REVIEW Delicious

☆҉☆‿➹⁀☆҉☆REVIEW☆҉☆‿➹⁀☆҉☆   Title: Delicious Author: Sierra Riley Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ Product Link: Page Length: 256 Blurb: “You’re exactly what I never knew I needed.” “I don’t have time for love.” Gavin Campbell has poured everything he has into starting up his bakery, Delicious. Its success has given him a sense of security that wasContinue reading “REVIEW Delicious”

REVIEW Starlight

☆҉☆‿➹⁀☆҉☆REVIEW☆҉☆‿➹⁀☆҉☆   Title: Starlight (Starlight Chronicles Book 3) Author: Lisa Orchard Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ Product Link: Page Length: 150 Blurb: Everything is on track for Seventeen-year-old Lark Singer and her band Starlight. They have a great shot at winning the competition that can launch their musical career. But when Lark discovers they will beContinue reading “REVIEW Starlight”

REVIEW Grand Prize

☆҉☆‿➹⁀☆҉☆REVIEW☆҉☆‿➹⁀☆҉☆   Title: Grand Prize Author: Kira Hillins Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ Product Link: Page Length: 224 Blurb: Two hot men. Twice the danger. Melanie Cranberry joined the dating service to meet a nice man, fall in love, and spend her nights cuddling in bed. Who knew that one five-dollar ticket for a raffle wouldContinue reading “REVIEW Grand Prize”

REVIEW Stalking the Dark

☆҉☆‿➹⁀☆҉☆REVIEW☆҉☆‿➹⁀☆҉☆   Title: Stalking the Dark (Hunting the Dark Lord Book 3) Author: Ann Jacobs Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ Product Link: Page Length: 91 Blurb: Following a brutal battle that left the sadistic vampire Louis Reynard severely wounded and sent him into hiding, the strikingly beautiful vampire queen Alina and the rest of the d’ArgentContinue reading “REVIEW Stalking the Dark”

REVIEW Take you Away

☆҉☆‿➹⁀☆҉☆REVIEW☆҉☆‿➹⁀☆҉☆   Title: Take You Away Author: Kira Hillins Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ Product Link: Page Length: 283 Blurb: Online gaming brought them together. Small town Kansas girl Zoe Kearny never meant to befriend anyone in an online video game. But after a year of talking to Benjamin over the headset, he’s traveled five hundredContinue reading “REVIEW Take you Away”

REVIEW Corralling Kenzie

☆҉☆‿➹⁀☆҉☆REVIEW☆҉☆‿➹⁀☆҉☆   Title: Corralling Kenzie (The Winters Sisters Book 4) Author: Joanne Jaytanie Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ Product Link: Page Length: 199 Blurb: Will Kenzie ever find peace and security inside the corrals of her ranch again? Kenzie Vaughn is lucky to have a big-city, big-paycheck position. But her great job serves as nothing moreContinue reading “REVIEW Corralling Kenzie”

REVIEW..Jack and the Magical Beanstalk

☆҉☆‿➹⁀☆҉☆REVIEW☆҉☆‿➹⁀☆҉☆   Title: Jack and the Magical Beanstalk (Yellow Silk Dreams) Author: Pablo Michaels Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ Product Link: Page Length: 47 Blurb: In this adult fairy tale young, awkward, young Jack sells their prize cow Pearly White for magical beans to a strange man in a red bikini. Little does Jack’s mother, Lorene,Continue reading “REVIEW..Jack and the Magical Beanstalk”

REVIEW Divergent Bloodline

☆҉☆‿➹⁀☆҉☆REVIEW☆҉☆‿➹⁀☆҉☆   Title: Divergent Bloodline Author: T J Shaw Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ Product Link: Page Length: 270 Blurb: While tracking down a killer, clues lead homicide detective, Viviane Taylor to suspect, Julian DeMatteo. From the get-go, DeMatteo unsettles and irritates her. He’s a force she has never encountered, someone who excites her even thoughContinue reading “REVIEW Divergent Bloodline”

REVIEW Lark Singer

☆҉☆‿➹⁀☆҉☆REVIEW☆҉☆‿➹⁀☆҉☆   Title: Lark Singer (Starlight Chronicles Book 2) Author: Lisa Orchard Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ Product Link: Page Length: 123 Blurb: Lark Singer is seventeen years old and already on the way to a brilliant music career. As she and her band, Starlight, gear-up for an upcoming, life-changing band competition, though, life seems toContinue reading “REVIEW Lark Singer”