TEASER : Naomi by Tasha Black

 Naomi by Tasha Black releases on October 25th!

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He’s a bodyguard mistaken for a billionaire, and she’s got a secret of her own.Bodyguard Gage Zeyr’n has been rewarded by his billionaire boss for a job well done. He and his canine partner are on an all-expenses paid week at the luxurious Midsummer Fertility Center, with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Gage to sire a child with the help of a Terran surrogate.Naomi Peterson has a hard life, but the opportunity to be a surrogate could turn things around. Her plan is simple: Get out of town before the evil company she works for finds out she’s a whistleblower. Carry a baby for an alien, whose seed will awaken her infertile womb. Come home with enough credits to start over. And finally have the family she longs for so desperately.But neither Gage nor Naomi can anticipate their instant, soul-deep attraction. Or how hard they will try to resist it.After all, she assumes that if he can pay for a week at the Center, he must be another corrupt billionaire, like the greedy monsters at her company.And when he hears where she works, he knows she’s a heartless corporate shark.Only Oberon, the powerful AI, and secret matchmaker, could have a hope of making them fall in love. And since they will be trapped in his version of paradise for a week, he’s going to do everything he can to get these two reluctant lovers (and one fierce canine) to realize they are meant to be a family.

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