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The Hoyden and the Rake by Victoria Price

Title: The Hoyden and the Rake
Author: Victoria Price
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: January 18, 2022
Cover Design: Amanda Walker

“A light, engaging romance with all of the necessary historical trimmings.” ~ KIRKUS INDIE

“I recommend this book to all those who love the classical style of writing and wish to go back to different a era – if only for the length of an amazing story.” ~ Fatima Aladdin

The Hoyden and the Rake follows the escapades of a young debutante Fiona, as she flees home to avoid the unwanted advances of her suitor. Her attempt to escape is foiled, when her getaway vehicle gets involved in an accident and she is forced to take shelter in the home of her brother’s sworn enemy Phillip, the Earl of Sheffield. Phillip who is shunned by the ton for his dark past, is a reluctant host to the impetuous young lady who turns his orderly world upside down. Sparks fly despite their resolve, and when discovered in a compromising situation, a duel between Fiona’s brother Ted and Phillip is inevitable. As the demands of society and Phillip’s reputation as a heartless rake, keep them apart and Fiona and Phillip continue to fight their growing attraction to each other. Fiona wishes to marry only for love and will not accept Phillip even to save her own reputation. Phillip, branded by the torch of love in his past, no longer trusts his own heart. How the two stubborn lovers find each other forms the rest of the story.

⋆ Come meet Victoria Price (signing as Pria Dee) at the Once Upon a Book Signing in Michigan in July 2022! 

Fiona sat frozen in shock. Not Sheffield! The carriage door opened, and in the dim light, she recognized the man from the Wandering Goose Inn.

“Care to alight, ma’am?” He extended his hand.

She stared at him in consternation. This was quite the pickle to be in. After running away from home to avoid the advances of one rake, she had ended up in the hands of the most notorious rake of all! The man was known to her by reputation only, though at one time he had been a close friend of dear Ted. However, their relationship had suffered, and to make matters worse, Lord Sheffield had wounded Ted in a duel! She quailed at the thought of accepting aid from one such as him.

His smile faltered. “Well, ma’am? I don’t have all night.”

“Lord Sheffield? I cannot possibly come to your house,” she blurted.

“Not overwhelmed by gratitude, I see,” he drawled. His sardonic expression told her that he had correctly interpreted her reaction to his identity. “I am not in the mood to ravage muddy, soaked maidens today, so you may be at ease that your virtue is safe with me, ma’am.”

Her face reddened further at his crude remarks. “No, you don’t understand, sir! I am Fiona Cavendish. Edward Cavendish is my brother.”

The man stared at her in disbelief. “Oh! Good God! What a damned mess!” She heard him swear under his breath. Her head hurt, and the shock of the accident made it impossible for her to think straight. She stared at him wordlessly, trying to find a way out of the unbearable situation. He appeared to come to a decision. “There is nothing for it but that you must take shelter at my house tonight.”

Fiona shook her head. “No! I will not! My brother will be most distressed. Please take me and my people to the nearest posting house, I beg you.”

“Your brother is not here, and you must be addle-witted to suppose that I will allow my coachman or cattle to drive anywhere in this weather. You may have no concern for the well-being of your staff, as is evident in the fact that you chose to be out on the road on a night like this, but I value the lives of my people. I will be damned if I am going to stand in the rain and argue with you. Please alight and let me show you into the house.”

Fiona shook her head stubbornly. “I will not set foot in your house willingly, my lord.”

“Very well then, let it be noted that you came into my house most unwillingly.” Without preamble, he picked her up as if she were a child and carried her from the carriage. A footman hovered beside them, protecting them with an umbrella as his lordship strode purposefully into the house.

Fiona was too surprised to protest until she saw that he was not setting her down in the hall as she expected and instead was carrying her up the stairs. She then struggled furiously against him. “Put me down at once. Where are you taking me?” Her voice sounded querulous to her own ears.

“Why, to bed of course,” he replied, innuendo dripping in his cynical voice, and he leered at her dramatically, all the while ignoring her protests and struggles.

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Punching the V-Card by Leta Blake!

Punching the V-Card Banner

Release Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Punching the V-Card By Leta Blake

Punching the V-Card Cover

Best friend’s hot older brother? Check. A weekend alone? Check.

Finally punching that V-card? Oh yes.

