Mila Hart – Sugar

You’d think that working at a cafe I’d understand the definition of the word sweet, as it turned out, I did not.  At least, not until I got a taste of the man sweeter than the sugar mixed in your afternoon tea. All it took was a wad of cash, a fancy dress, and thirty minutes of passion. I, Peyton Sanders, am not—and never will be—a whore. I was stupid to agree to date some random dude from the Sugar Daddy app, even with the promise of ludicrous amounts of money. But that dating app changed my life. After meeting … Continue reading Mila Hart – Sugar

Dead Air by Lia Davis & L.A. Boruff

HOT. REVERSE HAREM. PARANORMAL. ROMANCE. Dead Air by Lia Davis & L.A. Boruff is AVAILABLE NOW! US → UK → CA → AU → AND IT’S #FREE IN KindleUnlimited! BLURB: Our biggest fight is yet to come. I watched my sisters claim their fated mates with my heart full for their happiness. Now it’s time to face my own mates. Two of them have been at my side, and I’m waiting for my third. After all, it’s now a family tradition to have three mates. I wonder if reality can be as good as the fictional … Continue reading Dead Air by Lia Davis & L.A. Boruff

Break You by MV Ellis

Title: Break You Series: Boys of Trinity Hall #1 Author: MV Ellis Genre: Contemporary/New Adult with Bully Elements Release Date: October 22, 2019 Blurb Xavier This is not a love story. I hate you not for who you are, but what you represent. I’m the whispers in the darkness you can’t quite hear. I’m the unease that can’t be explained, but won’t go away. I’m your worst nightmare come to life. I’m the filthy rich guy who’s coming for revenge. Everything you’ve ever had. Everything you hold dear. I won’t stop until I break you. Rocky You were once my … Continue reading Break You by MV Ellis

Clash by Cora Brent

Title: Clash Series: Gentry Generations #4 Author: Cora Brent Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance Release Date: October 24, 2019 Blurb Taylor I’m the poor little rich girl whose silver spoon was snatched right out of her pretty mouth. Now my reality includes clearance bin lip gloss, sleeping in my car and dining on convenience store hot dogs.   But my issues don’t end there.  My nightmare family is hot on my heels and demanding something I don’t have. They’ve made it clear they don’t intend to give up.    When I finally hit rock bottom I fall into the arms of an unlikely … Continue reading Clash by Cora Brent

Mating Chaos by Lia Davis

This chaos is 🔥🔥🔥 Mating Chaos by USA Today bestselling author Lia Davis is NOW AVAILABLE! US → UK → CA → AU → AND IT’S FREE WITH #KindleUnlimited!!! BLURB: As pack Beta, Dane Raines has seen far too much pain and death. But with war on the horizon yet again, thanks to the new Alpha of Onyx, Dane will have to work twice as hard with the other Ashwood Falls leaders to ensure the safety of his pack. The last thing he needs at a time like this is a complication like Jasmine. Jasmine Russel’s … Continue reading Mating Chaos by Lia Davis

Broken Promises by Aimee Noalane

Title: Broken Promises Series: Burning Mistakes #1 Author: Aimee Noalane Genre: New Adult Release Date: September 27, 2019 Blurb A split-second decision. A costly mistake. My skin has been marred, slashed, burned and bruised. My bones have been severed and broken more times than I can count. I’ve been told I was unworthy. Fought through life seeing nothing but black.  But it’s a pain I welcome. An ache I deserve. UNTIL HER She is my redemption. The flicker of fire that dances in my darkness. Our love is effortless. Our love is a lie. A desire A delusion. A MISTAKE … Continue reading Broken Promises by Aimee Noalane

Love Walks In by Nina Lindsey

Title: Love Walks In Series: Bliss Cove #1 Author: Nina Lindsey Genre: Spicy Sweet Contemporary Romance Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs Release Date: September 26, 2019 Blurb Bus ticket to hometown of Bliss Cove – $124.50 Purchase of old building and business license – $35,250 Thirteen orphaned cats – free Finally proving to her family that she can be successful – priceless Shaking off her past mistakes and fickle reputation, Aria Prescott is determined to start a new life with her latest venture, the “Meow and Then Cat Café.” Though the café is in the town’s most rundown neighborhood, Aria … Continue reading Love Walks In by Nina Lindsey