THE MODEL by @harl0wlayne


Audio: THE MODEL by @harl0wlayne is coming October 5! 

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Available in e-book now: Free in KU

Narrated by: @Lacy.laurel & @connorcrais

Production by @toveaudiobooks

The moment I heard Ryder’s voice, I was a goner.

As a photographer, I was used to working with beautiful people, but Ryder Williams was the most perfect male specimen who had ever stood before me. I knew without a doubt it would take no time at all for him to be the next big thing…or for him to steal my heart.

Model and photographer, we shouldn’t cross that line, but there was no stopping the passion we felt. Nothing else mattered. Not the age difference. Not that he was a client. Not even our pasts.

After my assistant caught us together, he was gone. I tried to put him out of my head, until fate threw him back into my life and my bed.

Time and time again we’re brought together; should I keep fighting or finally accept what my heart wants?

The Model is a stand-alone in the Love is Blind series. The series has crossover characters from each novel. It is not required to listen to the books in order, but it is recommended to enhance the listening experience.

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