Narrow Margins

´*•.¸(*•.¸★¸.•*´)¸.•*´*•.¸(*•.¸★¸.•*´)¸.•*´*•.¸(*•.¸★¸.•*´)¸.•*´ ★★ NARROW MARGINS – COMING SOON!! ★★ .¸.•*(¸.•*★*•.¸) `*•.¸.•* ( ¸.•*★*•.¸ )`*•.¸.•* ( ¸.•*★*•.¸ )`*•.¸ ===== ADD IT TO YOUR GOODREADS LIST ===== #Corrie&Griff #gayromance #comingsoon Well known as a playboy, Griff Broderick, MotoGP world champion, didn’t realize a chance meeting in a club would lead to him looking at his life inContinue reading “Narrow Margins”

Urgent Care (Hearts and Health Book 3) by DJ Jamison

░N░E░W░░R░E░L░E░A░S░E░✯ Urgent Care (Hearts and Health Book 3) by DJ Jamison   Publication Date: May 3, 2017 Twelve years too late … Xavier James is shocked when he runs into the first man who ever broke his heart. His ex-boyfriend has only gotten sexier over the past decade, but Xavier isn’t about to goContinue reading “Urgent Care (Hearts and Health Book 3) by DJ Jamison”

Flawed Perfection by M.A. Innes

Flawed Perfection by M.A. Innes Publication Date: May 1, 2017 Nathan wasn’t sure why people were so obsessed with dating and sex. Sure it probably felt good but he just couldn’t figure out what all the fuss was about. It might have helped if he knew what he was looking for. But with soContinue reading “Flawed Perfection by M.A. Innes”

Savage (Project Zed Book 2) by Kelex

░N░E░W░░R░E░L░E░A░S░E░✯ Savage (Project Zed Book 2) by Kelex 📖 📚 📖 📚 📖 Publication Date: April 30, 2017 Six years of working for Project Zed showed MSgt Cutler Morrison all he thought he needed to know about the shifter world. He’d pledged his life to fight back the evil savagery of the wild creatures threateningContinue reading “Savage (Project Zed Book 2) by Kelex”

A Business Proposal by Van Cole

A Business Proposal by Van Cole Publication Date: April 26, 2017 His Knight In Shining Armour Has A Big Thick Wallet And A Big Thick Sword Oasis was once one of the most popular bars in the city. People were constantly flocking inside for cheap drinks and friendly conversation. Now, Oasis was nothing moreContinue reading “A Business Proposal by Van Cole”

Marked by Fire (Sons of Britain Book 1) by Mia West

Marked by Fire (Sons of Britain Book 1) by Mia West   Publication Date: April 28, 2017 A fresh, dark, sexy retelling of Arthurian legend… Eighteen-year-old Arthur burns for two things: a warrior’s ink, and Bedwyr, his older brother’s friend and shieldmate. Though the warlord’s son is beyond his reach, a Saxon incursion finallyContinue reading “Marked by Fire (Sons of Britain Book 1) by Mia West”

One Last Chance by Peter Styles

One Last Chance by Peter Styles  Publication Date: April 28, 2017 Can he forgive and forget and give this Angel a second chance? There are no such things as ghosts. Chance has always known that. After all, he’s spent the last five years working in a cemetery. And when the sexy, brooding musician, Angel,Continue reading “One Last Chance by Peter Styles”

How We Operate by A.R. Moler

How We Operate by A.R. Moler Publication Date: April 28, 2017 What if you had to do surgery on the one you love? Chris Kearney is a surgeon working the Emergency Room at a large hospital near the bad part of the city. After operating on and losing a teenaged patient, he runs intoContinue reading “How We Operate by A.R. Moler”

Delivering Dante: A Made Marian Novel by Lucy Lennox

Delivering Dante: A Made Marian Novel by Lucy Lennox Publication Date: April 30, 2017 AJ: I know Dante’s story better than anyone. After all, I was the one who rescued him from his homophobic, abusive father eight years ago. Since then, I’ve kept my distance, but when I run into him at the MarianContinue reading “Delivering Dante: A Made Marian Novel by Lucy Lennox”