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All Good Magic Comes to an End by Brenda Trim and Tia Didmon is now live!!


All Good Magic Comes to an End by Brenda Trim and Tia Didmon is now live!!Universal:

In the shadows of Ravenholde, the things you can’t see will kill you.

With the infection ravaging our mystical town and no antidote in sight, tensions between the Shadow Council members are at an all-time high.

When I start to find a place within the Shifter community, Caton shows signs that he may have been hasty in ending our marriage, but Lucinda turns the coven against me to ensure I can never return. The controversy with the Council initiates an argument with Ayesha, my mentor, and business partner, and I’m faced with losing my shop and the means to help the people of Ravenholde.

Do I turn my back on the town that raised me or risk losing the one thing in the world that’s mine?

Find out what lurks in the shadows of Ravenholde by reading All Good Magic Comes to an End, the new Paranormal Women’s Fiction series readers are comparing to Shannon Mayer, K.F. Breene, and Victoria Dannan.

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Mated for a Moment 

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Mated for a Moment 

By Victoria Christine

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Dane Rockport is a hot-tempered cowboy who rides the rodeo circuit when he’s not running the Bear Spring Ranch and commanding Alpha over his clan. He’s content with the hard, lonely life. It keeps people breathing, alive, unlike his grizzly. That’s why his world collapses around him when he’s informed by council that he must take a mate in order to remain Alpha of the Bear Spring Ranch.

Lucy Lispon has been searching for a way out of her captor’s clutches. She’s been held for the last year by the Alpha of the Twisted Root as he tries to force her to be his mate, and her only release is the rodeo where she plans her escape.

Will Dane remain Alpha of the only home he’s ever known?

Will Lucy escape her captor or be mated to her abuser?

Will Dane and Lucy find a way to help each other, even for a moment?

To be mated for a lifetime means nothing if not mated to her.

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NOW LIVE! Mistletoe Omega: A Holiday Novella by Rhea Watson is available now + FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited!



NOW LIVE! Mistletoe Omega: A Holiday Novella by Rhea Watson is available now + FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited! “Fantastic read… Love the world and characters and can’t wait to read more” – Goodreads reviewer “WOW!!! I love everything about this author, but this book blew me away… Strong characters in a well described setting with fantastic world building.” – Amazon reviewer “Brilliant quick read” – Goodreads reviewer US: Add to your Goodreads TBR ➩ On a snowy winter’s eve, three vampire alphas walk into Club Mistletoe expecting a night of frivolous fun.  Gifted with a gorgeous omega by their crime lord boss, Ambrose, Kane, and Laszlo intend to make the most of it before they head home, their business on Mistletoe Isle concluded. However, the moment Holly’s blood hits their tongues, they realize that the omega desperate for her freedom is so much more than a fling at some pay-to-play club. Blood bond. The cruelest joke the gods have ever made: allowing for a fated bond between a thing of beauty, a creature of life… and three ruthless monsters of death. Mistletoe Omega is a short, steamy holiday novella. It can be read as a standalone, or, if you want the MCs to have their own full-length standalone, this serves as a prologue that ends in a HFN. Please heed the trigger list at the start of the book.
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Sexy Bastard by J.L. Perry is NOW LIVE! Also available in audio + FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited!



Sexy Bastard by J.L. Perry is NOW LIVE! Also available in audio + FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited! “I wish I could give this book more than 5 stars because believe me when I say, this book deserves allll the stars!!” – Michelle, Goodreads reviewer “one hell of a love story…brilliant” – Saucy Reviews on Kinky Corner “What an emotional, heartfelt journey! Carla and Grayson will steal your heart.” – Melanie, Goodreads reviewer US: Also available in audio ➩ to your Goodreads TBR ➩ all the Cocky Hero Club releases here ➩ http://www.cockyheroclub.comGRAYSON EDWARDS is one sexy bastard. From the moment we locked eyes, I wanted him. He’s funny, charismatic, and the essence of swoony. What was supposed to be one night of passion, turned into so much more. I never expected to fall in love with him, or for him to love me back. When he got down on one knee and proposed, asking me to spend the rest of my days by his side, it was a surreal moment. He was my hopes and dreams all rolled into one. A bright future I never thought I’d have. But life has a way of kicking you in the teeth sometimes, and I was in no way prepared for what was to follow. I never would’ve guessed we shared a common link from my past. A past that still haunts me to this day. One so horrific, I had no choice but to walk away from the person I loved more than life itself. My soulmate. Two and a half years on and those feelings haven’t changed. He still owns my heart. I miss him with every fiber of my being. But how can I give my life to a man … bear his children … when he has the blood of the devil running through his veins?
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The Prime of My Magical Life by Brenda Trim and Tia Didmon is here!!


The Prime of My Magical Life by Brenda Trim and Tia Didmon is here!!Universal: it #free with #KindleUnlimited!I was forced into a life I didn’t choose. He’s falling for the thing he hates the most.

