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Black Ghost by Freddie Villacci, Jr.

⏱ Black Ghost Countdown ⏱ Black Ghost by Freddie Villacci, Jr. will go LIVE in 5 days! Add to Goodreads → Pre-Order → BOOK INFO: Title: Black Ghost Series: Black Ghost Author: Freddie Villacci, Jr. Genre: Thriller Release Day: December 1, 2020 ABOUT THE BOOK: Mysterious deaths. No clues. No witnesses. All undeniably linked. Two rookie agents. Bic Green, the Black Ghost, is on a mission to take out America’s ten wealthiest citizens. That’s simple enough for someone with his skill set, but that’s not the only thing on his mind. Haunted by his personal demons, the trained assassin thinks he’s found a way out of this life through his niece. He hopes funding her quest to find a cure for cancer will absolve him of some of his most egregious acts, but that can’t happen until he completes his list of kills. With only twenty-one days left, he’s running out of time. Law enforcement members are baffled by the cases and haven’t yet noticed the connection. But when two rookie agents overhear key details of the plan, they’re immediately invested. Against their better judgment, and despite their superior officers’ insistence, they press forward. What they uncover is more disturbing than they’re prepared to handle. As the clues are unraveled, the stakes couldn’t be higher for Agents Maddox and Foxx, and Bic’s sudden quest for morality may be nothing more than a pipe dream. Can the agents solve the case before he executes another rage-filled, ritualistic murder? #BlackGhostCountdown #FreddieVillacciJr #ComingSoon #Thriller #Suspense #TheNextStepPR

#BRVLPromo The Last Ryukyu Noro: A Countrymen Novella

The Last Ryukyu Noro: A Countrymen Novella
By Stephanie Ayers
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BLURB:As the Tantori Festival comes to an end, Noro Wakumi dies and her only child, Erity, is expected to assume the role. In order to accept her position in the Shuri Court, Erity must live a life of celibacy and forsake her brother, Ronin, and Taigen, whom she loves. Unable to choose, Erity runs away to seek advice from a sacred sea dragon. Seki, the local medium, takes advantage of Erity’s absence to summon a spirit of darkness-Kano, who has an agenda of his own. When Kano tricks Taigen into giving up his soul, Ronin realizes Erity is in danger. He sends Kenji, his most trusted samurai, to send the evil Shintu priest back to his grave.Even if Kenji succeeds in destroying Kano, there’s no guarantee Erity will accept her fate as the royal noro priestess. Is her love for Taigen stronger than her love for the people, or will she follow her destiny and become the last trueborn Ryukyu noro?

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