Las Vegas Sidewinders: Ian by Kat Mizera

They’re caught on thin ice…Las Vegas Sidewinders: Ian by Kat Mizera is coming soon!Release Date — April 7, 2020 #HockeyRomance #HockeyStandalone #SidewindersHockey Amazon — — — — Caught on thin ice between desire and legacy… Scottish-born hockey player Ian Campbell is so much more than a professional athlete and he has the birthright toContinue reading “Las Vegas Sidewinders: Ian by Kat Mizera”

HE HATES ME by Isabella Starling and Rina Kent

🖤Coming April 9th!🖤⁣ Jasper Cain is an enigma. You don’t want to cross him, get in his way, or worse, peak his interest.⁣⁣He Hates Me by Isabella Starling and Rina Kent is a dark, gritty romance that will be hitting your kindles on April 9th.⁣ Only two weeks away!⁣🖤Pre-Order Now🖤⁣He Hates Me ➜ HatesContinue reading “HE HATES ME by Isabella Starling and Rina Kent”

Derek by LeAnn Ashers

DEREK by LeAnn Ashers is releasing April 7th!! Pre-Order available Now! Amazon: Coming soon! Apple Books: Kobo: BN: Add it to your TBR today: Brittany He watched me from afar for over a year. Everywhere I went, he was there. His eyes on me. Little by little, he got closer. HeContinue reading “Derek by LeAnn Ashers”

The Wedding War by Liz Talley

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer… The Wedding War by Liz TalleyRelease Date – April 21st “Liz Talley gives us real life friendship with no sugar coating. The Wedding War will capture your attention on page one and won’t let you sleep until you read the last sentence.” –Carolyn Brown, NY Times bestContinue reading “The Wedding War by Liz Talley”

View Finder

Suspense Date Published: 11/7/2019 Publisher: BHC Press REALITY… IS IN THE MIND OF THE BEHOLDER BB Danser, the patriarch of the eccentric and zealous Danser family, narrates his life story in View Finder. Set during Hollywood’s Golden Age of greed, corruption, and scandal, his memoir is one of madness, passion, murder, and his desperate, lifelongContinue reading “View Finder”

Julius by Nicole Cypher

TEASER REVEAL!!! Julius by Nicole Cypher is coming soon!!! “This love story is dark, dirty and everything you could ever want!” – Goodreads reviewer “sexy, explosive and most definitely a page turner” – Goodreads reviewer Pre-order now for only 99c!!! US: Add to your Goodreads TBR ➩ & Bookstagrammers, sign up for review ➩ TheyContinue reading “Julius by Nicole Cypher”

Prince of Hearts by L A Cotton

🖤 𝗧𝗘𝗔𝗦𝗘𝗥 & 𝗣𝗥𝗘-𝗢𝗥𝗗𝗘𝗥 𝗕𝗟𝗔𝗦𝗧 🖤 We are excited to share the first teaser from an all-new angsty and addictive series from bestselling author L A Cotton, coming June 2!!! 𝘞𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘤𝘢𝘯 𝘦𝘹𝘱𝘦𝘤𝘵 𝘧𝘳𝘰𝘮 𝘝𝘦𝘳𝘰𝘯𝘢 𝘓𝘦𝘨𝘢𝘤𝘺… 🖤 New adult / college🖤 Mafia 🖤 Forbidden romance Check out the book trailer here >>> PRE-ORDER PRINCE OF HEARTS NOW US: reading “Prince of Hearts by L A Cotton”

Spark: A Bad Boy's Second Chance Romance by Gillian Archer

TEASER REVEAL!!! Spark: A Bad Boy’s Second Chance Romance by Gillian Archer releases April 23!!! Flames almost killed this ex-firefighter. And the sparks he’s feeling now might burn what’s left of his heart. Pre-order your copy now!!! US: Books: Play: Add to your Goodreads TBR ➩ & Bookstagrammers, sign upContinue reading “Spark: A Bad Boy's Second Chance Romance by Gillian Archer”