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Christmas Music by Q. Marlowe is back and now available everywhere!


Christmas Music by Q. Marlowe is back and now available everywhere!

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A girl with a broken heart. A guy with a broken family. And a Christmas dream that will bring them together.

Olivia Johns has tried the real world, and failed. She had the record contract… and a boyfriend who stole that contract, along with her music.

Now she’s heading home for Christmas, escaping the real world and trying to get her feet under her.

Connor Wheating knows a thing or two about having his feet knocked out from under him. He was on the verge of getting signed to his first record contract when his dad was diagnosed with cancer.

Now he finds himself home for the holidays… and missing the future he was polishing for himself.

But Christmas doesn’t only bring snow and holly. In Arberry, North Carolina, it also brings the Annual Music Festival. The competition: fierce. The reward: a shiny new record contract with one of the biggest labels in the industry.

When Olivia and Connor find themselves in an unwilling partnership, working together—and against each other—for the same prize, the chemistry between them growing by the minute…

Christmas wishes might actually come true.

Two lost souls looking for a way out. A Christmas music contest. And an unwilling partnership that leaves them both longing for something more.

Christmas Music is a sweet small-town Christmas novella that features cowboys, hopeless romance, and a heroine willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, and is the prequel to the Southern Heroes series.

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Cowboys and Cupcakes, by Jodi Payne and BA Tortuga, is available now!


Cowboys and Cupcakes, by Jodi Payne and BA Tortuga, is available now!

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It’s an instant friendship when baker and introvert Jax finds an excuse to rescue Saw, an injured veteran in rehab, from an overwhelming moment. Their issues and quirks seem to fit together in a strange and complicated way, and they quickly discover they want more, but neither of them has thought much beyond the present moment. Could they actually have a future together? Or are they destined to be just friends?

Cowboys and Cupcakes is a standalone, opposites attract, hurt/comfort romance featuring a veteran soldier/former rodeo cowboy and a reclusive baker, with a side of holiday magic.


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Souls of the Dead by Brenda Trim and Tia Didmon is now live and #free in #KindleUnlimited!


Souls of the Dead by Brenda Trim and Tia Didmon is now live and #free in #KindleUnlimited!


Endless twilight is an apocalyptic sign, and the sun just refused to set.

I’m still reeling from the death of my second in command when Artemis informs me that the human realm was breached by another god and there are catastrophic consequences.

In the wake of this revelation, we are all surprised by the arrival of a new council member and the dark faction associated with him. But I am tasked with tracking down an artifact tampering with our world while fighting my growing attraction to the fae representative.

Will I accept help from a royal advisor to end this threat, or am I one soul surge away from destruction?

Find out what lurks in the shadows of Ravenholde by reading Souls of the Dead, the new Paranormal Women’s Fiction series readers are comparing to Shannon Mayer, K.F. Breene, and Victoria Dannan.

One click to start this Magical Midlife adventure now!

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Stranded in Lake Mistletoe by Amber Kelly


𝐒𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐝 𝐢𝐧 𝐋𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐌𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐥𝐞𝐭𝐨𝐞, a holly jolly steamy Christmas tale, by Amber Kelly is live! Get into the festive mood with this holiday romance! 


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Balancing my career with being a single dad has become a bit of a challenge. According to my daughter, Cobie, I’m a world-traveling workaholic who doesn’t spend enough quality time with her. So, this year, I’m whisking her off to Paris for a two week Christmas vacation of a lifetime and leaving work behind, except for a brief stop in Lake Mistletoe, Idaho to snap photos for a travel magazine feature.

Cobie and I are forced to seek refuge in the town’s cozy Gingerbread Inn when one of our bags, the one holding our passports, goes missing. As days turn into nights, I start to discover the charm of Lake Mistletoe and its tight-knit community. Along the way, I find myself slowly letting go of my rigid work-focused mindset, and opening up to new experiences and relationships, while Cobie embraces the small town ambiance.

An unlikely bond develops with Sela Prince, a local with a warm heart and a penchant for seeing the beauty in everyday things. I’m attracted to her tenacity and vibrance for life. As we share stories, laughter, and challenges, our connection deepens and I’m finding it hard to remember the reasons why I can’t stay.

When the holidays are over and our blissful bubble bursts, I have to decide if I want to return to my fast-paced life or embrace the newfound love and sense of belonging I’ve found in Lake Mistletoe. With Sela and Cobie by my side, can I take a chance on a different kind of future?

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NOW LIVE! What Doesn’t Kill Us by MercyAnn Summers is available now + FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited!

NOW LIVE! What Doesn’t Kill Us by MercyAnn Summers is available now + FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited!

This book was fabulous!!!” – Goodreads reviewer

Dark and delicious. What a ride!” – Amazon reviewer


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The Ends Duet Continues…..


I disappeared.
It was unexpected.
Incredibly inconvenient even, but if it meant she was safe, then so be it.
After a tireless search for a nameless, faceless enemy – still, they remain elusive.
Each day that goes by without her is excruciating.
But I know, she will never be satisfied until she’s back by my side.
Spitting mad and out for blood, she knows what buttons to push to get me there, reminding me of who she belongs to.


