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Layers of Her by Prescott Lane

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People always say it’s what’s on the inside that matters. If that’s the case, I’m screwed. On the outside, everything looks put together — blonde hair, blue eyes, tall and lean. By society’s standards, I’d be considered attractive. But f*ck society, I know what I am. I know what I’m made of. The recessive genes that reared their heads and created a decent looking package on the outside don’t make me who I am. What about all the evil lurking inside? What about all the other parts of me that aren’t so easy to see? Some of the most beautiful animals are also the deadliest. Take the polar bear, for example. Cute and cuddly on the outside, but it’s really a predator that will bite your f*cking head off. That’s a dangerous combination.

And that’s exactly like me, exactly who I am. Bad — and once you go bad, you can never go back.

WARNING: This book deals with the harsh reality of rape that could be upsetting for some readers.

Note from the Prescott Lane

Rape. Just typing that word makes my gut tie up in knots. And that’s part of the problem. Because it’s so uncomfortable, we don’t want to talk about it. So it gets buried at the bottom of the newsfeed or forgotten altogether, like the backlog of untested rape kits.

Two years ago, I released Quiet Angel in which the heroine is a survivor of childhood sexual assault. A few weeks later, my husband became gravely ill, and we spent the rest of the year (5 long hospital stays and 4 long surgeries) fighting to regain his health. As I sat in the hospital chair next to his bed night after night, I got messages from women about how my book touched them. Some shared their reasons, and others didn’t.

I came to learn that April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. How could I not know that? I’d just released a book on the very topic. Yet I didn’t see one post about it on any of my social media accounts.

Last year, I began writing Layers of Her with the intent to spread awareness and donate all of April’s profits to charity. I was nervous when I started, and I still am. I mean, how much will the profits be? Will readers assume I’m a survivor or I know one? Will I do the topic justice? Why am I doing this? It’s a whole lot easier to stay silent. But that’s the whole problem, isn’t it?

I work in a field, in the genre of fiction, that is mostly comprised of women, where sexual assault is one of the most common tropes. And with each passing page, we pull for our broken heroes and heroines to heal, find love, forge a new path. That’s all we want for them. We need to do the same for the real life heroes and heroines, those brave souls who fight the real fight every single day. So join me this April in making some noise to raise awareness, not only for the survivors but for those who love them.



Jathyn’s Spirits (Vampire Wars Book 5) by CR Guiliano


Jathyn’s Spirits (Vampire Wars Book 5)

Hound and Harmony (Beyond Heartache Book 3) by C. L. Etta


Hound and Harmony (Beyond Heartache Book 3)

A Mockingbird Place Bundle by Kris Cook



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A Mockingbird Place Bundle by Kris Cook
6 Gay Romances + Bonus Material…/…/B06XTVPRYQ


Six Gay Romances all taking place at Mockingbird Place in Dallas – plus Bonus Scenes at Lifeline Ranch
The lives of hot gay college-aged residents of the 10-unit apartment complex are explored.

The Marine in Unit A – Oliver & Adam

The Cowboy in Unit E – Trace & Luke

The Fireman in Unit C – Eli & Jackson

The Doctor in Unit H – Jaris & Maddox

The Fighter in Unit J – Tony & Stephen

Holiday Beaus – Chad & Blake

Bonus Scenes – Lifeline Ranch
Our couples take the next steps in their journey of love.

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Tys That Bind


»-(¯`·.·´¯)->Ty and Chase are ready to take the next steps in making their family official and along the way they’ll realize that the ties that bind them together are forged in a love that can never be taken away…Tys That Bind by Jessie G

Unprepared, ill-equipped, and with no example to look back on, Ty and Chase embarked on a journey to build a family for Ava and Luc that would far exceed anything they dreamed of for themselves. Two years later, they’ve succeeded beyond their wildest expectations, but there’s still a couple of things missing…and they’re ready to make them happen.

Bad boy biker Trick wouldn’t hesitate to fight for those he loves, but Ty knows it will take more than violence to win this war. Willfully submissive Chase has the utmost faith in his Master, but when he sees Ty struggling with demons from his past, it will be his quiet, unbending support that will see them through. Jumping through the loopholes of family court, they are only one event shy of making it all official and neither are willing to wait another second to check it off the list.

Clearing the path for adoption should reassure them, but it will take their cast of well-meaning friends and the occasional slap upside the head before they realize that the ties that bind them together are forged in a love that can never be taken away.<-(¯`·.·´¯)-«


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The Dick Defender (Sons of Outlaws Book 4)


The Dick Defender (Sons of Outlaws Book 4)

Playmaker Duet

playmaker ku.jpg

The complete duet, with prequels, is now in KU for a limited time! Read this “emotionally gripping” duet today!

