Take You Apart By T.J Spade


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Take You Apart – book one of The Everett Files
A 2016 Global E-books Award Nominee
If Makayla expected the night to be a stuffy, prim affair she was quickly proved wrong. The atmosphere was tantalising: a heady mix of twinkling lights, frosted champagne and animated conversation. She indulged in delicious canapes and allowed the effervescence all around to carry her mood to new heights. When the band struck up ‘Me and Mrs Jones’ she caught a matching gleam in Caleb’s eye and permitted herself to be escorted to dance. Caleb positioned his hand on the small of her back and she rested her own on his shoulder as he led a swaying rhythm across the parquet floor. Even after only one glass of champagne, Makayla felt as though she was gliding, perhaps even floating, around the room. Looking into Caleb’s eyes she admitted, “I didn’t suspect that you could dance.”
He dipped her low and then brought her back up, pressed her close. “It seems you’re my inspiration.”
Successful artist Caleb Everett lives each day with a real-time film inside his head, playing … murder. Since he was a child, Caleb has been able to see into the minds of killers. Working alongside veteran Homicide Detective Jack Rafferty, Caleb now uses his unique ability to balance the scales of justice.
With a new case afoot, Caleb is himself being targeted by a killer, and with attractive journalist Makayla Dawson on the scene, it becomes a race against time to save them all. With the odds savagely stacked against them, will this case take apart everything Caleb holds dear.

The Runaway and the Russian


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🇷🇺🇬🇧 The Runaway & The Russian 🇬🇧🇷🇺
Book 1 of 3
Sales Link viewBook.at/Runaway1
Kindle Price .99
When her best friend goes missing after being targeted by child groomers, Tess Robertson feels she has no choice but to run away.
Fearing for her life, Tess leaves the children’s home where she’s resided for the past eighteen months, and boards a train bound for the capital.
While wandering the streets of London, Tess realises she’s being followed, causing her to run once again, straight into the path of a bullet meant for arms dealer, Kolya Barinov.
While Tess recovers, Kolya vows to keep her safe: to give her a good life in return for saving his.
But is this simply swapping one danger for another? Or could the path to true happiness begin with blood and bullets?
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Lone House


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Devouring Santa


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Last Christmas she gave him her heart, and this Christmas she is hoping he decides he wants to keep it.
Two years ago when Comet met Angel he left her with something special, and last Christmas he decided he was all in. He wanted his family.
This Christmas, Ruby is feeling the old insecurities and is afraid of the past repeating itself. She loves her son and Marcus and can feel it all slipping away.
Tis the season to be jolly and Marcus is certainly feeling that way. He has his son, Ruby and his business. The only thing that could make his Christmas any better would be for Ruby to be his, permanently.
So while juggling her son, her job and life in general, Ruby decides the spark she fears has gone and needs rekindling.
And why not start at the place it all began, Santa Land.
Maybe Devouring Santa is just what they need to get back on track.



Kacey Hamford is a pen name for me (Kelly). I am in my thirties and started this journey in 2014, I love to read romance books about rockstars, so thought I would have a go at writing one myself. I really enjoyed it and got a boost of confidence once my books started selling.
I have gone on to write a young adult series, set in a college. The series is still on going.
I also have an MC series, it was something different for me to write and I enjoyed it so much, especially when I got readers telling me they would love to read books about the sub characters.
I work full time as a dog groomer, I love to read and my friends and family are very important to me. They are all so supportive of my writing career and encourage me to carry on.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KaceyHamford/?fref=ts
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CKHamford
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kacey_hamford/

Merry & Bright: A Christmas Anthology (Nocturne Falls Universe)


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Merry & Bright: A Christmas Anthology (Nocturne Falls Universe)
by Fiona Roarke, Cate Dean, Larissa Emerald, Alethea Kontis, Wynter Daniels, Sela Carsen, Jax Cassidy, Kira Nyte, Candace Colt
Release Date: 11/24/2017

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2y5S8qF
Nook: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/merry-bright-a-…/1127276448
Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/merry-bright-2
iBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/…/merry-bright-a-chr…/id1299922038…

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/36481035-merry-bright

The nine holiday stories in this collection:

Have Yourself a Merry Little Alien by Fiona Roarke
Draeken and Stella Phoenix are celebrating Christmas in Nocturne Falls with a festive holiday party in their new vacation home. Each has a big surprise for the other, but all’s fair in love and secret Christmas presents. Right?

