Hannibal by Tasha Black is 99c for a limited time!


Hannibal by Tasha Black is 99c for a limited time!
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Together they can solve any case. But when it comes to unlocking her heart, he doesn’t have a clue…

Violet Locke has always been great with puzzles. Her intellect and eye for detail let her solve just about any problem. But when it comes to people, she often finds herself without a clue. When a hunky alien moves in downstairs and immediately falls for her, will she finally learn to listen to her heart instead of her head?

Hannibal and his brothers are doing their best to assimilate to their new lives on Earth. Desperate to find mates among human women, they know their adventure will be cut short if they fail. Earth customs can be super confusing, but one thing Hannibal knows for sure is that curvy, brilliant Violet Locke is destined to be his mate. All he wants is to use his superhuman strength and powers to sweep her off her feet.

When Vi’s latest project turns into a race against time to find a neighbor’s missing dog, the two will have to work together to track it down. Though they might be close to finding the kidnapped pooch, Hannibal is afraid Vi will fail to discover that what has truly been missing from her life is love.

If you like strong women, hunky aliens, wild adventures, steamy sensual scenes, and happily-ever-afters, then you’ll love the world of Stargazer! The Stargazer Mystery Brides are an alien romance homage to the stories of Sherlock Holmes.


Love It’s Complicated by Jeannine Colette


LOVE…IT’S COMPLICATED by Jeannine Colette is on #sale for just $.99!!! 

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Anyone who says love isn’t complicated is a dirty liar. Ask me how I know…

I used to be a normal wife and mother with a perfectly happy life. Now I’m a divorced single mom who spent a night in jail after breaking into the hair salon my ex’s mistress owns.

What can I say? Not my proudest moment.

The only bright spot in that fiasco was the police officer who offered me a sexy, broad shoulder to cry on. William Bronson was a knight in shining armor. A romance novel hero in the flesh.

Then I showed up for work the next day and realized I’d be in charge of planning his fairy tale wedding…to someone else.

And that was just the start of my troubles—romantically and legally (don’t ask).  

Now, I need to learn how to navigate my new reality and start building my own happily ever after. I have no idea if it will all end in love…or heartache. All I know for sure is that it’ll be complicated.

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For a limited time, Dungeon Master by Golden Angel is on sale everywhere for less than a dollar!!


For a limited time, Dungeon Master by Golden Angel is on sale everywhere for less than a dollar!!


Rule Zero: The Dungeon Master Makes the Rules.

The critical hit of divorce didn’t stop their games. They kept scening together at the club and private parties for years after their split. But this no-strings-attached campaign isn’t enough for Dungeon Master Gavin; he wants more than just a physical relationship with his ex-wife Leah. Unfortunately, he might already be too late. When he shows up to declare his intentions, Leah’s on her way out the door for a date with someone else.

There’s no playbook to help him now, but Gavin isn’t willing to give up. He won her heart once and he’s determined to win that battle again, no matter the odds.


99c Shifter Romance from Susan Hayes!

Grab Etched In Stone by Susan Hayes for only 99c!

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Adina thought she bought a new statue for her collection. Fate sent her a soulmate instead.

Stone has been alive for centuries but he’s never truly lived. Created by magic, he was duty bound to watch over the Drummond family and guard them with his life. Now, his last master is dead and there’s no one left to protect. Instead of gaining his freedom, Stone finds himself locked in his granite form, a living mind trapped inside a statue. Lost in despair and on the verge of madness, the days blend together into one everlasting nightmare…until he begins to dream of her.

Adina Diggersby lives for her art. Sculpting stone is her passion, one that keeps her busy enough she rarely has time to mourn the one thing missing from her life, someone to share it with. The last thing she ever expected was for her newest purchase to come to life and inform her he was her new protector.

Adina won’t rest until Stone is free of the spells that enslave him, but unraveling the dark magic that created him will come at a price. Are these two souls doomed to be forever alone, or is their love strong enough to be etched in stone?


sale of The Wedding Season by Samantha Chase

To celebrate the premiere of the Hallmark Channel movie, Wedding Season starring Stephanie Bennett and Casey Deidrick, the book that inspired it all is on sale!

The Wedding Season by Samantha Chase is now available for just 99¢ for a limited time only!

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There were three guarantees in Tricia Patterson’s life:
1. Sean Peterson was the best friend she could ask for
2. She absolutely adored her career
3. This summer was going to be the death of her

Tricia never thought “Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride” would become the perfect description for her life, but with six weddings in one summer it’s never felt more accurate. That’s when Sean comes up with the perfect solution—he’ll be her plus one at all the wedding and even pretend to be her boyfriend. After all, what are best friends for?

Of course, it couldn’t just be that easy.

When he can’t make it himself, Sean sends his older brother to replace him. Ryan doesn’t really get all the fuss around weddings, but he’s willing to do his brother a favor. But the more time he spends with Tricia, the more questions he has—what if a simple favor turns into accidentally falling for his brother’s best friend?

That’s the thing about the wedding season—one second you’re just a guest enjoying the open bar, and the next you start wanting to plan a wedding with the person sitting next to you.

