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PREORDER BLITZ : Guard by Ellie Pond

Guard by Ellie Pond releases on November 11th!
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He’s grumpy, and no amount of her sunshine is going to fix him.

Flint Larsen understands what he wants, and it’s not Emma Davis. It’s not her curves, her genuine laugh, or the waves of red hair flowing down her back, begging for his touch. Why would a wolf shifter who wants nothing to do with his own magic want to bind himself to a witch?

Emma is on the verge of getting her thirty-year-old self together. A string of bad decisions has dumped her on her ass, including giving her ex-fiancé the down payment for his house and taking a job as a bookkeeper when she doesn’t do numbers. Finally, she finds a job where she can excel. There’s no time for a hot firefighter who tempts her to make more poor choices.

That is, until he kisses her.

With each shift, his infuriating wolf drags him to her townhouse. And Flint can’t help but turn up the heat once he’s there. Things get flaming hot between them, and Emma realizes Flint isn’t all grumpy ruffled fur. But when danger strikes, he must guard her, fated mate or not.

About the Author:

Ellie lives in New England with her husband and children. When she’s not writing you’ll find her traveling or dreaming about her next trip. Visit her at


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PREORDER BLITZ : Cowboy’s Christmas Nanny by Clara Pines

Sweet & Feel-Good Romance!
Cowboy’s Christmas Nanny by Clara Pines
Release Date: November 8th
FREE with Kindle Unlimited

He has all he wants for Christmas.
But she’s got what he needs.

Shane Cassidy’s wish list is short this year. The young widower just wants his little daughter to be happy, and his quiet son to come out of his room once in a while. Shane is determined to be there every minute for his kids, but when he runs into big trouble with the family horse farm around Christmas time, he realizes they just might need a helping hand.

It turns out, hiring a new nanny might wind him up in a whole new kind of trouble.

Natalie Bell, his best friend’s little sister, is home from the city and looking for work. He can’t turn down the sweet, feisty girl he’s always had a secret crush on. And he certainly can’t lay a hand on Chris Bell’s little sister.

But how is he supposed to resist falling for her, when he sees the way she loves his kids?

Shane’s past was touched by tragedy, and his present is full of challenges. And Natalie has some broken dreams of her own. Will the Cassidy crew scare the new nanny away before she can get settled in? Or might Natalie be the key to making their new house finally feel like a home for the holidays?

About the Author:

Clara Pines is a writer from Pennsylvania. She loves writing sweet romance, sipping peppermint tea with her handsome husband, and baking endless gingerbread cookies with her little helpers. A holiday lover through and through, Clara wishes it could be Christmas every day. You can almost always figure out where she has curled up to write by following the sound of the holiday music on her laptop.


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Preorder Blitz- Vows and Vendettas

 ★✩★ 99c Preorder ★✩★

Vows and Vendettas

A Mafia Romance Anthology


Release Date July 11, 2023

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Our underworld is filled with bloodshed and malice, and darkness dominates our lives.

It’s our world… where limits are built of smoke, and their rules have no power.

And when we find the object of our deepest desires, we are ruthless. Nothing, not even their defiance, will stand in our way.

We cast our shadows on them and they give our corruption a purpose.

Before, we were breaking the rules for ourselves. Now, we are breaking every rule for them.


Participating Authors:

Participating Authors: L.K. Shaw & Rachel Everly, Kristen Luciani & Londyn Quinn, N. Isabelle Blanco, Ember Davis, Indie Black & R.A. Smyth, E.M. Shue, Beena Khan, Bella Di Corte, A.R. Thomas, Lilith Roman, Michelle Fernandez, Nicole Banks, K.L. Taylor-Lane & Sienna Varrone, Melverna McFarlane, Layne Daniels, Quinn Marlowe, Lyra Sloane, Lucy Scott Bryan, Emmaleigh Loader, Jill Ramsower


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Preorder Blitz – The Endgame by Bianca Borel


The Endgame

A Brother’s Best Friend Sports Romance


By Bianca Borell

Release Date: November 17

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Every girl with a brother grows up with one fundamental rule: his best friend is off limits. That’s one rule she longs to break when he crashes into her life.



Amelie Weston has been taking the safe path for as long as she can remember. Not disappointing her parents by pursuing the career she wants. And not pursuing the guy she’s been crushing on.


But shes tired of being the good girl.


Her brothers best friend is pushing her to stop being a people pleaser and open the bakery of her dreams. Little does he know he’s also at the top of the list of her heart’s greatest desires… and hes making himself impossible to resist.


Levi Kingston fully intends to become a legend on the field as one of the best players ever. He must stay focused and work relentlessly toward his goal. He doesnt have time for distractions… until he meets his best friends sister, and his well-laid plan is challenged.


Bad timing, responsibilities, and loyalty to her brother keep them apart. But the connection between them only grows stronger. Their feelings become impossible to ignore, and the fight against them is pointless.


Will they take a chance on love? Or waste an opportunity for long-awaited happiness?

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Preorder Blitz – Mine This Winter Anthology

 ★✩★ 99c PREORDER ALERT ★✩★

Mine This Winter

A Winter Romance Collection

Romance Café Collection Book 18


Release Date: December 1

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Available on Kindle Unlimited


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 Craving swoon-worthy happily ever afters?

This winter romance collection delivers.

Keep cozy with stories featuring enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, fake relationships, and forced proximity, all set during winter-time.

Seventeen titillating stories from USA Today best-selling and award-winning romance authors in a spicy collection curated by The New Romance Cafe. Available for a limited time only, HEA guaranteed.