The Wizard’s Mistletoe Magic by Jax Cassidy
Sent on a holiday gift giving mission, Kearney Maclachlan, wizard and royal bodyguard, reluctantly returns to Nocturne Falls where a fateful encounter with intuitive street artist Kaia Wyntir takes them on a journey to reclaim past memories and truths that may finally melt a warrior’s frozen heart. Unexpected miracles lead to everlasting love, all thanks to a kiss under the mistletoe.

A Dragon’s Christmas Mayhem by Kira Nyte
Firestorm dragon Zareh is a Christmas virgin, but that doesn’t stop him from doing his best to conjure up the perfect holiday celebration for his beloved lifemate, Kaylae. The fact she’s keeping something from him is tearing him apart. Their ancient enemies could strike at any time, bringing with them menace and mayhem. But that’s a tangible enemy. Can their love overcome some unexpected Christmas mayhem of the personal kind?

The Mistletoe Misstep by Wynter Daniels
Psychic hairdresser Amethyst Powers wants to keep the peace in her quarrelsome family, even if that means dating the wealthy vampire who could help her father’s fledgling business. She’ll get over the great guy she really likes. Superhuman mechanic, Dustin can’t believe his luck. When the purple-haired siren who broke up with him gets stuck, he helps her out. They share an intimate dinner, and one amazing kiss. But is she willing to buck her family’s wishes in the name of love? Sometimes all it takes is one part mistletoe and one part luck.

The Psychics Say I Do by Candace Colt
Cousins Brianna Putnam and Jess Callahan are headed to the altar to wed the handsome falcon-shifter Ford brothers. But when the brides’ plans run amok, even their psychic powers can’t undo the chaos. The entire town pitches in to help, but will it be enough to pull off their Christmas dream weddings?

The Meddlesome Misadventures of Merri and Bright by Alethea Kontis
Fairy Merri Larousse never intended to become one half of a famous prankster/matchmaking duo with winter elf Polaris Brighton. Little did they know, the best match they would make would be their own!

The Sorcerer’s Christmas Miracle by Cate Dean
Tami Bennett came to Nocturne Falls to help her best friend, Lidia. It was supposed to be temporary – until she laid eyes on Jack Cross, sorcerer. As much as she wants to deny it, she’s falling for him. When Lidia’s werewolf fiancé is in trouble, Tami asks for Jack’s help. She knows that if he succeeds, she could lose her only excuse to stay – and lose the one man who has come close to stealing her heart.

The Witch’s Snow Globe Wish by Larissa Emerald
When a letter is delivered by mistake to clairvoyant witch Telia Kraft, she must return it to its rightful recipient, a handsome vampire neighbor, the very guy she had dated over the summer until he dropped her without a word. Jake Newburg is shocked to learn of his brother’s upcoming Christmas wedding in Nocturne Falls and rashly asks Telia to accompany him to the event. For once, he needs to stop second-guessing himself.

Magic’s Frost by Sela Carsen
Lonely werewolf Dima Samarin looks forward to watching his favorite winter elf every morning at the Hallowed Bean. He rescues her unfinished novel from the perils of spilled cocoa, and becomes her hero. Elin Bergstrom’s day job is at Santa’s Workshop, but she secretly writes sci-fi novels on the side. She accepts Dima’s invitation to the Christmas Ball, but when their date gets derailed by a drug deal gone bad, this elf isn’t about to stay on her shelf. Sometimes a werewolf can use a little helpful frost magic to win the day, and save their date.

Kristen Collins Back Friday Sale


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.99 SALE!!
Wed 11/22 through Mon 11/27
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A Secret Christmas


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A Secret Christmas is now #LIVE and only #99cents! #NewRelease #Christmas #HolidayRomance

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2Bimfco
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2B7z2O2

** please note: this story is also in the Wicked Winter box set **

Spend Christmas with your favorite Secrets family…

Marcus and Penny

After almost three years of marriage, Penny wants a baby. Can Santa give her the gift she wants this year?

Connor and Bridget

Connor and Bridget adjusted well to becoming an instant family of three. But alone time has been hard to find with a teenager in the house. That is until Kris Kringle gifts them with a long weekend alone.

Josie and Miles

As Josie’s collared sub, Miles is more than content.
Until one day he discovers it’s not enough. With the help of jolly St. Nick, Miles finds the perfect ring, but will Josie say yes?

Donovan and Phebe

It’s been six months since Donovan proposed to Phebe.
In the spirit of Christmas, Phebe gives Donovan the best gift of all. Complete submission.

Winterlust Tales


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🌟🌟🌟🌟Winterlust Tales🌟🌟🌟🌟
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BY Ray L Sostre

All weekend long, Winterlust Tales will be free on Amazon. Pick up this anthology of short erotic stories, and cozy up for a fun-filled, erotic winter.

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1NZ7PP7

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1OtxK2U