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Title: Shared 
Authors: Lauren Landish 
Bella Love-Wins & Willow Winters 
Genre: Menage Romance 

We’re dead for touching her. 
But I don’t want to stop.

Damon and I know first hand how cruel and unforgiving the world can be.We grew up relying on each other just to survive. Since then, we do everything together, from fighting to sharing women.

Until Bianca. Our honey bee.

We’ve been tasked with keeping her safe. Our job is simple: don’t let anyone touch her. 

It should be easy, but she’s untouchable and we’ve both craved her for years. 

Her lust-filled gazes and soft, kissable lips beg us to take her. She knows this is wrong. All three of us do.  But the forbidden is too tempting to refuse. 

She brings out a different side of me I’ve never felt before. Jealousy.
 I see it in her eyes that she wants us both. 
Together we can overwhelm her with pleasure that she’s never imagined. 
But I want those sweet moans all to myself. 
I don’t want to share her. Not anymore.

Author’s Note: This is a MFM ménage romance that is all about the woman. There are no M/M scenes. This story is all about TWO hot, bad boys who fall for the same woman


The bedroom is dark with the curtains closed; only the dim light of the moon shines through the sheer curtains. I can still see what matters though. I stalk across the room, my bare feet silently sinking into the plush carpet. My eyes have already adjusted to the darkness.

 Bianca’s soft moans fill the quiet air. They’re almost whimpers, but I recognize them as cries of pleasure. I live for that sound. I want more, though. I want to be the one forcing those soft sighs from her lips. I don’t know when it happened, but the beast in me has calmed.

It’s because of her, I know it is. She brings out a different side of me, but I can feel it slipping when Damon’s with her. I can feel it clawing at me to rip him away from her.
My fingers wrap around the bedpost, my eyes on them, watching how he kisses her slender neck and how she arches it in return, exposing more of her soft, sensitive skin to him.
She knows this is wrong. All three of us do. But the forbidden is too tempting to refuse.
She closes her eyes, a subdued gasp escaping her lips as his thumb travels over her hardened nipple, slowly moving down to the curve of her waist. I don’t usually watch. I’m not a patient man, but seeing her enjoying his touch in complete and utter rapture is something I’ve never seen before. Not from so far away, anyway. I’ve never admired her like this before. It’s intoxicating.
She holds my attention and makes me want things no one else ever has. She also brings out my jealousy. My dick hardens and my blood heats as her fingers spear through his hair and he leaves open-mouth kisses down her belly, slowly crawling lower and lower. I’ve never had to deal with jealousy before when it’s come to Damon; we’ve always shared… everything. We’ve always shared women, but none of them were like her. Our honey bee.
I’m not the only one who’s changed. There’s a different side to him too, a more aggressive side. He may think he’s hiding it well, but I see it all too clearly. My grip tightens on the wooden post as the bed creaks and Damon crawls between her legs. He doesn’t look back over his shoulder. He doesn’t take his eyes away from her. Neither of them sees me.
My honey bee spreads her gorgeous legs wider for him, her heels digging into the mattress as she bends her knees and scoots her hips closer to him.
He groans, loving how she wants him.
My heart stutters in my chest. I thought she wanted me, too. I’ve seen the same lust shining in her eyes when she looks at me when I take her. I’m sure of it. I know she wants me.
My heart races as I move forward, my knees sinking into the mattress as I crawl to her, finally getting Bianca’s attention. Her teeth dig into her bottom lip, her chest rising with a heavy breath.
I won’t keep my distance and give Damon a chance to steal her from me. I don’t know where I stand with Bianca on my own; I don’t know where I stand with him either, but I’m going to take what I want.
I close my eyes with sweet satisfaction as she reaches out for me, her soft fingers drifting easily down my chest, running through the small smattering of chest hair. Her touch almost tickles as she grazes me, but ultimately it’s seductive. A spark of electricity ignites my body.
I don’t have to look at Damon to know he’s staring at me. I can feel the heat in his eyes, the same jealousy and uncertainty that I feel. Nothing will ever be the same between us. My eyes focus on her gorgeous light brown eyes with flecks of gold, reflecting the dark desire that crackles between us. But her eyes flicker to his, and then back to mine. My blood courses with adrenaline, fueling me to possess her. I hate that I’m sharing her, just as much as he is. It never used to be this way. But with her, I’m playing a different game.
For now, while we’re hidden here in our safe house, paid to protect her and keep her free from danger, I’ll play along. I’ll continue to act as I have for years and share her with my best friend. Her soft lips press against mine, her right hand spearing through my hair, twisting and pulling gently as her tongue slides across mine with swift strokes. But as soon as she’s safe and the danger is gone, I’m taking her. I can’t share her. Not anymore.

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Lauren Landish is a #1 Contemporary Bestselling Romance Author. Her Sports Novel Blitzed reached #2 on the US Amazon Kindle Bestseller list and #1 in Canada in May 2016. Additionally, her other books have frequently cracked the top 10 and 20 on the Amazon Kindle Bestsellers lists.
Writing has always been her first love and she’s happy to write for women who are thirsty for a little heat in the bedroom!
Lauren now resides in North Carolina with her boyfriend and her fur baby.

Bella Love-Wins: I’m so excited to share my steamy contemporary romance and paranormal bear shifter romance with you. 

About me: I love reading and writing steamy, high-action romance stories about firefighters, billionaires, shifters, and alpha males who know what they want and aren’t afraid of laying claim to the women who catch their interest. I love a happy ever after ending. I enjoy reading, hiking, the countryside, and traveling to destinations unspoiled by commercial tourism, like Las Vegas… 

Like so many characters in my novels, I enjoy action, romance and unexpected love connections that take your breath away. For the next while, you’ll find me plotting and writing about my latest stories on my Macbook.

Willow Winters:  I like my action hot and my bad boys hotter. And I don’t hold back on either one in my writing.  I’m so happy to be a #1 Contemporary Bestselling Romance Author. I’m so grateful and honored!  I actually started writing after having my little girl, Evie, December 2015. All during my pregnancy with her I read. I only wanted to read romance, and I read EVERYTHING. I would read a book a day — sometimes two.  In January 2016 I was staying up late with her and just thinking of all these stories.  They came to me constantly. And I finally sat down and just started writing. I always wanted to do it so I figured, why not? I never thought I would reach this point of success, to be honest. It’s insane to me that I have so many fans. And I love each and every one of them for all of their support.

Lauren Landish 

Bella Love-Wins

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