Fracture The Secret Enemy Saga is a story of death, survival, revenge, and love. Two people, worlds apart are on a collision course with destiny. One, an assassin. A man who lives in a world where a king’s word is not questioned, and if it is, well that is what he is for. The other, a young woman whose world is about to come crashing down around her.   When Kristina Conners finds her parents brutally murdered, she vows revenge. Little does she realize she is not the only one looking for the people who killed her parents. A stranger … Continue reading Fracture

Josette Reuel

AUTHOR SHOWCASE OF THE DAY Josette Reuel Releasing the Panther: Dásreach Council Novel 3 rounds out the first three book trilogy of the Dásreach Councel Novels series. We first met Charlie and Natalie in book 1, and finally get to see their HEA. Charlie Gavin is a panther shifter and the Beta of the Thirteen — the group to become the next Dásreach Council. But, to become the council the Thirteen must find their mates. When he received a phone call from his best friend and Alpha, Kai Darrow, Charlie was happy his friend found his mate, but a bit … Continue reading Josette Reuel

Showcase Author… Alice Rachel

AUTHOR SHOWCASE FOR THE DAY ALICE RACHEL Author Bio: Alice Rachel is the author of the YA Forbidden Romance Series “Under Ground.” Originally from France, Alice Rachel moved to the United States ten years ago to live with her husband, and she now also shares her home with two foster guinea pigs. Alice enjoys books of all kinds and more specifically those introducing well-written antagonists and complex protagonists. Alice also loves to draw her own book characters. Alice loves to interact with all readers, so feel free to send her a Tweet. Losing Ground Synopsis: “Losing Ground” is a novella … Continue reading Showcase Author… Alice Rachel


“Connection” Author Name: Brigham Vaughn Blurb: After a lifetime of being told he’s worthless, shy, sheltered Evan Harris is forced out of the closet and kicked out of his home.  Friends in Atlanta give him a place to stay while he gets on his feet, but despite his eagerness to explore the city, it isn’t exactly what he expected. Physically and emotionally scarred from a devastating car accident, Jeremy Lewis struggles to reconcile the brash, outgoing man he used to be with the social recluse he’s become. Loneliness draws them to each other, but a strong mutual attraction isn’t enough … Continue reading Connection

Chasing Constellation

The UGS Constellation Series, Chasing Constellations, Book 1 By: HA Fortman   Blurb:-   Elisa Jones has just graduated college with her journalism degree and now she’s trying to make her way in the world alone. Without any idea what to do, Elisa turns back to her first love – cold serial killer cases. She decides to follow up on a lead she found that the police overlooked. It’s a clue that takes her to California, where she thinks she might be able to assist in uncovering the killer.   Commander Turock Gav’rin is on the hunt for a fugitive, … Continue reading Chasing Constellation

Safe in His Heart By Renae Kaye

Safe in His Heart, by Renae Kaye Safe #2 Published by Dreamspinner Press Released 2 May 2016 270 Pages Available in eBook and paperback formats   Blurb Andrew and Paul learned about God and Jesus in different churches and realize their views of spirituality are worlds apart. Andrew was raised Catholic and was told his homosexuality was a sin. For his entire life, he hid the truth. He married and had children to present a façade to the world—that of a straight man. It’s not until he has an affair with Paul, who shows him a different side of Jesus, … Continue reading Safe in His Heart By Renae Kaye

The Journey of Jimini Renn By April Kelley

April Kelly   The Journey of Jimini Renn In a world without surface water, Jimini Renn wants nothing more than to live inside the protective walls of Adam City for the rest of his life, but his little brother has other ideas.   As far as Jimini is concerned, Adam City has everything he needs. It has a well that provides much-needed water, food, and safety from the dangers of the outside world. When his bookworm of a brother leaves to chase waterfalls, Jimini must follow even though he knows it will probably mean his death. When the first person … Continue reading The Journey of Jimini Renn By April Kelley