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Killing Me Softly


Killing Me Softly (A Chicago Mafia Syndicate) (Castaletta Book 3)


Ali Parker

Release Date: February 28th


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Things are heating up and Vivian’s killer is closer than they think. With Freddy dead and Izzy & D soon to weather Joe’s wrath, things couldn’t be more toxic. At a time when they need to pull together, it would seem that everything is working to pull them apart. When everything comes to a head, Izabella is forced to choose between two of the men she loves, but in doing so… she could possibly lose them both.







“Scream my name a few more times, Bella,” he mumbled against the side of my neck, his lips so soft, breath so fucking hot.

“Don’t tell me what to-”

He clamped his hand over my mouth and lifted up, his body pressed to mine from the waist down as I lay on my back. “No, no, sweetheart. Not in here. You forget your place.”

Just the sound of him owning me was almost more than I could bear. I needed him to rule me in some part of my life, to let me exhale and simply be a woman instead of a warrior. The night would be over before I knew it, but I forced myself not to think about it. Sex had the power to heal a broken heart if love was involved, but not for me.

We would fuck all night and in the morning… nothing would change. He was the underboss of my syndicate, and I the enforcer, the hired hand.

“You want me as much as I want you?” His eyes were filled with a softness that didn’t belong between us.

It was too much for my broken soul to bear.

I bit his finger, smiled and pushed at his chest, rolling him onto his back as I crawled up his body and sat on his lower chest. “Nope. You’re just a needy bitch. You know that, right?”

The laughter that bubbled up all around us drove spikes into my heart. He was beautiful, majestic. His dark eyes held a million secrets and the sexy smile on his face let me know that no matter what, for the moment, we were kids again.

I ran my hands down his thick chest and pressed my nails into the thick muscle as I slid back down his body, rubbing myself along him as I went.

He groaned and reached up, sinking his fingers into my hair as he pulled me flush against him, trapping me with one strong arm behind my back. “I’m not letting you ride me tonight.”

“No?” I let my question hold a cheeky tone that I didn’t quite feel. The world was burning up around us, my mother and his dead over the last few weeks and my little brother is missing.

Things simply couldn’t get worse. I wouldn’t let them, couldn’t afford to. I would soon become the monster my father hoped I would be capable of being. Death and darkness would be my comfort, not the warm arms of the man I loved.




Ali Parker


Ali Parker is a full-time contemporary romance writer who left a life in Corporate America to try living a dream. She loves coffee, watching a great movie, and hanging out with her hubs. By hanging out, she means making out. Hanging out is for those little creepy elves at Christmas. No tight green stockings for her. She’s in Texas, but they’ve pulled up their roots and have gone nomad across the country for the next 14 months. She might be coming to a city near you… be on the lookout!






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