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This is the 5th book in the Men of Meadowfall series. Where we meet 2 that were professor and student. You cant always take things at face value never know what is hiding under the skin. Ian has done every thing that he can to make sure that his daughter has the best care. the stress and building debt has made Ian self worth drop and feels that hurt with help. There are some triggers in the story so be forewarn. Brad has always had connection to a certain omega and when they come together again the sparks fly. They go down a road that is very emotional and they become a stronger family highly recommend this book and series they dont have to be read in order but do have references to other characters in the story Omega's Traitor (Guardian Dragons #3)Omega’s Traitor by Aiden Bates
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This is the 3rd book in the Guardian Dragon Series. Where we meet Lincoln who all his life has been lied to. With him working the Templar he is betraying the dragons and his mate. This was a very emotional ride for Lincoln what he thought he knew is not the truth. What is he to do with his mother sick and very vulnerable to be hurt if he doesn’t follow the plan set out for him. Sasha finds his mate found out that he has hand in getting his broodmate capture. If you love reading about drgaons then you will fall in love with the book and series it is a must read

View all my reviews Unforgettable Faith (Vale Valley, Season 3 #11)Unforgettable Faith by Michael Mandrake
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This is book is within a wonderful vale valley series. Who doesn’t love tigers, but our tiger is a grumpy and lost. Father Janna is missing parts in his life and he doesn’t fell complete. Diego is a patience wolf and he will win over his grumpy tiger. love this story and you will fall in love with the characters vale valley

View all my reviews Walk Tall (Assassin's Claws, #1)Walk Tall by Susi Hawke
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This is the first book in the Assassin’s Claws series. If you are looking for a book that has some suspense and action you will love this book. The way that Nick and Clay come together and it is for all the wrong reasons. What story is not complete with some bunnies, but these are not the lovely cuddle type. Cant wait to see what happens next and which brother

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