Declan: Soulless Bastards Mc NoCal (Soulless Bastards Mc No Cal Book 1) by #ErinTrejo


Declan: Soulless Bastards Mc NoCal (Soulless Bastards Mc No Cal Book 1)

Publication Date: May 15, 2018

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☆ Declan * Soulless Bastards MC #1
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Declan: I was born into this world. I am what it made me. I do things that others find disgusting. I broke many rules when I met Brooke. She showed up one night and I took advantage of that. When she kept coming back, I knew there was more to her. One fucking day changed it all. One secret from my past blew our relationship out of the water.
Brooke: Loss was all I knew. It creeps around every corner. One dare. That’s all it took. The night I met Declan, I was on the high of my life. I felt safe with him. Little did I know; his secrets were also mine. When his past is revealed, I lose it. The man he claimed to be was a man I’d known all my life.
“Don’t test me, darlin’,” I warn her. She grins at me. She actually fucking grins at me.
“Fuck you, Declan. You better untie me.” She grinds her teeth, looking sexy as fuck. Damn, I wish she was naked and tied to my bed.
“You better be calm when I come back,” I say, pointing at her. I get off of the bed and I walk toward the door.
“You can’t leave me in here!” she screams out even louder.
“Oh, babe. You walked up to my gates throwin’ a little fit. I can do whatever the fuck I want.”
2. “You stepped foot into my clubhouse, my world. Do you have any idea what I could do to you?” I ask in aloud whisper. Her breathing has kicked up, and her heart is beating wildly. I can practically feel it.
“I didn’t come here for you, so I’m going with nothing.”
“They won’t speak to you if I say the words.” Her eyes burn with a fire that I want. I don’t know if she wants to punch me or fuck me on the spot, but goddamn that tension is there.
“Will you say the words though, Declan?” Holy fuck! The way she says my name. I want to take her against this wall and show her who the fucking boss is around here but not now.
No, I’ll save that for later.
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