Carl has a pesky “innocence” problem that requires a solution. His best friend’s brother Devon is the perfect answer.

Devon’s experienced, gorgeous, and Carl’s been secretly crushing on him for ages. Carl doesn’t want to “lose it” to just anybody. Everyone says the first time should be special—and what’s more special than sharing it with the guy of his dreams?

It’s not like Devon won’t enjoy it. Solving this so-called problem is an objectively fun experience for most people! The plan is totally win/win!

Shockingly, Devon agrees. But even though it goes better than either of them ever expected, Carl’s moving across the country soon. It’s not possible to have more. No matter how much they both want it.


Punching the V-Card by Leta Blake is a high heat, NO ANGST, new adult gay romance featuring a best friend’s hot older brother, scorching first times, and falling in love with the guy of your dreams.

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Teaser Excerpt:

“This isn’t the sort of thing you should ‘just get over with.’ It should be special.” “I know.” Devon frowned again. “And I don’t sleep with guys who don’t like me.” “But I like you, Devon, enough that being with you would be special to me,” Carl said, and for the first time there was a hint of a kind of throaty desperation he’d never imagined hearing from him. “Please understand me. You have to be the one to do this for me.” “Whatever happened to, ‘I don’t beg’ and ‘We don’t have to do this’?” Devon asked, lifting a brow. He knew he shouldn’t tease, but he couldn’t help it. He’d never seen Carl Pink even a little bit undone. And maybe, just maybe that had been a huge incentive behind him saying yes to this entire sordid plan.

IG Sized PTVC Set 2 Teaser 2

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About the Author:

Author of the bestselling book Smoky Mountain Dreams and the fan favorite Training Season, Leta Blake’s educational and professional background is in psychology and finance, respectively. However, her passion has always been for writing. She enjoys crafting romance stories and exploring the psyches of made up people. At home in the Southern U.S., Leta works hard at achieving balance between her day job, her writing, and her family.

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Vanished Complete Collectin

Collection: VANISHED
Authors: Kylie Marcus, Ava Pearl, ChaShiree M., Andi Lynn, Sammi Starlight, Rebecca Gallo, Matilda Martel, Layne Daniels, Alana Winters, S.E. Isaac, and M.K Moore
Genre: Mafia Romance Novellas

Welcome To VANISHED, a mafia romance series…

11 all new novellas
For a limited time
Criminally steamy
Stand-alone stories
Available on Amazon

Captivated by their captives, these Mafia Bosses only answer to the women they love. Dangerous bad boys, thrilling suspense and passion worth dying for. These possessive men will break all the rules to claim the women who have stolen their hearts. If you love boundary-pushing men who are sexy, scintillating and seriously dangerous, this is the series for you.

Never before seen stories by: ChaShiree M, S.E Isaac, Layne Daniels, Sammi Starlight, Rebecca Gallo, Matilda Martel, Kylie Marcus, Andi Lynn, M.K Moore, Ava Pearl and Alana Winters.

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LiberateHER by KL Myers


LiberateHer by Author KL Myers is releasing on April 4th!

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LIBERATOR – someone who sets a person free from imprisonment or oppression.

Grigsby Myers had one goal growing up: never want for anything. He’s dedicated his whole life to achieving financial freedom at the cost of finding someone to grow old with.

On his 30th birthday, he finally obtains everything he’s ever wanted, along with the realization that he has no one special to share this milestone with. Other than his acquaintances at Cypher, a private gentlemen’s club he belongs to, that is.

But now, there’s a new addition to the club, and her name is Starr. Something about her calls to him, even though it is apparent she doesn’t belong in a place like that. Without speaking to her, he senses something special about Starr—a pureness he needs in this life.

One night everything changes and finds Grigsby leaving Cypher without looking back. Distance and time could erase one night’s wrong decision… or so he thought.

Five years later, a dead man’s last request comes in the form of a letter forcing him and Starr to meet once again. Neither of them expected the secret it revealed. Will this new information have Grigsby liberating Starr from her ties to Cypher or have him running further away than he was before?


K.L. Myers was born in West Berlin, Germany while her father was stationed there. She spent her childhood moving from continent to continent finally landing permanently in Colorado when her father retired. Eventually, K.L. moved to “hell”, aka Arizona where she resides with her husband & their fur babies. She has 2 grown daughters & 3 Grandchildren.

