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Taming the Human


Taming the Human

White Horse Clan 8


AVAILABLE: Thursday, March 2nd


Finding his mates after more than a thousand years was something Jean-Luc had long hoped for. The first, a human, was so terrified of Jean-Luc as a gargoyle that he could only mourn the loss. He did so for months, until Dr. Niall Gray revealed he was also Jean-Luc’s mate. The gentle, loving vampire did much to soothe away the pain. He had a future now he could look forward to, one they hoped would include children.

When Brant Larson, his human mate, returned unexpectedly to his life, Jean-Luc didn’t know what to expect, especially when a fourth mate was revealed to him. Love, passion, mates, and children. These were all gifts Jean-Luc wanted to have and to share.

But will fate allow him to have it all, or will it take any chance of happiness away from him, as it had done once before?