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Evil Omega by S. Rodman

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Evil Omega
By S. Rodman

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Gay. Necromancer. Werewolf. Supervillian. Power bottom.

Silas is all of these and more.

Silas Northstar is an outcast. A wolf shifter without a pack. A hated and feared necromancer, infamous for killing an entire pack. He aspires to become the true supervillain people whisper he is.

He is also an omega. Heat cycles are a fact of life, but he has no problem finding casual fun with humans to satisfy his needs. He can’t imagine that ever changing. He doesn’t do lonely, and he definitely doesn’t do feelings. He doesn’t need an alpha.

Dean Westlake is a happy-go-lucky alpha who is trying his best to settle into his new pack in a new city. The pack’s Alpha, George, is an idiot, but Dean is glad to not be alone anymore. Few packs will accept a second alpha, so he knows his choices are limited. He needs to make this work.

The rumors of the city’s supervillain sound far-fetched. He’s not worried.

Then the Westlake pack captures Silas. That night he goes into heat. Someone has to deal with it.

Dean gets the honor, and the fireworks begin.

The morning light shows Silas has vanished. Everyones says no one can keep Silas Northstar for long.

Dean vows to prove them wrong.

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Excerpt from Evil Omega:

Silas wove effortlessly through the tables towards Dean and Dean felt his heart rate increase. It was like being a teenager at school and having your crush walk up to you. Except far more nerve-wracking.

“This is stupid,” said Silas grumpily as he sat down across from Dean.

Dean grinned. “There is nothing stupid about coffee. What can I get you?”

Silas made a dismissive gesture and pulled out his phone. Tapped at it for a few moments before putting it away. He made no move to go to the counter.

Dean stared at him. Silas sighed. “I ordered on the app. Jeez, how old are you?”

Dean took a sip of his coffee, saying nothing. Suddenly worried Silas would either think he was too old or not old enough. Luckily, it seemed to be more of a rhetorical question.

Silas fidgeted with the cord on his hoodie. Dean smiled. Silas was nervous. Silas had almost not come. That was why he was late. You don’t get nervous about coffee with someone you don’t have feelings for. Dean suddenly wanted to do a little happy dance.

The barista appeared, sliding a monstrosity in front of the necromancer. It had a mountain of cream and tiny pastel-colored marshmallows layered on the top.

Silas took off his sunglasses and glared at Dean, challenging him to say anything. Dean just smiled instead. He really wasn’t brave enough.

“So, how has your day been?” Dean asked.

Silas glared at him again. “I’ve been polishing the jars I keep the souls of my enemies in.”

Dean blinked. He wasn’t quite sure whether or not to believe it. It could have been a joke or it could be true. Dean didn’t know enough about necromancy to tell. But he got the message. They weren’t normal people, they couldn’t talk about normal things.

“Alright, what do you want to talk about?” Dean conceded.

Silas just shrugged, then spooned a large dollop of cream into his mouth. Closing his lips around the spoon and pulling it out in a way that was thoroughly distracting. Dean never thought he would be jealous of a spoon.

Dean cleared his throat. “Have you seen that new romcom?”

Silas’s eyes lit up, and they proceeded to discuss their favorite scenes. Then they discovered they were also both fans of Chinese dramas. It led to a long animated discussion about their favorite shows and characters.

Dean’s main phone buzzed. He glared at it in annoyance. He didn’t need to check it to know it was George.

Silas smirked, licking his spoon. “Boss keeping you on a tight leash?”

Dean scowled. It was true, but damn if he was going to admit it. He liked being in a pack. His last period of being alone had frayed his nerves, and he was really starting to settle in here. But sometimes, like now, he longed to be his own boss again.

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About the Author:

I love characters that are battered and broken by life, who through the course of finding love, discover they are strong.
I like to pour my dark past into my characters and hope I will be forgiven.
Despite everything, because of everything, I will always believe that love conquers all.

Catch up with S.:
Twitter – @dark_angst
TikTok – @darkangst69
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