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The Tribe

Pretty young Native American woman profile in blue jeans
Pretty young Native American woman profile in blue jeans



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Book: The Tribe

Series: The Tribe Series, Book 1

Author: Sarah Cass

Release Date: April 5th




Nirvelli is determined to wipe out any bit of happiness she has. Her life in the Tribe might have been ideal once upon a time—but three years ago one rebellious act ruined everything. Now she only wants out. Can she escape without destroying everyone she loves?


Kane has lived for over three hundred years with his companion Spirit Wolf. He’s known love. He’s known hate. Never has he run across a woman like Velli. Never has his Wolf cared one way or another whom he bedded or loved.


Until her. The Wolf has declared her his mate. Can Kane say the same? If he finally admits it, will his Healing magic be enough to save the deeply wounded Nirvelli?


A broken law leads to great tragedy, and their separation. Velli finds new levels of danger and loss on her own. Kane struggles to find her, but he may already be too late.




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