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DECKER by Victoria McFarlane



DECKER by Victoria McFarlane is coming June 17!

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That’s what I was and I had long learned to live with it.

It was easy to ignore the past.

Easy to forget and pretend all was right with the world.

But then she showed up and she threatened it all.

Demi Atwood had no idea who she was playing with.

This was a game and I was the star player.

She thinks she can get to me, little did she know there isn’t much I won’t do to protect my secrets.

It’s game on and I always play to win.

I wasn’t however anticipating the sweet girl with the big blue eyes and charm for days.

I wasn’t ready for her to bury herself under my skin and make me want to change it all.

But she and I, we are different.

She was the sunshine

I was the storm.

She’s nectar.

Me…I’m poison.

She wants to fix me.

But I have the power to break her.

There was no way either of us was coming out of this unscathed.

No way I wasn’t going to cause some sort of damage.

I just had to hope it wouldn’t end us before we could even begin.

Decker is book 2 in the Boys of HGU series, this can be read as a standalone or second to Fletcher.

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