Her Royal Duty Series by Melissa McClone

Title: The Reluctant Princess Series: Her Royal Duty #1 Author: Melissa McClone Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance Release Date: April 25, 2019 Blurb She wants to work on a pit crew—not be a princess. Mechanic Isabel “Izzy” Poussard’s life revolves around cars. Determined to be a member of a racing team’s pit crew, she’ll do whatever it takes to make her dream come true. The last thing she expects is for a gorgeous guy to step out of a limousine and tell her she’s a long-lost princess…and his wife. Crown Prince Nikola “Niko” Kresimir of Vernonia wants one thing from Isabel—an … Continue reading Her Royal Duty Series by Melissa McClone

Rockport Beach Series by Claire Raye

Title: Coming Home to You Series: Rockport Beach #1 Author: Claire Raye Genre: Romantic Suspense Release Date: October 21, 2014 Blurb Coming Home to You is a full-length standalone novel that is filled with suspense, sass and a whole lot of sexual tension! Beck O’Loughlin never got over his first love. Not even when he left her ten years ago to become the now hardened Boston detective. But life has come full circle because he finds himself back in his hometown, bound and determined to protect her. Kelsey Walters never imagined she’d get a second chance with the love of … Continue reading Rockport Beach Series by Claire Raye

Immortal Kiss Series

Dark Paranormal Fantasy Date Published: 4/28/17 Publisher: Story Bound Publishing Centuries ago ten powerful vampire gods first walked the earth; their blood thirst knew no boundaries. The destruction of mankind was inevitable. Recognizing their weakness, they selected twelve wise human beings to transform with their godly blood. These twelve, known as The Old Ones and The Council, govern The Ten. A blood lottery appeasing The Ten’s hunger was set forth into the human world and passed down every fifth generation, continuing into the present day. All of Beth Ryan’s life a mysterious mist has watched over her; a mist she … Continue reading Immortal Kiss Series

Unexpected Series by Ann Grech

Series Title: Unexpected Titles: Whiteout ~ White Noise ~ Whitewash Author: Ann Grech Genre: M/M Romance Release Date: Available NOW Whiteout is currently FREE The closeted sports star and a straight paramedic, the heli-skiing trip that traps the two men on a mountain and a game of twenty questions. What could go wrong? Or will it be the moment they get all they’ve ever wanted? In discovering their bisexuality, will Reef and Ford be brave enough to reach for each other? Pro-snowboarder, Reef Reid, is at the peak of his career. He has it all. Except the one thing he desperately … Continue reading Unexpected Series by Ann Grech

Zeta Cartel Series by AJ Adams

span style=”font-family: "times new roman"; font-size: x-small;”> Enter into the violent world of the Cartel, where death and romance go hand in hand. AJ Adams novels are all self-standing and so you need not read them all – although it would be awesome if you did! Title: The Bonus Series: Zeta Cartel #1 Author: AJ Adams Genre: Dark Romance Release Date: November 12, 2013 Blurb Chloe is a seasoned drug courier who finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Facing a lingering and painful death at the hands of the Zeta cartel, Mexico’s most brutal organised crime syndicate, … Continue reading Zeta Cartel Series by AJ Adams

The Vesper Series

“Action, shooting, special ops and something dark, that will not let you out in one piece.” Magdalena Kozak’s incredible best-selling urban fantasy series is now available in English for the first time ever. To celebrate, book one, Nighter, is FREE! Beneath the world that we know is a secret world, a world of violence and darkness: the world of vampires. From the shadows, the righteous Nighter clan make war on the vicious, soulless Renegades to protect humanity. Perhaps what the world needs is neither good nor evil, but somewhere in between… Series: The Vesper Author Name: Magdalena Kozak Publisher: CK … Continue reading The Vesper Series

The Protocol Series

The Protocol Series  by Eden Butler This is a contemporary romance serial with a high heat level! #TheProtocolSeries #EdenButler The Protocol Series includes three instalments   Goodreads  AGAINST PROTOCOL  Everyone has secrets, even the leader of the free world. Even his wife. I was Ophelia Harris, America’s youngest First Lady. Now I’m America’s Widow, and my husband’s secrets continue to haunt me. They continue to threaten my life. I’m supposed to grieve with the world and keep up the façade of the perfect marriage and the perfect life. But I can’t. Because of him.  Cruz Solano, the man I can never … Continue reading The Protocol Series