“I only thought I was emotional reading the first book. Holding did so much more to break my heart!” — Goodreads reviewer

Prequel One: Troublemaker (Porter’s story) ➵

Prequel Two: Breakaway (Asher’s story) ➵

Book One: Altercation ➵

Book Two: Holding ➵

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Beyond the Veil Series



RADISQ (book 1)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, HEA]

By the general law of their species, once a royal fae hit one hundred, the fae was to spend a year touring the four kingdoms. However, for Prince Radisq, it would be his first journey away from all he was familiar with. The celebration held in honor of his hundredth birthday marked not only his sojourn into the other kingdoms but also marked his first foray into finding his mate, with the mating call only occurring once every hundred years, and only lasting a few months.

For Aaeren, the firstborn son of the fire kingdom, he had never known love of the soul mate kind. In fact, he didn’t believe in it, nor want it. After all, what need had he of someone constantly underfoot when he could enjoy the camaraderie of other sports. He had no desire to partake in the water prince’s celebration, but during their first meeting, sparks fly and resistance is futile.

A Siren Erotic Romance

YVES (book 2)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance, M/M, fae, gods, HEA]

Yves is the second-born son of the Fire Kingdom. He has lived his life battling constant restlessness and depression. He has always felt as though there was more, that there was something out there for him. His art was the only way he escaped from his head.

Greek god Apollo was promised a mate. He just never imagined how long he’d have to wait for that promise to be fulfilled. Centuries passed, but no mate showed up. Finally, he felt a spark, a difference, and he knew: his mate had finally been born.

From afar, Apollo watched over his mate, saw the changes in the man and his struggles, until it became more than he could withstand. Apollo then relocated to the Fae world to draw away his repressed emotions from his mate.

He never intended to meet his mate until the coming-out party, but a chance meeting changed all that, and soon they had to battle Yves’s doubts and insecurities before they could ever glean a bit of happiness.

A Siren Erotic Romance


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Finding Hope


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Finding Hope (Finding Series, Book 5) by Sloane Kennedy

Available through Kindle Unlimited

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At 19, Beck Barretti is living two lives. To his family, he’s a young man trying to find his way after years of battling a mental illness that nearly cost him everything. But to the rest of the world he’s just another privileged kid with problems. The truth doesn’t even lie somewhere in between because Beck’s entire life is actually about keeping secrets.

From the people he loves.

From the ones he doesn’t.

From himself.

Spending a summer in Dare, Montana with family friends isn’t about starting fresh – it’s about escaping the crippling darkness that threatens to consume him.

Until one encounter that was supposed to mean nothing ends up changing everything…

Quinn Donovan had the life he’d always dreamed of until a brutal act of violence ripped it all away. Even though he’s found a new future working at the CB Bar Ranch in Dare, Montana, he’s not interested in trying to get back what he once had. All he wants is a quiet life that includes a job that’s worth getting up for each morning and hanging out with his best friend, a black and white Paint stallion named Koda.

But nothing prepares him for the strange twist of fate that brings not one, but two men into his life…

Brody Wilder is done hiding in the closet. As the son of a political scion, he’s spent his entire life hiding the truth about who he is just so he could inherit a legacy he never wanted. But those days are behind him and he’s starting a new life in rural Montana where he’s saving lives as a paramedic and building a successful construction business that would surely horrify his old-money, society-loving family.

After years of denying himself, he’s taking advantage of his newfound freedom by indulging in random, meaningless sexual encounters that are about pleasure, not emotion.

So no one is more surprised than him when one night in the back room of a sordid gay club leads to something more…

Can three men who came together by chance find the hope they need to build a future with each other, or will they end up letting their fears tear them apart?

Trigger Warning: This book contains multiple triggers. To review what they are, please take a look at the sample or use the “Look Inside” feature and scroll to right before the table of contents. Reviewing the triggers may cause spoilers.

***This book is part of a series but can be read as a standalone…no cliffhangers. However, there will be additional enjoyment if the series is read in order:

Book 1 – Finding Home (M/M/M)
Book 2 – Finding Trust (M/M)
Book 3 – Finding Peace (M/M)
Book 4 – Finding Forgiveness (M/M)
Book 5 – Finding Hope (M/M/M)

Many of my series cross over one another. One of the MC’s from Finding Hope was briefly introduced in books from my other series so if you want to check them out, this is the recommended reading order:

1 – Logan’s Need (Escort Series #3) (M/M)
2 – Finding Home (Finding Series, #1) (M/M/M)
3 – Finding Trust (Finding Series, #2) (M/M)
4 – Finding Peace (Finding Series, #3) (M/M)
5 – Finding Forgiveness (Finding Series, #4) (M/M)
6 – Redeeming Rafe (Barretti Security Series #2) (M/M)
7 – Saving Ren (Barretti Security Series #3) (M/M/M)
8 – Freeing Zane (Barretti Security Series #4) (M/M)
9 – Absolution (The Protectors #1) (M/M/M)
10 – Salvation (The Protectors #2) (M/M)
11 – Retribution (The Protectors #3) (M/M)
12 – Forsaken (The Protectors #4) (M/M)
13 – Vengeance (The Protectors #5) (M/M/M)
14 – A Protectors Family Christmas (The Protectors #5.5)
15 – Atonement (The Protectors #6) (M/M)
16 – Finding Hope (Finding Series #5) (M/M/M)

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