Dark Protector

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Dark Protector
Black Hoods MC#1

Blair’s life isn’t perfect, but she has a plan. Find a new roommate, finish school and finally start the future she’s been working so hard for.

And then he knocks on her door. One unwanted visitor is all it took to crush her reality and leave her living in fear. But at least she’s living, thanks to the help of a good Samaritan.

A very sexy, tattooed and motorcycle-riding man with a dog that looks as savage as he is sweet. GreenPeace saves her. He makes her feel safe. He makes her feel a lot of things she’s never felt before.

But, the danger’s not over. Her attacker is still there, lurking in the shadows and waiting to strike again. GreenPeace will put his life and his club on the line to save the captivating woman that’s stolen his heart. But even that might not be enough.

His Virgin Princess by Grace Goodwin

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Danielle arrives on Everis excited to meet her new mate. She watches as her friends find happiness while haunted by dreams of an Everian Hunter who will not come for her—a mate who refuses to claim her. But something isn’t right. The dreams turn dark. Tortured. Her mate is suffering, and nothing will stop her from finding him—especially not his stern orders to choose another, to protect herself above all others, and cherish her life above his own.

Gage of Everis is heir to a seat on the Seven, the ruling council of families that have held power on Everis for thousands of years. He’s the last prince of his line, the last surviving heir, and someone doesn’t want him to rise to his place on the ruling council. Betrayed, tortured and alone, Gage has found solace in knowing he’s protected his Marked Mate from sharing his fate. But his stubborn bride refuses to listen to reason.

When she finds him, there will be a reckoning. Not only is Gage determined to find those who betrayed him, but to conquer the wild huntress who came for him in the dark and stole his heart.


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The Play by Natalie Wrye

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“the interaction and chemistry between the characters was amazing” – Amazon reviewer

“A humorous enemies to lovers story that was very entertaining” – Goodreads reviewer

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Becoming enemies with your neighbor is never a good idea.

What’s even worse is when the neighbor is an incredibly hot client.

Baseball god Sevin Smith is no longer just the noisy bachelor living above me. Now he’s the MVP client I have to protect from a paternity scandal, and I’m not thrilled that my boss has me on the case.

That’s fine. I can pretend and work with a man who’s become my enemy.

But what I can’t pretend is not to be attracted to him.

Not to fall for his sexy laugh and easy smile. And I definitely can’t pretend I’m not falling for the spunky eight year old kid that may or may not be his.

Yes, I admit it: Becoming enemies with your neighbor—the sexy sports star—is never a good idea.

But falling in love with him might be the worst idea of all…


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Sale from Willow Winters

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HOLDING ON TO FOREVER by Siobhan Davis & S.B. Alexander

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Secretly dating Coach Parker’s daughter was never part of the plan. Neither was becoming her dealer…


Returning to my drug-dealing past wasn’t on the agenda when I accepted the full ride to play ball at Cypress U. But Mom lost her job. And my sister’s medical bills are mounting. So, I’ve no choice but to change the playbook.
When Emily walks into my life, like a fallen goddess with the ultimate power to destroy me, I know I’m screwed. I should steer clear, but I’m the one supplying her poison of choice. 
Falling for her is a complication I don’t need, but the more she’s around, the harder it gets to walk away. She needs me, and I crave her more than the sport I love.
Now, it’s all on the line. Including the NFL career that’s tantalizingly close. 
The stakes are high, but family means everything, so I’ll take my chances.

It’s only a problem if it’s out of control. And I have it in hand.
Except a certain a-hole discovers I’m using again, and he threatens to rat me out to my folks. Mom’s president of Cypress U, and Dad’s the illustrious football coach. Appearances mean everything to them, and I’m a continuous disappointment. They told me I’d be out on my ass if I fell off the wagon, so keeping it a secret is my number one priority.
Until the super-hot all-star QB takes more than a passing interest in me. Adam gets me, in a way no guy ever has, filling my head with ideas of forever—and now, I want more.
Dating my dealer is a recipe for disaster, especially when it’s forbidden, but I can’t help myself.
Because I’ve fallen too deep. 
And the hole is too large to crawl out of.