He disappeared.
It was shocking.
Agonizingly painful even, but if it meant he was alive, then so be it.
After assiduously searching, I will not accept that he is lost to me.
But as each day that goes by, breathing increasingly becomes exhausting.
Until one day, he’s there; fueled by rage and out for revenge – determined to remind me who I belong to.

Also available in the Ends Duet + read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited

#1 Ends of Being

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NOW LIVE! Contempt by Sam Mariano is available now + FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited!

NOW LIVE! Contempt by Sam Mariano is available now + FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited!

“The Queen of dark romance is back & better than ever!” – Amazon reviewer
“Perfection” – Amazon reviewer
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My stepbrother, my tormentor…
I had a plan to get through senior year. Get good grades, stay busy with clubs, don’t forget to carve out time for Mom and Hannah, and most importantly, stay far, far away from Landon Atwater.

That plan collapsed at the end of summer when my mom announced her surprise engagement… to Landon’s father.

Now, I have to live with the jerk who has spent years tormenting me. At school, I could make sure we weren’t in the same classes and turn the other way if I saw him in the halls, but avoiding him gets a lot harder when I’m living in his seaside mansion.

Especially because he doesn’t want to be avoided.

Landon has always loved taunting and controlling me, but now he has the ultimate advantage and he’s not afraid to use it. Landon is the chaos machine that could blow up this newly minted family—and my mom’s chance at happiness—and, unfortunately for me, he knows I won’t let him.

I was prepared to be on my guard at school, but I didn’t plan to spend senior year avoiding capture in my own home.

Unfortunately, it seems Landon has a plan of his own.

And no lock on my bedroom door is going to keep him from accomplishing it.
Contempt is book three in the Coastal Elite series! Readers first meet Parker and Landon in book two, Undertow. Contempt is intended for a mature adult audience, and anyone requiring trigger warnings is urged to read the author’s note at the beginning of the book.
🖤 Enemies-to-lovers
💚 Bad boy/good girl pairing
🖤 Jealous/possessive hero
💚 Stepbrother romance
🖤 Deliciously dominant dubcon 🙃🥵
💚 Be mine… or else.

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Shallow Submission by Golden Angel Romances is now live on all platforms!!

Shallow Submission by Golden Angel Romances is now live on all platforms!!


There’s only one rule: keep your hands and heart to yourself.

Master Asad is a perennial playboy with a serious problem. Years of no-strings-attached fun has left him without a suitable date for his younger brother’s wedding. Since going alone would put him in his meddling mother’s crosshairs for an entire week, he needs somebody — literally anybody — by his side.

Enter Morgan. She’s gorgeous, fun, and not interested in anything serious. In fact, Asad can’t wait to get his hands on her again. And though she’s grateful to her newfound friends for rescuing her from years of abuse, she’s beginning to bristle at all the rules they want her to follow. Eager to escape the overprotective Marquis Doms, she jumps at the chance to get away from it all and play Asad’s fake girlfriend for the week.

The catch? The other Masters want Asad to keep his hands to himself. For the entire trip.

But Morgan has her own plans and Master Asad has never been one to play by the rules. After all, who will know?

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Westward Bound, a Jackson Brothers prequel by Maddie Taylor, is now live and #free to read with #KindleUnlimited!

Westward Bound, a Jackson Brothers prequel by Maddie Taylor, is now live and #free to read with #KindleUnlimited!


True love conquers all, but can it survive in the Wild West?

With the threat of war growing more real by the day, Henry Jackson faces an impossible choice. Virginia is divided, with half the state poised to secede, leaving the Jackson family farm teetering on the very border that will divide the north and south. To protect his wife and their three teenage boys, Henry accepts the government’s promise of land and a fresh start in the untamed western territories. 

Despite the distance from the unrest, the Jacksons exchange one danger for another. The challenges of their new life are many, especially for Leticia, Henry’s wife. Leaving behind her family home, her friends and neighbors, and many of her cherished family keepsakes are beyond difficult. And Letty finds the demands of frontier life, the loneliness, and the new rules put in place to protect her almost too much to bear. 

As a greenhorn pioneer, she finds herself in one scrape after another, and the decisions she’s often pushed to make aren’t wise. Repeatedly risking injury or death is something Henry will not abide, and although his devotion is unquestionable, his patience eventually wears thin. Determined to keep the woman he loves safe, he lays down the law to ensure her survival. Will his firm hand dampen her spirit? Or will Letty finally accept that her home and heart have always been with Henry and her boys? 

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Payback by @annet.t_ is a taboo dark contemporary romance with enemies-to-lovers, stalking and revenge.

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Payback by @annet.t_ is a taboo dark contemporary romance with enemies-to-lovers, stalking and revenge.

Download your copy today! Payback is available on Amazon and kindleunlimited.

Jared, a victim of Alison Brown’s torment during his high school years, has returned as a transformed man—dark, affluent, and exuding an aura of menace. His mission: to make Alison pay for the years of suffering she inflicted upon him.

Alison, completely unaware of the storm approaching, steps into her office one ordinary day, only to be confronted by Jared, wearing a malevolent smirk. Clutched in his hand is a USB drive filled with dark secrets that could shatter her perfect life. The reckoning has come, and Jared offers a grim choice: sign a binding contract that subjects her to his twisted desires for a month, or face utter ruin.

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