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REVIEW Addiction



Title: Addiction (Seven Deadly Sins Book 1)

Author: Shantel Tessier

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Product Link:

Page Length: 436


Addiction is the first in a series of standalones that end with HEA!

I’m a sinner with no regrets.
I’m a man with no shame.
I’m a lover with no soul.
What am I?

You’re a loner with no friends.
You’re a beggar with no place to go.
You’re a face with no name.
Who are you?

It doesn’t really matter what I am or who you are. Everyone has sin in common. But I pride myself on doing it better. Through the eyes of another, I am envied. If they only knew the wrath I have endured. Greed can be a motherfucker, but it is what makes us strive to be better. Lust can make you burn, but without it you would freeze to death. Some of us are a glutton for punishment and want to feel the pain that reminds us we’re still alive rather than overcome by sloth.
The lure of these seven deadly sins is like an addiction. And I intend to indulge in each of these unforgivable sins.


Shantel Tessier has bought together a story that keeps you so hook to the pages until the end. The is wild journey through many twists and turns. The secrets that Case is hiding can come back and hurt more. Taylor is not happy with her brother and he association with Case, especially cause of things that have happen in the past with her family. The chemistry between the Alpha Case and the innocence girl Tylor is hot, but will that be enough for them for something waiting around the corner to destroy it all.
Highly recommend this book and can’t see what happens next.

How would you describe the plot of this book?  some twist

Which of these words best describes the mood? Suspenseful

How would you describe the pace? steady

How would you describe the characters? developed

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review *


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