KL has a passion for reading and writing hot romance when she isn’t juggling family & a full-time job.

Her books & novellas show a pension for a bad boy with a heart of gold. Coupling her bad boys with strong, independent women who don’t need rescuing, and just maybe a taste of naughty redemption! Her characters will pull you in & leave you satiated, yet panting for more, more, MORE!

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Twisted Saga Boxset:


Available on sale now!

That’s 4 books for just 99c

Twisted Saga boxset by SR Jones.

Sale Blast: 2nd – 5th March


Buy the Boxset Today!

For the first time, the entire Twisted Saga is available as a boxset anthology, featuring Cruel Promise, Dangerous Vow,

Savage Legacy, and Twisted Bond and it will be on sale for a short time only.

Genre: Dark Mafia Romance

#KindleUnlimited #TwistedSaga #SRJones #DarkMafia #Romance #Sale #Boxset #BareNakedWords


  “Dangerously hot … the beginnings of a fantastic voyage.” When Beauty meets her Beast, he vows to protect her from everything … but himself. Gio: They call me the Italian Prince. I’m dark, dangerous, and filthy rich – and I always get what I want. She will be no exception. Amelia Marshall is the daughter of an old family friend. She’s sin wrapped in innocence, and a temptation I won’t resist. Amelia: Giovanni Bianchi is handsome, wealthy, and controlling. He has it all-except me. When I took the opportunity to work for him as a librarian, I didn’t listen to the warnings. Giovanni isn’t just powerful, he’s the Devil in disguise. He thinks I’m weak. He sees me as prey. I’m not done fighting, but Giovanni is playing for keeps… And he won’t stop until he owns me. This is a Dark Organized Crime re-telling of Beauty and the Beast; for that reason trigger warnings apply.  

Meet the Author

Skye Jones is an award winning and USA Today Bestselling Author. She writes dark mafia and contemporary romance as SR Jones, and angsty paranormal romance as Skye. <img class="aligncenter wp-image-4824 size-thumbnail" src="×150.png&quot; alt="" width="150" height=
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A Summer Without Rain by Christie Gordon

A Summer Without Rain Banner

Release Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: A Summer Without Rain By Christie Gordon

ASWR Cover

Shannon loves Ciaran, his loyal best friend, but loving him proves to be a dangerous game.

It’s 1920 in Ireland and Shannon Sullivan finds himself in love with his best friend, Ciaran. But after a disastrous affair with a teacher that left him abused by the town priest, shunned by the townspeople, and abandoned by the man who’d started it all, he’s loath to let himself act on his feelings for Ciaran.

Ciaran O’Kelly only sees the good in others, including his best friend, Shannon. He doesn’t understand why everyone treats him so poorly and why Shannon feels the need to lash out or hide himself. After Ciaran’s mother suddenly dies, Shannon is the one who brings him comfort.

After the death of Ciaran’s mother, Ciaran’s father sends the boys on a journey to Dublin to bring an heirloom to Ciaran’s aunt. With the Irish war of independence in full swing, train travel is disrupted and the two must travel by horse and cart. On the journey, a drunken night in an inn starts another journey – one of discovery, awakening and peril. Can Ciaran and Shannon escape clashes with the British army, while keeping their newfound love a secret?

Now available on Amazon!

