Louisa Masters’s Miss Fix-It

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A hot cop, a handywoman in killer heels, and a not-so-idle threat… it’s going to take more than a pink hammer to fix-it.
Veronica, a self confessed girly-girl, often finds herself labelled a bimbo—and just doesn’t care. An ex-economist turned handyperson, Vee is not afraid to be female, period. So what if it happens to be in a male-dominated industry?
When Vee threatens a client with a hammer to ward off his wandering hands, she finds herself at the local police station facing charges of assault. There she meets Detective Cole Samuels, and the sparks thrown off by their mutual animosity are combustive. They quickly become involved in a hot and heavy relationship, leaping one hurdle after another. Things finally seem to be working out when Vee’s workplace is vandalized, a message left… and suddenly, that crank call and the near-miss with the crazy driver don’t seem to be harmless incidents anymore. Vee’s stalker rapidly escalates in violence, leaving Cole determined to find him before Vee gets hurt….
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Connected in Pain (Ravage MC Rebellion Series Book 1) by Ryan Michele


Connected in Pain (Ravage MC Rebellion Series Book 1) by Ryan Michele is #NowAvailable!

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New Club
New Brothers
Same Family Connection


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The Scythian Trials by Elizabeth Isaacs


#1 Amazon Bestseller in YA Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Romance!

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Descendants of the Amazons, the Scythians work alongside prominent governments but answer to no one. Warriors living on the fringe of civilization, they live by one credo: Strength through Equality. Power through Knowledge.

Nya Thalestris is the brightest Scythian of her generation. Strong, capable, ruthless, she is sure to earn a spot in the Trials, a time-honored mating ritual responsible for the evolution of her species.

Abducted by their sworn enemy, the Drahzda, Nya is forever altered and spirals out of control. The Society sends in Jax Nickius. Infamous psychologist and one of the most brutal warriors of their kind, he discovers triggers planted in Nyaís mind. As Nya solidifies her spot in the Trials, Jax develops a plan to help her heal–while pursuing her as a mate. But, Nyaís attraction to Jax is at war with her instinct to never let anyone get too close.

During the Trials, Nyaís repressed memories surface, revealing a new enemy–one from inside the consulate wallsóand a traitorous alliance on the horizon that could irrevocably change the course of history.

Since before the Bronze Age, the Society has managed to safeguard humanity from itself … until now.


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Elizabeth Isaacs is an author, teacher, and publishing professional who began her career as a national presenter for Resource Profiles, where she developed teacher seminars designed to foster creative brain stimulation. Moving into formal education, she helped at-risk students improve their writing skills as well as created and implemented a creative writing/blogging program that centered on teaching the 21st-century learner. Works stemming from this initiative were published online and seen in over 40 countries.

Elizabeth receives invitations to speak nationwide at schools and book clubs. She runs the popular author group, Writers Etc., which helps bridge the gap between the publishing and film industry. The writer support group promotes and interacts with authors, playwrights, filmmakers, and educators throughout the world. Elizabeth has a Master’s degree from Austin Peay State University, where she studied classical opera. She graduated Magna Cum Laude and was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society.

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The Misfits


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💜Add it to your TBR: https://tinyurl.com/y94xnnq6 ❤The Misfits Anthology:
This romantically themed anthology about complicated couples will have you ready to fall in love. In this set you will get 20 multi-genre stories from 20 different authors. From Best-Selling to brand new these authors will have you curled up this winter with your Kindle, laughing, crying, and reading never before read stories to make you swoon and fall in love, all while benefitting a charity that is close to all of the author’s hearts involved in this creation. Join the authors on this journey to do what we can to help ASAN: Autistic Self Advocacy Network.

💛Photography by: Eric David Battershell
Model: Joshua Sean McCann
Cover Design: Letitia Hasser
Release Date: November 7, 2018

💙Charity: ASAN – Autistic Self Advocacy Network.
You can find more information about them here: http://autisticadvocacy.org 💟This book has over 800 pages of stories with complex characters or relationships that might not fit the mold of what should be. The love stories are complex and ready for you to fall in love with the twenty stories from:

Kimberly Knight
Elizabeth York
Heather Anne
F. Bradshaw
Casey Hagen
A.E. Folk
Stacy McWilliams
Jaime Russell
Sidonia Rose Author
Amber Nation
CL Matthews
Daisy Nathaniels
Author N Nieto
Emmy Gatrell
Cloud S. Riser
Gillian Zane
Sarah Ellison
Nikole Marshall
Sara Schoen

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Slow Burn by Danielle Norman


This fire has finally ignited.
Slow Burn by Danielle Norman is LIVE!!!

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Paris changed me.
Not the city.
The girl. The woman. The center of my world.
From the first time we held hands on the school bus, to our first kiss, we carefully moved toward one thing.
The day that I’d ask her to be mine.

