MY REVIEW: Bound by the Fang By Kellan Larkin



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TITLE: Bound by the Fang

AUTHOR: Kellan Larkin
SERIES:  Black River Pack
GENRE: Paranormal M/M
Print Length: 135 pages
Publication Date: February 28, 2017

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Omega Rian doesn’t want to get married—not to an Alpha, anyway. Everyone knows they have… strange desires, and Rian’s scared. But the Black River Pack is besieged on all sides by enemies, and the Council wants him to get married… now. When he’s paired with Taryn, his life will be changed forever.

Taryn doesn’t want to get saddled with an Omega when he’s too busy trying out for the Alpha Guard, the pack’s prestigious warriors. It’s been his dream to follow in his father’s footsteps ever since he was small. But it’s not up to him, and he’s paired with Rian.

When Taryn fails his Guard tryouts and Rian learns he’s infertile, it seems like life is just getting worse for the brash Alpha and his reluctant Omega. The pair has to learn to work together to get through it all—and will Rian ever learn about his own desires? *************************************************************************************

This story was awesome lick off for this series. We meet two characters that both are having their own issues and views that are getting in the way of their mating happiness. Taryn is Alpha that wants to be with the Elite Guard and find his soul mate. When meets Rain his omega there is chemistry but something is missing. We see them journey through some personal struggles and with the battle that is threaten the pack. If you enjoy Mpreg books, then you will really enjoy this book. Highly recommend this book and can’t wait to read more in this series

MY REVIEWS: Save Me by Piper Scott


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TITLE: Save Me

AUTHOR: Piper Scott
LENGTH:  127 pages
RELEASE DATE:  February 20, 2017


“All I want is to keep you safe… why can’t you understand that?”

Detached, by-the-books, and devoted to his job, alpha Silas Rutledge would rather save omegas than date them. As an omega rehabilitation counselor, he’s worked with some of the city’s most troubled young men and never let a single one of them into his heart. But the second snarky ex-prostitute Elijah McMillan walks into his office, Silas knows he’s in trouble. Not only is Elijah the most stubborn omega he’s ever met, he’s the most gorgeous, too.

Survival is all Elijah McMillan understands, and after years spent selling his body in order to stay alive, he has life figured out: no alpha is worth the heartache, and there are no happily ever afters. When Elijah is rescued against his will from the brothel that’s kept him fed and sheltered, Elijah is pissed—and he’s even more pissed when his care is entrusted to soft-spoken, dangerously handsome alpha Silas Rutledge, whose green eyes make Elijah long for everything he can’t have.

When Elijah is thrust into harm’s way while under Silas’ care, the two must make a choice that will shape the rest of their lives—give in to love and pay the price, or walk away and be saved.

This was a wonderful short mpreg short read. We meet Elijah who does not feel that he needs any help or counseling. When things don’t go his way he will lash out. When Elijah meets Silas things slowly start to steam. Can Silas help Elijah with all his anger and disappointment? Can two that have stop letting people in and around can they make that change for themselves. Will they see that happiness is within their hands? Highly recommend this book

MY REVIEW: Dire Wolf By Damien Black


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TITLE: Dire Wolf

AUTHOR: Damien Black
RELEASE DATE:  February 7, 2017


In the town of Dire Montana, a SHIFTER war is rising.

Bronson Walker is an Alpha on the edge. All the female wolf shifters in his pack have been murdered by the mountain lion shifters, leaving him with no mate to carry his child.

Hunter Lewis is grieving the mysterious death of his fiancé Tyler, and leaves his life in Seattle to go to Montana to be close to his partner’s memory. But as soon as he arrives, strange things happen. When Hunter meets Bronson, the two are immediately drawn together, but their relationship can only be complicated by the ghost of Tyler and the imminent danger of the mountain lion shifters.

When the mountain lions discover the interest Bronson has taken in Hunter, the situation only gets worse. Will Bronson be able to protect Hunter from the cruelty of the mountain lion shifters, and win the race against time to find the Omega his pack so desperately needs?


This was a twist of Alpha and Omega pair. We meet Hunter who has lost his love and does not know how to move on. Things will take on a wild twist when Hunter meets Bronson. Of course there is a battle that coming and the Alpha has a lot on his mind. They say that love can conquer all have to wait and see if that is true. What happens when you meet the one that is always on your mind and heart? Can Hunter and Bronson find their happiness? Highly recommend this book


MY REVIEW: A Homecoming for Two Bears By Kelex



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TITLE: A Homecoming for Two Bears

SERIES:  Bear Mountains
LENGTH: 153 pages
RELEASE DATE:  January 23 2017


While Killian and Finn loved the idea of being sent away to med school by their alpha, the idea of leaving their mate behind wasn’t ideal. Doubling up their course load whenever they could wasn’t getting them done fast enough. When Ronan shows up at their dorm one night, lustful and needing, they take what’s offered wholeheartedly.

After years of near misses, Ronan finally confronts Killian and Finn and demands their touch. Yet once it’s done, he struggles with his feelings. Hearing the words his vile fathers beat into his head doesn’t help, either. Unable to cope with what he’s done, he returns home to lick his wounds.

Torn between their duty to their alpha and their need for the mate they adore, Killian and Finn stay back to tie up their loose ends before they return home to build a life for them and their future family.

If they can convince Ronan to join them before their world explodes.


This is the 18th book in the Bear Mountain Series. I have fallen in love with each book and the characters. Ronan has been told over told by his father that they never submit. So Ronan is having a hard time with what has been thrown at him as a child to get close to his mates. Killian and Finn are away to get their medical degree. They are torn at why their mate Ronan keeps pushing them aside. When one crazy moment can the 3 let down their barriers and have the mating they are supposed to. Life is going crazy in the valley when they get the surprise of their lives. Can’t wait for the next project Zed to see if they find some needed answers. Highly recommend this book




Title: Romance: Omega’s Alpha in Waiting (M/M, Gay Shifter, Paranormal, MPreg Billionaire Romance) (Alpha and Omega Gay Romance Short Stories Book 6)

Author: Odin Nightshade

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

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Page Length: 107



Ambitious. Desirous. Unrelenting.

At twenty-eight, James Warrington, only son and heir to Warrington Ltd—a billion-dollar dynasty of oil-freighters—feels like his life’s course is set. Handsome, spoiled, but likeable, it seems nothing can stand in his way.

But then his father tells him the truth about his company. In order to take over the leadership, he needs to be a proven Alpha: mated and sire to the next Warrington leader.

Single and popular, James is obsessed with the high life and does not want to settle down. That is, until he meets Stewart. Devastatingly good-looking, charming and aloof, Stewart is everything James never knew he wanted; except that he seems to have something against James and everything he stands for.

What can James, desperately desiring Stewart’s love, do? How can he gain Stewart’s affections long enough to create a lasting relationship and sire his heir?

A tale of longing, passion and ambition set against the luxurious backdrop of the billionaire lifestyle.


This is a stand alone story with a HEA and no cliffhangers.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This books contains mature language and explicit content, including male breeding and knotting, and is intended for audiences over 18 years of age.


This was wonderful short read with Mpreg . The characters were written in a way that you can really like them. Stewart at first did not like, but the more read was understand why he was playing hard to get. James saw Stewart and was just draw to him, he cannot understand why he doesn’t want anything with him. What happens when you are fighting your feeling for someone and they are in serious accident to change your view. Recommend this book.

How would you describe the plot of this book? some twist

Which of these words best describes the mood? Suspenseful

How would you describe the pace? steady

How would you describe the characters? developed

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review *


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