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Ciaran blinked tired eyes while he stood in front of his house, busying himself with packing the small, horse-drawn cart. I’m going to Dublin. It would take two days, but so what. He was still going to Dublin. He quirked his lips in a quick grin. The morning sun warmed the top of his scally cap, filtering through to his hair, and the birds provided a symphonic melody floating overhead in the trees. While he set pillows atop folded wool blankets, Shannon’s behavior in the barn flooded his mind, the embrace, the look. What sort of a look was it anyway? It reminded him of something he’d read in one of his mother’s romantic poetry books. And Shannon had a hold on him like one of the women he’d dated. He strode over to bales of hay, piled at the side of the barn, picked one up and brought it to the cart. Although Shannon’s behavior disturbed him, something else bothered him, too. It had forced him to confront Shannon yesterday. Did I want something more from him, more than a comforting hug? No, that’s absurd. Stop thinking about it. I’d just been upset is all. He threw the hay in the back of the cart and strode off to grab his suitcase, sitting by the door of the house. But Shannon had a stiffy, didn’t he? Or was it just the shadows playing a trick on him? He frowned. It was hard to tell. Though, it wouldn’t be the first time. He’d noticed Shannon getting a stiffy around him before. He grinned. Damn Shannon got more stiffies than anyone he knew. He tossed his suitcase into the cart and watched while it bounced on the pillows and landed next to a crate filled with food he’d packed earlier and his discarded jacket and waistcoat. It would be a hot day again. As Ciaran patted down the blankets, he caught movement out of the corner of his eye. Shannon strode out from the path connecting their houses, carrying a stuffed, white pillowcase, his dark linen shirt rolled up at the sleeves and tucked into his trousers, which were held up by braces. His boots clopped along as he walked. Turning his attention to Shannon’s gait, Ciaran smiled. He was always trying to look so tough. “Shannon, are you ready?” Shannon ambled over and patted the hindquarters of the small, brown horse attached to their cart before coming to Ciaran’s side. He peered into the back of the cart while tossing his pillowcase into it. “What’s all this then?” “Well, I packed us some bread and cheese, a few apples and some pickles in case we get hungry. And just in case we decide not to stay at an inn, I packed some blankets and pillows.” Ciaran nodded once with a wide grin on his face. He’d made sure they were prepared for anything out there. “Good God, Ciaran, you’d think we’d be traveling through the bloody wilderness with all that stuff. What about the money your da gave you? He didn’t want us sleeping outside, remember?” Shannon gave Ciaran’s hat a light ruffling. Ciaran ducked out of his touch. “Uh, I know, but I sort of feel it’d be wrong to use it. I thought maybe we could save it and get something special for him.” He deserved it after everything he’d been through. “Absolutely not, you know as well as I there are bloody Black and Tans out on the road. How would you feel if that precious locket of your ma’s got stolen? Or even worse, how would your da feel if you got killed?” Hanging his head, Ciaran studied the dirt. Shannon always thought the worst would happen in every situation. “No, he wants us staying close to the main roads and safe inside at night. That is what I promised him and that is what we’ll do.” Shannon huffed. “Shite, Shannon, you’re always doting over me like a bloody mother hen. You and my ma, when she was alive.” Ciaran lowered his voice to a barely audible whisper, “Fine then.” He was a man now and people should start treating him that way. “What was that?” Shannon dropped his head low to peer into his face. Ciaran flared his nostrils, glaring at Shannon. “I said fine. But we’re going into town before we leave so I can get a book for the trip.” Shannon hated going into to town, but too bad. It would be a long trip and a book would definitely help. Sighing, Shannon absently kicked at a rock. “Can’t we just go? I’m sure you can pick up a book in the first town we get to.” “Oh, come on, you’ll survive. If you’d just talk to people in town, maybe they’d see you’re not so bloody terrifying after all.” Ciaran grinned. Why did Shannon always have to pretend to be so mean all the time? He was scaring people, that much he knew. He also knew, Shannon wasn’t mean at all. In fact, he was sweet and caring when he wanted to be. “That and cut your hair.” Though, he kind of liked Shannon’s hair. The color was so dark, it shined blue when he wasn’t wearing his scally cap. “Hey, there is nothing wrong with my feckin’ hair. I like it,” Shannon said with a smile. “Maybe if you’d wear some normal clothes and cut your hair, you’d get a girlfriend.” Ciaran curved his lips into a playful grin. He’d never seen Shannon even look at a girl, which made teasing him about it all the more fun. He climbed up onto the seat of the cart. Frowning, Shannon said, “You know nobody would bloody want me.” He slowly followed Ciaran onto the cart. Ciaran scoffed. He hated it when Shannon said things like that about himself. Shannon was a looker and was completely daft about it. “Why do you insist on reproaching yourself so?” He shook his head. “Ah well, good thing then. I can keep you all to myself.” He grabbed the reins, lifted his arms, and flicked his wrists once. “Let’s go, Missy.” The horse lurched forward and broke into a trot. Shannon chuckled. In a soft voice, he said, “You have more of me than you know, my dear friend.” With his brows furrowed, Ciaran studied him. What did that mean, exactly? Mr. O’Kelly stepped out from the threshold of the farmhouse. Waving, Ciaran said, “Bye, Da.” He glanced at Shannon, his heart aching just a little. He knew he’d always have him by his side. Shannon didn’t need to say things like that. Mr. O’Kelly smiled and waved at them while they rode by.
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Christie Gordon Photo