How was I to know that she thought friends couldn’t be lovers?
I’ll prove her wrong.
When her world turns upside down, I’ll be there.
When she’s feeling lost, I’ll be there.
After all, a spark can smolder for years before it begins to burn.

Grab Stetson – the standalone debut of the Iron Horse Series – too!
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Tordan Cyborg Warriors

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A cyborg with no past. An elf with no magic. Together, their love can save their world.

Tordan woke from his chip to find out he’s a Cyborg. Filled with rage and confusion, he has no memories of his past or who he is, and no idea what freed him. But he feels a powerful, unexplainable connection to the elven prisoner in the last cell.

Deprived of her magic, princess Aielle willingly faces death to keep her people’s secrets. The last thing she expects is to be rescued by one of the sexy and lethal cyborgs enslaved by them.

Now they’re fugitives, and the secrets they are hiding are the keys to freedom for them both. Can they trust each other enough to save the world?

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About Immortal Angel

Immortal Angel is always writing. Her specialty? Science fiction / fantasy romances that drop readers into a new world and leave them hanging on until the very end.

Growing up on sci-fi, fantasy, and romance; she can’t help but weave these elements into her stories. Which, luckily for her readers, results in a whole lot of hot human men, supernatural males, and some very sexy aliens.

Immortal Angel loves to hear from her readers, and of course, she wants to hear from you! Feel free to contact her by any of the methods below:

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The Cowboy’s Baby


The Cowboy’s Baby: Mpreg Romance (Black Meadow Ranch Book 1)

Cole Bradford needed a new start for him and his unborn child. After leaving his ex, he goes to the two people who could center him: his parents. Promising himself that he would solely focus on raising his child, he’s completely blindsided by his sudden attraction for his parents’ boss, Kane Cartwright.

Kane Cartwright’s only focus is the successful management of his dude ranch, the Black Meadow. He’s satisfied with his life as a bachelor and does not want the responsibility of a lover or children. Until the smart-mouthed New Yorker showed up on his ranch looking for his dads. And suddenly, Kane found himself attracted and wanting a man who’s pregnant with another man’s baby.

This story is an Omegaverse and Non-shifter.


Semiramis Series by Maya Daniels


Semiramis Series by Maya Daniels 

Sir’s Rise by Red Phoenix


NOW LIVE!!! Sir’s Rise by Red Phoenix is available now!!!

“Sir’s Rise is hot and brings the word sexy to a whole new level!” – Crystal’s Book World

“Red Phoenix never fails to bring on the feels as well as the heat!” – Ceej’s Life Reads

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Explosive and hot!

I know her unspoken desire when she gives me that coy look before disappearing into the row of library books…

I’ve always had the natural ability to unlock a woman’s hidden desires, but my life takes a complete 180 when I’m introduced to my true calling.

In my journey to become a Master, I make it my mission to indulge my submissives, as well as challenge them.

But I’ve discovered something equally valuable in the process. Family.

When everything I’ve worked for is threatened, I am ready to fight—and I am a man who will do whatever it takes to protect what’s mine.

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Accidentally Yours by Ilsa Ames


NOW LIVE & ONLY 99c!!! Accidentally Yours by Ilsa Ames is available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!!!

a fast paced, sweet but incredibly HOT romance” – Booked Mercy

This fast-paced story is layered with passion, sweetness, some twists and turns and sizzling chemistry” – Amazon reviewer

US: https://amzn.to/2qwpEA3
UK: https://amzn.to/2OpGiLb
CA: https://amzn.to/2FfafP4
AU: https://amzn.to/2Dplin4

Possessive, dominant, undeniable.
She and I are strangers,
But there’s a billion-dollar inheritance at stake.
It’s simple: get fake-married, get the money.
But I don’t want her for a little while. I want her for always.

It’s all supposed to be pretend. Get fake married, have a kid, prove I can have a family, and I get a billion-dollar inheritance from the father I always hated.

It’s all pretend, until I say “I do”. And suddenly, I don’t want sweet, innocent, sassy little June “just for now”. I want her forever.

We’re supposed to play the part for the cameras and the lawyers. I’m not supposed to fall for her. I’m not supposed to want her like this. I’m not supposed to totally fucking lose myself in claiming her body, and possessing her, and just wanting more of her.

We faked it at the altar. But there’s no faking it in the bedroom. It’s all supposed to be pretend. But once I get my hands on her, she’ll know I’m playing for keeps.

I’m her first. Oh, and she’ll be my last. She’ll be my everything, forever, even if she doesn’t know it yet.

This was all about the money at first. Now, it’s all about her.

Accidentally Yours is a full-length contemporary arranged-marriage romance. Hot, steamy, and all the feels, with one extra-hot obsessed alpha hero. Safe, no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed happy ever after!