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********4 stories***Each uniquely different*****For the price of one****** Four of Wayne Mansfield’s best-selling paranormal gay romance stories in one box set! Contains the stories: BEFORE LOVERS: Have you ever seen someone and had the strangest feeling you’ve met before? A chance meeting brings Paul and Calvin together. The evening starts with a drink and quickly develops into something more. But strange things happen to they get intimate; a bizarre transformation which leads Paul to consult a psychic. What he discovers will change the way he thinks about life, and Calvin, forever more. RYAN: What happens to Dane after his Aunt Beatrice is killed in a car accident defies belief. He hires Ryan to be his house keeper and maintenance man, but even after they fall in love, how can two men alone cope with what they are about to learn? And no one should ever have to make the decision they are forced to make. Not without all the answers. STRANGER THINGS: Too many people say there’s no magic left in the world, but Morgan Berry has the good fortune to meet Reginald Batt, who proves to him there’s magic everywhere if you know where to look. UNEXPECTED ENDING: When Rob sees a handsome stranger walking along the edge of a quiet country road, he stops to offer assistance. Duke won’t be able to make it into town before the storm hits. Since Rob lives alone, he invites Duke to stay the night at his place. In the morning, they’ll head into town. The simple invitation is made out of old-fashioned country hospitality, yet it will change Rob’s life forever. Get chilled and thrilled here: https://buff.ly/2SAJQ4e

Keeping Them Unseen

Keeping Them Unseen: mybook.to/KeepingThemUnseenRH3
If you’ve already read it, let me know if you have any questions or comments about it and the upcoming books in the series


I used to think vampires were extinct, but it turns out, they’re merely hiding. When my pack stayed with some vamps a while back, I couldn’t believe how prickly and rude they all were… all but one: Dregan. I met him and my wolf went crazy, wanting to be close, wanting to rub up on him, wanting to bite him. It makes no sense. Vampire blood and shifter blood don’t mix. In fact, I’d never survive if I ever get a taste of what I so desperately desire. But I can’t get that vampire out of my head, even weeks and months after we left him.

When a little wolf caught my attention, I was surprised but intrigued. The more time he spent in my den, the more I wanted him to stay close. This little innocent wolf was driving me mad, making me want a little taste. But there’s a reason my den has been hiding for hundreds of years, and no matter how badly I crave that little wolf, I can’t have him. I couldn’t risk him getting hurt just to satisfy my needs, so I let him go. Though, nothing I do will make me forget how good he smelled, how delicious I know his blood would taste.

With something cruel and dark hunting Dregan and with Chris’s pack hiding from an evil force, will they ever be able to come together and help one another? Or will they let the evils of the world overtake them and let fear overshadow their desires?

***Keeping Them Unseen is the third book in the Reclaiming Hope series. Each book in the series will feature a different couple, but it’s recommended that you read the books in order because you will get more enjoyment out of the story. It’s a paranormal shifter romance between two men and is intended for Adults Only.***

It’s Book 3 in the Reclaiming Hope series, so make sure you catch up:
How We Survive: myBook.to/HowWeSurvive
Rescuing His Heart: myBook.to/RescuingHisHeartRH2

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Fountain of Beauty (The Cubi, #4)Fountain of Beauty by Meraki P. Lyhne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is book four in The Cubi series. This is a series that once you start reading it is hard to put down. You are drawn into the Cubi world. We get to see that now Daniel is becoming what he was born to be.
We get to see more of the love between the Prince, Sire and Lord. Now that they are on the brink of war and see the strength that Daniel has for his people. If you want to lose yourself in the story that is thrilling and steamy at the same time. Then you must read this series and they do have to be read in order. They continue from the previous book. Highly recommend this author and Cubi Series
Cant wait for book five.

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The David Series

The David series is now complete.

You can read their love story, here are the links.

Beginnings #1-4 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078FXNH8Z (FREE 10th – 14th Feb)
Valentines #5 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079LY3LP4
Home #6 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GD26YN3
Insecurity #7 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NDVX4PZ

Hot MM Romance from B.J. Smyth

When opposites attract things get hot in this Gay Romance series.

Neither of them wanted to fall in love, but when they meet something special grows between them.

David is a sweet, loveable guy. The last thing he was looking for is a relationship after the way his previous boyfriend treated him. He didn’t think he could trust anyone ever again.

Bradley is a work focussed wealthy businessman who gets anything he wants. With his wealth, he could have anyone but nobody in his world grabs his attention. Then he met David.

It starts as a one-night stand but have they found their Soulmates?

If you love very hot M/M romances. You will fall in love with the DAVID series.