When my husband of twenty-five years leaves me to expedite his political agenda, and his new girlfriend ensures I have no place within the shadow council, I am starting over with a new business and no financial security.

With my occult shop starting to turn a profit and new friendships blooming, I don’t plan to let anybody stand in the way of my future, but when a member of the Council falls ill, they turn to the witch they so callously cast aside. Me.

If I help my ex, I am solidifying his seat of power, but if I don’t, innocent people will die and the ancient power unleashed will destroy more than our mystical town.

Find out what lurks in the shadows of Ravenholde by reading Prime of my Magical Life, the new Paranormal Women’s Fiction series readers are comparing to Shannon Mayer, K.F. Breene, and Victoria Dannan.

One click to start this Magical Midlife adventure now!

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A Little Double Wedding by Stella Moore and Golden Angel is now live!


A Little Double Wedding by Stella Moore and Golden Angel is now live!Universal: it #free with a #kindleunlimited subscription!!Double the brides. Double the Daddies. Double the Rawhide shenanigans!It’s the wedding of the year for Rawhide Ranch! Hayleigh is finally marrying stern, grumpy Chef Connor. And two of their closest friends, Saul and Vicky, will be joining them at the altar.Double the brides means double the nerves. For Hayleigh and Vicky, that also means double the chances to end up over their Daddies knees when their worries get the best of them. Even with their bottoms sore and aching, they struggle to believe everything will work out.So when a snowstorm grounds some of their most important guests, it seems like their worst fears are coming true, and their big day is destined for disaster.But with the help of their Daddies, their friends, and a little bit of Ranch magic, they’ll discover that the real secret to a perfect wedding is the person waiting for you at the end of the aisle…#releaseblitz #releaseblast #releaseday #bookbirthday #booklaunch #newbooks #nowlive #rawhideranch #ddlgromance #ddlg #ageplay #romancenovels #romancebooks #alittledoublewedding #steamyreads #kissingbooks #booklovers #readers #reading #books #bookish #booksbooksbooks 

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Swear on My Life


SWEAR ON MY LIFE by S.L. Scott is LIVE! ➡️#1ClickHere #SwearOnMyLife in #KindleUnlimitedWe aren’t temporary, baby.Synopsis:Warm brown eyes that melted my unsuspecting heart.A smile that knocked me off my feet.His touch—raw electricity.I never saw Harbor Westcott coming.I was a small-town girl with big city dreams and more ambition than money to my name. He had everything—money, privilege, and the world at his feet.Opposites in every way, but that didn’t matter. We were lightning in a bottle, and everything felt possible when we were together.Life was perfect.Or so I thought . . .Years later, I’m no more prepared for him than I was the first time. He swears on his life that we are meant to be forever, but I know I can’t survive this man twice.➡️#Audiobook: #SLScott #SecondChanceRomance #OppositesAttract #BillionaireRomance #ContemporaryRomance 
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The Alpha’s Seduction by Marlowe Roy is LIVE

 The Alpha’s Seduction by Marlowe Roy

Free with kindleunlimited

She thought the apocalypse took everything, but in a world dominated by ruthless Alphas, there’s always more to lose.Della lived through the horrors of TheEnd. Dodging danger and violence for years, she survived with only her indominable independence to protect her. After finding a fragile peace in Morris Hill, she keeps to herself and guards her patched-up heart.But when a mysterious Alpha with a sexy twang and arrogant swagger upends her quiet existence, she must choose: submit to him, or risk losing everything… again.Haunted by the failures that destroyed his Pack, Cal wanders in self-imposed purgatory.When a chance encounter brings him to Morris Hill, he finds everything he’s longed for, including an Omega that sings to his soul.But everything is not what it seems, and when he uncovers a conspiracy that threatens the settlement, he’ll have to decide: stay and prove his loyalty to his newfound family, or take his omega and run.

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NOW LIVE! Pocus by K.L. Savage is available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

 NOW LIVE! Pocus by K.L. Savage is available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

 “The Ruthless Kings are back and are better than ever.” – Amazon reviewer “Wow! Just loved this book. Full of sexy charm and a good story running underneath. Love the magic” – Goodreads reviewer “Brilliant first book in the Nola chapter” – Goodreads reviewer US: Add to your Goodreads TBR ➩ Darkness is all I know. But she might just be what brings me into the light… or throws me into a deeper darkness than I’ve ever known.My past is a black spot that I can never fully outrun no matter how hard I try. The secret I keep, the anger I harbor is best left to slumber, but an old rival I know nothing about could be my undoing.He wants to take away our home and destroy our lives. Take away my sister, the one person I would do anything for.Then there’s Abigail. She is sent to bring us down. Tear us apart.But does she really not understand what she’s doing to us? Can she be trusted when she has no recollection of the things she’s done? Will she believe me when I tell her hexes are real?And why can’t I get her magical eyes out of my head when she is the enemy?