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A Special Kind of Perfect

A Special Kind of Perfect is LIVE

by H.M. Wolfe

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What happens when they meet their soulmate, but they cannot be together?

Peyton has a wonderful life but lives with a secret that they believe would turn many people against them if it was revealed. When a new boy arrives, Peyton’s gains a friend. This friend has secrets of his own, but he brings with him several people who become important to Peyton, including their soulmate.

Ezra has lived through hell. Taken in by two amazing people who help him to recover and recuperate, he can’t help but wish that would be his life from them on, especially when he meets Peyton. Peyton is a breath of fresh air and they quickly become close, making plans for their future.

But when old enemies come knocking, Ezra and Peyton are in their path. 

Will their enemies tear them apart or can true love prevail?

An MM hurt/comfort romance.

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Cover Designed by C.J. Bishop

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Dancing in the Dark (The Base book 1):

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