Author Takeover, Facebook Party - Event

#BRVL MM November Takeover Event Coming in 2 Days

We have some wonderful authors joining us on Thursday 29th with our Takeover Event.

Hope to see you there and invite all your friends for some fun time

Event Link (Have to be member of group to join in event)

Takeover Schedule (#Authors have 7 open spots contact me if interested)

November 29
8:00 AM HL Day
9:00 AM Vicki Locey
10:00 AM April Kelley
11:00 AM Megan Slayer
12:00 PM Kathy Griffith
1:00 PM Annabella Stone
2:00 PM Quin Perin
3:00 PM Wendy Rathbone
4:00 PM JM Wolf
5:00 PM DJ Jamison
6:00 PM Dora Esquivel
7:00 PM BL Maxwell
8:00 PM Shashane Wallace
9:00 PM Claire Castle
10:00 PM Daniel Elijah Sanderfer
11:00 PM Jenna Galicki

November 30
8:00 AM Brea Alepoú
9:00 AM Brigham Vaughn
10:00 AM Angello Adrien
11:00 AM Christian Cross
12:00 PM TL Travis
1:00 PM Ashe Winters
2:00 PM Serene Victoria Franklin
3:00 PM Lynn Michaels
4:00 PM Rebecca James
5:00 PM Declan Rhodes
6:00 PM Dani Gray
7:00 PM Elle Keaton
8:00 PM Terry Poole
9:00 PM Shea Balik
10:00 PM Pierce Smith
11:00 PM David Joy

8:00 AM
9:00 AM Megs Pritchard
10:00 AM Jessie Pinkham
11:00 AM Amara Lebel
12:00 PM Katerina Ross
1:00 PM C.M. Valencourt
2:00 PM Serene Victoria Franklin
3:00 PM Addison Albright
4:00 PM Ruby Moone
5:00 PM
6:00 PM
7:00 PM
8:00 PM ES M James
9:00 PM
10:00 PM
11:00 PM

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