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Title: Secret Santa Surprise

Series: The Naughty List

Author: Tamrin Banks

Genre: Holiday Romance

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Drake Turner is the devil in a perfectly-tailored suit. He’s also my competition for a promotion that I desperately need to take care of my son.

His steel-blue eyes and sexy smirk tug at some need that I can’t afford to unleash. There’s just something about the snarky man that makes me want to land on Santa’s Naughty List. Push and pull. Kiss and run. He’s tempting me to climb in his lap and forget the job and anything but the desire that’s tearing me apart.

But there’s a secret or two he’s hiding and I’m not sure I can forgive him for deceiving me.


Promise Parker. The vivacious redhead has been tempting me since she moved to my home town. Her smoldering eyes say yes but her ruby lips slam me to a halt. It’s that fiery attitude that turns me on no matter what I try. She has me taking ice-cold showers every night just to keep from dragging her across my desk.

Competition is good for business but not for relationships so when I get her in the office secret santa, it feels like a sign. It’s time to work on the biggest deal I’ve ever tried. I want my little firecracker forever and I’m willing to do almost anything, cross almost any line to do it.

If she finds out what lengths I’ve gone to win her heart…will she run or realize why I just couldn’t stop? She belongs to me.

Polish your jingle bells, strategically hang the mistletoe, and get ready to claim your spot on The Naughty List. This holiday season, fourteen of your favorite authors are spicing up the cocoa and taking advantage of those long winter nights, proving that sometimes it’s more fun to claim your coal than it is to stay on Santa’s good side. After all, well-behaved women might make the nice list, but naughty ones have all the fun…



Tamrin Banks is the pen name for an author who writes short, sexy stories that are full of growly alpha men and their sometimes-snarky sweethearts. This curvy author lives in northeast Ohio with her husband and soulmate and has three children. She loves Reese’s peanut butter cups, tacos of all kinds and too many crafts to mention.