About the Author:

Christie Gordon started writing gay and M/M romance fiction after becoming preoccupied with anime and in particular, the boys love and yaoi genres. She’s always had stories in her head and always enjoyed writing, so she took up fiction writing classes at a local community college and published her first book with eXtasy Books back in 2009. Christie likes to write complicated characters with painful pasts that refuse to be ignored until the characters are forced to face them head on. Angst? Yes. Happily ever after? Always. It’s the struggle to get there that counts.

Christie’s day job is in the high-tech industry with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration. She currently lives in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area and enjoyed eight years in the Bay Area of California but grew up in Minnesota. She shares a home with her partner of twelve years, a musician by night and a coder by day, who is currently in three bands, giving her plenty of time to keep writing. She is also a mother of two sons, one currently in college for engineering and the other preparing for nursing college. Her one-eyed, rescue pug is always by her side, snoring the day away.

Connect with Christie: Newsletter: Facebook Page: Twitter: YouTube: Amazon: Goodreads: Bookbub: Instagram: Website:

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Weekend Proposal by C.L. Collier

Title: Weekend Proposal: a Short Story
Series: What I Never Knew Series
Author: C.L. Collier
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 14, 2022

The past two years with Cat have been incredible. She’s everything I ever wanted and I have the perfect proposal planned. But with an unexpected storm, Cat receiving upsetting news, and my ex-girlfriend working at the hotel we’re staying at, will my romantic proposal be doomed?

Jeremy and Cat can be found in C.L. Collier’s What I Never Knew Series. Jeremy is Chris’s younger brother, and Cat’s the girl who tried to cause problems for Amanda and Dax. “Weekend Proposal” will explain how Cat turned her life around, and how she and Jeremy ended up together.


C.L. Collier lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She was raised in the Seattle area, and although she lives closer to Portland, Oregon now, she frequently visits the hometown she loves. When she’s not writing, you can find her reading, watching her favorite sports teams, spending time with her family, or going to concerts. She likes her music loud, wine and coffee sweet, and her books steamy.


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Social Rejects Syndicate Collection

Collection: Social Rejects Syndicate World 
Titles: Edon, Connor, Enzo, Honey, Alexandro, Amir, & Oliver
Authors: K.L. Ramsey, Susan Horsnell, Tarrah Anders, Natillie Painter, CR Robertson, Jessica Avary, & A.J. Macey
Genre: Mafia Romance
Cover Design: Sweet 15 Designs

View ALL Social Rejects Syndicate HERE

Edon Garo and Adriel Tirana were betrothed to be married, even if neither of them knew it. When Edon’s father gave him the ultimatum to either marry Adriel or give back the Syndicate, he knew that he was going to have to do some fast thinking. There was no way that he planned on settling down any time soon, no matter how incredibly sexy he found the petite brunette. His father would just have to accept the fact that his drunken pledge, to join his oldest son to the Tirana family, wasn’t going to work out because hell would freeze over before Edon would settle down and marry any woman.

Adriel Tirana was done with the old-fashioned ways of her family and her Syndicate. She hated that her father pledged her hand in marriage to a Garo—Edon Garo, no less. He didn’t even know that she existed and blowing her off for their arranged first date was just the push she needed to finally tell Edon off, once and for all. She wouldn’t be ignored by the man who was supposed to be her future husband. It didn’t matter that she didn’t want to marry him or any other man, for that matter. Adriel would make her point, tell him to go to hell, and move on. Yeah—that was the plan, but instead, she woke up the next morning in his bed with no recollection of how she got there. And now, everyone was hearing wedding bells except for her and her prospective groom, and Adriel had a feeling that wouldn’t end well for either of them.

Edon is the first book in the Garo Syndicate Trilogy (Social Rejects Syndicate) by K.L. Ramsey


The time—early 1980s.
The place—Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.
My name is Connor Masterton. My brothers and partners are Jake and Quinn.
I’m the eldest; and the one responsible for keeping our drug cartel alive and prospering.
Using the undeveloped country as a cover, we are able to operate with next to no chance of being caught.
Or so I thought…
Who will betray our operation and push us to the brink of destruction?
Can we survive the betrayal?


