Switching Places (Kiss of Leather Book 8) by #MorticiaKnight


Switching Places (Kiss of Leather Book 8)

Publication Date: February 27, 2018

Yaaaas! Switching Places is finally here! 🤩 Mortica has a special snippet just for you guys below, so enjoy 😀

Elliot started as Lucas descended on his lips, pressing their mouths together and embracing him with care. The shock of being kissed so suddenly made him gasp which Lucas took advantage of as he swept his tongue through Elliot’s eager mouth. He gave up all control, reveling in the Master’s strength, the clear hunger as he tasted him over and over. Reaching up, Elliot wrapped his hand around the back of Lucas’ neck and clutched at his shirt with the other. He never wanted the kiss to end.

With a last lingering press of lips to his, Lucas drew back to gaze into Elliot’s eyes. His face was cradled with Lucas’ palm.

“I apologize for not being more sensitive to how you might feel about that. I was so focused on not placing any pressure on you, or giving the impression that we only wanted to use you for sex, that I didn’t take into consideration how it would instead leave you feeling unwanted.” He pecked the end of Elliot’s nose before continuing. “That wasn’t the case at all. I assume that’s why you’re so hesitant to express your desires, because you assumed we didn’t want you in there with us, correct?”

Elliot nodded, but Lucas never let go, maintaining their physical contact.

“I don’t feel used. I just didn’t want to interfere. I understand about you and Tai already being a couple, so it made sense you would both be in there together. But I started thinking that maybe you wouldn’t mind so much now.”

Lucas shocked him again by gathering him on his lap. “This ends immediately, this assumption that you don’t belong with us yet. Nothing could be further from the truth, and I take responsibility for giving you that impression. If it’s any consolation, me and Tai haven’t been having sex. I was serious about that, not just in regards to you.”

Elliot couldn’t meet his eyes, not when he was being held the way he was, as if he were the most precious thing in the world. He’d never felt so vulnerable and it was amazing.
“I hadn’t expected that.” Elliot trailed his fingertip down Lucas’ prominent Adam’s apple. “But I’m not going to lie and say it doesn’t make me feel better to find that out.”

Lucas laughed as he gave him a hug. “That’s my good boy. I want you to be comfortable enough to share everything with me and Tai.”

Elliot tensed at the sound of the key in the lock. He tried to scoot off his lap, but Lucas held him fast.

“We’re not doing anything wrong, Elliot. If you want off my lap, that’s fine. But otherwise, I’m asking you to trust me.”

Elliot furrowed his brow, struggling within himself over whether he’d be hurting Tai’s feelings if he stayed right where he wanted to, if he stayed in Master Lucas’ arms. “I don’t want to upset him.”

Lucas regarded him with a fond smile. “That’s because you have a loving heart.”

He flushed hot, but before he’d had a chance to respond, Tai burst through the door.

“Holy shit. What a day.”

Tai sounded out of breath, the multiple baubles on his keyring jangling noisily as he wrestled it loose from the lock. His requisite tote bag thumped as it hit the entryway floor, something heavy that was either in or on it clunking against the dark wood.

“Tai?” Lucas directed the word over his shoulder. “Please take your bag to the bedroom, then I’d like if you could join us.”

Tai mumbled something then responded. “Right, right. Forgot. Leaving my stuff lying around the house is a big no-no.”

Lucas chuckled, and Elliot marveled at how patient he always was with the feisty Tai. Over the course of the few days he’d been there, he’d come to respect him even more because of it.

“Tai, my love? It’s not a special rule for you. We all have to adhere to it.”

Tai stumbled into the living room with his bag slung over his shoulder. “Yeah, but for you guys it’s no big deal—whoa, look at you! Go, Elliot.”

Elliot tensed again. “I’m sorry.” It flew from his mouth before he’d had the chance to think about it.

“Oh, honey.” Tai laughed, before dropping his bag once again then landing on the sofa next to them. “There’s nothing to be sorry for.” He snuggled up to Lucas’ side while petting Elliot’s head. “I’ve been so worried you weren’t into Lucas, that you might not be interested in going through with this.”

Lucas stroked his back. “And Elliot was worried that I wasn’t interested in him. I take the blame for that, though. I was so careful about not placing any pressure, it made him feel left out.”

Tai pursed his lips as he regarded Lucas. “See? What did I tell you?” He rolled his eyes and went back to petting Elliot. “Masters. Can’t live with ’em, can’t whip ’em.”
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