Participating Authors:

A.R. BellAnna VolkinCharlotte O’ShayChele MacCabeChrissa RoseDanielle BellwoodHarper MichaelsHeather ScarlettKarigan HaleKatherine MooreLila GreyMegan HetheringtonMelanie A. SmithRebecca ConradSofia AvesSuki McMinnToni DeniseTrinity Wood


About The New Romance Cafe

The New Romance Café is the place to get your daily dose of romance books.

Hang out with like-minded readers and authors at different stages of their writing journey, in a diverse and inclusive group.

Find out about new releases, take part in fun discussions, and recommend your favourite reads in the safe space of the Café.


The New Romance Cafe Links



Romance Cafe Publishing:


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PreOrder : Tink by D.M. Earl

Title: Tink
Series: Devil’s Handmaidens MC #1
Author: D.M. Earl
Genre: Romantic Suspense/MC Romance/Contemporary
Release Date: November 3, 2022


President of the Devil’s Handmaidens, Maggie “Tink” Rivers’ is hellbent on ridding the world of human trafficking. Between her duties as president of her club and her duties in business, she’s in over her head, feeling empty and overwhelmed. But when she meets a former Navy SEAL, everything changes.

Relocating to Montana is Ellington Rutledge’s fresh start. And the beautiful and fiery president of the female motorcycle club is just the new beginning he’s been looking for. As Tink and Ellington grow closer, her past comes back to destroy them. With Tink’s life on the line and the club at stake, can Ellington save Tink and the club before it’s too late?

Devil’s Handmaidens MC is a multi-author world focusing on a badass all-female MC with various chapters/locations written by some of your favorite MC Authors.

Are you a fan of…
✅ MC Romance
✅ Small town romance
✅ Dark Past
✅ Redemption
✅ Navy Seal
✅ Female MC
✅ Sisterhood
✅ Vigilantes

D.M. Earl is a U.S.A. Today Bestselling Author who spins stories about real life situations with characters that are authentic, genuine, and sincere. Each of her stories allow the characters to come to life with each turn of the page while they try to find their HEA through much drama and angst. D.M. finds ideas for her next story from within those around her and what she experiences in daily life. Each book has a part of her left behind in it. She lives in Northwest Indiana married to her best friend who was instrumental in the start of her writing career in 2014. When not writing D.M. loves to read, play with her seven fur-babies (yeah crazy) and ride her Harley Dyna Lowrider.

“Enjoy this Ride we call Life.” Remember we only get one chance.

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PREORDER BLITZ : So Pucking Over It by Elise Faber

So Pucking Over It by Elise Faber releases on November 1st!
Available on All Platforms


I had everything I had ever wanted…
And it meant nothing.
Because the love of my life had lost everything.
My career was exactly where I’d wanted it—I was on a great team, getting lots of playing time, and I’d finally won the ultimate prize.
But Bailey was hurting, and I couldn’t live knowing that.
I loved her more than my life, my job, my dreams.
She was my dream now.
And I would do anything to save her so that she could live out hers.

So Pucking Over It is the final book in Axel and Bailey’s story!

About the Author:

USA Today bestselling author, Elise Faber, loves chocolate, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and hockey (the order depending on the day and how well her team—the Sharks!—are playing). She and her husband also play as much hockey as they can squeeze into their schedules, so much so that their typical date night is spent on the ice. Elise changes her hair color more often than some people change their socks, loves sparkly things, and is the mom to two exuberant boys.

She lives in Northern California. Connect with her in her Facebook group, the Fabinators or email her at
Connect with Elise!

Facebook Group:

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PRE-ORDER BLITZ – Rule Breaker by S.M. Quinn

Title: Rule Breaker
Author: S.M. Quinn
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 2, 2022


Max unapologetically lives by a strict set of rules:
  • Work hard
  • Play harder
  • No falling in love
When asked to step in and speak at a seminar for a prestigious New York law school, Max jumps at the challenge.
His rules are tested when Aurelia, a beautiful woman with curves that could turn a saint into a sinner, walks into the room.
She’s forbidden fruit.
Aurelia is off-limits.
Until wanting her has Max teetering on the edge of breaking the rules.

As the youngest family member, Aurelia has been protected and sheltered her entire life.
At 23, she’s eager to finally spread her wings and fly.
Having made her choice to attend the law school furthest from home, she bought a one way ticket and boarded a plane bound for New York.
On her quest for independence and education, Aurelia flirts with temptations of her own.
He’s a sexy big city lawyer.
And her older brother’s best friend.




S. M. Quinn is the sister writing duo Crystal Daniels and Sandy Alvarez, best known for their popular MC series, Kings of Retribution.
S. M. Quinn is a fun new side to their storytelling, delivering dirty, flirty romance.
HEA guaranteed!

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Preorder Alert – Make Her Bleed by Zepphora


Make Her Bleed: Bound By Blood Book 1 by Zepphora

is available to #preorder NOW for 99c!!

Release Date: November 28

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I trusted Malakai Harris all my life. I never thought he would stab me in the back the way he did.

Kai has taken everything from me. My freedom, my friends, my father. The only thing left for him to take is my sanity, but I won’t hand it over. My only saving grace is his posse, those he has scared into following him.

Dax Porter

Nico Mendez

Rowe Kade

Knox Ward

They care about me, but they know they can’t save me from Kai. How long can I keep myself and them alive?


Make Her Bleed is the first book in the Bound By Blood series. This book is a dark why-choose romance with a long list of content warning available on the author’s website. This book is best read going in blind, but if you need them, the content warning is available.


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