’s also charming when I least expect it as well as being devastatingly handsome with an almost irresistible smile.

But guests are strictly off limits and I’ve never broken a rule. Not even bent one. My family are depending on me and I can’t lose my job.

Only problem is Hayden Wolf is looking at me like I just changed his life. And he’s touching me like he’s about to change mine.

A standalone romance.


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Ride: Complete Three Book MC Dark Romantic Suspense Series by #KaileeReeseSamuels


Ride: Complete Three Book MC Dark Romantic Suspense Series

Publication Date: May 4, 2018
Ride Series by @Kailee Reese Samuels is #NowAvailable
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Barnes & Noble:
❝Bad boys and naughty girls provide the tone for this hot motorcycle romance in the world of Juliet. Take on all three books: Fluff, Bounce, and Raw in this “favorite of 2017.”
Set within the Juliet world, this series is standalone and will leave you breathless and begging for more. Meet the major players Dale, Amber, Sal, and Deacon as you ride alongside them in their journey to find love.❞
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Bittersweet by #CarmenJenner



Publication Date: May 1, 2018

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Bittersweet by Carmen Jenner & Lauren K. McKellar is LIVE!

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From two USA Today bestselling authors comes a tale of miscommunication and muffins.

Romy Love knows weddings. As the author of a hugely successful wedding blog, you’d think she’d have love covered. It is her last name, after all.
When it comes to her big day, Romy has the flowers picked out, a dress collecting dust in the back of her closet, and a preacher on standby. There’s just one problem: the groom doesn’t know it yet.

Romy has eyes for the Italian coffee god and single dad who owns the bakery in her building—she also has plans for his delicious buns—but in order to get her happily-ever-after, she has a few things to check off her list first:

Lose twenty pounds

Take over the blogging world one wedding at a time

Make Coffee Hottie fall in love with me

Yeah, this shouldn’t be difficult at all.

About the Authors

Carmen Jenner and Lauren K. McKellar are USA Today bestselling authors of a combined twenty-seven books.
They share a love of rom-com, hot baristas and muffins.
You can find more of their books on their websites: &

Connect with the Authors:

Carmen Jenner:

Lauren K. McKellar:

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King’s Wrath (Sydney Storm MC Book 5) by #NinaLevine


King’s Wrath (Sydney Storm MC Book 5)

Publication Date: April 28, 2018
KING’S WRATH BY NINA LEVINE IS LIVE! “King is THE definition of alpha male.” – Amazon Reviewer Amazon US: Amazon UK: Amazon AU: Amazon CA: iBoooks: Nook: Kobo: Google Play: If you love your bikers dirty, dark and f@cked up, I know you’ll love King as much as I do!

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Start the series for FREE: _________________________ Meet the enigma that is King. Our love wasn’t like everyone else’s. There wasn’t a first date or flowers and gifts. We didn’t have a song or cute nicknames for each other. There were no calls during the day to check in with me, no coming home to cook me dinner, and no foot massages at the end of a long day. That wasn’t how he loved. But love me he did. Madly, deeply, passionately, completely. King loved with everything he had. He just loved a little differently to most. This is King’s story. From the beginning. All the ugly and all the beautiful. Add on Goodreads:

“Once again Nina Levine has blown my expectations out of the water and left me reeling. This book has been worth the wait.” – Reviewer

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