Jagged Ends by Taylor Dawn

Title: Jagged Ends Author: Taylor Dawn Magnolia Series: Book Four Available Now #99cents Blurb: Agent Ryan Madden always had a tough time fitting in at the Washington D.C. FBI field office. As the daughter of a fallen agent, Ryan had the determination to make her father proud and uphold his legacy. Unfortunately her anger managementContinue reading “Jagged Ends by Taylor Dawn”


  Coming March 28th iBOOKS GOOGLE PLAY BARNES & NOBLE KOBO Amazon     Xander Barrett had it all. Until it was stolen by the devil. His life. His lover. His freedom.A chance encounter secures his release. But, it comes at a cost–a debt he must settle before he’s allowed to take his revenge.Luckily, it’sContinue reading “Exodus”

Waiting to Breathe by Alyson Reynolds

Title: Waiting to Breathe Series: Waiting Duet #1 Author: Alyson Reynolds Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance Release Date: March 21, 2017 Blurb She’s broken. He’s lost. Olivia Crawford had been through the ringer. All she wants is to start over without any complications or anyone figuring out her secrets. When her twin brother Finn convinces herContinue reading “Waiting to Breathe by Alyson Reynolds”

Rogue Love by Michelle St. James

Title: Rogue Love Series: Kings of Corruption #1 Author: Michelle St. James Genre: Romantic Suspense Release Date: March 21, 2017 Blurb FBI agent Braden Kane has been going it alone ever since a family scandal sent him running straight from the Ivy League into Special Forces. That’s where he learned the hardest lesson of allContinue reading “Rogue Love by Michelle St. James”

Solace in Silence by Melissa Ann

Title: Solace In Silence Author: Melissa AnnRelease Date: March 21st Title: Solace in SilenceAuthor: Melissa Ann$0.99 BLURB: Sometimes in our darkest moments,When we can’t tell the lies from what’s true,When we don’t have the strength to go on,The love of a friend helps us get through. Solace in Silence,Is my personal fight,Through poetry,From darkness toContinue reading “Solace in Silence by Melissa Ann”

Outlaw: Part 3 by Katana Collins

Title: Outlaw: Part 3 Series: Harrison Street Crew #2 Author: Katana Collins Genre: Gritty Erotic Romance Release Date: March 21, 2017 Blurb Worse than bad. Hotter than hot. These are the bad boys of the Harrison Street Crew, and they answer to no one. They take what they want. And what they want is you. Continue reading “Outlaw: Part 3 by Katana Collins”

Resisting My Submission by Jenna Jacob

  They say first impressions mean everything. Either Maximus “Max” Gunn didn’t get the memo or he didn’t care. The gorgeous, muscle-bound Dominant’s assumption that I, Mistress Sammie, was a submissive set my blood boiling. I wanted to drive the toe of my coveted Louis Vuitton stilettos between his legs—and bring him to his knees.Continue reading “Resisting My Submission by Jenna Jacob”

CRAVE, a Dark Romance by Dani Rene

CRAVE by Dani René Forbidden Series Book #1 Dark Romance — SYNOPSIS — Samael Can love overcome hate? When I first laid eyes on the perfect little blonde, I didn’t think she’d change my life. But the first time I tasted her, felt her, took her, I knew she was mine. I laid a wordlessContinue reading “CRAVE, a Dark Romance by Dani Rene”

Blame It On the Shame Boxset by Ashley Jade

Title: Blame It On the Shame: The Complete Series Author: Ashley Jade Genre: Dark Romance Release Date:  March 21, 2017 On Sale: Limited Time $1.99 Shame. It wounds us. It damages us. Or, for the few poor souls out there like me…it defines us. I’m the son of the devil himself—the most feared mob bossContinue reading “Blame It On the Shame Boxset by Ashley Jade”