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They call me Angel of Death, but my name is Nisha Blake. I am Shepherdstown’s living urban legend. My life, a tale of the macabre.

People avoid me like the plague. Well, everyone but my friends. They don’t see the Angel of Death when they look at me. They see poor, broken Nisha—the bully victim, suffering from vicious night terrors and vivid hallucinations.

Things take a turn for the worse when Blaze shows up. He’s a too hot, tattooed, bad-ass MMA fighter from London, hell-bent on getting to know me. Since he walked into my miserable life, my hallucinations graduated to a point where I can no longer differentiate between fiction and reality.

I am insane.
Broken beyond repair.
Or so I think until—

I uncover a secret form the past—a link between all the deaths, my hallucinations, and my night terrors. It’s then I understand I’m not the Angel of Death.

I am something else.
Someone else.


Wealthy Dragon Seeks Willing Omega by JR Fox


Wealthy Dragon Seeks Willing Omega
by JR Fox
Wealthy, generous dragon alpha seeks pure human omega for breeding purposes only…
I don’t want to do this, but I’m desperate…
Dragons are supposed to be monsters, but Jack seems different.
I can’t fall in love with him, it’s just pregnancy hormones making me feel like this.
I won’t fall in love with him, no matter how safe he makes me feel.
Even if I have fallen in love with him, that doesn’t mean he’d ever want me back.
I made a mistake, hiring a pretty omega to carry my child. His scent is everywhere, it’s unbearable to be in my own home.
Noah should fear me, like everyone else does, but even seeing me in my dragon form and in a blind rage hasn’t frightened him away.
Now he wants to share my bed. If circumstances were different, I’d want him to share my life.
I should never have let myself fall for someone like Noah.
I want him to stay and raise our baby together, and I’m willing to beg.
Note: Wealthy Dragon Seeks Willing Omega is a standalone gay paranormal romance, with steamy sex, Mpreg and a HEA ending!

Hidden Magic


For the holidays
New release right now #MMromance #erotica #PNR
Hidden Magic E.D. Parr Books
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Gorgeous Owain Lovage belongs to an ancient family of elven beings. A glamor hides his elf beauty as he runs a reindeer farm and visitor center in an English rural town. He’s yearning for a handsome, sexy man in his life. Owain hardly uses his magic these days, but that’s about to change.
Rowan Carter reluctantly leaves California to stay with his folks on vacation for the holiday season in the town where Owain lives.
Everything is so much better than he expected. Already enchanted by the lovely scenery, snow, and Christmas lights he fleetingly meets Owain.
Captivated by Owain’s looks and masculinity, Rowan seeks him out.
Melting hot kisses in the snow are only the start of what he has in mind to do with this red hot guy.
A deep erotic passion ignites between the two handsome men and sets in motion an ancient magic spell that will change both their lives forever.
114 pages

Heal by Piper Scott


by Piper Scott
From the ashes of his past rises an alpha ready to take what he wants.
Professional Dom Cedric Langston isn’t afraid to bring an omega to his knees, but he’s vowed to never let one into his heart. After a tragic event five years prior almost destroyed him, he can’t risk getting hurt again. With a prestigious career shift on the horizon, it’s safer to lose himself in work than to open himself up—
—until he runs headfirst into an omega who makes him never want to hide away again.
Twisted by cruel subservience at a young age, an omega exists ready to please.
Gabriel Lowe is free from the horrors of his past, but his heart refuses to move on. He’s lost his purpose, his place in life, and the man he thought would give him a family. The world is a harsh place for a broken omega, and when his rehabilitation therapy fails and he returns to the only family he has left, it gets harsher.
He’s told he will be entrusted to an alpha—a professional Dom whose kindness and compassion Gabriel can’t understand.
But when what should have been nothing more than a job ignites into blistering desire, Cedric and Gabriel are faced with a choice: cling to the demons of their past, or give in to what they’ve found in each other—a way to heal.

Running on the Edge Series

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Running On The Edge Box Set
By lisette Kristensen
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Blurb :
A murder mystery series that is raw, steamy, and gritty. It’s packed full of danger with wild twist and turns. Can Baleigh resist her past? Or does she finally ride or die?
Baleigh Burgess was trapped. Her world spun out of control the night her partner/lover was gunned down. Facing prison on trumped up drug charges, she was forced to go undercover to find the killer. She wasn’t prepared to face her suspects, her old biker gang, she once ran with back in the day.
Faced with her morals being comprised in proving her loyalty. Concealing her identity which if discovered was certain death. Baleigh lived on the edge and only grew darker when the man she fell in love in traveled to Las Vegas. It was to be a fresh start, but every where they turned betrayal lurked.
Running on the Edge takes you on a taut, dark murder mystery, where everyone is a suspect and a thin line of betrayal looms at every turn.
Amazon Worldwide link
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The Running on the Edge Series is a three-book box set. The box set includes, Silent Running (Prequel), Running Blind and Running Aces.
Lisette Kristensen




Title: Until
Series: New York Knights, book 2
Author: Anna B. Doe
Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance
Cover Design: Emily Wittig, Emily Wittig Designs, and Photography
Release Date: January 5th, 2018
I was betrayed by those I loved. Those I believed in. It was the first and the last time I let myself love someone outside my family.
Love makes you weak. It makes you wish for things you can’t have. It makes you vulnerable, and I swore I would never again go down that path.
Until I met him—Jack Daniel Shelton.
She left me. She ruined me. The day I found her gone, I promised myself I’d never let anyone have that kind of hold on me again. Especially not a woman. Now she’s back.
No matter how much time has passed, no matter what I tell myself, her hold on me is still strong. But she holds a secret. A secret I can’t escape from, but a secret I can’t turn my back on, either. A secret that could ruin everything I’ve worked for.
And then, there is her—Sienna Roberts. Everything was just as it was supposed to be, until she walked into my life.
Can two souls that lost faith in love find it in one another?