One man. Two lives.
And danger everywhere.

To most of the world, I am simply an athlete. I live in the public eye as one of Argentina’s best futbol players. I have an entire life that is built around the game and the fans and the media that loves to see my face on billboards. But I have another life that few know about. To the members of the dark and seedy underground, I am known simply as Sosa. The name alone strikes fear into our enemies and as the current underboss for the family cartel, I’m capable of destroying someone without a second thought.

Except for her.

We were childhood best friends, teenage lovers and then, she disappeared. Now, all these years later she’s back and as beautiful as ever. I want nothing more than to sweep her into my arms but with our families rocky history, I know I shouldn’t cross the line. Family comes first.
But what our fathers know, won’t get anyone hurt, right?


Orlagh Lardova has been training his three daughters to take over his empire. Due to his failing health, he is afraid the day he will need to relinquish control, will come sooner than later.

Honey is the oldest Lardova sister and the most likely candidate to run the Lardova Honey company in its current state. She is as smooth as the syrup that runs through the ton. But she is also stubborn and controlling. Which in her mind are assets in a male-dominated business. And a business she has plans to expand as soon as she is in charge. All while including, not excluding, her two younger sisters.

Tommaso Calabria has been in love with Honey Lardova since the first grade. Even before he knew who she was and what she was destined for. Honey has ripped his heart out of his chest and stomped on it more times than he can count, but he never leaves. Now, with Father Lardova fading away, Tommaso now sees the opportunity to be Honey’s partner. A partner and an ally to Honey as she takes charge of Malta.

Honey is book one in The Lardova Sisters Trilogy.


My life was a dark, bitter warzone where to survive I became a predator with a reputation that promised death to my enemies.
Then she walked into my miserable existence and I was able to breathe again.

Catarina possessed the looks of an angel who’d accidentally fallen to earth, but she had the body of a wicked serpent who tempted men to sin.

Alexandro led a dangerous cartel who took what they wanted and never thought about the repercussions. What he wanted was the spirited Catarina, so when no one was looking, he took her and made her his dark queen. So what if he had to convince her along the way? Those pouty lips belonged to him, and if she thought that any other man belonged in her bed, then she was about to discover why Alexandro Ramirez was know as Hades, King of the Dead.

Readers of CD Reiss and Penelope Sky will devour this series filled with dark desires and explosive secrets.

Buy Alexandro to continue this addictive series today!

Warning: Please be aware that this is a dark mafia romance. It contains scenes of violence and flash backs of domestic abuse that may be a trigger to some readers.


I knew at a young age my father would dictate my life by choosing my husband. A man who could increase my father’s power as King of Colombia and one of the biggest crime lords to walk this Earth.
As Princess of Colombia and of the Rojas Crime Family I always assumed my father would marry me off to a prince next in line to the thrown, or a King. I never imagined my father would trade me to a crime lord who was much darker than my father. I knew I was a possession to my farther, I had been foolish to believe he would ensure my safety. He only wanted to plant me as a spy.
I had heard of Amir Boutella and his family. If the rumors were true they were monsters. One rumor in particular had me scared senseless…Amir had killed his first wife. The reason why was unknown to me. Would he kill me as well once he was finished with me?
Once Amir staked his claim on me I quickly learn not everything is black and white. Yes he is dark…oh so dark, but I found his light. He was evil, but he was also good. He wasn’t the monster the rumors made him out to be. He made me hate him yet at the same time crave the unyielding passion he offered behind closed doors. Could I betray my father? More importantly, could I betray my husband?

King Mateo Rojas made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. In exchange for weapons for a war he was preparing for, not only did he offer me millions, but his daughter as a sign of good faith. He introduced Princess Luciana to me and my brother’s and I knew my claim was staked on the fiery beauty.
I was known as one of the meanest crime lords in all of Africa and South America. I was a man who offered no mercy and no second chances. There were many rumors about me and my family and I let them exist so others would fear us all that much more.
Luciana tames my demons and takes away the darkness. I’m not sure I necessarily like how she makes me feel. Perhaps that’s why I keep her locked up like an animal and use her at my will, my mercy. She is a possession her father gave me freely to use as I saw fit.

