The Anti-Hero Chronicles by Mika Lane

Title: Dirty Game Series: The Anti-Hero Chronicles #1 Author: Mika Lane Genre: Steamy Mafia Romance Blurb “Break her in. Get her ready. I’m serious.” He pulled the door closed, and not a moment too soon. I was going to wring his neck, even if he was my brother. It was no accident that Echo DuncanContinue reading “The Anti-Hero Chronicles by Mika Lane”

Black Hearts Still Beat Series by L.A. Cotton

Title: Rush: The Beginning Series: Black Hearts Still Beat #1 Author: L. A. Cotton Genre: Angsty Rock Star Romance Blurb Evangeline Walker knows how quickly everything can change. But nothing can prepare her for the moment she meets Rafe Hunter. Intense gray eyes. Wicked smile. Tattoos inked on his skin just begging to be touched. Continue reading “Black Hearts Still Beat Series by L.A. Cotton”

The MacLellan Sisters Trilogy by Lucinda Race

Title: Old and New Series: The MacLellan Sisters Trilogy #1 Author: Lucinda Race Genre: Contemporary Romance Blurb Jamie is the oldest MacLellan sister and after a box is shipped to the girls from their late grandmother they find it contains and heirloom wedding dress, the family plaid and a broach. Along with the items thereContinue reading “The MacLellan Sisters Trilogy by Lucinda Race”

The Random Series by Julia Kent

The Random Series Author: Julia Kent Genre: Romantic Comedy/Contemporary Romance Cover Design: Angela Jenks Series Blurb It all started with a naked hitchhiker wearing a guitar — and only a guitar. And turned into a New York Times bestseller. A random meeting between a rural Ohio chick and a rich Boston musician kickstarted all sortsContinue reading “The Random Series by Julia Kent”

Dark Odyssey Series by Faith Summers

Title: Tease Me Series: Dark Odyssey #1 Author: Faith Summers Genre: Dark Billionaire Mafia Romance/ Romantic Suspense Blurb An angel like her… and a devil like me. Was it wrong to prey on the weak? Especially when the weak came in the form of this beautiful angel on the doorstep of my club. My clubContinue reading “Dark Odyssey Series by Faith Summers”

King Brothers Series by Lisa Lang Blakeney

Title: Claimed Series: King Brothers #1 Author: Lisa Lang Blakeney Genre: Contemporary Romance Cover Design: Kari March Blurb I work for him, but I can’t stand him. I slept with him once, and he never lets me forget it. Camden King thinks he can have me again…and again…and again. But he can’t…I won’t let thatContinue reading “King Brothers Series by Lisa Lang Blakeney”

The Soul Sisters Series by Victoria Johns

Title: Fostering Love Series: Soul Sisters #1 Author: Victoria Johns Genre: New Adult/Romantic Suspense Blurb What do you do when you love someone who’s off-limits? If you’re me… fall deeper. You absolutely, must not ever, fall in love with your foster brother. Just try telling my heart that. Dalton Frobisher has loved the same guyContinue reading “The Soul Sisters Series by Victoria Johns”

Game of Love Series by Khardine Gray

Title: Ace of Hearts Series: Game of Love #1 Author: Khardine Gray Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense Blurb She was the innocent I was meant to resist, but she feels like my last chance at redemption. She’s the beautiful fiery angel. You look at her and you forget… everything. Past, present and future. You just forget.Continue reading “Game of Love Series by Khardine Gray”

The Finding Series by Halo Roberts

Title: Finding My Night Series: Finding #1 Author: Halo Roberts Genre: Steamy Romantic Comedy Blurb Second star to the right… I wish it were that easy. My father once told me to find my night, but I’ve given up. All that’s left is a tattooed reminder and the distraction that smells of jasmine whirling aroundContinue reading “The Finding Series by Halo Roberts”