Outsider by Cora Brent

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They called me a legend.
The golden boy of American boxing.
And I was.
I had everything.
I was the king of the ring.
But then I was forced to bury my entire family.
After that, all the fame and money in the world meant nothing.
So I retreated all the way out here, to a barren corner of the desert where no one could touch me.
Now they call me a hermit, a recluse, a loner with a bad attitude.
And they’re right.
I just want to be left alone.
I’m not searching for love.
I’m not searching for anyone.
Neither is she.
Deirdre – smart, spirited and clueless about how to survive out here – has her own secrets.
But she can keep her secrets to herself.
Just like I keep mine.
She doesn’t like me much. I don’t blame her.
There’s only one thing we have in common.
There’s only one thing we both want.
I know it’s a bad idea if we give in and take it.
I also know that’s not going to stop either one of us…

*A version of OUTSIDER was previously published as Cards of Love: The Hermit.  Come along for the ‘opposite attract’ steamy emotional roller coaster of a ride where love can be found in the most unlikely place with the most unlikely person.*
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Dirty Revenge

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Caspian Conti is my savior and also a monster.
I’m the princess of darkness.
I’m used to dealing with monsters.
My father was the devil.
My brothers are no saints.
My ex sold me as a slave to a man who I thought was the biggest monster of all.
Turns out I was wrong.
None of those men are as dark as Conti.
I thought he would save me.
Instead, he turned me on to the darkness.
Now, I have no chance at escape at all.
I no longer care about escaping. Revenge is all I seek. Revenge can set me free. Revenge is greater than love.

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Claim Me Hard by Vanessa Vale

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“It’s HOT in Bridgewater, Montana and a girl could get heat stroke from the alpha males in town!”

Perfect for fans of Lorelei James, Lexi Blake and Madison Faye, ‘Claim Me Hard’ is book 2 in the wildly dirty series where two obsessed alpha cowboys meet their Type-A heroine.

Hiding in Bridgewater from a crazy ex-boyfriend, Hannah Winters is determined to keep her head down and her heart locked safely away. One look at two alpha cowboys and Hannah is going to have a very hard time keeping the ice around her heart from melting. When her dangerous past catches up to her, will Cole and Declan convince her to stop running, from her past, and from the desire burning white hot between them?

Warning: Panty melting! Claim Me Hard is book 2 in the wildly dirty series where two obsessed alpha cowboys meet their Type-A heroine. This standalone HEA is all about her – no M/M.

Murder on the Mountain by Carolyn LaRoche

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“This story definitely packed a suspenseful punch while still giving you the romantic feels.” – A Book Nerd, a Bookseller and a Bibliophile
“Murder on the Mountain was an action packed, suspenseful second-chance romance.” – Goodreads reviewer
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Emma Thomas hasn’t been home in years. Only back in Staunton for a few months, she plans to put her investigative reporter skills to use in exposing the trafficking group using her peaceful, idyllic hometown to move drugs. But when she stumbles onto more than drugs, bullets start flying and she has to ask the one person she left Virginia to avoid for help. 
Detective Adam Marshall has been working this cartel case for months. On the precipice of breaking the organization wide open, he can’t believe the one woman he’d never been able to get over now holds the key to closing his case. His head warns him to steer clear, but his heart won’t let him walk away when Emma’s life is on the line. 
Thrown together by chance after so many years, Adam and Emma work together to break the biggest case of both of their careers and heal some old wounds in the process. Falling in love wasn’t on the docket for either of them, but things don’t always go as planned. 
#2 Blue Ridge Murder – Releases September 26
US: https://amzn.to/2YPllR1
UK: https://amzn.to/37F29tq
CA: https://amzn.to/2YQF5Us
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