What happens when Luciana tells me the real reason her father offered her up for marriage? Can I trust her with my own secrets and the two of us work together to bring her father and The Rojas Crime Family down.


The Grey Shadows series is a mafia romance M/F trilogy with each book following a different couple. Each book ends in a HEA and can be read separately, but please note these books contain mature content and may include references to violence, attempted assault, abuse, and other themes that some readers may find triggering.


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Social Rejects Syndicate Collection

Collection: Social Rejects Syndicate World 
Titles: Miguel, Davet, Anton, and Gambit 
Authors: Janet A. Mota, Dixie Painter, KL Donn, and Cayce Poponea 
Genre: Mafia Romance
Cover Design: Sweet 15 Designs

View ALL Social Rejects Syndicate HERE

Miguel Fonseca is next in line to take over the organization. He refuses to run the business the way his father has. He has other ideas. He’s second-guessing how he’s going to be able to make those changes. Without warning, walks into his life. She opens his world to new and inventive ideas. She turns his world upside down in all the good ways. Together they turn the organization into a powerhouse. Together they are a force to be reconed with.


Davet de Wees
I’m called de Duivel. The Devil.
I govern Les Voleurs Syndicate with the same harsh rules and code of honor that have governed my life since I was a kid. I worked my way from the streets to this place of power, and now the respectability of my syndicate is at stake because I am lacking a wife. I’ve reluctantly agreed to entertain the thought, but I don’t want a vapid piece of arm candy that was traded in marriage to strengthen bonds with another syndicate. However, when Liliane Lemaire appears with a proposition I can’t ignore, I find myself drawn to the beautiful woman, tempted by all she can bring me. But trust is something I don’t often give, and I’m worried that she’s going to lead me down a dangerous path, one that can ultimately destroy me.

Liliane Lemaire
My father has sold me into marriage once already. He’s a ruthless criminal that cares about nothing save power, money, and creating fear in those around him. I lived surrounded by that fear, allowing myself to be traded into what I thought was meant to secure a bond between my father and my husband. But then the unthinkable happened, and I found myself back in my father’s evil clutches. He wants me to do something nefarious, and if I don’t agree, he’s going to send me straight to the Block, a human trafficking auction ran by my father. I’m done being used, and I’m determined to bring him down, even if it kills me. My only hope is to join forces with de Duivel, the only man capable of bringing my father down. But I don’t know if I can trust him to keep me safe, and I’m afraid that if we don’t succeed, Davet will suffer the same fate as my last husband, and I’ll always be nothing more than my father’s evil pawn.

This work of fiction features acts of violence, strong language, and adult scenes. Readers over 18 only.


Anton Renznikov took the world on his shoulders when his father died. The Odessa Organization became his sole purpose for surviving the often turbulent streets of his Ukraine home. With his brothers by his side, Anton fought to conquer any enemy that came his way with swift ruthlessness and a devilish hand.
What he wasn’t expecting was falling for his daughter’s nanny, and when his lifestyle comes for her, steals Sofiy Koval from his fingertips, there isn’t a force in the world that will stop him from exacting justice.


A man harboring a deadly secret. A woman falling desperately in love. An act of charity bringing them together.

Ardan has lived by a singular rule; protect the Family at all costs. He’s sacrificed everything, including his dreams, to keep the Meidani Family’s secrets hidden. What happens when the Family’s latest demand requires him to betray his own heart? Will he be able to stand against ancient traditions, allowing him to forge a new life for himself? Or will he bend once again, shattering any hope of mending a broken promise he pledged to the one person who owns his soul?

Gia grew up knowing secrets are a way of life. Born into the Vitale Family, she’s no stranger to the inner workings of the syndicate world. When an opportunity to raise money for the less fortunate turns into an online romance, will Gia lay everything on the line to find her happily ever after? Or will the harsh reality of her Family’s reputation rear its ugly head, placing her loyalty into question?

Gambit is book one of USA Today Bestselling Author Cayce Poponea’s contribution to the Social Rejects SyndicateWorld. Join her as she spins a romantic suspense tale of lies and deception, love and loss, and the twist and turns she’s famous for.