Dance with me

Dance with Me: Under the Uniform by #AnnGrech Publication Date: June 24, 2018 #KU #GAY   Can an unlikely pair be the perfect match?   When twenty-four year old Eddie Taylor joins cruise liner, the MV Dreamcatcher as a dancer, he thought traveling and performing would be the highlight of his life. He never imagined the Dreamcatcher would lead him to hook his fantasy man.   Silver fox, Captain Will Preston, doesn’t date crew members. It doesn’t set a good example for the captain to be bed swapping, but instant attraction has him rethinking his rule for the spunky … Continue reading Dance with me

The Cleaner

  🔥🔥🔥 The Cleaner by Kiersten Modglin, Author is a swoony, romantic suspense!   Get your copy:   Gunner James is good at death.   An expert.   His job is to clean up the messes no one else can.   But behind that tough exterior, Gunner has a few secrets of his own.   Eight years ago, Gunner left his hometown and vowed to never look back. When his past collides with his present in the form of a familiar face, Gunner must return home to take care of one final mess…the woman he left behind.   ****** … Continue reading The Cleaner


#FREE #PNR #JUNE28 #JUNE29 Secrets by T.M. Payne Amazon Global: Four young friends, four fated mates. One secret that could separate them forever. Battling the demons of society and acceptance, can one of them handle the secrets that have been kept? Or will it be too much to bear? Some things are better left unsaid… BookBub: Goodreads: Teaser Trailer:​ Continue reading Secrets

Leaning into Forever

Leaning Into Forever (Leaning Into Series Book 7) by #LaneHayes Publication Date: June 26, 2018 #KU #GAY   Geordie De La Rosa is a legend among wine lovers in Napa Valley. His ultra-fabulous style paired with a penchant for leading impromptu sing-a-longs has made him a star attraction at Conrad Winery. Co-owning a well-respected winery was never Geordie’s aspiration but he likes the niche he’s made for himself. He won’t deny that his job and his friends have helped ease his heartache and grief after the death of his longtime partner.   Levi Yeager excels at the art of … Continue reading Leaning into Forever

Racing Dirty L.A

🔥🔥🔥 Racing Dirty, L.A. J. Lynn Lombard   Ashley Deep, dark and deadly secrets that have been buried since the night my parents died are emerging, threatening my sanity and everyone I hold close to my heart. The carefully constructed walls keeping everyone at arm’s length are crumbling and crashing down because of a man who’s battling secrets and demons of his own.   Nolan Secrets hidden in my past are making their presence known. They’re taunting the demon lurking inside of me that I fight against every day, making it difficult to help the blond-haired angel that captured my … Continue reading Racing Dirty L.A

The Solution

The Solution (Single Dad Support Group Book 3) by Piper Scott Publication Date: June 25, 2018 #KU #GAY Vincent’s past threatens to overthrow his future. The solution? He’s about to find it in the storage closet at his friend’s wedding. Independent, introverted, and eager to please, all single dad Vincent is expecting when he flies in to attend his friend’s wedding is a good time… not an irresistible older omega who slips into his heart as quickly as he slips into his bed. With a job relocation to the city on the horizon, a relationship isn’t off the table, … Continue reading The Solution

Radical Hearts

  Radical Hearts (Deviant Hearts Book 2) by #AERyecart Publication Date: June 20, 2018 #GAY #KU   When the past shatters the present, how can their future be saved?   Taking shelter from a storm in an off-beat, alternative bookshop, security consultant Lee Adams only wants to wait out the weather. Wary and cautious following the collapse of his long-term relationship, Lee’s got no time and even less interest in having a man in his life. Or that’s what he tells himself as he works long, exhausting days in a futile effort to deny his crushing loneliness. But when … Continue reading Radical Hearts