Meet Samantha
Samantha Chase is a New York Times and USA Today bestseller of contemporary romance that’s hotter than sweet, sweeter than hot. She released her debut novel in 2011 and currently has more than seventy titles under her belt – including THE CHRISTMAS COTTAGE which was a Hallmark Christmas movie in 2017! She’s a Disney enthusiast who still happily listens to 80’s rock. When she’s not working on a new story, she spends her time reading romances, playing way too many games of Solitaire on Facebook, wearing a tiara while playing with her sassy pug Maylene…oh, and spending time with her husband of 30 years and their two sons in Wake Forest, North Carolina.   Connect with Samantha   Website: Goodreads: Amazon: Facebook: Facebook Group: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: Bookbub: Pinterest: Verve:    

SALE BLAST : A Season for Treason by Golden Angel

For a very limited time you can download a copy of A Season for Treason by Golden Angel absolutely #FREE!

A traitor. A courtship. A scandalous Season.
In the race against time, will this pair reach the altar or the traitor first?

In the service of England’s spymaster (well, his niece, but surely he’ll appreciate the help), Miss Mary Wilson is on a mission to uncover a treasonous plot. Though her only clue leads to the debaucherous secret society of the Marquess of Hartford, a lifetime of being overlooked should ensure her access to all of the gossip her assignment will require. There’s just one problem: Mary is due to find a husband this Season and her Aunt Elizabeth, the Viscountess Hood, is determined to see her niece shine bright.

Focused on finding the perfect bride this Season, the Marquess of Hartford, known to his friends as Rex, finds himself distracted by the quiet Miss Wilson as she continually turns up everywhere she shouldn’t be. As Rex considers the misbehaving Miss Wilson, a curious thought occurs to him. Is it possible that she could be the kind of bride who would enjoy life by his side and the pursuits of the Society of Sin?

**This book contains steamy scenes and the firm discipline of a sassy heroine when she requires it.
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About the Author:
Golden Angel is a USA Today best-selling author and self-described bibliophile with a “kinky” bent who loves to write stories for the characters in her head. If she didn’t get them out, she’s pretty sure she’d go just a little crazy.

She is happily married, old enough to know better but still too young to care, and a big fan of happily-ever-afters, strong heroes and heroines, and sizzling chemistry.

When she’s not writing, she can often be found on the couch reading, in front of her sewing machine making a new cosplay, hanging out with her friends, or wandering the Maryland Renaissance Fair.

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SALE BLAST : Kindle Monthly Deals from Lia Davis & Kerry Adrienne


For the entire month of June, you can get the following books on sale for just $1.99 each at Amazon:

Forgotten Visions (The Divinities book 1) –

Death’s Storm (The Divinities book 2) –

Divine Awakening (The Divinities book 4) –

Charmed Wolf (Wolves of Whiskey Hollow book 1) –

Their Royal Ash (Once Upon a Harem book 1) –

Interviews, Aliens, and Seduction (Vega Space Vacations book 2) –

Ghost in a Bottle –

Dragon Undercover (Dark Scales Division book 1) –

Snowed Undercover (Dark Scales Division book 2) –

Don’t miss your chance to binge on these steamy paranormal, fantasy, and science-fiction romances from Lia Davis and Kerry Adrienne!

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About the Authors: 

USA Today bestselling author Lia Davis spends most of her time writing racy romance and witty women’s fiction, the majority of which takes place in fantasy worlds full of magic and mayhem. She prides herself on her ability to craft strong and sassy heroines, emotionally intelligent alpha heroes, and rich, expansive universes that readers want to visit again and again. She is the mastermind behind the bestselling Ashwood Falls Series and the co-author of the beloved Witching After Forty Series. She currently resides in Florida where she’s working on her very own happily-ever-after with her supportive husband and spends her free time doting on a pack of feisty felines and her loving family.

USA Today bestselling author Kerry Adrienne loves history, science, music and art. She’s a mom to more cats than children and she loves live music, traveling, and staying up all night. Because… vampires. She writes romance (paranormal, m/m, historical, time travel, and more), science fiction, and fantasy. In addition to writing books, she’s also a college instructor, artist, costumer, editor, and bad guitar player .

Find them online by visiting their websites:


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Ten Trends to Seduce Your Best Friend by Penny Reid
Faking Ms. Right by Claire Kingsley
Come Back for Me by Corinne Michaels
Then Came You by Dylan Allen
Flawless by Elsie Silver
The Wrong Game by Kandi Steiner
Boss in the Bedsheets by Kate Canterbary
Forrest for the Trees by Kilby Blades
Ignite by Melanie Harlow
Rockaway Bride by Pippa Grant


Sale Blast: Allure by CA Harms

Allure (Brooklet Dreams) by C.A. Harms is #onsale for a limited time! #KindleMonthlyDeal

“Oh, my lanta! I binged on this book and read it in a day! Now, that has NOT happened in a LONG time… LOVED everything about Rhett and AJ’s story. Everything.”
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