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Title: Letters From Hometown USA

Series: Loving My Soldier

Author: Ember Davis 

Genre: Military Romance 

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When I joined up, I thought I was going to be a lifer, but it was harder than I thought it would be. Then five years ago I got a letter and found inspiration to keep going and be the man I set out to be. It was a friendship at first with Charlotte. The respect and admiration she has for service members made me feel proud to wear the uniform in a new way.

In the last five years, things between us have changed. At some point she became my everything and, as more letters arrived, my dreams and goals changed. I can’t dedicate my life to the military when my heart is in Denver.

I’ve been pining for Charlotte for years with what felt like a million miles between us, but I’m going to close the distance because I can’t be apart from her anymore. She might not know it yet, but she’s mine. It’s time for me to claim her.

I thought I was just going to reach out to a service member and give them a slice of home in my letters. That is how it started with Jett, but then it became more. So much more. I never expected to fall in love with a man through words on paper.

With every scrawled word I gave him more of my heart. Now it’s all his, but I’m afraid his dreams mean he won’t ever truly be mine. He joined with the intention of devoting his life to serving. I won’t ask him to give that up, even if it means I’m alone.

When I haven’t heard from him for a while, I’m not sure what to think. Then he shows up. He’s brought himself and my heart home. I have a chance to show him that I’ve always been his. It started with a letter, but now it’s forever.

**18+ If you like alpha heroes and an insta-love story that is sweet and spicy but isn’t necessarily simple, then this is for you. No cheating with a guaranteed HEA. It is a standalone but is related to my Denver Family series (Banks Ink., Suburban Outcasts and Higgins Security). Meet Charlotte for the first time in Securing His Family (Higgins Security Book 1), but she appears in other books as well. Journey with me for this book and Scarred Beginnings (Heart of a Wounded Hero Series), because there is a time jump. To get a chronological reading order, please see my website.**

Take a journey through the 
Loving My Soldier collection as hearts draw the line in the sand, ensuring love is found in the most unlikely of places.




Ember Davis loves alpha heroes with a range of emotions, but a strong sense of how to take care of their women.  She loves her heroines from all walks of life, just like her heroes, and she wants them to be real and relatable.  Her heroines tend to be sassy, opinionated and smart.

Ember is a stay at home mom of two who recently refound her love of books and all things romance and is so glad that she did.  She’s always been creative but writing and creating stories that she would love to read that satisfies the dreams she had as a little girl.  She loves butterflies, the color purple and enjoying time with her family. 

Pssst…it’s totally a pen name, but everything above is 100% true.


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